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Identifying Variables


Abstract: Variables are qualities, properties, or characteristics of person, things, or situations that change or vary. Chin and kramer stated that ?variables are concepts at different level of abstraction that are concisely defined to promote their measurement or manipulation within study?. Variables are classified based on their nature, action, and effects on the variables. All research projects are based around variables. A variable is the characteristic or attribute of an individual, group, educational system, or the environment that is of interest in a research study. Variables can be straightforward and easy to measure, such as gender, age, or course of study. Other variables are more complex, such as socioeconomic status, academic achievement, or attitude toward school. Variables may also include an aspect of the educational system, such as a specific teaching method or counseling program. Characteristics of the environment may also be variables, such as the amount of school funding or availability of computers. Therefore, once the general research topic has been identified, the researcher should identify the key variables of interest.

Keywords: Variables, dependent variable,independant variable

Country: India, Subject Area: Biological Sciences

Pages: 865 - 868

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 3, March 2019

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Marudhar, "Identifying Variables", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 3, March 2019, 865 - 868

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