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Sigmoid Volvulus: A Case Report

Candra Chriscahya, Gunawan Pande

Abstract: Aims and Objectives: Reporting a case of sigmoid volvulus, pitfall of misdiagnose and choice for long-term treatment. Materials and Methods: Sigmoid Volvulus is uncommon < 4 % of all large bowel obstruction cases. A 47-year-old Javanese woman came to emergency department of sanjiwani hospital with stabbing pain in the entire abdominal area, the patient also fell nausea and her stomach fell bloated, patient have experienced similar complain before 5 month ago. In physical exam the heart rate was 86 and blood pressure is 120/80 the abdominal wall seems distended and there are tenderness on lower quadrant of abdominal wall. Initial diagnose from emergency department is partial ileus obstruction. With the abdominal radiography finding the diagnose is change to sigmoid volvulus and patient is prepared for urgent low anterior resection surgery. Results and Conclusion: with abdominal radiography examination where ?coffee bean sign? is found sigmoid volvulus diagnose can be made. Treatment of sigmoid volvulus in our patient is sigmoid resection and anastomoses. where it has a low recurrent rate for long-term treatment.

Keywords: Sigmoid Volvulus, low anterior resection surgery, abdominal radiography, coffee bean sign

Country: Indonesia, Subject Area: Medical Surgical

Pages: 308 - 310

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 4, April 2019

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Candra Chriscahya, Gunawan Pande, "Sigmoid Volvulus: A Case Report", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 4, April 2019, 308 - 310

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