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Sonographic Assessment of Pregnancy in Patients with Hypertension & Diabetes

Safa Anis Hassan, M. E. M. Garelnabi, Muna .A .Ali, Rania Mohammed Ahmed

Abstract: Aim of study: This study was conducted to correlate between maternal age and incidence of fetal anomalies, as well as incidence of intrauterine fetal death, in diabetic (DM) and hypertensive (HT) pregnant women in Sudan in Khartoum City using ultrasonography. Method: Hundred pregnant women 50 diabetic, and 50 hypertensive were scanned by ultrasound to evaluate pregnancy status concerning the previous concerns. Ultrasound was used to scan pregnant diabetic or hypertensive women in the second and third trimester to see intrauterine fetal death, and fetal anomalies and malformations. The scan was done using tow dimensional Mindary machine, during the period from 2015 to 2018.Results: The study sample consist of 100 pregnant diabetic, and hypertensive pregnant female aged between 20 and 43 years old. 12 of 100 (12%) have a previous intrauterine fetal death, 88% of patient haven't undergoing intrauterine fetal death. 9 0f 100 (9%) of patient have fetus with anomalies. The anomalies were 1% microcephaly, 1% anencephaly, 1%fetal ascites, 3% spina bifida, 2% hydrocephalus, 1% undescended testes. Conclusion: Majority of women who have DM/HT undergo normal pregnancy and outcomes, but some of them might encounter complications with intrauterine fetal death, fetal congenital malformations and anomalies, and stillbirth. The incidence rate of these problems is increased with increasing maternal age.

Keywords: Ultrasonography, Diabetes mellitus , Hypertension, IUFD, Anomalies

Country: Saudi Arabia, Subject Area: Radiology Science

Pages: 814 - 821

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 3, March 2019

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Safa Anis Hassan, M. E. M. Garelnabi, Muna .A .Ali, Rania Mohammed Ahmed, "Sonographic Assessment of Pregnancy in Patients with Hypertension & Diabetes", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 3, March 2019, 814 - 821

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