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Structural and Tectonic Subsidence History Study of Southwestern Sirt Basin, Libya
Authors: Mohamed Saleem

Differentiated Services Network with Dynamic Admission Control Algorithm
Authors: Hemlata Pal

Identifying the Factors and Effects of Sinking in the Munroe Island of Kollam District, Kerala
Authors: Saranya U

To Study the Incidence of Renal Failure in Birth Asphyxia and to Correlate the Severity and Type of Renal Failure using AKIN Criteria and Levine?s Staging of HIE
Authors: Dr. Akanksha Muvel, Dr, Hemant Jain, Dr. Sunil Arya

Impact of Morphology of Gallstones on Histopathological Changes in Gallbladder Mucosa: A Study
Authors: M G Vashist, Manoj Soni, Manish Verma, Sunita Singh, Sahil, Shubra

A Case Study of Existing Institutional Building for Assessment and Repair
Authors: Yasir Shaikh, Vishv K. Patel, Dhruv Patel, Vishv D. Patel

A Novel Approach in Implant Dentistry - LIGAPLANTS
Authors: Jibi J, Rao BL, YSS Sruthi, Pratyusha T, Chitra C

Application of Forensic Accounting: A Bridge to Audit Expectation Gap in Nigerian Deposit Money Banks in Enugu State
Authors: Agu Stephen Ikechukwu, Emma I. Okoye

The Role of Husband and Wife in House Purchasing Decision Making (Case Study at the Lingkar Harmony Residence Housing Mataram)
Authors: Lalu M. Fahrurrozi, Sulhaini, Akhmad Saufi

Instructional Practices for Secondary Araling Panlipunanin Zone II, Division of Zambales
Authors: Pamela D. Mangohig, Edna Marie D. Punzalan

The Most Important and Recommended Criteria to Select Programmer Applicant
Authors: Fayiz Momani, A. A. Zaidan

Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Synthesis Using Green Extract: Natural Approach
Authors: Abhishek Attri

A Comparative Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Relaxation versus Breathing Techniques on Labour Pain Relief among 1st Stage of NVD Primi Mothers at Selected Hospitals
Authors: Mamata Kamble

An Empirical Study on the Impact of Stock Market Interconnection Policyon A-H Premium
Authors: Shuman Zhang

Research on the Impact of Industrial Finished Goods Export on China's Wage Level
Authors: Jiajing Jia

The Features of Communicative Language Teaching Strategies (CLTS) used by Non - English Major Teachers in Teaching English
Authors: Jose E. Elevado Jr., Novrina Bigilda A. Orge

Suitability of Solar Homelighting Systems in Households Near Forest Areas - A Case Analysis from India
Authors: Ram Chandra Pal, Dr Manjushree Banerjee

Feasibility Use and Durability Properties of Nano Fly Ash and Stone Powder Dust Using in the Concrete
Authors: P. Gowthami, B. Sudheer Kumar, B. Sravan Teja

Hot Tooth - A Challenge to Endodontists
Authors: Somya Sahu, Pooja Kabra, Ekta Choudhary

Fungal Diversity in Rhizosphere Soil of Banana Fields at Jalgaon District, (MS.)
Authors: Sadhana Salve, Suchita Rajurkar, Swati Gaikwad

The Relationship between Investment in Telecommunications Sector and Indicators of Economic Growth in Iraq
Authors: Dr. Wisal Abdullah Husain

Development of a Service Delivery Model that will Bridge the Gap between Service Support Expected by Indian Pharmaceutical Companies
Authors: Dr. Amit Gosar, Rajesh Acharya

Soil Fertility Recommendations in Relation to Crop Productivity Across different Tea Growing Regions of the Nilgiris
Authors: Deepthi Kaviraj, Raj Kumar R

Natural Killer Cells in Peripheral Blood and Pregnancy Outcome in Women with Miscarriage
Authors: Meena Dayal, Shadma Siddiqui, Urvashi Singh

A Novel Biomarker - Heart Type Fattyacid Binding Protein (H-FABP) in Patient with Acute Coronary Syndrome
Authors: Praneeth Chowdary .T, G. S. Shiddapur, Sumith .K, Kunal .O

Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Management and Prevention of Common Cold among Mothers of Under 5 Children in Selected Hospital of Anantnag Kashmir
Authors: Mir Uzma Ashraf

Primary and Delayed Management of Frontal Bone Fracture - A Single Centre Study
Authors: Dr R. Selvan, Dr G. S. Radhakrishnan, Dr R Marak Dexter, Dr Sridhar Siddarth

Identifying the Factors Affecting Investment Behaviour of Investors from Gandhinagar District
Authors: Disha A. Popat, Dr. Hemal B. Pandya

The Intention of Chinese New Generation Migrant Workers to Start a Business in Hometown - An Empirical Analysis of Hubei Province
Authors: Yang Pengbo, Liu Han

Impact of Demographic Variables on Exam Anxiety and Academic Achievement among Secondary Grade Students: An Empirical Study
Authors: Subhashini Akurathi, MVR Raju

Environment and Green House Effect
Authors: Dr. Gangadhar M. Sajjanar

Functional Outcome of Rotating Platform of Total Knee Arthroplasty - A Prospective Study
Authors: Dr. Deeepak Rai .K, Dr. Sanka Tulasiram Yashaswi

qSOFA or SIRS - The Better Predictor of Bacterial Sepsis in the Emergency Room
Authors: Abhiram A K, Bharath Prasad, Sreekrishnan TP, Sabrish B, Arun Kumar, Naveen Mohan, Dhanasekharan BS, Gireesh Kumar KP

Enterprise Architecture Information System Planning in Pt. Technomotor Indonesia using TOGAF Framework
Authors: Albertus Tomi Gunawan

Drinking Water and Its Health Impact
Authors: Dr. Ratna Roy (Pathak)

Simple Analysis of the Gene Function of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae in Different Phases
Authors: Shuyue Zhu

Dysmenorrhoea Study among Nursing Students and its Effect
Authors: Roshan Kumar Agrawal, Satyendra Prasad Singh

Growth and Seed Yield Response of Aeschynomene histrix to Cattle Manure and Plant Row Spacing in Southern Benin
Authors: Houndjo D.B.M, Adjolohoun S, Gbenou B, Saidou A, Ahoton L, Houinato M, Sinsin B

The Impact of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy on CD4 + T Cell Count in Patients with Adult HIV Disease
Authors: Soji N.D

Study the Incidence and Clinical Profile of Coronary Artery Disease among Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Cases
Authors: Koushik Chavalla, Vikram Vikhe

Assessment of Left Ventricular Function in Acute Ischaemic Stroke
Authors: Dr. V Y Bhargav, Dr. E. Dhandapani, Dr B Kalaiselvi

BotNet Detection by Monitoring Network Traffic Using K-ANN Algorithm
Authors: Arvind Kishanrao Rathod

An Interesting Case of Fraser's Syndrome with Cryptophthalmos in a New Born Child
Authors: M. Dinesh, M. Parni Kumar, G. Harshitha

The Role of the Immunology in Periodontal Disease - Update on Current and Emergent Data
Authors: Ibrahim Fahad Alkurdi, Mohammad Jafnan Alharbi

Local Flaps in Lower Leg Defect
Authors: Dr R. Selvan, Dr G. S. Radhakrishnan, Dr R Marak Dexter

Loyalty Programs and Their Importance
Authors: Riya Gupta, Aparajitha Srinivasan

Propagation of Wheat Fusarium Wilt in Morocco
Authors: G. Soudi, L. El Ghadraoui, N. El Ghachtouli, M. Loukili, S. Amiri

Self Efficacy among Diabetic Patients
Authors: Nandu Shivaji Kumawat, Dr. Parmeshwsar Abhiman Puri

Perioperative Management of Hyperthyroidism Patient undergoing Appendectomy
Authors: Matius, Dewi Catur Wulandari

A New Rotor Blade for Low Current River Waterwheel Supporting the Energy Procurement in the Countryside of Indonesia
Authors: Darmawi, Riman Sipahutar, Qomarul Hadi

Association of Mechanical Clock Elements with STEM Disciplines and Energy Conversion
Authors: Sibel Adiguzel, Omer Cakirohlu

Improvement of Corporate Strategic Management Ability under Big Data Conditions
Authors: Wenting Hu

Assessment of Teachers' Perceptions on the Integration of Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Mathematics: A Case of Kitwe District
Authors: Prisca Jere, Judith Nakamba

Perceived Effects of Noise Pollution on Classroom Instruction and Students Concentration in Tertiary Institutions in Imo State
Authors: Victor O. Ogwo, Amarachi S. Egeruoh, Abel I. Onoja, Ivy N. Awurum

Rare case of a Malignant Proliferating Trichilemmal Tumor of Vulva: A Case Report
Authors: Dr. Anchana Gulati, Dr. Anurita Saigal

A Rare Case of Long Complex Ano-Scrotal Fistula, Review of Literature and Its Management with LIFT
Authors: Dr K. Sri Bhargavi, Dr A. Ramya, Dr V. Mohan Rao

The Effect of Free Primary Education on the Management of Public Primary Schools: A Case of Kitwe District on the Copperbelt Province of Zambia
Authors: Prisca Jere, Judith Nakamba

Role of Murshidabad Hazarduari Palace Museum in Cultural and Heritage Tourism
Authors: Kajal Dey, Tapan Kumar Biswas

Organizational Commitment as an Intervening Variable in the Effect of Workplace Spirituality on Job Satisfaction (Study on Grha Ultima Medika Mataram Hospitals)
Authors: Made Kania Atmadewi, Hermanto, Siti Nurmayanti

Evaluation of Maternal and Neonatal Outcome in Conventional Labour Vs Programmed Labour in Low Risk Woman
Authors: S. S. Gayathri, M. Ajeetha Banu

Improvement of Rice Mutants to Drought Stress in Root System, Lignocellulose Production, and Nitrogen Uptake
Authors: Riza Meutia, Muyassir, Efendi

Awareness Regarding Prevention of Hypertension among Youths in a Selected Campus
Authors: Bhuwan Kumari Dangol, Sabita Baral

A Design and Analysis of Inset-fed Rectangular Micro Strip Patch Antenna
Authors: Rikita Gohil

The Assessment of a Creative Climate within an Organization
Authors: Vincent A. Fomujang, Cisheng Wu, Angwi Tassang

A Privacy Preserving Mechanism for Integrity Auditing and Data Sharing
Authors: R. Ramya Devi, R. Rangeela, S. Shalini, R. Sankara Narayanan

Elastic Band as Perturbation on Balance Performance in Chronic Stroke Patients
Authors: Dr. Parveen Pathan

Enhancement of Heat Transfer Coefficient in DPDGSAH having V Ribs with Symmetrical Numbers of Gaps in a Rectangular Duct: A Robust Design Approach
Authors: Jolly Lucas, Pooja Tiwari

Outcome in Cleistanthus Collinus Poisoning: A Cross Sectional Study
Authors: Soji N.D

Influence of Instructional Materials in Eradicating Errors in Children?s Number Work in Pre-Schools in Kamukunji Sub-County, Nairobi County
Authors: Agnes W. Kibui, Jane Muiruri

Phyto-Diversity Analyses and Conservation Status of Senaankoil Sacred Grove, Pudukkottai District, Tamilnadu, India
Authors: Dhanasekar S, Muthukumar B

A Bayesian Approach for Estimating the Scale Parameter of Double Exponential Distribution under Symmetric and Asymmetric Loss Functions
Authors: Md. Rashidul Hasan

An Approach to Data Mining Algorithm for OLAP Databases
Authors: Gaurav Agnihotri

The Nexus between Women's Empowerment and Poverty Reduction in Urban Ghana: A Study of the HO Municipality
Authors: Bright Yeboah, Ebenezer Teye Amanor-Lartey, Prince Opoku

Vulval Filariasis - A Case Report
Authors: Dr. Sonali Deshmukh, Dr. D. K. Soyam, Dr. Madhuri Kilnake, Dr. R. Koreti

The Community of Santo Domingo: A Church for Spanish Immigrants in Puebla, Mexico (1904-1993)
Authors: Alfonso Gomez Rossi, Gloria Iliana Sanchez-Barranco

Comparison of Two Different Doses of Dexmedetomidine in Decreasing the Extubation Response
Authors: Roshni Sebastian, Harshavardhan K

Cognition in Tunisian Adolescents at Ultra High Risk of Psychosis
Authors: Selima Jelili, Zeineb Abbes, Souhail Bannour, Melek Hajri, Houda Ben Yahia, Maissa Touati, Josef Ventura, Sami Ouanes, Ali Mrabet, Asma Bouden

An Extensive Review on Feature Extraction for Designing Brain Computer Interface
Authors: Bambam Kumar Choudhary, Prof. Anshul Sarawagi

Compatible Uniformities on Pseudometric Spaces
Authors: Dr. S. M. Padhye, Priti. P. Umarkar

The Effects of Weight Criteria in Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods
Authors: Mahmood Maher Salih

The Mystery of 'I' - An Unsolved Question of Life
Authors: Ruma Biswas, Sushama Biswas

Blood Neutrophil to Lymphocyte Count as a Prognostic Marker in Liver Cirrhosis
Authors: Dr. Uvaraj Muruganandam, Dr. K. S. Dakshinamoorthy

Computed Tomography Findings and Diagnosing Thyroid Neoplasms
Authors: Talal Mohammed A Al Amrani

An Unusual Presentation of Choriocarcinoma
Authors: Dr. Sasidhar, Dr. K. H. Damayanthi, Dr. K. Lakshmi Narayana

Uric Acid as a Prognostic Marker in Heart Failure
Authors: Dr. V. Uvaraj Muruganandam MD, Dr. Kavipoornima

Immunotherapy for Cancer
Authors: Sanjivani Pathak, Sunanda Patil

Labor Unrest in RMG Sector in Bangladesh: A Quest for Sustainable Development
Authors: Md. Mostofa Zia

Quality of CT in Diagnoses Atherosclerosis
Authors: Talal Mohammed A Al Amrani, Hassan A Elazeem Gad

Ethnobotanical Studies of Medicinal Plants used In Traditional (Folk) Medicines
Authors: Rajesh B. and Neethu Nair

Evaluation of Air Sufficiency in Underground Mines: A Case of Tanzaniteone Mining Limited
Authors: Mtaita Charles Mtoni, Dr. Mgaza Somo Muya

Primary Osteosarcoma of the Skull
Authors: Dhawal Kaushal, Manisha Joshi

Pathological Bereavement Revealing an Association of Hypothyroidism and Neurosyphilis
Authors: M. Gourti, K. Akebour, M. Bouskol, I. Adali, F. Manoudi, F. Asri

Perceptions of Senior High School Sports Track Students toward their Work Immersion
Authors: Celso Q. Alcantara Jr.

Financial Deepening and Implication for Financial Policy Coordination: The Case of Indonesia and Other Country in Asean (2000-2018)
Authors: Ajeng Faizah Nijma Ilma, Lukman Hakim, Siti Aisyah Tri Rahayu

The Use of Semantic Web Technology in the Diagnosis Internal Diseases
Authors: Omer Ahmed Hamed Mohammed, Mustafa Omer Nawari, Hoyam Omer Ali Abdallah

Critical Common Success and Hindering Factors on the Use of E-Banking in Developing Countries: A Case of Bank Websites Evaluation in Tanzania
Authors: Ayoub M. Mswahili

Bilateral Leukoedema and Its Managemenmt - A Case Report
Authors: Sheik Sameerudeen M M, Fahmitha A, Shwetha S

Status and Management of Nerves in Strategic Locations of Facial Fractures
Authors: Dr. G. S. Radhakrishnan, Dr. R. Selvan, Dr. Govindharaj, Dr. Dexter R Marak

Branchial Cyst of Parotid
Authors: Dr. Rudraiah. H. G. M, Dr. Aniruddha Desai, Dr. Siddharth Kalke, Dr. Gautam Balaram

Marriage as Social Status of Women in the Selected Short Stories of Ismat Chugtai
Authors: Dr. Ashok Dayal
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