International Journal of Science and Research(IJSR)
Volume 8 Issue 4, April 2019
Table of Contents
Sr.No. Article Title Page No.
1 Unani Perspective of Sinusitis (Iltihab e Tajaweef e Anaf): A Literary Review 1 - 4
Authors: Dr Aliya Fareed Nowshahri, Country: India
2 Duplicate Infraorbital Nerve - An Uncommon Anatomical Variation of Branch of Maxillary Nerve 5 - 6
Authors: Dr. Gaurav Khemka, Dr. Sakshi Garg Khemka, Dr. Supriya Vijay Gupta, Country: India
3 Optical Characterisation of CdTe Thin Films 7 - 10
Authors: Desh Bandhu Sharma, Country: India
4 Formulation and Evaluation of Furosemide Tablets as Gastroretentive Dosage Forms Using Various Polymers 11 - 16
Authors: K. Kavitha, Dr. R. A. M. Jainaf Nachiya, Country: India
5 A Futuristic Approach towards Cloud Accounting 17 - 25
Authors: Pankaj Sharma, Country: India
6 Role of Nuclear Abnormalities as a Biomarker in Early Diagnosis of Cervical Carcinoma 26 - 30
Authors: Sohinder Kaur, M. L. Jain, Country: India
7 Indian Health Food Consumer: Characteristics and Preferences 31 - 35
Authors: Varuna Rao, Dr. Kasturi Sen Ray, Country: India
8 Design and Development of Drain Cleaner Machine 36 - 39
Authors: Manpreet Singh, Satgur Singh, Rohit, Country: India
9 Re-design of Dongfeng 350 Tractor by System Design Theory 40 - 44
Authors: Bista Rameshwor, Wu Qiong, Country: China
10 Inter-relation of Land Use and Transportation System Based on Lowry Model 45 - 50
Authors: Jinal Bhavsar, Rohan Kania, Country: India
11 A Survey Report on Groundwater Contamination of Doaba Belt of Punjab due to Heavy Metal Arsenic 51 - 56
Authors: Hardev Singh Virk, Country: India
12 A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structure Teaching Program on Knowledge Regarding First Aid Management of Cardiac Arrest among the College Students in Selected College of Indore in 2017-2018 57 - 57
Authors: Nidhi Soni, Country: India
13 Study of the Effect on Seeds of Trigonella Foenum and Beta Vulgaris; Leafy Vegetables Germination: A Useful Guide for Agricultural Practitioner 58 - 60
Authors: Dr. Urmila Sarkar, Sensei Surendra Sawardekar, Country: India
14 Reactive Power Control by Using Thyristor Switched Capacitor (TSC) and Thyristor Controlled Reactor (TCR) in FACTS 61 - 64
Authors: Krushna C. Taktode, Ganesh S. Rojatkar, Bhagwan T. Raut, Madhavi H. Nerkar, Country: India
15 Retrieval Techniques for Feature Extraction in CBIR System 65 - 68
Authors: Vanita M. Yadao, Ashish B. Kharate, Country: India
16 Incidence of Myopia in Young Adults in Various Location of Durgapur, West Bengal - A Demographic Analysis 69 - 71
Authors: Atanu Maulik, Dr. Kavita Bhatnagar, Country: India
17 Surigao del Sur State University: Awareness, Dissemination and Acceptability, and Congruency of the Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives 72 - 79
Authors: Romel C. Nemino, Country: Philippines
18 Effect of Self-Efficacy and Sense of Humor toward Coping with Stress on Third-Grade Students of Assalam Islamic Boarding High School in Palembang 80 - 84
Authors: Shofiyah, Rosdiana, Ajeng Ayushi Widiyani, Country: Indonesia
19 Modeling Tax Revenues Using Kernel Approach Case Study: North Kivu Province (Democratic Republic of Congo) Tax Revenues Time Series Forecasting 85 - 95
Authors: Byamungu Wanguwabo David, Country: Congo
20 Provision of Work-Space Facility and Performance of Jua-Kali Demonstration and Training Empowerment Programmes in Nairobi County, Kenya 96 - 102
Authors: Njue Nicasio Gicovi, Dr. Mulwa Angeline Sabina, Dr. Kyalo Dorothy Ndunge, Dr. Mbugua John Mwaura, Country: Kenya
21 Morphometric Analysis of Infraorbital Foramen in South Indian Population 103 - 105
Authors: U. Sujatha, Prashanti T., K. Chitty Narasamma, Ch. Jayamma, Country: India
22 The Position of Women in the Constitution and Society in India 106 - 108
Authors: Kamaljit Singh, Country: India
23 Uses of Stem Cells 109 - 112
Authors: V. Kumar, Country: India
24 Exhaust Optimization for Formal Student Vehicle 113 - 115
Authors: Moses .G, Fernandes Harly .A, Country: India
25 Real Time Smart Waste Management for Developing City 116 - 118
Authors: Meghraj Aher, Baneshwar Bhagat, Pravin Nalawade, Ganesh Gawali, Country: India
26 Antimicrobial Activity of Skin Mucus of some Cultivable Fish Species 119 - 121
Authors: Singh A.S., Talpade M.B, Country: India
27 A Study to Assess the Knowledge and Practice of Food, Exercise and Insulin Therapy in Prevention of Complications of Diabetes Mellitus among Diabetic Patients at Selected Hospital at Gulbarga - With a View to Develop Informational Booklet 122 - 126
Authors: Robin Abraham, Country: India
28 A Clinical Study of Complicated Cataract in Uveitis among the Patients Attending O.P.D. in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Assam 127 - 132
Authors: Dr. Rumi Das, Dr. J. J. Kuli, Country: India
29 A Study on the Prevalence of Infection with some Intestinal Parasites in Qena Governorate 133 - 136
Authors: Mohey El-Din Z. Abd El-Latif, Country: Saudi Arabia
30 Search Engine Based on Semantic Web 137 - 140
Authors: Harsh Vora, Zil Shah, Shruti Gada, Yash Bhatia, Moushmee Kuri, Country: India
31 Case Study Papers on Practical Guidelines for the Inspection and Repair of Hot Dip Galvanized Coatings 141 - 154
Authors: Harshal S Khode, Country: India
32 Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity in Adolescents of Urban & Rural Area of Surat, Gujarat 155 - 159
Authors: Divyesh Vadasmiya, Hitesh Patel, Country: India
33 Capital Markets and its Challenges with Special Reference to 'Reforms in the Capital Markets in India' 160 - 164
Authors: Akash Deep, Dr Vijay Srivastava, Country: India
34 Ayurvedic Approach in Diabetic Retinopathy 165 - 167
Authors: Upendra Nath, Priyanka, Yogita Jain, Mohd. Arif, Country: India
35 A Review on Computer Aided Detection System for Mammographic Images 168 - 170
Authors: Pooja Chaudhari, P. B. Bhalerao, Country: India
36 Study of Associated Factors to Low Birth Weight, Preterm Birth and Registration to Delivery Care System 171 - 174
Authors: Neelima A Singh, Pawan Kumar Dubey, R N Mishra, Country: India
37 The Paradox of Research: The Learning Engagement of Senior High Students in Magsaysay National High School, A Grounded Theory 175 - 181
Authors: Leda M. dela Cruz, Country: Philippines
38 Integrated Agriculture System Using IoT 182 - 186
Authors: Utkarsha Patil, Vaibhav Patil, Shubham Tavate, Apurva Gat, Sanjeev Wagh, Country: India
39 Recent Management of Double Pterygium: A Hospital Based Study 187 - 189
Authors: Dr. Vinitkumar S Kamble, Country: India
40 Influence of Severity of Knee OA and Its Association with Physical Function in Community Dwelling Older Adults 190 - 192
Authors: Dr. Sanskruti Ravindra Tahakik, Dr. Shyam Ganvir, Country: India
41 Intravitreal Injection of Ozurdex as a Primary Mode of Treatment in Diabetic Macular Edema - One Year Follow Up 193 - 198
Authors: Dr. Achanti Swathi, Dr. M. Prabhushanker, Dr. G. Geetha, Country: India
42 Government Policy Compliance on the Relationship between Project Critical Success Factors and Completion of Construction Projects in Public Secondary Schools in Bungoma County, Kenya 199 - 206
Authors: Dr Josephine N. Ojiambo, Charles M. Rambo, Stephen Wekesa Masinde, Country: Kenya
43 Anti-diabetic Activity of Viscum album (Guava Mistletoe) in Alloxan-induced Diabetic Rats 207 - 214
Authors: Bello, M. I, Wali, W. E, Country: Nigeria
44 To Assess the Relationship between the Neck Pain and Hand Grip Strength in Final Year and Internship under Graduate Dental Students, due to the Impact of Poor Ergonomics 215 - 220
Authors: Dr. M. Gnanasekaran, Dr. Jay Vijay Sonavane, Country: India
45 Continuous Monitoring Permanent GPS Station at Imphal for Crustal Deformation and Earthquake Studies 221 - 224
Authors: Laishram. Sunil Singh, Arun Kumar, Country: India
46 Determining Critical Factors of E-Government Use 225 - 232
Authors: Mariati, Euphrasia Susy Suhendra, Country: Indonesia
47 Foreign Direct Investment in Retail Sector 233 - 237
Authors: Dr. Narendra Singh, Country: India
48 A Comparative Study to Assess the Knowledge regarding Behavioral Problems of Preschool Children among Parents in Selected Urban and Rural Area 238 - 240
Authors: Swati Sangole, Country: India
49 Performance of Community Reading Park in Palembang 241 - 245
Authors: Azizah Husin, Country: Indonesia
50 Nutritional Quality Evaluation of Garri-Like Product from Sweet Potato 246 - 249
Authors: Kure O.A, Samuel M.S, Kure A, Country: Nigeria
51 The Effect of USD Exchange, Inflation and Export Levels on 1988-2017 Indonesian Device Reserves 250 - 253
Authors: A.A.A.N. Intan Sinthadevi, N. Djinar Setiawina, Country: India
52 Effect of Substituting Wheat Flour with Sweet Potato and Sprouted Soybeans Flour on Bread Quality 254 - 260
Authors: Donaldben N.S, Ibrahim S., Lindaqueen A., Country: Nigeria
53 Mathematical and Statistical Approach to Define Past Present Future Events 261 - 263
Authors: Chaitanya Arora, Bharat Kwatra, Country: India
54 Improving Students' Higher Order Thinking Skills Trough Implementing Open Inquiry-KWHL Chart 264 - 267
Authors: Fera Maulidya Sukarno, Country: Indonesia
55 A Review on Deep Learning Models for Wireless Sensor Networks 268 - 273
Authors: Sarthak Teotia, Vidushi Sharma, Country: India
56 MATLAB and Simulink Modelling of a Full State Observer Controller of Armature Controlled and Field Controlled DC Motor using State Space Approach 274 - 281
Authors: Vedatroyee Ghosh, Akash Sharma, Viraj Bansal, Country: India
57 Fosfomycin Susceptibility among Uropathogenic E.Coli and K. Pneumoniae 282 - 284
Authors: Sruti Dalai, Meera Modak, Kunal Lahiri, Country: India
58 Oral Hygiene Level of Down Syndrome Children in Bandung City 285 - 289
Authors: Natasha Aulia Kesuma, Meirina Gartika, Eka Chemiawan, Williyanti Soewondo, Country: Indonesia
59 Left Orbital Metastasis as the First Clinical Manifestation of Lung Adenocarcinoma 290 - 293
Authors: Herman Saputra, Tjandra Kristiana, Made Gotra, Ni Made Mahastuti, Ni Putu Sriwidyani, Country: Indonesia
60 Development of Concrete Hollow Blocks from Pulverized Oyster Shell (Crassostrea iredalei) and Non-Biodegradable Materials 294 - 299
Authors: Hene L. Hapinat, Eva S. Montero, Country: Philippines
61 Gender Determination Using Linear Measurements of Mandible on Orthopantamographs: A Discriminative Functional Analysis 300 - 304
Authors: Poornima P, Pacha Venkat Baghirath, Sudheer B. Balla, Narendra Reddy Chittamuru, B. Hari Vinay, P. Parameswar Naishadham, Country: India
62 Venous Leg Ulcer Due To High Pressure Femoral Splint in Closed Femoral Shaft Fracture: A Case Report 305 - 307
Authors: Andi Setiadi, Rollando Erric Manibuy, Country: Indonesia
63 Sigmoid Volvulus: A Case Report 308 - 310
Authors: Candra Chriscahya, Gunawan Pande, Country: Indonesia
64 The Clinical Profile of Patients Presenting with Seizure in Emergency Department 311 - 316
Authors: Abhirami B, Sreekrishnan T P, Danashekaran B S, Gireesh Kumar K P, Country: India
65 The Contribution of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth in Rwanda 317 - 322
Authors: Philip Mwesiigye, Dr. Patrick Mulyungi, Country: Rwanda
66 Supporting and Inhibiting Factors of Socio-cultural Transformation to Improve the Living Standard of the DayakTahol Tribe, Malinau Utara, North Kalimantan 323 - 327
Authors: Dumberbril, Abdul Hakim, Jati Batoro, Wike, Country: Indonesia
67 Effect of Internal and External Factors on Liquidity Resilience of Bank 328 - 347
Authors: Gigih Rizki Yuwantra1, Noer Azam Achsani, Andi Buchari, Country: Indonesia
68 Supporting and Inhibiting Factors in the Management of Coal Mining in the SDGs Perspective in South Malinau, North Kalimantan 348 - 353
Authors: Tomy Labo, Eko Ganis S, Endah Setyowati, Tjahjanulin Domai, Country: Indonesia
69 Strategy for Coal Mining Governance in the Perspective of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goal) in South Malinau, North Kalimantan 354 - 358
Authors: Tomy Labo, Eko Ganis S, Endah Setyowati, Tjahjanulin Domai, Country: Indonesia
70 Economic Implication of Massification in India 359 - 365
Authors: Dr. Pearly Jacob, Country: India
71 Rights and Status of Police Organization in Modern India 366 - 368
Authors: Dr. P. Raja, Country: India
72 Macrodystropia Lipomatosa of the Foot: A Rare Case 369 - 372
Authors: Dr. Jyoti Tele, Dr. Nanda Patil, Dr. Shoaib Khoja, Country: India
73 Solar Energy and Duck Curve 373 - 379
Authors: Heena Aijaz Shah, Ameen Uddin Ahmad, Country: India
74 Flood Frequency Analysis in Gelana in Ethiopia 380 - 385
Authors: Rabin Selvaraj, Nebiyu Mohammed Bucha, Country: India
75 Socio-Cultural Transformation Model to Improve the Living Standard of the DayakTahol Tribe, North Malinau, North Kalimantan 386 - 390
Authors: Dumberbril, Abdul Hakim, Jati Batoro, Wike, Country: Indonesia
76 Social Entrepreneurship and Poverty Mitigation in India 391 - 394
Authors: Divya Tomar, Sehajpreet Singh, Anand Prem Rajan, Country: India
77 Presenting a New Model for the Management and Selection of Experts in Big Data 395 - 402
Authors: Nasrin Hashempour, Parisa Safarzadeh, Hanieh Raoofifard, Country: Canada
78 Phytochemical Screening and Antimicrobial Activity of Leaf Extracts of Zanthoxylum armatum against some Bacteria and Fungi DC: An Important Medicinal Plant 403 - 406
Authors: Himanki Dabral, Giriraj Singh, Ramesh Kumar Singh, Country: India
79 Geneva Convention: Protection of Victims of War 407 - 410
Authors: Pramjit Singh, Country: India
80 Analysis of Hedging Price Policy to Financial Performance for Crude Palm Oil (CPO) Producers in Indonesia 411 - 417
Authors: Wenny Putri Permata, Hermanto Siregar, Tubagus Nur Ahmad Maulana, Country: Indonesia
81 Effect of Lime Precipitation Technique on Strength Characteristics of Cohesive Soil 418 - 421
Authors: Pooja M. Vijay, Dr. Usha Thomas, Country: India
82 Epidemiology of Oral and Vaginal Candidiasis 422 - 424
Authors: Parveen Surain, Neeraj K Aggarwal, Country: India
83 The Legal Analysis of Cyber Crime an Unlawful Act with Special Reference to Legitimate Economy 425 - 427
Authors: Samarth Agrawal, Country: India
84 The Anthocyanins Content, Colour Changes and Thermal Stability of Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) Petal Extract 428 - 435
Authors: Suharyani Amperawati, Pudji Hastuti, Yudi Pranoto, Umar Santoso, Country: Indonesia
85 Second Stage Cesarean Sections Dilemmas and Difficulties 436 - 438
Authors: Dr Rupali Sabale, Dr Reena Wani, Dr Sachin Paprikar, Country: India
86 Successful Delivery Outcome after Cervical Cerclage on Cervical Insufficiency with PPROM in Limited Resource Setting: A Case Report 439 - 442
Authors: Syamsul Bahri Riva'i, Zulmaeta, Dalri Muhammad Suhartomo, Country: Indonesia
87 Type-2 Fuzzy System and Observer Based Controller for Non-Linear System 443 - 448
Authors: Tejal D. Apale, Country: India
88 An Application of Image Morphing Technique for Secure Data Transmission through Virtual Data Hiding 449 - 453
Authors: Sonali Lavangale, M. U. Karande, Country: India
89 The Influence of Work Environment on Vitamin D Levels A among Radiologists in Jeddah and Yanbu-Saudi Arabia: A Comparative Study 454 - 456
Authors: Gihan Ahmed, Najd Alshaebi, Lujain Almaghrabi, Ghofran Ibrahim, Amani Alsaedi, Anan Balkhair, Country: Sudan
90 Kikuchi-Fujimoto Disease: A Rare Cause of Intestinal Obstruction 457 - 460
Authors: Dr. Basavaraja C, Dr. Aniruddha Desai, Dr. Anjana Kaza, Dr. Siddharth Kalke, Country: India
91 Quality Control and Safety Aspect of Rasaushadhies W.S.R. to Bhasma - A Review 461 - 464
Authors: Dr. Anil Kumar, Dr Ankesh Sharma, Dr Saroj Parhate, Dr K. S. Karbhal, Country: India
92 Bonus and Wealth - A Conceptual Review 465 - 467
Authors: P. Gandhi, Dr. B. V. Pathak, Country: India
93 Carpool Application for Elderly and Disabled People 468 - 469
Authors: Mayank Gupta, Shresth Niwahaal, Anand Prem Rajan, Country: India
94 Clickstream Data Analysis Using Data Mining in R 470 - 475
Authors: Anubhuti Singh, Sandhya Tarar, Country: India
95 The Effect of Inking Your Thinking Strategy on the Students? Reading Comprehension at Tenth Grade Students in SMKN 1 Pariaman 476 - 480
Authors: Eka Mona Susiarni, Mukhaiyar, Muhammad Zaim, Country: Indonesia
96 Efficacy of Single Dose Preoperative Intravenous Dexamethasone for Postoperative Pain Relief in Tonsillectomy Patients 481 - 484
Authors: Dr. Asif Mahajan, Dr. Arshid Ali, Dr Omar Ashraf, Country: India
97 Seasonal Predilection of Hospital Admissions for Myocardial Infarction- An Epidemiological Study 485 - 489
Authors: Kannan K, Ranganathan G, Manohar G, Arun R, Country: India
98 "I Am Here to Make You Inferior?" - A Case Report of Somatic Symptom Disorder 490 - 491
Authors: Dr. Tajgna Kadia, Dr. Kamlesh Patel, Country: India
99 Comparative Study of Effects of Selective Yogasanas and Abdominal Crunches on Abdominal Girth 492 - 495
Authors: Ankita P. Bhanushali, Basavaraj Chandu, Country: India
100 Effective Resource Utilization for Successful Completion of a Project in Nepal 496 - 499
Authors: Sudesh K.C., S. Priscil Nidhu, Country: India
101 Neural Network and Multiple Regression Models for PM2.5 Prediction in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia: A Comparative Assessment 500 - 508
Authors: Issam Mohammed Aquil Alghanmi, Ibrahim Abdelaziz, Al-Darrab, Osman Imam Taylan, Omar Seraj Aburizaiza, Country: Saudi Arabia
102 Marketing Hub for Local Sellers and Buyers 509 - 510
Authors: Swaraj Sanjay, Rahul Gupta, Anand Prem Rajan, Country: India
103 JIM Dixon; An Isolated Character in Search of a True Identity 511 - 515
Authors: Huseyin KESENEK, Dr. Timucin Bugra Edman, Country: Turkey
104 Application of SWAT to Estimate Water Balance in the Aghien Lagoon Basin, South-East of Cote D'ivoire 516 - 525
Authors: Wa Kouakou Charles N'Dri, Severin Pistre, Jean Patrice Jourda, Kan Jean Kouame, Country: Ivory Coast
105 Biodentine-A Novel Dentin Substitute: A Review 526 - 530
Authors: Amith Adyanthaya, Prathyusha P, Rasna K, Afroza K K, Country: India
106 To Study the Impact of Work Life Balance on Wellbeing of Employees and their Performance 531 - 533
Authors: Nidhi Nitinbhai Patel, Country: India
107 Applications of Double Laplace Transform Method to Coupled Systems of Fractional Telegraph Equations 534 - 537
Authors: Yahya T. Abdallah, Country: Sudan
108 An Overview of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome 538 - 546
Authors: Ashwati Nair, Dr. Swati Balakrishnan, Country: India
109 Implant Failures - A Review 547 - 552
Authors: Rathika Rai, Ayesha Tabassum, Prema A.G, Country: India
110 Secondary Teachers' Attitude towards the Use of Techno-Pedagogical Tool-K-Yan in Classroom Instruction - A Study in Purbabardhaman District, West Bengal 553 - 557
Authors: Pratanu Rakshit, Ashoke Kumar Sarkar, Country: India
111 LGBT - A Taboo in Today?s World 558 - 562
Authors: Manjinder Singh, Dr. Renu, Country: India
112 Soil and Soil Pollution 563 - 566
Authors: Dr. Gangadhar. M. Sajjanar, Country: India
113 Influence of School Leadership Factors on Students' Unrests in Secondary Schools in Mwingi East Sub County, Kitui County, Kenya 567 - 578
Authors: Rebecca Muvai Mutinda, Dr. Michael Munyao Ivita, Dr. Jonathan Mwania, Country: Kenya
114 Diagnostic Evaluation of Anterior Urethral Strictures in Males using Sonourethrography - A Comparative Analysis with Conventional Retrograde Urethrography 579 - 581
Authors: Dr. Abhilash Peddu, Dr.Armel Arputha Sivarajan, Country: India
115 A Comparative Evaluation of Megadose Methylprednisolone with Dexamethasone for Treatment of Primary Typical Optic Neuritis 582 - 588
Authors: Dr. Sikha Deori, Dr. J. J. Kuli, Country: India
117 The Status and Implementation of the Help for Catubig Agricultural Advancement Project (HCAAP) 592 - 599
Authors: Eduardo Liuz Ocana Jr., Country: Philippines
118 A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Information Booklet on Knowledge Regarding Food Hygiene among Women in Selected Rural Area at Bijapur District 600 - 601
Authors: Ramesh Bandagar, Country: India
119 Manifest Effects of Behavioral Therapy Applied to a Typical Pipes of Children out of Force or Armed Groups - Study Carried out in a Transit and Orientation Center in Lubumbashi / DR Congo 602 - 610
Authors: Ngoy Vundula Ignace, Country: Congo
120 A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Adult among Student Nurses (GNM 3rd Year) in a Selected School of Nursing, Dehradun, Uttrakhand 611 - 614
Authors: Meena, Country: India
121 Case Study on Plummer-Vinson Syndrome 615 - 616
Authors: E. Selmar Mellisha, Country: India
122 Effect of Teaching Style , Eye Coordination Hand and Feet on the Results of Learning Groundstrokes in Students Faculty of Sport Science 617 - 620
Authors: Afri Tantri, Moch. Asmawi, Johansyah Lubis, Country: Indonesia
123 Estimation of Macronutrients in Hygrophilla Auriculata and it's Comparison with the Conventional Green Leafy Vegetables 621 - 625
Authors: Chitralekha Mukherjee, Santa Dutta (De), Country: India
124 Evaluation of Effectiveness of Preoperative Inspiratory Muscle Training to Prevent Post-Operative Pulmonary Complication in Patients Undergoing on Pump CABG Surgery 626 - 629
Authors: Satish Kumar Mishra, Veena M N, Country: India
125 The Capability of Tenure Audit as a Moderation in the Effect of Profitability, Financial Distress and Firm Size in Audits Delay 630 - 635
Authors: Ni Putu Eva Ferdayani, Ketut Budiartha, Herkulanus Bambang Suprasto, Gayatri, Country: Indonesia
126 Apple High Density Orcharding - Performance Reckoning Studies in Respect of the Agro-ecological Challenges of Kinnaur 636 - 643
Authors: Shashi K. Sharma, Country: India
127 Predicting Corporate Failures Using Multi Discriminant Analysis and Current Ratio: An Empirical Application to Philippines Stock Exchange 644 - 648
Authors: Cerenio Adriatico, Country: Philippines
128 Landslide Risk Assessment in Kunduz Province-Afghanistan 649 - 657
Authors: Samiullah Sofizada, Country: Afghanistan
129 A Study to Assess the Knowledge on Biomedical Waste Management and Recommendations among the Health Care Personnel in Yashwant Hospital, Kodoli 658 - 661
Authors: Grace Chetan Gaikwad, Country: India
130 Trans-Esterification with Homogeneous Acid Catalyst - Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid for Biodiesel Production 662 - 668
Authors: Uday M. Ratnaparkhi, Krishnakant T. Waghmode, Country: India
131 Bluetooth Mobile Phone Remote Control for PC 669 - 671
Authors: Akshata Ajit Nirvane, Sharmila Shankar Patil, Country: India
132 Assistive Device for Blind based on IoT 672 - 674
Authors: Aparna Annaso Patil, Shubhangi Premchand Phadtare, Country: India
133 Stress Distribution of Stiffened Slabs Subjected to Localized Friedlander Load 675 - 684
Authors: Alvian Prada, Sofia W. Alisjahbana, Country: Indonesia
134 Health Safety in Cosmetics Industries: A Case Study of Evaluation on Physical Environmental Safety 685 - 689
Authors: Pradanty Anaperta Gulies Sentana, Hanifa M. Denny, Henry S. Susanto, Country: Indonesia
135 Studies on the Efficacy of Different Methods of Vermiform Nematode Extraction from Roots 690 - 692
Authors: Maya Patil, Subramanian. S, Country: India
136 Review on Smart Stick 693 - 695
Authors: Arvind Lal, Roshan Acharya, Bal Badhur Sewakoti, Durga Badhur Kami, Binod Niroula, Tseten Namgyal Bhutia, Country: India
137 The Effect of Firm Innovativeness, Government Support, and Market Orientation on Sustainability: The Case of Equi-Parco Construction Company 696 - 702
Authors: Moraga Melvin Vitug, Aguado Mary Adriane, Amat Ian Paolo, San Juan Ma. Donna, Yap Alexandra, Country: Philippines
138 Two-Wheeler Accident Detection and Alert System with Anti-Theft Control 703 - 707
Authors: Akash Singh, Rajkumar R, Country: India
139 Collaboration of Design and Manufacturing Using Web Service 708 - 712
Authors: Sanjeev Mishra, Rajat Upadhyay, Country: India
140 Handling Human Smuggling, Refugee, and Asylum Seeker in Indonesia 713 - 718
Authors: Dr. Bambang Suparno, Country: Indonesia
141 Designing Eco-Friendly, Home-Made, Air Purifier Face Mask using Power of Activated Carbon: A Case Study from Delhi 719 - 722
Authors: Kaartik Issar, Country: India
142 Review on New Plant Breeding Techniques 723 - 730
Authors: Gyanesh Bharti, Murali Krishna Chimata, Country: India
143 Accessing Health Care and Quality of Health Care in Hill Rural Areas of Burundi 731 - 739
Authors: Buregeya Etienne, Dr. Mahinder Singh, Country: India
144 Semi - Autobiographical Elements in "The God of Small Things" 740 - 742
Authors: R. Krishnaveni, Country: India
145 Dexamethasone Single Dose and Risk of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in Tonsillectomy Patients 743 - 745
Authors: Dr. Asif Mahajan, Dr. Arshid Ali, Dr Aneesa Afzal, Country: India
146 Child Pornography: A Comparative Analysis 746 - 749
Authors: Parnita Agal, Country: India
147 Perception of Opportunities and Benefits of Employee Training and Development in Organisations 750 - 753
Authors: A.P. Jaspal Kaur, Country: India
148 Variable Holding Cost & Time Dependent Quadratic Demand Model Optimization by Preservation Technology Investment 754 - 759
Authors: Bani Mukherjee, Rohit Munda, Ajaypal Singh Attal, Country: Ireland
149 The Relation between Adversity Quotient and Learning Achievement among Psychology Students Participating in Organizations of Universities in West Sumatera Barat 760 - 764
Authors: Afifah Hana Wahyuni, Irfiana Tiwi, Devi Prihastuti, Country: Indonesia
150 Importance of Pacakagni and Theoretical Use for Rasonaghrit 765 - 767
Authors: Dr. Anil Kumar, Country: India
151 Epidermoid Cyst at Plantar Aspect of Foot-Report of a Case with Brief Review of Literature 768 - 769
Authors: Dr. Seema Rahar, Dr Prajwala Gupta, Dr. Minakshi Bhardwaj, Country: India
152 A Comparative Study of Perturbation and Proprioceptive Circuit Exercises in Knee Osteoarthritis Patients 770 - 774
Authors: Rutuja Deshpande, Dr. Saqib Syed, Dr. Gaurav Bhatnagar, Dr. Rafi Mohammed, Country: India
153 Real Time Control of Robotic Arm Using Bluetooth Low Energy & Wi-Fi with the Module Board ESP32 and Android Application 775 - 780
Authors: Ing. Jose Eduardo Tzompantzi Netzahual, M.D.S. Higinio Nava Bautista, M.C.C. Mar?a Janai Sanchez Hernandez, Country: Mexico
154 A Rare Case of Ancient Schwannoma Mimicking Malignancy 781 - 784
Authors: Apoorva Pratap Singh, Rakesh Rawat, Country: India
155 QR Code for Billing System and Location based Service 785 - 788
Authors: J. Aruna Jasmine, M. Suganya, S. S. Vasantha Raja, Country: India
156 Wind Turbine Damage Detection through Convolutional Neuronal Network 79 - 796
Authors: Jose Eduardo Castillo Morales, Perfecto Malaqu?as Quintero Flores, Jose Crisp?n Hernandez Hernandez, Alberto Reyes Ballesteros, Edmundo Bonilla Huerta, Country: Mexico
157 Role of Obturator Nerve Block in Turbt 797 - 799
Authors: Dr Prashant Lavania, Dr Bhupesh Gogia, Dr Shashank Sharma, Dr Sushmita Gupta, Country: India
158 A Survey on Video Steganography 800 - 805
Authors: Angitha John, Anjana Baby, Country: India
159 Power Enhancement for Piezoelectric Energy Harvester 806 - 811
Authors: Rajkumar Gupta, Dinesh Kumar Tyagi, Country: India
160 Survey of Facial Recognition Security System 812 - 816
Authors: Amrutha Ajayakumar, Purnima Mathew, Country: India
161 Review on Machining of Difficult to Cut Materials 817 - 819
Authors: Suvarna Patil, Country: India
162 Adoption Level of Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI) in Tamil Nadu 820 - 822
Authors: D. Periyar Ramasamy, B. Thiagarajan, K. Geetha, Country: India
163 Comparison of DFDBA with L-PRF Vs FDBA with L-PRF for Degree II Furcation Defects 823 - 826
Authors: Dr. Janak Kapadia, Dr. Ravikumar Jirali, Dr. Pallavi Kamble, Dr. Akanksha Sawant, Dr. Chetana Jamdade, Country: India
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316 Review of Advance Rocket Engine 1556 - 1559
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333 Waste Heat Recovery using Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger 1634 - 1638
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