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Hygiene and Sanitation Practices of the Badjaos in IBA, Zambales
Authors: Alma Gallofin Villanueva, Domingo C. Edano

Green Communication Technologies and Solutions
Authors: Rashmi

Impact of GST on MSME
Authors: Chitra Suraj Ashtekar

A Comparative Study of Mirror Therapy and Sham Therapy with Conventional Rehabilitation in Balance Ability for Geriatric Patients
Authors: Lokesh .R, P. Senthil Selvam

Effect of Emulsifiers on Some Chemicals and Sensory Properties of Low Fat Mozzarella Cheese
Authors: Kamal Awad Abdel Razig; Khansa Saeed Hadi; Mohamed Bakry Eltahe, Awad Elgead Taha Elkabashi, Mohammed Ahamed Kunna

Agrochemicals Usage in A Tropical Mid-Altitude Areas of JOS Plateau, Nigeria
Authors: Chuwang P. Z., Salako E.A

Secure Conversation and Images Using End-to-End Encryption on Android in WhatsApp
Authors: Amritha R, Anu Priya R, Initha G, Sindhu Priya S

Assessment of Psychological Symptoms Associated with Vitiligo
Authors: Dr Arun Singh, Dr Jyoti Shetty

Analyzing Capacity of Existing Sewage Treatment Plants, Surat City
Authors: Abhishek Batliwala, Rohan Kania

Repair and Maintenance Cost Analysis of Diesel Engines of Same Make Models using Weibull Distribution Method: A Case Study on JKSRTC
Authors: Irfan Ahmad Lone

Situational Analysis of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Hostels for College Students: A Special Reference to Ballari District of Karnataka
Authors: Dr. Veerendra Kumar N., Karibasappa G.

Development of Al-Cu Metal Matrix Composite through Hot Compaction
Authors: Rupak Kumar

Prevalence of Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Systemic Hypertension
Authors: Dr. Shweta Sureshbabu Saritha, Dr. E. Dhandapani, Dr. B. Kalaiselvi

Semi - Autobiographical Elements in "The God of Small Things"
Authors: R. Krishnaveni

Breast Filariasis - A Case Report
Authors: Vikash Rustagi, Dev Shetty, Shenaz Saifi, Manisha Joshi, Ammar Modi, Sanika Patil

Effect of the Independent Board of Commissioners, Audit Committee, Firm Size and Leverage to Earnings Management
Authors: Firman, Apollo

An Assessment of the Nutritional Quality and Future Prospects of Aplosonyx Chalybaeus and Aeolesthes Holosericea (Coleoptera) in Nagaland, India
Authors: Anungla Pongener, Bendang Ao, Sarat Chandra Yenisetti

IoT based Soil Nutrient Testing System
Authors: Sanket Kasturiwala, Sakshi Sarage, Aditi Doye, Dashmeet Khurana, Sachin Yadav

Role of Special Stains as an Useful Complementary Tool in the Diagnosis of Renal Diseases - A Case Series Study
Authors: Dr. Veenaa Venkatesh, Dr. Vinuta Malaichamy

Review on Detection and Identification of Plant Leaf Diseases based on Linux
Authors: Ashish Nage, V. R. Raut

The Existence of God - A Scientific Quest
Authors: Sushama Biswas, Ruma Biswas

Secondary Amenorrhea: An Approach to Diagnosis and Management
Authors: Dr. Chandra Jyoti, Dr. Kajal Kunwar, Dr. Manoj Kumar, Dr. H H Sinha

Damping Out Power System Oscillations for LLL - Fault in Multi-Area Power System Using Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC)
Authors: A. Praveena

Surveillance Schools: Understanding from the Perspectives of Michel Foucault
Authors: Hemashree Duarah

Harmonic Distortion in Low Voltage Grid by Grid-Connected Photovoltaic
Authors: Prakash Kallu

Ultrasound Guided Transverse Abdominis Plane Block for Post Operative Analgesia for Unilateral Hernioplasty
Authors: Dr. K. Premakumari, Dr. Edward Johnsonjoseph, Dr. J. Steffi

A Pre-Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge and Practice regarding Tracheostomy Care among Staff Nurses at Selected Hospitals of Punjab
Authors: Karanpreet Kaur

Mangrove Preservation Policy Recommendations Based on Women?s Role in Bahowo Environment, Bunaken, Manado, North Sulawesi Province
Authors: Talitha Wenifrida Massenga, Marsoedi, Harsuko Riniwati, BagyoYanuwiadi

Remuneration in Congolese Labor Law
Authors: Tshilunga Kanyinda Patrick, Mushitu Nyembwa Vanel

Behavior of Employees in the Workplace
Authors: Tshilunga Kanyinda Patrick, Pungu Tshimwanga Matthieu

Effects of Progressive Muscular Relaxation Exercises Vs Yoga on Tension Headache: A Comparative Study
Authors: M S Sundaram, P Senthil Selvam

Bombay Blood Group - An Entity Hurdle to Get
Authors: Dr. K. Srinivasa Reddy, Dr. Y. Susruth Reddy, Dr Tulasi Kiran

Effective Role of Indigenous Microorganisms (IMOs) Farming Technology on Poultry Chickens Blood Profile
Authors: Somasekhar M, Sai Gopal DVR

Relationship between Personality Factor and Depression among Youth
Authors: Amardip Mohan Ambhore, Dr. Parmeshwsar Abhiman Puri

Assessment of Genetic Variability in Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.)
Authors: Patel D. G., Patel P.R., Patel H.B., Patel A. M. Patel

IoT based Smart Water Management with Sensors Agriculture Stick for Live Temperature and Moisture Monitoring
Authors: S. A. Shete

Evaluation of Direct Nitrate Reductase Assay for Drug Susceptibility Testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Resource - Poor Settings
Authors: Olubunmi Alaka, Anuoluwapo Alaka, Olamide Agboola, Augusta Onuoha

At the Heart of International Taxation: Double Taxation
Authors: Tshibangu Mulobe Paul

Analysis of the Activities of Mangrove Preservation in Bahowo Environment, Bunaken, Manado, North Sulawesi Province
Authors: Talitha Wenifrida Massenga, Marsoedi, Harsuko Riniwati, Bagyo Yanuwiadi

Female Participation in Folk Music of Assam - A Study on Bihugeet in Guwahati (GMA), Assam
Authors: Palme Borthakur, Bhaben Ch. Kalita

Treatment Efficacy of Sofosbuvir Containing Regimes in Chronic Hepatitis C, Genotype-3 Infected Patients in Indian Population - A Real World Experience
Authors: Hilal Ahmed Tali, Rubiya Ryhan, Irshad Ahmad Tali, Falak Ara

Ethanol Extract of Annona Muricata L. Leaves Reduced Goblet Cell in Bronchus of Animal Model of Smoking
Authors: Devina Martina Bumi

Analysis the Effectiveness of Tax Reporting Using E-System Administration and its Impact on Tax Revenue (Case Study in the Tax Service Office Jakarta)
Authors: Devi Nur Anggraeni

Variation of Wild Cymbopogon martinii (Roxb.) in Different Ecotypes using Molecular Markers
Authors: Vijayalakshmi T. N., Prof. Thara Saraswathi K. J.

Review of Spring Back for Rod Bending Machine
Authors: V. C. Patel, Kaushal Prajapati, Rathwa Harish, Rathava Falgun, Tadvi Hardik

Review on Autoimmune Disorder (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) with Ayurvedic Perspective
Authors: Dr. Kriti Sejwar, Dr. Namrata Patel

A Study to Asses the Awareness of the Fire Safety Measures among the Staff in Fortis Escorts Hospital, Amritsar
Authors: Preeti

Preliminary Analysis of Work-Life Balance (WLB) on Women Police in Tiruchirappalli
Authors: P. Shobana, Dr. P. Na. Kanchana

Hybrid Image Segmentation Using Mean Shift and Predicate Algorithms
Authors: Amit Patel, Roopesh Kumar Yadav, Kavitha Ambrelli

Organizational Member Use of Social media for Communication
Authors: Mourice Lujang Peter, Wu Cisheng, Prof

Detection of Production Cost Pempek of Palembang on Small-Scale Enterprises
Authors: Darwin, Imron Zahri, Dessy Adriani

Advanced Methods of Total Arch Distalization in Orthodontics: A Literature Review
Authors: Sharath Kumar Shetty, Mahesh Kumar Y, Lekshmi G Vijayan, Vijayananada K Madhur

Awareness about the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice regarding Consumer Protection Act in Dental Professionals, Interns and Post Graduate Students in a Dental Institute - A Questionnaire Based Study
Authors: Pharande SV, Toshniwal NG, Potnis SS, Sonawane RS, Patil SS

Correlation of Volume Loss with Functional Change in Robot Assisted Nephron Sparing Surgery: A Short Term Prospective Study
Authors: Sadasukhi N, Mandal AK, Singh SK, Kakkar N, Lal A, Mittal BR, Bora GS, Agrawal SP

Analysis of Resonance Elimination in a Shielding Enclosure with Aperture Using CBP Material
Authors: Yi Zhang, Kangbo Tan, Hongmin Lu

Evaluation of HEC-HMS & WMS Rainfall-Runoff Model for Part of Baitarani Sub-Basin
Authors: Anurag Singh, Rajeev Kumar Mishra

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine-Indemnity Insurance in Time Saves Fine: A Questionnaire based Study in a Dental Institute
Authors: Pharande SV, Toshniwal NG, Potnis SS, Patil SS, Sonawane RS

Preliminary Feasibility Analysis of Proposed Constituents for Expanded Dosimetry for Nonionizing Electromagnetic Radiation
Authors: Kim Horsevad

Job Satisfaction and Teaching Performance of Multigrade Teachers in the Schools Division of Zambales: Basis for Faculty Development Program
Authors: Christian E. Cariaso

Application of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Tape in Prosthodontics: An Overview
Authors: Dr. Tushar Ranjan, Dr. Gautam Shetty, Dr. Makam Gangaiah

Northeast Asia Interconnection and Energy Security
Authors: Namjil Enebish, Tsend Baatar

Transport Capacity of Salmonella typhimurium by Ascaridia galli Body Parts
Authors: Eric Igor Sop Foka, Jeannette Yondo, Lucy Agyingi, Henri Gabriel Tsila, Mpoame Mbida

Monitoring of Land Use and Land Cover Change using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques: A Case Study of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Authors: Selassie D. Mayunga, Semeni Anastazia

Ethnomedicinal Treatment of Cough and Asthma in the Rural Area of Wardha District (M.S.)
Authors: J. J. Shende, L. P. Dalal

Impact of Stock Market on FOREX: An Empirical Study
Authors: Basavaraju P.S., Dr. B. Bakkappa

The Clinical Utility of Vitamin D Levels in Management of Treatment Naive Chronic HCV Infection
Authors: Hilal Ahmad Tali, Rubiya Ryhan, Irshad Ahmad Tali, Falak Ara

Life Threatening Iatrogenic Unilateral Pleural Effusion: An Uncommon Complication of CVP Line Placement
Authors: Dr. Rajnish Kumar, Dr. Priyanka

Transitivity System of Narrative Text in Junior High School English Textbook in Indonesia
Authors: Anni Marhamah, Mukhaiyar

Status of Vitamin D and Serum Calcium in Indoor and Outdoor Workers of Rural Population: Implication for General Health
Authors: Ninad Chitnavis, Dr Archana Dhok

Cytomorphological Study of Cervical Smear and Its Correlation with Socio-Economic Status
Authors: Dr Shubhangi Kachore, Dr Pragati Karmarkar, Dr Chaitanya R Patil

Status of Girls in Indian Society: The Indian and Global Perspectives (International Conference Paper)
Authors: Ruma Biswas, Sushama Biswas

Sonographic Assessment of Pregnancy in Patients with Hypertension & Diabetes
Authors: Safa Anis Hassan, M. E. M. Garelnabi, Muna .A .Ali, Rania Mohammed Ahmed

Non-Tolerance of Spectacle in an Optical Outlet in Gurgaon (Delhi NCR) - A Longitudinal Community Based Study
Authors: Ragni Kumari, Dr. Mrinal Ranjan Srivastava

Challenges to Teaching English Literature in Sudan from a Teacher's Perspective: A Case Study of Khartoum University
Authors: Dr. Da'oud Mohamed Gubair, Samia Ahmed Eltahir

Action Research in an Institutional Context
Authors: Van Nguyen

Study on Growth, Structural and Optical Properties of L-Alanine Doped Nickel Sulphate Hexahydrate Single Crystals
Authors: L. Jothi Nirmal, S. Ajitha

Experimental Investigation of Three-Way Catalytic Convertor Based on Cerium and Titanium in C.I Engine
Authors: K. R. Vigneshwara, R. V. Nishanth

Awareness of Physical Activity and Current Physical Activity Level in College Going Students: A Cross Sectional Survey
Authors: Tejas R. Chokshi, Amatullah Lilywala

Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita: A Rare Case Report
Authors: Dr. Tejeshwari Gehlot, Dr. Yogesh Patel, Dr. Gunjan Kela

A Rare Case Report - Bohring Opitz Syndrome
Authors: Nidhi Gupta, Gunjan Kela

A Study on Dealer Satisfaction with Reference to the Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Limited
Authors: S. T. Saravana Kumar, B. Angupriya

Identifying Variables
Authors: Marudhar

The Safety Breaker (The Next Generation Seatbelt System)
Authors: Abhishant Kumar

Pattern and Outcome of Severe Malaria at the Emergency Paediatrics Unit of a Tertiary Hospital, North-Central Nigeria
Authors: Bello Surajudeen Oyeleke, Dr. Abolodje Efe, Dr. Ikrama Hassan, Dr. Othman Ishaku Agahu

Correlation of Body Mass Index and Intelligence Quotients of Primary School Children Aged 6-12 Years in ILORIN North Central Nigeria
Authors: Bello S.O, Adeboye M.A.N, Saka A.O, Ojuawo A

Research on Network Governance Model of Collaborative Innovation Project
Authors: Liu Wei

Human Factors "Ergonomics" in Hydrocarbon Facilities
Authors: Nirmal Surendran Menon

Artificial Intelligence and its Role in Near Future
Authors: G. Rupesh, S. Choudaiah

Effect of Childbirth Preparation Programme on Maternal Outcome among Primigravid Women
Authors: Thanooja M, Giggy John

Assessment of Serum 25-OH Vitamin D Levels in Patients with Schizophrenia and Comparing With Healthy Controls
Authors: Dr. Varun Arora, Dr. Nilesh Naphade

Technology and its Employability in English Language Instruction and Learning
Authors: Dr. Deepika Nelson

Developing Conditions and Importance of Pests Which are Met in Agrobiocenose of Forests in Karakalpakstan
Authors: Aytimov I.A.

Hospital Selection Support System from Heterogeneous Data Source
Authors: Madhumathi B, Madhumitha V, Mahin Faliha S, Maithili ParkaviI

A Study on Impact of Facebook on Teenagers
Authors: S. T. Saravana Kumar, S. B. Jenanee

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy using Isosulfan Blue Dye and Frozen Section in Early Breast Cancer - An Indian Perspective
Authors: Dr Paul Augustine, Dr Rexeena V. Bhargavan, Dr Prabhakaran U, Dr Shafeek Shamshudeen, Dr Sindhu Nair, Dr Kurian Cherian

Effectiveness of Soft Skill Training on the Emotional Intelligence of Scheduled Caste Prospective Teachers
Authors: Dr. S. Jeyaparvathi

A Study of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect Program Impact on the Volatility of Shenzhen Stock Market
Authors: Kun Qian

Effect of Vinsol Resin Air Entraining Agent on Strength and Durability of Concrete
Authors: P. Mudasir, Dr. J. Naqash, S. Basker

Data Analytics Changing the Pace of Entertainment Industry
Authors: Dr. Sini V. Pillai

A Review on Guide to Patient Counseling
Authors: Poonam Subhash Sable
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