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Evaluation of Air Sufficiency in Underground Mines: A Case of Tanzaniteone Mining Limited

Mtaita Charles Mtoni, Dr. Mgaza Somo Muya

Abstract: Mining Operations in deep underground mine always demand for availability and viability of adequate air supply. Deeper mining and different automated operations intensify the difficulty in upholding the thermo comfort standard in operational areas as well as elimination of noxious gases from drilling and blasting. Design of effective ventilation system is essential in underground mines to ensure adequate air supply. The significance of effective and proficient mine ventilation system in underground mines, is to provide a flow of sufficient quantity of air to the operational areas. This is also done in order to dilute and eliminate airborne toxins and heat, thus providing fresh air that can be comfortably breathed by personnel. Study was conducted at Tanzaniteone Mining Limited (TML) by evaluating air sufficiency within targeted operational areas during working hours. The study reveals that, the thermo comfort standard decreases with the increase of noxious gases resulted from drilling and blasting activities, this is due to inadequate air supply in underground mines. Additionally the study shows that, mine ventilation system is a key factor for personnel?s comfort zone in operational area. In order to provide adequate air supply and keep conducive environment for personnel in operational area, it is recommended to monitor ventilation system performance time to time and adjust it to the required level as proposed in this paper.

Keywords: Air supply, Air sufficient, Ventilation system, Underground mine, Mining operation

Country: Tanzania, Subject Area: Geology Science

Pages: 443 - 447

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 3, March 2019

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Mtaita Charles Mtoni, Dr. Mgaza Somo Muya, "Evaluation of Air Sufficiency in Underground Mines: A Case of Tanzaniteone Mining Limited", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 3, March 2019, 443 - 447

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