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Cultural Heritage and the Value of Preserving the Past

Keti Shehu

Abstract: In a historical context where contemporary world struggles for technological advancement, economic and political imposition, which one is the place of cultural heritage? Its role in society, in technological developments, in political and economic decisions? Without having the opportunity to reconstruct fairly, reliably and securely a series of data, facts and evidence of the past, we will not even attain to solve the concrete problems of the present or to build a complete and sustainable future. In this context, seems necessary an analysis of con-temporary processes and tools that are directly related to the conservation, valorization and management of cultural heritage. These three words seem to be placed on the triptych of sustainable development of today's culture.

Keywords: Cultural Heritage, Management of Cultural Heritage, Historical Memory, Values of Cultural Heritage.

Country: Italy, Subject Area: Arts and Humanities

Pages: 1687 - 1691

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 3, March 2019

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Keti Shehu, "Cultural Heritage and the Value of Preserving the Past", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 3, March 2019, 1687 - 1691

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