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Main Supply Detection and Intimation by Using Arduino and GSM Module
Authors: M. Narendra Kumar, G. V. Naveena Reddy

A Prospective Comparative Study of Open Inguinal Hernia Repair: Self Gripping Mesh Vs Standard Polypropylene Mesh
Authors: Sharath Chandra B.J, Divakar S. R, Dandeboyina Sreenivas, Sumith .S Deep

Antioxidant Activity of Leaf Extracts of the Excoecaria Agallocha and Agialitis rotundifolia in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh., India
Authors: P. Suneeta, Z. Vishnu Vardhan

Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Knowledge among Students in Selected Schools of Indore
Authors: Reetika William

Effectiveness of the Planned Teaching Programme regarding Anemia on Knowledge among Adolescent in Selected Schools of Sangli Miraj Kupwad Corporation Area
Authors: Vijaya Rahul Kumbhar

Minimally Invasive Treatment of Oral Ranula with "Mucosal Tunnel Technique" - A Case Report
Authors: Dr. M. Suresh Kumar, Dr. K. Amarnath, Dr. G. Saichand, Dr. B. Suraj

Osteochondroma Arising from Zygomatic Arch - A Case Report
Authors: Dr. V. Srinivasulu Reddy, Dr. M. Suresh Kumar, Dr. K. Amarnath, Dr. A. Sreevaishnavi

Application of Six Sigma Concept to Optimize the Time and Quality of Construction Industry in Nepal
Authors: Alex Singh Thagunna, S. Priscil Nidhu

Municipal Solid Waste Management in Dehradun City (Uttarakhand): A Review
Authors: Naveen Chandra Joshi

Optical Multicarrier Generation Using Mach Zehnder Modulator
Authors: R. Mercy Kingsta, J. Pushpakalaivani, N. Krishika Nandhini

Structural, Morphological and Theoretical Modeling Studies on Polymer Composites of Nano Crystalline Ceramic Superconductor GdBa2Ca3Cu4010.5+?
Authors: Vinila V.S, Jayakumari Isac

A Landscape Approach to the Rejuvenation of the Cultural Landscape of Barkur through Historical Analysis
Authors: Meghana K Raj, Rajshekar Rao

De Quervain Disease
Authors: N. Sakthi Bharathi

The Level of Understandability and Degree of Acceptability of the Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives of Public Administration and Computer Science Programs of Sorsogon State College
Authors: Aldin D. Labo

Study to Evaluate Efficacy and Validation Test of Imagard ID 401 and Imagard BIQUAT Disinfectant by USP 1072
Authors: Sachin D. Joshi, Dr. Imran Memon, Dr. Tahur Shaikh, Idris Khan, Surjeet Samanta

A Model for Fine Collection on Traffic Offenses in Kenya
Authors: Lazarus Wangwe Wekesa, Prof Gregory W. Wanyembi, Dr. Joyce W. Gikandi

Estimation of in Vitro Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Some Substituted Dihydropyrimidinones, Flowers of Moringa Oleifera & Seed Extrxct of Zea Mays
Authors: Roshani R. Dharamkar, Rahimullah Shaikh, R. R. Dharamkar

Impact of Alcohol Dependence on Primary Caretaker in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Puducherry
Authors: Dr. Aruna B A, Dr. R. S. Praveen Kumar, Dr. Agila .C

Offline Signature Verification using Grid Indices Based Template Matching
Authors: A. L. Tarange, Dr. A. K. Gulve

Secure Data Transmission of Video Steganography by Hashing Pixel Values with DWT
Authors: Hnin Lai Nyo, Aye Wai Oo

Role of CT in Imaging of Pancreatic Disorders
Authors: Archana Bagada, Shivraj Ingole

The Government Policy Effects of Highest Retail Prices on Rice Inventories at Wholesalers and Retailers in Palembang City
Authors: Winda Dwi Wahyuni, Andy Mulyana, Riswani

Syllable Segmentation Algorithm for Myanmar Language
Authors: Cho Cho Hnin, Naw Naw

Homogenization of Monthly Rainfall Data Series in Lerma-Toluca Watershed with Climatol
Authors: Ruy Ponce-Cruz, Lamine Diakite, Alejandro I. Monterroso-Rivas, Ronald E. Ontiveros-Capurata, Guillermo Crespo-Pichardo

The Ethical Issues in Ethnographic Research
Authors: Pinaki Dey Mullick, Paramita Sen

A Study on Consumer's Perception towards Organic Food Products in Coimbatore
Authors: R. Hemapriya

Effect of Infrared Light Therapy on Episiotomy Pain and Wound Healing among Postnatal Mothers
Authors: Vineetha Balakrishnan, Smitha Soman

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Self Instructional Module on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Tobacco Chewing among Adolescents in Selected Government Schools in Rural Area of Indore City
Authors: Ishtiyak Khan

Adjustable Voltage regulator using LM317
Authors: V. Hemanth Kumar, CH. Sai Sriya

Effect of BMI on Fetomaternal Outcome
Authors: Dr Nalini Anand, Dr Aditi Samdarshi Bhardwaj

Assessment of Prevalence of Ectoparasite (Ticks) on Goats
Authors: Sushil Kumar Pandey, Saaduz Zafar Ali

Ecological Aspect of Ectoparasite (TICKS) on Goats
Authors: Yogesh Kumar Singh, Saaduz Zafar Ali

Design of Controller for Sensorless BLDC Motor using Back-EMF Technique
Authors: B. Vinodh Kumar, S. Savitha, Nivetha S

Assess the Effectiveness of SVATP Regarding Role & Responsibilities of a Nurse in Intubation and Suctioning of a Patient with an Endotracheal Tube
Authors: Surbhi Mokhale

Radiation Induced Clear Cell Variant of Acinic Cell Carcinoma in Submandibular Salivary Gland - A Rare Case Report
Authors: Dr. K. Jananarthanan, Dr. R. Nithin Sylesh, Dr. R. Murugan, Dr. A. Thangavelu

Drug Administration through Hyperbaric Procedure
Authors: Lt Cdr Mayank Sharma

First Year Students' Understanding of Specific Concepts in Selected Mathematics Topics: The Case of the University of Zambia
Authors: Mwape John, Dr Ndhlovu Zanzini, Dr Malambo Priestly

Approach to Palliative Care among Medical Interns of a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in Tamil Nadu
Authors: Dr. Divya, Anithaa N, Akhila B, Rakesh

Exploring Untapped Potential of Potato for Masses
Authors: Mrityunjay Choubey

Concept of Free-Radicals in Ayurveda
Authors: Ganga R. Hadimani, Vineetha .V

Prevention of the Aeroponic System by the Voltage and the Current Sensor
Authors: Savitha S, Lokesh Raj, Lokesh, Manoj Kumar, Muthu Shabarish

Attitude of Teachers, Parents and Students towards Physical Punishment
Authors: Kapildeb Sarkar

Estimation and Study of Biological Tissues Using Optical Methods
Authors: G. Jagajothi

Measurement Tool for Testing the Intention to Use Automated People Mover System
Authors: Dhiya Najmilia Wibowo, Indrawati

Expression of miR-21 in Saliva of Oral Submucous Fibrosis
Authors: M. Shanthi, S. Sathasivasubramanian, Anbarasi

Case Series of Aerococcus urinae: A Rare Entity, its Role in UTI and its Successful Management in Healthy as Well as Immunocompromised Patients
Authors: Dr. Anu Sharma, Dr. Sonal Agarwal, Dr. N. K. Shaikh

Supply Chain Performance Measurement Tools: Case of Moroccan Companies
Authors: Imad Ait Lhassan, Rachid Daanoune

Analysis of the 5p25d, 5s27d and 5s27g configurations of doubly Ionized Antimony Atom (SbIII)
Authors: Tazeen Rana

First Trimester Pregnancy Loss Detection Using Ultrasound among Sudanese Women
Authors: Gihan Ahmed, Ebtisam Abdallah

A Study on Job Satisfaction among College Teachers
Authors: Dr. K. Parimalakanthi, V. Abirami

Analysis and Application of Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) in Pempek Culinary SMEs in Palembang, South Sumatera
Authors: Heriyanto, Andrian Noviardy, Lin Yan Syah, Amirudin Syarif

Agricultural Problems of Hazaribag District, Jharkhand
Authors: Soni Mehta, Rajiv Kr. Dwivedi

Electric Vehicle with Self-Charging Capability
Authors: Sawan

To Compare and Evaluate the Role of I-gel, PLMA and ET Tube in Patients Undergoing Elective LSCS under GA
Authors: Meena J, Chaudhary S, Sharma C, Ahuja S

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Progressive Muscle Relaxation on Premenstrual Syndrome among the Students of Selected Colleges of Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai
Authors: D. Victorie Jebakani

A Descriptive Study to Assess the Relationship between Mobile Phone Addiction and Risk Taking Behviour among Adolescents in Selected Schools at Bharuch
Authors: G. Stella Gracy

Prevalence and Distribution of Major Blood Groups A, B, O and Rh among the Permanent Residents of Northern Provinces of Kashmir Valley in India
Authors: Dr. Qazi Imtiaz Rasool, Dr. Nadeema Rafiq, Dr. Javed Hussain Bhat, Dr. Sehar Aslam, Dr. Nasir Choudary

Nevus Sebaceous of Jadassohn: A Case Report
Authors: Abdullah Al Saleh

Comparative Study of Therapeutic Efficacy of Intralesional Vitamin D3 versus Intralesional Purified Protein Derivative in the Treatment of Refractory Viral Warts at a Tertiary Referral Centre in Northern Maharashtra
Authors: Dr. Khan Farhana, Dr. Anand J. Asia

Cultural Heritage and the Value of Preserving the Past
Authors: Keti Shehu

EQAS: Experience, Challenges and Trouble Shooting as a Participating Laboratory in Public Sector
Authors: Shahla Shafique, M Sinha, A Das

Gender, Religion and Sanitation Behaviour of People in the Bishnupur District of Manipur
Authors: Haomom Merina Devi

Social Security of the Victim Widows: With Special Reference to Manipur
Authors: Oinam Shantibala Devi

A Survey of Hearing Impairment in Inclusion Schools in Kenya
Authors: Gladys Opinya, June Njama

Potential of Immature Coconut Water and Cow Urine on the Growth of Palm Oil Seedlings in Pre-Nursery
Authors: Rama R. Sitinjak

A Survey Report on Groundwater Contamination of Malwa Belt of Punjab due to Heavy Metal Arsenic
Authors: Hardev Singh Virk

Microsoft Azure Maintained Video Door System for Smart Phones
Authors: Vinitha P, Vemu Soundarya, S. Jancy

The Concept of Love in O Henry's The Gift of the Magi
Authors: S Vishnupriya

Risk Evaluation of Inter-Enterprise Cooperative R&D Projects
Authors: Zhan Ying

Teacher Questioning Used by English Lecturer in English Class: A Case Studyat STIA NUSA Sungai Penuh
Authors: Nurfitri

Case Report on Adnexal Masses in Pregnancy
Authors: Dr. Brinder Jeet Kaur, Dr S Fayyaz, Dr Alpana

Water Quality Assessment of Polachira Wetland Ecosystem in Kerala
Authors: Suvi .S, S. Shibu, J. Sreeja

Intelligent Grain Storage Management System based on IoT
Authors: Ajay Doltade, Ankita Kadam, Sayali Honmore, Sanjeev Wagh

Attitude towards Health and Hygiene among School Children in Mangalore City
Authors: Asha Rai .M .G, Dr. Mamatha .B

Intellectual Capital Disclosure in Indonesia
Authors: Ni Ketut Kartika Amanda Astiti, Ni Made Dwi Ratnadi, Nyoman Wijana Asmara Putra, Gayatri

Attitude towards Career Choices among Graduating PharmD Students at College of Pharmacy, Qassim University
Authors: Mugahid A Mobark, Mustafa S Saeed, Fahad S Almotairi, Haifa AL-Dhawyan

Participatory Communication for Development: The Perspectives of Agricultural Development Agencies in Nigeria
Authors: Anna Benson Kigbu, Akmar Ahmad Ghazali, Rosmiza Bidin, Siti Omar Zobida

Chemical Treatments on Plant-Based Natural Fibers for Natural Fiber - Reinforced Polymer Composites: A Review
Authors: Shivam Panjgotra, Rajiv Kumar

A Review on the Parametric Optimization in MIG Welding using Taguchi Method
Authors: Mandeep Singh, Dr. Balbir Singh

Cannabis Withdrawal: A New Entity in DSM-5!
Authors: Angshuman Kalita, Anil Kumar, Rahul Mathur

Seed Sowing Machine Using CAM and Follwer Mechanism
Authors: Parshapally Johnson, Nenavath Shivakumar, Shaik Umairahmed

Issues and Challenges with the Web Crawlers
Authors: Vishakha

Session Authentication Using Color Schemes and Images
Authors: Manjula Devi B, Rinny Mamachan

The Dominance of Two Parties in the Politics of Ghana's 4th Republic: The Electoral System a Factor?
Authors: Addae Amoako Michael

Comparing the Knowledge of EFL Students' General Vocabulary and Medical Terminology
Authors: Yoko Ichiyama

A Study on Usage of Credit Card System with Reference to Coimbatore
Authors: Dr. V. Devaki

Marketing Strategies of Private and Public Life Insurance Companies: A Case Study of Bajaj Allianz and Life Insurance Corporation of India
Authors: Quaseem Anwar

Advanced Gesture-Controlled Wheelchair for Locomotor Disabled and Elderly People
Authors: Aditya S Shenoy, Sandeep Sajan, Anand Prem Rajan

Effectiveness of Reflexology on Labour Pain among Parturient Mothers in First Stage of Labour
Authors: C. Margret

Clinical Analytical Study of Microbial Keratitis in a Tertiary Care Institution
Authors: Dr. Jeyamurugan, Dr. D. Anandhi, Dr. M. Rita Hepsi Rani, Dr. R. Tinu Stefi

Dental Toxicology: A Review
Authors: Dr. Teenu Vijayan, Dr. Chaithra V, Dr. Vanishree N

The Effectiveness of Web-Based Monitoring on Local Area-Mother and Child Health as a Tool for Midwife Recording and Reporting
Authors: Indra S., Mardiana Ahmad, Syafruddin Syarif, Nasrudin A. Mappaware, Prihantono, Burhanuddin Bahar

Use of Letter Blocks Word Builder Game and Compound Words Game to Enrich Students? Vocabularies: A Study of Writing 1 Students of English Education Program of STKIP SoE
Authors: Sonya V. Ch. Benu
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