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Social Security of the Victim Widows: With Special Reference to Manipur

Oinam Shantibala Devi

Abstract: The present paper deals with the women?s means of livelihood, command over property, etc. Economic security is composed of basic social security, defined by access to basic needs infrastructure pertaining to health, education, dwelling, information, and social protection, as well as work related security. The delineates seven component of work - related security. While all seven dimensions are important, two are essential for basic security: income security and voice representation security. Basic security means limiting the impact of uncertainties and risks people face daily while providing a social environment in which people can belong to a range of communities, have a fair opportunity to pursue a chosen occupation and develop their capacities via what the International Labour Organization (ILO) calls decent work. Income security denotes adequate actual, perceived and expected income, either earned or in the form of social security and other benefits. Furthermore, it has a cognitive side, as it also features expectations that opportunities are or will become adequate. Policies aimed at enhancing this form of security have included full-employment oriented macro-economic policies, the creation of employment agencies, and other placing services. Employment security is protection against loss of income - earning work. Whereas employment security refers to the opportunity of a worker to continue working in an enterprise, job security refers to the worker?s ability to pursue a line of work in conjunction with his or her interests, training and skills. Protection mechanisms have consisted of barriers to skill dilution such as craft boundaries, job qualifications, restrictive practices, craft unions, etc. In order to understand the property rights of widows, a critical dimension of their economic security and empowerment, one must distinguish between modern law, customary law, and actual practice. But we know less about actual practice than about modern or customary laws.

Keywords: Social security, property rights, HIV/AIDS, Victim widows etc.

Country: India, Subject Area: Social Science

Pages: 1703 - 1709

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 3, March 2019

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Oinam Shantibala Devi, "Social Security of the Victim Widows: With Special Reference to Manipur", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 3, March 2019, 1703 - 1709

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