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Elastic Band as Perturbation on Balance Performance in Chronic Stroke Patients

Dr. Parveen Pathan

Abstract: Objective: assess the effect of 4 weeks training with elastic band perturbation along with conventional balance exercises on balance performance versus only conventional balance exercises. Outcome measures: The outcome measures used were a) Clinical test- miniBEStest, b) Instrumental on Neurocom with long force plate- mCTSIB, unilateral stance, walk across and c) Patient perceived -Swedish fall efficacy scale. Assessment was done Pre training, post training at 4 weeks and follow up at 8th week after cessation of treatment. Methodology: It was an interventional prospective study carried out in tertiary care centre. 40 subjects (20 in experimental 20 in control) with stroke with onset more than 6 months, ambulating independently with or without assistive device, having cardiac fitness to perform exercises and having Mini mental score more than 24 were selected.Results: There is statistically significant greater improvement in balance performance in experimental group over control group. Mini-BEStest (p

Keywords: Elastic band,chronic Stroke,Balance training

Country: India, Subject Area: Medical Science

Pages: 323 - 327

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 3, March 2019

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Dr. Parveen Pathan, "Elastic Band as Perturbation on Balance Performance in Chronic Stroke Patients", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 3, March 2019, 323 - 327

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