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Exhaust Optimization for Formal Student Vehicle

Moses .G, Fernandes Harly .A

Abstract: The Exhaust manifolds collects the exhaust gases from the engine after the combustion process in cylinders and discharge burn gas carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide to the atmosphere through the exhaust system. The engine efficiency, combustion characteristics can be depend upon how the exhaust gases were removed from the cylinder. Design of an exhaust manifold for the internal combustion engine depends on many terms such as exhaust back pressure, velocity of exhaust gases etc. In this literature review, as per recent research on design of exhaust manifold, their performance evaluation using experimental methods as Numerical methods (CFD), various geometrical types of exhaust manifold and their impact of the performance have been collected and discussed.


Country: India, Subject Area: Automobile Engineering

Pages: 113 - 115

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 4, April 2019

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Moses .G, Fernandes Harly .A, "Exhaust Optimization for Formal Student Vehicle", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 4, April 2019, 113 - 115

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