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The Existence of God - A Scientific Quest

Sushama Biswas, Ruma Biswas

Abstract: Does God exist ? If exists, then what are evidences ? These are the very controversial questions in scientific world as well as in society. Some people have belief on God while other people think it as a kind of superstition. But above all of this ,our curiosity demands the question ?Who is God ?? So before analyzing this question (without consideration of religion and spirituality), we have to resolve some mystery which nature reveals to us .Science always wants evidences which are based on the knowledge acquired by our five sense organs .We can sense the whole material universe .Even the submicroscopic entities are detected by sophisticated instrumentations. We know the science because we believe on it .But our intuition asks a question , where did the scientific knowledge come from ? As example, suppose someone synthesized an organic compound in laboratory which never existed before .We closely observe it and describe its features after close analysis. We are sure that ?someone? ( with consciousness) was the creator of that material .In this connection our inner perception raises a very natural question ?Who is the creator(conscious existence) of our universe ?? From this very delicate creation ,we get the knowledge of science. If we accept science ,then we have to accept this fundamental question .Moreover if we say that nature is responsible for all of this creation, then here lies an ambiguity telling that nature itself is inanimate .This ambiguity increases the probability of existence of a certain conscious reality who is behind the existing creation.

Keywords: Inconclusive natural phenomena , Big Bang, Existence of Supreme Consciousness

Country: India, Subject Area: Philosophy of Physics

Pages: 569 - 573

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 3, March 2019

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Sushama Biswas, Ruma Biswas, "The Existence of God - A Scientific Quest", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 3, March 2019, 569 - 573

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