International Journal of Science and Research(IJSR)
Volume 8 Issue 3, March 2019
Table of Contents
Sr.No. Article Title Page No.
1 Structural and Tectonic Subsidence History Study of Southwestern Sirt Basin, Libya 1 - 19
Authors: Mohamed Saleem, Country: Libya
2 Differentiated Services Network with Dynamic Admission Control Algorithm 20 - 23
Authors: Hemlata Pal, Country: India
3 Identifying the Factors and Effects of Sinking in the Munroe Island of Kollam District, Kerala 24 - 27
Authors: Saranya U, Country: India
4 To Study the Incidence of Renal Failure in Birth Asphyxia and to Correlate the Severity and Type of Renal Failure using AKIN Criteria and Levine?s Staging of HIE 28 - 30
Authors: Dr. Akanksha Muvel, Dr, Hemant Jain, Dr. Sunil Arya, Country: India
5 Impact of Morphology of Gallstones on Histopathological Changes in Gallbladder Mucosa: A Study 31 - 33
Authors: M G Vashist, Manoj Soni, Manish Verma, Sunita Singh, Sahil, Shubra, Country: India
6 A Case Study of Existing Institutional Building for Assessment and Repair 34 - 42
Authors: Yasir Shaikh, Vishv K. Patel, Dhruv Patel, Vishv D. Patel, Country: India
7 A Novel Approach in Implant Dentistry - LIGAPLANTS 43 - 45
Authors: Jibi J, Rao BL, YSS Sruthi, Pratyusha T, Chitra C, Country: India
8 Application of Forensic Accounting: A Bridge to Audit Expectation Gap in Nigerian Deposit Money Banks in Enugu State 46 - 55
Authors: Agu Stephen Ikechukwu, Emma I. Okoye, Country: Nigeria
9 The Role of Husband and Wife in House Purchasing Decision Making (Case Study at the Lingkar Harmony Residence Housing Mataram) 56 - 61
Authors: Lalu M. Fahrurrozi, Sulhaini, Akhmad Saufi, Country: Indonesia
10 Instructional Practices for Secondary Araling Panlipunanin Zone II, Division of Zambales 62 - 66
Authors: Pamela D. Mangohig, Edna Marie D. Punzalan, Country: Philippines
11 The Most Important and Recommended Criteria to Select Programmer Applicant 67 - 70
Authors: Fayiz Momani, A. A. Zaidan, Country: Malaysia
12 Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Synthesis Using Green Extract: Natural Approach 71 - 74
Authors: Abhishek Attri, Country: India
13 A Comparative Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Relaxation versus Breathing Techniques on Labour Pain Relief among 1st Stage of NVD Primi Mothers at Selected Hospitals 75 - 77
Authors: Mamata Kamble, Country: India
14 An Empirical Study on the Impact of Stock Market Interconnection Policyon A-H Premium 78 - 80
Authors: Shuman Zhang, Country: China
15 Research on the Impact of Industrial Finished Goods Export on China's Wage Level 81 - 84
Authors: Jiajing Jia, Country: China
16 The Features of Communicative Language Teaching Strategies (CLTS) used by Non - English Major Teachers in Teaching English 85 - 90
Authors: Jose E. Elevado Jr., Novrina Bigilda A. Orge, Country: Philippines
17 Suitability of Solar Homelighting Systems in Households Near Forest Areas - A Case Analysis from India 91 - 97
Authors: Ram Chandra Pal, Dr Manjushree Banerjee, Country: India
18 Feasibility Use and Durability Properties of Nano Fly Ash and Stone Powder Dust Using in the Concrete 98 - 105
Authors: P. Gowthami, B. Sudheer Kumar, B. Sravan Teja, Country: India
19 Hot Tooth - A Challenge to Endodontists 106 - 109
Authors: Somya Sahu, Pooja Kabra, Ekta Choudhary, Country: India
20 Fungal Diversity in Rhizosphere Soil of Banana Fields at Jalgaon District, (MS.) 110 - 113
Authors: Sadhana Salve, Suchita Rajurkar, Swati Gaikwad, Country: India
21 The Relationship between Investment in Telecommunications Sector and Indicators of Economic Growth in Iraq 114 - 116
Authors: Dr. Wisal Abdullah Husain, Country: Iraq
22 Development of a Service Delivery Model that will Bridge the Gap between Service Support Expected by Indian Pharmaceutical Companies 117 - 122
Authors: Dr. Amit Gosar, Rajesh Acharya, Country: India
23 Soil Fertility Recommendations in Relation to Crop Productivity Across different Tea Growing Regions of the Nilgiris 123 - 126
Authors: Deepthi Kaviraj, Raj Kumar R, Country: India
24 Natural Killer Cells in Peripheral Blood and Pregnancy Outcome in Women with Miscarriage 127 - 130
Authors: Meena Dayal, Shadma Siddiqui, Urvashi Singh, Country: India
25 A Novel Biomarker - Heart Type Fattyacid Binding Protein (H-FABP) in Patient with Acute Coronary Syndrome 131 - 134
Authors: Praneeth Chowdary .T, G. S. Shiddapur, Sumith .K, Kunal .O, Country: India
26 Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Management and Prevention of Common Cold among Mothers of Under 5 Children in Selected Hospital of Anantnag Kashmir 135 - 139
Authors: Mir Uzma Ashraf, Country: India
27 Primary and Delayed Management of Frontal Bone Fracture - A Single Centre Study 140 - 143
Authors: Dr R. Selvan, Dr G. S. Radhakrishnan, Dr R Marak Dexter, Dr Sridhar Siddarth, Country: India
28 Identifying the Factors Affecting Investment Behaviour of Investors from Gandhinagar District 144 - 148
Authors: Disha A. Popat, Dr. Hemal B. Pandya, Country: India
29 The Intention of Chinese New Generation Migrant Workers to Start a Business in Hometown - An Empirical Analysis of Hubei Province 149 - 151
Authors: Yang Pengbo, Liu Han, Country: China
30 Impact of Demographic Variables on Exam Anxiety and Academic Achievement among Secondary Grade Students: An Empirical Study 152 - 156
Authors: Subhashini Akurathi, MVR Raju, Country: India
31 Environment and Green House Effect 157 - 160
Authors: Dr. Gangadhar M. Sajjanar, Country: India
32 Functional Outcome of Rotating Platform of Total Knee Arthroplasty - A Prospective Study 161 - 163
Authors: Dr. Deeepak Rai .K, Dr. Sanka Tulasiram Yashaswi, Country: India
33 qSOFA or SIRS - The Better Predictor of Bacterial Sepsis in the Emergency Room 164 - 167
Authors: Abhiram A K, Bharath Prasad, Sreekrishnan TP, Sabrish B, Arun Kumar, Naveen Mohan, Dhanasekharan BS, Gireesh Kumar KP, Country: India
34 Enterprise Architecture Information System Planning in Pt. Technomotor Indonesia using TOGAF Framework 168 - 171
Authors: Albertus Tomi Gunawan, Country: Indonesia
35 Drinking Water and Its Health Impact 172 - 176
Authors: Dr. Ratna Roy (Pathak), Country: India
36 Simple Analysis of the Gene Function of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae in Different Phases 177 - 179
Authors: Shuyue Zhu, Country: China
37 Dysmenorrhoea Study among Nursing Students and its Effect 180 - 182
Authors: Roshan Kumar Agrawal, Satyendra Prasad Singh, Country: India
38 Growth and Seed Yield Response of Aeschynomene histrix to Cattle Manure and Plant Row Spacing in Southern Benin 183 - 190
Authors: Houndjo D.B.M, Adjolohoun S, Gbenou B, Saidou A, Ahoton L, Houinato M, Sinsin B, Country: Benin
39 The Impact of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy on CD4 + T Cell Count in Patients with Adult HIV Disease 191 - 193
Authors: Soji N.D, Country: India
40 Study the Incidence and Clinical Profile of Coronary Artery Disease among Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Cases 194 - 197
Authors: Koushik Chavalla, Vikram Vikhe, Country: India
41 Assessment of Left Ventricular Function in Acute Ischaemic Stroke 198 - 203
Authors: Dr. V Y Bhargav, Dr. E. Dhandapani, Dr B Kalaiselvi, Country: India
42 BotNet Detection by Monitoring Network Traffic Using K-ANN Algorithm 204 - 207
Authors: Arvind Kishanrao Rathod, Country: India
43 An Interesting Case of Fraser's Syndrome with Cryptophthalmos in a New Born Child 208 - 209
Authors: M. Dinesh, M. Parni Kumar, G. Harshitha, Country: India
44 The Role of the Immunology in Periodontal Disease - Update on Current and Emergent Data 210 - 211
Authors: Ibrahim Fahad Alkurdi, Mohammad Jafnan Alharbi, Country: India
45 Local Flaps in Lower Leg Defect 212 - 216
Authors: Dr R. Selvan, Dr G. S. Radhakrishnan, Dr R Marak Dexter, Country: India
46 Loyalty Programs and Their Importance 217 - 220
Authors: Riya Gupta, Aparajitha Srinivasan, Country: India
47 Propagation of Wheat Fusarium Wilt in Morocco 221 - 232
Authors: G. Soudi, L. El Ghadraoui, N. El Ghachtouli, M. Loukili, S. Amiri, Country: Morocco
48 Self Efficacy among Diabetic Patients 233 - 234
Authors: Nandu Shivaji Kumawat, Dr. Parmeshwsar Abhiman Puri, Country: India
49 Perioperative Management of Hyperthyroidism Patient undergoing Appendectomy 235 - 238
Authors: Matius, Dewi Catur Wulandari, Country: Indonesia
50 A New Rotor Blade for Low Current River Waterwheel Supporting the Energy Procurement in the Countryside of Indonesia 239 - 242
Authors: Darmawi, Riman Sipahutar, Qomarul Hadi, Country: Indonesia
51 Association of Mechanical Clock Elements with STEM Disciplines and Energy Conversion 243 - 249
Authors: Sibel Adiguzel, Omer Cakirohlu, Country: Turkey
52 Improvement of Corporate Strategic Management Ability under Big Data Conditions 250 - 253
Authors: Wenting Hu, Country: China
53 Assessment of Teachers' Perceptions on the Integration of Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Mathematics: A Case of Kitwe District 254 - 262
Authors: Prisca Jere, Judith Nakamba, Country: Zambia
54 Perceived Effects of Noise Pollution on Classroom Instruction and Students Concentration in Tertiary Institutions in Imo State 263 - 267
Authors: Victor O. Ogwo, Amarachi S. Egeruoh, Abel I. Onoja, Ivy N. Awurum, Country: Nigeria
55 Rare case of a Malignant Proliferating Trichilemmal Tumor of Vulva: A Case Report 268 - 269
Authors: Dr. Anchana Gulati, Dr. Anurita Saigal, Country: India
56 A Rare Case of Long Complex Ano-Scrotal Fistula, Review of Literature and Its Management with LIFT 270 - 272
Authors: Dr K. Sri Bhargavi, Dr A. Ramya, Dr V. Mohan Rao, Country: India
57 The Effect of Free Primary Education on the Management of Public Primary Schools: A Case of Kitwe District on the Copperbelt Province of Zambia 273 - 281
Authors: Prisca Jere, Judith Nakamba, Country: Zambia
58 Role of Murshidabad Hazarduari Palace Museum in Cultural and Heritage Tourism 282 - 284
Authors: Kajal Dey, Tapan Kumar Biswas, Country: India
59 Organizational Commitment as an Intervening Variable in the Effect of Workplace Spirituality on Job Satisfaction (Study on Grha Ultima Medika Mataram Hospitals) 285 - 290
Authors: Made Kania Atmadewi, Hermanto, Siti Nurmayanti, Country: Indonesia
60 Evaluation of Maternal and Neonatal Outcome in Conventional Labour Vs Programmed Labour in Low Risk Woman 291 - 297
Authors: S. S. Gayathri, M. Ajeetha Banu, Country: India
61 Improvement of Rice Mutants to Drought Stress in Root System, Lignocellulose Production, and Nitrogen Uptake 298 - 300
Authors: Riza Meutia, Muyassir, Efendi, Country: Indonesia
62 Awareness Regarding Prevention of Hypertension among Youths in a Selected Campus 301 - 305
Authors: Bhuwan Kumari Dangol, Sabita Baral, Country: Nepal
63 A Design and Analysis of Inset-fed Rectangular Micro Strip Patch Antenna 306 - 309
Authors: Rikita Gohil, Country: India
64 The Assessment of a Creative Climate within an Organization 310 - 317
Authors: Vincent A. Fomujang, Cisheng Wu, Angwi Tassang, Country: China
65 A Privacy Preserving Mechanism for Integrity Auditing and Data Sharing 318 - 322
Authors: R. Ramya Devi, R. Rangeela, S. Shalini, R. Sankara Narayanan, Country: India
66 Elastic Band as Perturbation on Balance Performance in Chronic Stroke Patients 323 - 327
Authors: Dr. Parveen Pathan, Country: India
67 Enhancement of Heat Transfer Coefficient in DPDGSAH having V Ribs with Symmetrical Numbers of Gaps in a Rectangular Duct: A Robust Design Approach 328 - 335
Authors: Jolly Lucas, Pooja Tiwari, Country: India
68 Outcome in Cleistanthus Collinus Poisoning: A Cross Sectional Study 336 - 338
Authors: Soji N.D, Country: India
69 Influence of Instructional Materials in Eradicating Errors in Children?s Number Work in Pre-Schools in Kamukunji Sub-County, Nairobi County 339 - 342
Authors: Agnes W. Kibui, Jane Muiruri, Country: Kenya
70 Phyto-Diversity Analyses and Conservation Status of Senaankoil Sacred Grove, Pudukkottai District, Tamilnadu, India 343 - 350
Authors: Dhanasekar S, Muthukumar B, Country: India
71 A Bayesian Approach for Estimating the Scale Parameter of Double Exponential Distribution under Symmetric and Asymmetric Loss Functions 351 - 356
Authors: Md. Rashidul Hasan, Country: Bangladesh
72 An Approach to Data Mining Algorithm for OLAP Databases 357 - 359
Authors: Gaurav Agnihotri, Country: India
73 The Nexus between Women's Empowerment and Poverty Reduction in Urban Ghana: A Study of the HO Municipality 360 - 365
Authors: Bright Yeboah, Ebenezer Teye Amanor-Lartey, Prince Opoku, Country: India
74 Vulval Filariasis - A Case Report 366 - 368
Authors: Dr. Sonali Deshmukh, Dr. D. K. Soyam, Dr. Madhuri Kilnake, Dr. R. Koreti, Country: India
75 The Community of Santo Domingo: A Church for Spanish Immigrants in Puebla, Mexico (1904-1993) 369 - 379
Authors: Alfonso Gomez Rossi, Gloria Iliana Sanchez-Barranco, Country: Mexico
76 Comparison of Two Different Doses of Dexmedetomidine in Decreasing the Extubation Response 380 - 383
Authors: Roshni Sebastian, Harshavardhan K, Country: India
77 Cognition in Tunisian Adolescents at Ultra High Risk of Psychosis 384 - 391
Authors: Selima Jelili, Zeineb Abbes, Souhail Bannour, Melek Hajri, Houda Ben Yahia, Maissa Touati, Josef Ventura, Sami Ouanes, Ali Mrabet, Asma Bouden, Country: Tunisia
78 An Extensive Review on Feature Extraction for Designing Brain Computer Interface 392 - 396
Authors: Bambam Kumar Choudhary, Ansul Sarawangi, Country: India
79 Compatible Uniformities on Pseudometric Spaces 397 - 399
Authors: Dr. S. M. Padhye, Priti. P. Umarkar, Country: India
80 The Effects of Weight Criteria in Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods 400 - 402
Authors: Mahmood Maher Salih, Country: Malaysia
81 The Mystery of 'I' - An Unsolved Question of Life 403 - 405
Authors: Ruma Biswas, Sushama Biswas, Country: India
82 Blood Neutrophil to Lymphocyte Count as a Prognostic Marker in Liver Cirrhosis 406 - 413
Authors: Dr. Uvaraj Muruganandam, Dr. K. S. Dakshinamoorthy, Country: India
83 Computed Tomography Findings and Diagnosing Thyroid Neoplasms 414 - 416
Authors: Talal Mohammed A Al Amrani, Country: Saudi Arabia
84 An Unusual Presentation of Choriocarcinoma 417 - 418
Authors: Dr. Sasidhar, Dr. K. H. Damayanthi, Dr. K. Lakshmi Narayana, Country: India
85 Uric Acid as a Prognostic Marker in Heart Failure 419 - 422
Authors: Dr. V. Uvaraj Muruganandam MD, Dr. Kavipoornima, Country: India
86 Immunotherapy for Cancer 423 - 428
Authors: Sanjivani Pathak, Sunanda Patil, Country: India
87 Labor Unrest in RMG Sector in Bangladesh: A Quest for Sustainable Development 429 - 430
Authors: Md. Mostofa Zia, Country: Bangladesh
88 Quality of CT in Diagnoses Atherosclerosis 431 - 436
Authors: Talal Mohammed A Al Amrani, Hassan A Elazeem Gad, Country: Saudi Arabia
89 Ethnobotanical Studies of Medicinal Plants used In Traditional (Folk) Medicines 437 - 442
Authors: Rajesh B. and Neethu Nair, Country: India
90 Evaluation of Air Sufficiency in Underground Mines: A Case of Tanzaniteone Mining Limited 443 - 447
Authors: Mtaita Charles Mtoni, Dr. Mgaza Somo Muya, Country: Tanzania
91 Primary Osteosarcoma of the Skull 448 - 450
Authors: Dhawal Kaushal, Manisha Joshi, Country: India
92 Pathological Bereavement Revealing an Association of Hypothyroidism and Neurosyphilis 451 - 453
Authors: M. Gourti, K. Akebour, M. Bouskol, I. Adali, F. Manoudi, F. Asri, Country: Morocco
93 Perceptions of Senior High School Sports Track Students toward their Work Immersion 454 - 458
Authors: Celso Q. Alcantara Jr., Country: Philippines
94 Financial Deepening and Implication for Financial Policy Coordination: The Case of Indonesia and Other Country in Asean (2000-2018) 459 - 463
Authors: Ajeng Faizah Nijma Ilma, Lukman Hakim, Siti Aisyah Tri Rahayu, Country: Indonesia
95 The Use of Semantic Web Technology in the Diagnosis Internal Diseases 464 - 467
Authors: Omer Ahmed Hamed Mohammed, Mustafa Omer Nawari, Hoyam Omer Ali Abdallah, Country: Sudan
96 Critical Common Success and Hindering Factors on the Use of E-Banking in Developing Countries: A Case of Bank Websites Evaluation in Tanzania 468 - 473
Authors: Ayoub M. Mswahili, Country: Tanzania
97 Bilateral Leukoedema and Its Managemenmt - A Case Report 474 - 475
Authors: Sheik Sameerudeen M M, Fahmitha A, Shwetha S, Country: India
98 Status and Management of Nerves in Strategic Locations of Facial Fractures 476 - 479
Authors: Dr. G. S. Radhakrishnan, Dr. R. Selvan, Dr. Govindharaj, Dr. Dexter R Marak, Country: India
99 Branchial Cyst of Parotid 480 - 482
Authors: Dr. Rudraiah. H. G. M, Dr. Aniruddha Desai, Dr. Siddharth Kalke, Dr. Gautam Balaram, Country: India
100 Marriage as Social Status of Women in the Selected Short Stories of Ismat Chugtai 483 - 484
Authors: Dr. Ashok Dayal, Country: India
101 Hygiene and Sanitation Practices of the Badjaos in IBA, Zambales 485 - 491
Authors: Alma Gallofin Villanueva, Domingo C. Edano, Country: Philippines
102 Green Communication Technologies and Solutions 492 - 495
Authors: Rashmi, Country: India
103 Impact of GST on MSME 496 - 498
Authors: Chitra Suraj Ashtekar, Country: India
104 A Comparative Study of Mirror Therapy and Sham Therapy with Conventional Rehabilitation in Balance Ability for Geriatric Patients 499 - 502
Authors: Lokesh .R, P. Senthil Selvam, Country: India
105 Effect of Emulsifiers on Some Chemicals and Sensory Properties of Low Fat Mozzarella Cheese 503 - 508
Authors: Kamal Awad Abdel Razig; Khansa Saeed Hadi; Mohamed Bakry Eltahe, Awad Elgead Taha Elkabashi, Mohammed Ahamed Kunna, Country: Sudan
106 Agrochemicals Usage in A Tropical Mid-Altitude Areas of JOS Plateau, Nigeria 509 - 513
Authors: Chuwang P. Z., Salako E.A, Country: Nigeria
107 Secure Conversation and Images Using End-to-End Encryption on Android in WhatsApp 514 - 520
Authors: Amritha R, Anu Priya R, Initha G, Sindhu Priya S, Country: India
108 Assessment of Psychological Symptoms Associated with Vitiligo 521 - 524
Authors: Dr Arun Singh, Dr Jyoti Shetty, Country: India
109 Analyzing Capacity of Existing Sewage Treatment Plants, Surat City 525 - 528
Authors: Abhishek Batliwala, Rohan Kania, Country: India
110 Repair and Maintenance Cost Analysis of Diesel Engines of Same Make Models using Weibull Distribution Method: A Case Study on JKSRTC 529 - 531
Authors: Irfan Ahmad Lone, Country: India
111 Situational Analysis of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Hostels for College Students: A Special Reference to Ballari District of Karnataka 532 - 535
Authors: Dr. Veerendra Kumar N., Karibasappa G., Country: India
112 Development of Al-Cu Metal Matrix Composite through Hot Compaction 536 - 538
Authors: Rupak Kumar, Country: India
113 Prevalence of Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Systemic Hypertension 539 - 540
Authors: Dr. Shweta Sureshbabu Saritha, Dr. E. Dhandapani, Dr. B. Kalaiselvi, Country: India
114 Semi - Autobiographical Elements in "The God of Small Things" 541 - 543
Authors: R. Krishnaveni, Country: India
115 Breast Filariasis - A Case Report 544 - 545
Authors: Vikash Rustagi, Dev Shetty, Shenaz Saifi, Manisha Joshi, Ammar Modi, Sanika Patil, Country: India
116 Effect of the Independent Board of Commissioners, Audit Committee, Firm Size and Leverage to Earnings Management 546 - 549
Authors: Firman, Apollo, Country: Indonesia
117 An Assessment of the Nutritional Quality and Future Prospects of Aplosonyx Chalybaeus and Aeolesthes Holosericea (Coleoptera) in Nagaland, India 550 - 556
Authors: Anungla Pongener, Bendang Ao, Sarat Chandra Yenisetti, Country: India
118 IoT based Soil Nutrient Testing System 557 - 559
Authors: Sanket Kasturiwala, Sakshi Sarage, Aditi Doye, Dashmeet Khurana, Sachin Yadav, Country: India
119 Role of Special Stains as an Useful Complementary Tool in the Diagnosis of Renal Diseases - A Case Series Study 560 - 565
Authors: Dr. Veenaa Venkatesh, Dr. Vinuta Malaichamy, Country: India
120 Review on Detection and Identification of Plant Leaf Diseases based on Linux 566 - 568
Authors: Ashish Nage, V. R. Raut, Country: India
121 The Existence of God - A Scientific Quest 569 - 573
Authors: Sushama Biswas, Ruma Biswas, Country: India
122 Secondary Amenorrhea: An Approach to Diagnosis and Management 574 - 576
Authors: Dr. Chandra Jyoti, Dr. Kajal Kunwar, Dr. Manoj Kumar, Dr. H H Sinha, Country: India
123 Damping Out Power System Oscillations for LLL - Fault in Multi-Area Power System Using Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC) 577 - 582
Authors: A. Praveena, Country: India
124 Surveillance Schools: Understanding from the Perspectives of Michel Foucault 583 - 585
Authors: Hemashree Duarah, Country: India
125 Harmonic Distortion in Low Voltage Grid by Grid-Connected Photovoltaic 586 - 590
Authors: Prakash Kallu, Country: India
126 Ultrasound Guided Transverse Abdominis Plane Block for Post Operative Analgesia for Unilateral Hernioplasty 591 - 592
Authors: Dr. K. Premakumari, Dr. Edward Johnsonjoseph, Dr. J. Steffi, Country: India
127 A Pre-Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge and Practice regarding Tracheostomy Care among Staff Nurses at Selected Hospitals of Punjab 593 - 598
Authors: Karanpreet Kaur, Country: India
128 Mangrove Preservation Policy Recommendations Based on Women?s Role in Bahowo Environment, Bunaken, Manado, North Sulawesi Province 599 - 603
Authors: Talitha Wenifrida Massenga, Marsoedi, Harsuko Riniwati, BagyoYanuwiadi, Country: Indonesia
129 Remuneration in Congolese Labor Law 604 - 606
Authors: Tshilunga Kanyinda Patrick, Mushitu Nyembwa Vanel, Country: Congo
130 Behavior of Employees in the Workplace 607 - 610
Authors: Tshilunga Kanyinda Patrick, Pungu Tshimwanga Matthieu, Country: Congo
131 Effects of Progressive Muscular Relaxation Exercises Vs Yoga on Tension Headache: A Comparative Study 611 - 616
Authors: M S Sundaram, P Senthil Selvam, Country: India
132 Bombay Blood Group - An Entity Hurdle to Get 617 - 618
Authors: Dr. K. Srinivasa Reddy, Dr. Y. Susruth Reddy, Dr Tulasi Kiran, Country: India
133 Effective Role of Indigenous Microorganisms (IMOs) Farming Technology on Poultry Chickens Blood Profile 619 - 625
Authors: Somasekhar M, Sai Gopal DVR, Country: India
134 Relationship between Personality Factor and Depression among Youth 626 - 628
Authors: Amardip Mohan Ambhore, Dr. Parmeshwsar Abhiman Puri, Country: India
135 Assessment of Genetic Variability in Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) 629 - 632
Authors: Patel D. G., Patel P.R., Patel H.B., Patel A. M. Patel, Country: India
136 IoT based Smart Water Management with Sensors Agriculture Stick for Live Temperature and Moisture Monitoring 633 - 634
Authors: S. A. Shete, Country: India
137 Evaluation of Direct Nitrate Reductase Assay for Drug Susceptibility Testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Resource - Poor Settings 635 - 639
Authors: Olubunmi Alaka, Anuoluwapo Alaka, Olamide Agboola, Augusta Onuoha, Country: Nigeria
138 At the Heart of International Taxation: Double Taxation 640 - 645
Authors: Tshibangu Mulobe Paul, Country: Congo
139 Analysis of the Activities of Mangrove Preservation in Bahowo Environment, Bunaken, Manado, North Sulawesi Province 646 - 652
Authors: Talitha Wenifrida Massenga, Marsoedi, Harsuko Riniwati, Bagyo Yanuwiadi, Country: Indonesia
140 Female Participation in Folk Music of Assam - A Study on Bihugeet in Guwahati (GMA), Assam 653 - 657
Authors: Palme Borthakur, Bhaben Ch. Kalita, Country: India
141 Treatment Efficacy of Sofosbuvir Containing Regimes in Chronic Hepatitis C, Genotype-3 Infected Patients in Indian Population - A Real World Experience 658 - 663
Authors: Hilal Ahmed Tali, Rubiya Ryhan, Irshad Ahmad Tali, Falak Ara, Country: India
142 Ethanol Extract of Annona Muricata L. Leaves Reduced Goblet Cell in Bronchus of Animal Model of Smoking 664 - 666
Authors: Devina Martina Bumi, Country: Indonesia
143 Analysis the Effectiveness of Tax Reporting Using E-System Administration and its Impact on Tax Revenue (Case Study in the Tax Service Office Jakarta) 667 - 672
Authors: Devi Nur Anggraeni, Country: Indonesia
144 Variation of Wild Cymbopogon martinii (Roxb.) in Different Ecotypes using Molecular Markers 673 - 679
Authors: Vijayalakshmi T. N., Prof. Thara Saraswathi K. J., Country: India
145 Review of Spring Back for Rod Bending Machine 680 - 682
Authors: V. C. Patel, Kaushal Prajapati, Rathwa Harish, Rathava Falgun, Tadvi Hardik, Country: India
146 Review on Autoimmune Disorder (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) with Ayurvedic Perspective 683 - 685
Authors: Dr. Kriti Sejwar, Dr. Namrata Patel, Country: India
147 A Study to Asses the Awareness of the Fire Safety Measures among the Staff in Fortis Escorts Hospital, Amritsar 686 - 689
Authors: Preeti, Country: India
148 Preliminary Analysis of Work-Life Balance (WLB) on Women Police in Tiruchirappalli 690 - 695
Authors: P. Shobana, Dr. P. Na. Kanchana, Country: India
149 Hybrid Image Segmentation Using Mean Shift and Predicate Algorithms 696 - 701
Authors: Amit Patel, Roopesh Kumar Yadav, Kavitha Ambrelli, Country: India
150 Organizational Member Use of Social media for Communication 702 - 709
Authors: Mourice Lujang Peter, Wu Cisheng, Prof, Country: China
151 Detection of Production Cost Pempek of Palembang on Small-Scale Enterprises 710 - 713
Authors: Darwin, Imron Zahri, Dessy Adriani, Country: Indonesia
152 Advanced Methods of Total Arch Distalization in Orthodontics: A Literature Review 714 - 717
Authors: Sharath Kumar Shetty, Mahesh Kumar Y, Lekshmi G Vijayan, Vijayananada K Madhur, Country: India
153 Awareness about the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice regarding Consumer Protection Act in Dental Professionals, Interns and Post Graduate Students in a Dental Institute - A Questionnaire Based Study 718 - 722
Authors: Pharande SV, Toshniwal NG, Potnis SS, Sonawane RS, Patil SS, Country: India
154 Correlation of Volume Loss with Functional Change in Robot Assisted Nephron Sparing Surgery: A Short Term Prospective Study 723 - 725
Authors: Sadasukhi N, Mandal AK, Singh SK, Kakkar N, Lal A, Mittal BR, Bora GS, Agrawal SP, Country: India
155 Analysis of Resonance Elimination in a Shielding Enclosure with Aperture Using CBP Material 726 - 730
Authors: Yi Zhang, Kangbo Tan, Hongmin Lu, Country: China
156 Evaluation of HEC-HMS & WMS Rainfall-Runoff Model for Part of Baitarani Sub-Basin 731 - 734
Authors: Anurag Singh, Rajeev Kumar Mishra, Country: India
157 A Stitch in Time Saves Nine-Indemnity Insurance in Time Saves Fine: A Questionnaire based Study in a Dental Institute 735 - 738
Authors: Pharande SV, Toshniwal NG, Potnis SS, Patil SS, Sonawane RS, Country: India
158 Preliminary Feasibility Analysis of Proposed Constituents for Expanded Dosimetry for Nonionizing Electromagnetic Radiation 739 - 749
Authors: Kim Horsevad, Country: Denmark
159 Job Satisfaction and Teaching Performance of Multigrade Teachers in the Schools Division of Zambales: Basis for Faculty Development Program 750 - 756
Authors: Christian E. Cariaso, Country: Philippines
160 Application of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Tape in Prosthodontics: An Overview 757 - 759
Authors: Dr. Tushar Ranjan, Dr. Gautam Shetty, Dr. Makam Gangaiah, Country: India
161 Northeast Asia Interconnection and Energy Security 760 - 767
Authors: Namjil Enebish, Tsend Baatar, Country: Mongolia
162 Transport Capacity of Salmonellatyphimurium by Ascaridiagalli Body Parts 768 - 770
Authors: Eric Igor Sop Foka, Jeannette Yondo, Lucy Agyingi, Henri Gabriel Tsila, Mpoame Mbida, Country: Cameroon
163 Monitoring of Land Use and Land Cover Change using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques: A Case Study of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 771 - 776
Authors: Selassie D. Mayunga, Semeni Anastazia, Country: Botswana
164 Ethnomedicinal Treatment of Cough and Asthma in the Rural Area of Wardha District (M.S.) 777 - 782
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