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Teacher Questioning Used by English Lecturer in English Class: A Case Studyat STIA NUSA Sungai Penuh


Abstract: Questioning has been utilized as a critical assessment tool for centuries. It has been thought that there is a relationship between asking good questions and effective teaching. In order to analyze teachers? questioning strategies from various aspects, this research was conducted in English subject for the students in STIA NUSANTARA Sungai Penuh City, Jambi Province to see the teacher questioning type and function in the classroom interaction. The sample of this was three English lecturer. There were two instrumentation were used: audio recorder and field note. From the three meetings conducted at the sample class, it was found that the most dominant type of questions used by the teacher is the low level questions (questions of what, when, who, where, which, modal auxiliary: are, is, can, will, could, might, shall, should, and many other) (with percentage of each meeting: 85.71%, 86.76%, and 87.50%), while the high level questions (why and how) were less appeared on the teaching and learning process in the classroom for the three meetings (12.50%, 13.24%, and 14.29%). The findings also showed that the English classroom in STIA NUSANTARA Sungai Penuh City was dominated by the questioning of the teacher that function to stimulate students to pursue knowledge on their own (25%), followed with the purpose to assess achievement of instructional goals and objectives (21%), and to nurture insights by exposing new relationships?(18%). This reflected that both teacher and the students still needed the improvement on their interactions in the classroom, so the atmosphere of teaching and learning process could be more interactive, motivated, and could help the students to comprehend the materials much more better

Keywords: Teacher questioning, classroom interaction, English subject

Country: Indonesia, Subject Area: Education

Pages: 1738 - 1740

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 3, March 2019

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Nurfitri, "Teacher Questioning Used by English Lecturer in English Class: A Case Studyat STIA NUSA Sungai Penuh", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 3, March 2019, 1738 - 1740

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