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Role of CT in Imaging of Pancreatic Disorders

Archana Bagada, Shivraj Ingole

Abstract: ROLE OF CT IN IMAGING OF PANCREATIC DISORDERS INTRODUCTION: CT is highly accurate, non invasive imaging modality of choice in evaluation of pancreas enabling imaging of entire pancreas from the surrounding fat and bowel air along with imaging of other abdominal organs. The ability of CT to image the pancreas adequately regardless of the bowel gas and fat giving it an advantage over ultrasound. OBJECTIVES: To study age and size distribution in pancreatic diseases. To study and document feature of acute and chronic pancreatitis. To differentiate inflammatory and neoplastic conditions with their characteristic imaging features. To classify and grade pancreatitis with the help of CT imaging features. METHODS: Over a period of 3 months, 50 patients of different age groups in whom there was clinical suspicion of pancreatic disorder were studied which includes 36 male and 14 female patients, studied by using plain and contrast computed tomography contrast dedicated pancreatic imaging. RESULTS: Most common age group of patients was 23 ? 35, average 33 years. Male:female ratio- 2.5:1. Inflammatory diseases were found to be more common than neoplastic masses. Acute pancreatitis was the predominant pancreatic pathology in our study, followed by chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic carcinoma and pancreatic trauma.


Country: India, Subject Area: Radiological Sciences

Pages: 1521 - 1523

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 3, March 2019

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Archana Bagada, Shivraj Ingole, "Role of CT in Imaging of Pancreatic Disorders", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 3, March 2019, 1521 - 1523

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