International Journal of Science and Research(IJSR)
Volume 8 Issue 2, February 2019
Table of Contents
Sr.No. Article Title Page No.
1 Quantitative Analysis of Enzyme Parameters in Cyprinus carpio due to the Effect of Peanut (Arachis hypogea) Extracts as a Feed Additive 1 - 5
Authors: Mythily .K, Amritha .N, Country: India
2 Relationship between Night Shift Schedule and Physical, Psychological and Social Wellbeing of Nurses 6 - 12
Authors: Fayza Ahmed Abdou, Shimaa Mohammed Abdou, Country: Saudi Arabia
3 Was it Just an Orbital Imflammation or Tip of the Iceberg - A Case Report 13 - 14
Authors: Dr. Gurudutt Kamath, Dr. Vala Mounika, Dr. Susan D'souza, Country: India
4 A Comparision Study: XenMotion vs Vmotion 15 - 17
Authors: Divya Kapil, Country: India
5 Need to Understand Adoption-Its ways and Hurdles 18 - 21
Authors: Dr. Deepak Sharma, Country: India
6 An Application of the Utaut Model to Understand the Behavior of Technology Usage (Case Study in Siaku Users at Udayana University) 22 - 30
Authors: Ni Luh Nyoman Sherina Devi, Gerianta Wirawan Yasa, I Gusti Ngurah Agung Suaryana, Country: Indonesia
7 Assess the Attitude of the Women towards Home Visiting by Nursing Students in Selected Rural Community Area 31 - 34
Authors: Sonia Rani, Paramjit Kaur, Country: India
8 Comparative Evaluation of Oxygen Saturation Level and Heart Rate Using Pulse Oximeter during Non - Surgical and Surgical Periodontal Therapy - An Observational Study 35 - 38
Authors: Kajal Mahajan, Asha Prabhu, Karthik Balasubramanian, Vaibhavi Bhatt, Purvi Sampat, Sneha Rohra, Country: India
9 Recent Research and Advancement in Civil Engineering 39 - 39
Authors: Sonu Kumar, Country: India
10 Association Ankylosing Spondylitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis: Study of an Observation 40 - 42
Authors: Conde K, Makougang C.S, Dragan R.E, Raftakis I, Badot V, Bentin J, Country: Guinea
11 Assessment of Treatment Phases of Class II Malocclusion Treatment 43 - 46
Authors: Dr. Greta Yordanova, Dr. Martin Mladenov, Dr. Gergana Gurgurova, Dr. Viktoria Gurgurieva, Country: Bulgaria
12 The Performance of Social Welfare Programs in Morocco: Successive Reforms, Oblivious to Eventual Social Impacts 47 - 49
Authors: Moustapha HAMZAOUI, Safaa EL YAHYAOUI, Country: Morocco
13 Comparison of MAC and Digital Signature 50 - 52
Authors: G. Pranitha, Country: India
14 Pattern of Diseases in Rural Odisha: A Geographical Analysis 53 - 58
Authors: Ranajit Bera, Ramya Ranjan Behera, Pritirekha Daspattanayak, Country: India
15 The Role of External Auditor to Reduce the Effects of Creative Accounting on the Reliability of Financial Statements: Insights from Libya 59 - 68
Authors: Hasen Mohamed. A. Albeksh, Country: Turkey
16 The Influence of Policies and Programs on Cause-Specific Mortality in Egypt: The Past and Present 69 - 74
Authors: Sally Sonia Simmons, Country: Russia
17 The Relationship between Sensation Seeking and Self-Efficacy among Nature-Lover Students of Sriwijaya University 75 - 77
Authors: Dina Zhafarina, Yelfi Irzal, Yulizar Zaidar, Country: Indonesia
18 A Descriptive Study to Assess the Knowledge Attitude and Practice regarding use of Helmet among Graduand Students at Selected Colleges 78 - 79
Authors: Nirbhay Mohod, Country: India
19 Access to Water and Sanitation is Not Enough, but their Management to End the Crisis 80 - 82
Authors: Satya Narayan Ghosh, Country: India
20 Python - Using Database and SQL 83 - 85
Authors: Shweta J. Patil, Country: India
21 Maternal Attitude and Satisfaction towards Involvement of Nursing Students in their Care 86 - 90
Authors: Mona Mohamed Megahed, Janula Raju, Chithra .R .A, Nahid Abdallah Ahmed Elabas, Country: Saudi Arabia
22 Fracture Strength of Two Types of Hybrid Ceramic Posterior Occlusal Veneers with Different Thicknesses 91 - 97
Authors: Ahmed S. Abd El Shakour, Cherif A. Mohsen, Magda I. Ramzy, Country: Egypt
23 Reading Comprehension Assessment Used by English Senior High Schools Teachers 98 - 101
Authors: Miftahurrahmi Darmansyah, Mukhaiyar, Yenni Rozimela, Country: Indonesia
24 Survey & Review of Face Recognition Techniques Using MATLAB 102 - 116
Authors: Shikhar Choudhary, Rahul Moriwal, Country: India
25 Risk based Personal Trust Test - Method for Calculating Overall Trust in Personal Relationships 117 - 120
Authors: Shailesh Kumar, Country: India
26 Narayanmiti - A Formula for Triangle and Quadrilateral Area 121 - 125
Authors: Narayanlal Suthar, Country: India
27 Accuracy and Reliabilty of Digital Models in Measuring Little's Irregularity Index 126 - 130
Authors: Nivethigaa .B, Saravana Pandian, Country: India
28 Management of Training and Development in Public Sector 131 - 133
Authors: Vijeta Kumari, Rakesh Kumar, Country: India
29 Assessment of Outcome after LLETZ in Cervical Cancer Prevention 134 - 136
Authors: Sumedha Gargy, Mukunda Kumar, Nishant Sinha, Country: India
30 Implementation of Hungarian Algorithms to Optimize the Assignments of Chefs at Roy Catering 137 - 141
Authors: Firdhan Febiansyah, Country: Indonesia
31 Role of ICT in 21st Century's Teacher Education 142 - 144
Authors: Sunilkumar B. Dodmani, Country: India
32 The Thermodynamic Method of Vitrification of Copa?ba Oil-Resin (Copaifera Langsdorffii) 145 - 152
Authors: Judes Goncalves dos Santos, Country: Brazil
33 Domestic Use of Glass Tables: The Need for Caution 153 - 154
Authors: Otei O.O., Ozinko Mba, Ekpo R.G, Isiwere E., Country: Nigeria
34 Fetus in Fetu: Case Report of a 17 Years Old Male and Literature Review 155 - 158
Authors: Sumedha Gargy, Nishant Sinha, Danish Nadeem, Country: India
35 To Identify the Level of Psychological Well-Being among Secondary School Students 159 - 163
Authors: Nutan Potdar, Dr. Chandrasekhar Dnyandeo Aundhakar, Vaishali R. Mohite, Country: India
36 Alertness's of Maxillofacial Staff towards Occupational Impairment at Selected Maxillofacial Dental Clinics, Saudi Arabia 164 - 167
Authors: Dr. Raghad Fahad Jayar, Dr. Raghad Adnan Murshed, Dr. Hanin Salah Steir Altufayhi, Country: Saudi Arabia
37 A True Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Mindfulness Meditation Technique on Stress Reduction among ANC Mothers in Selected Hospitals 168 - 173
Authors: Sanket Shankpal, Country: India
38 Prevalence of Intestinal Pathogenic Parasites in Basrah City, Iraq 174 - 180
Authors: Haydar Abdul-Jaleel Rhadi, Antah Abdul - Zahra, Shaki Abdul- Jabar, Country: Iraq
39 Assess the Effectiveness of Sociodrama on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding open air Defecation in Swach Bharat Abhiyaan among People Residing in Selected Rural Area 181 - 185
Authors: Nikhil P. Ganage, Country: India
40 Ethno - Medicinal Study of Kulgam District (Jammu and Kashmir) 186 - 190
Authors: Rahmatullah Hakeem, Country: India
41 A State of Art on Energy Efficient Multipath Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks 191 - 195
Authors: Swedika Sharma, Country: India
42 The Effect of Using Folk Music Genres on Fatigue Levels and Work Concentration of PT. XYZ 196 - 198
Authors: Muhammad Ali Akbar, Country: Indonesia
43 A Descriptive Study to Assess the Knowledge and Attitude of Married Women in Reproductive Age Group Regarding Emergency Contraception in Selected Urban Area, Bathinda 199 - 204
Authors: Sunil M B, Dr Nagarajappa D, Country: India
44 Assessment of Heritability, Genetic Advancement and Yield of Bitter Gourd under Garhwal Region 205 - 213
Authors: Indra Jeet Chaudhary, Vivek Singh, Deepak Kumar Rana, Khulakpam Naseeruddin Shah, Country: India
45 The Effect of Education, Work Experience and Working Hours on Non-Permanent Migrant Workers and Revenue in Denpasar City 214 - 218
Authors: Ni Luh Putu Sri Sumarthini, Ida Bagus Putu Purbadharmaja, Country: Indonesia
46 Autonomous Inspection Robot for Power Transmission Lines 219 - 224
Authors: Ayush Kumar Pandey, Country: India
47 Role of Ultrasonography in Measuring the Scar Thickness in Cases of Previous Lower Segment Caesarean Section 225 - 229
Authors: Sumedha Gargy, Mukunda Kumar, Nishant Sinha, Amrita Prasad, Country: India
48 MPLS BSED VPN Implementation in Corporate Environment 230 - 235
Authors: Shradha Khandare, S.J.Nandedkar, Country: India
49 The People of Villupuram District - An Overview 236 - 239
Authors: V. Vijayarangam, Country: India
50 Striping of Great Saphenous Vein Results in Early Healing of Ulcer: A Retrospective Observational Study 240 - 243
Authors: Dr Lakshmi Sinha, Dr Akhilesh Kumar Singh, Dr Sanjeev Kumar, Dr Nishit Ranjan, Country: India
51 The Effect of Organizational Climate and Compensation on Job Satisfaction and Employee Turnover Intention 244 - 247
Authors: I Putu Agus Suwastawa, I GDE Adnyana Sudibya, Country: Indonesia
52 A Comparative Study of Placentas in Normal and Hypertensive Pregnancies 248 - 252
Authors: Dr. Geetanjali U .Yadgire, Dr. Shobha S. Rawlani, Country: India
53 Preparation and Nutritional Composition of Noodles and Papads using Ragi Flour 253 - 255
Authors: Shweta Verma, Sunita Mishra, Country: India
54 The Effect of Jigsaw Type Cooperative Learning Model and Learning Motivation on Understanding Concept of Changes in the Objectives of SD Students 256 - 259
Authors: Desma Elvita, Yanti Fitria, Alwen Bentri, Country: Indonesia
55 Classification Data of Binary Data Respond to the Diagnosis of Lymphocytic Leukemia using Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) 260 - 268
Authors: Fatma A. Abdelati Hanaa T. Elgohari Ali Y .AL-Zubaidi, Country: Egypt
56 Rainwater Quality Assessment of Different Locations of Dhaka City 269 - 273
Authors: Md. Sazzadul Haque, Fatema Naznin Rinkey, Country: Bangladesh
57 Review Paper on - Evaluation of Cutting Fluid Mixed with Nanoparticles on Surface Roughness and Tool Wear 274 - 277
Authors: Divyesh Padhiyar, Harsh Patel, Chetan K. Gohel, Country: India
58 The Effect of Character, Capacity, Capital, Collateral, Condition of Economic and Constraints on Credit Giving Decisions 278 - 281
Authors: Ida Ayu Gede Udayani Manuaba, Nyoman Djinar Setiawina, Country: Indonesia
59 Effect of Maintenance on Vehicles Headlamps Lighting Intensity in Tanzania (Case Study of Tanzania) 282 - 291
Authors: Dr. Fredrick Michael Sanga, Joseph M. Kotini, Country: Tanzania
60 A Study on the Service of Quality of Maternity Hospital in Garut 292 - 294
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Country: Indonesia
61 Development and Quality Evaluation of Ready-to-Use Bharwa Spice-Mix Paste 295 - 297
Authors: Anisha Francis, Dr. S. K. Singh, Dr. R. N. Shukla, Er. Atul. A. Mishra, Country: India
62 Employee Engagement in University in Indonesia 298 - 300
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Country: Indonesia
63 Effect of Training Need Analysis (TNA) on Effectiveness of Training in Garut Indonesia 301 - 303
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Country: Indonesia
64 The Effect of Organization of Climate and Job Characteristics on Job Satisfaction in Garut 304 - 306
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Country: Indonesia
65 Analysis of Work Environmental Dominant Factors on Employee Performance in Cianjur District 307 - 309
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Country: Indonesia
66 Green HRM: An Emerging Approach towards Sustainable Development 310 - 313
Authors: Rupali Sharma, Country: India
67 A Study of Stress among Hostellers 314 - 319
Authors: Pooja Chandra, Country: India
68 A Study to Assess the Knowledge regarding Prevention of Urinary Tract Infection in Clients with Indwelling Catheter with a View to Prepare a Health Education Module in KH & MRC, Karad 320 - 322
Authors: Akshay S. Dudhe, Dr.Tukaram Zagade, Dr. Vaishali Mohite, Country: India
69 The Meeting of Mind and Heart: Assessing the Competencies of the Newly Hired Teachers 323 - 331
Authors: Esperanza Diaz Cruz, Country: Philippines
70 Analysis, Simulation and Experimental Implementation of Perturb and Observe Algorithm for PV Systems using Boost Converter 332 - 337
Authors: Kavitha B P, Country: India
71 Impact on the Pharyngeal Airway Space of Different Orthognathic Procedures for the Prognathic Mandible: A Literature Review 338 - 342
Authors: Dr. Apoorva Motupalli, Dr. Anubhav Jannu, Country: India
72 Natural Diabetes Treatment: An Overview 343 - 347
Authors: Darakhshan Afreen Shaikh, Rashmi Patil, Country: India
73 Antipsoriatic and Antieczematic Activity of Polyherbal Developed Gel on Swiss Albino Mice 348 - 350
Authors: Farah Khan, V. Nagulwar, S. Deshpande, Country: India
74 Visualization Analysis of Systemic Financial Risk Literature based on CiteSpace 351 - 357
Authors: Yuhan Zhao,Chaonan Wang,Yuanyuan Zheng, Country: China
75 Knowledge regarding Physiological Jaundice among Postnatal Mothers Admitted in Postnatal Wards of Selected Hospitals 358 - 361
Authors: Ashwini Mankar, Country: India
76 Assess the Effectiveness of Video Assisted Teaching Programme on Knowledge and Practice regarding Postnatal Exercises among Postnatal Mothers at Selected Hospital 362 - 365
Authors: Jayshri Jadhav, Country: India
77 How Business Rivalry is Influencing Competitiveness of Hardware Stores in South Imenti Sub-County, Meru County, Kenya 366 - 371
Authors: Geoffrey Kinoti, Dr. Paul Maku Gichohi, Dr. Clement Nkabu, Country: Kenya
78 The Utilization of Sericulture Waste for the Improvement of Socio-Economic Welfare in India 372 - 377
Authors: D. Bharathi, Country: India
79 Archform of Various Popualtions 378 - 382
Authors: Neelakantha Patil, Viswanath A, Venkata Naidu B, Sangamesh B., Country: India
80 Monitoring and Assessment of hydrochemistry Properties of Groundwater, Menoufia Governorate, Egypt 383 - 391
Authors: Maie I. El-Gammal, Mahmoud S. Ibrahim, Mohamed A. Okbah, Salah A. M. Abokhder, Country: Egypt
81 Assessing Quality of Life in HIV-Infected Patients Attending a Public Primary Health Care Setting in South Africa 392 - 398
Authors: Norah L. Katende-Kyenda, Bulelwa Mabindla, Country: South Africa
82 Efficacy and Clinical Assessment of Varmam Therapy in the Management of Headache 399 - 400
Authors: Dr. D. S. Vaniswari, Dr. N. Shunmugom, Country: India
83 Study on Diurnal Variation of Some Physico-Chemical Properties of Sapana Dam Water at Betul City (M.P) during the Winter Session 401 - 402
Authors: Dr. D. S. Saluja, Country: India
84 Reengineering Procurement System at Pt Dana Purna Investama (PT. DPI) 403 - 405
Authors: Ade Maulana Yassin, Country: Indonesia
85 Pipe Support Design Considerations for Hydrocarbon Facilities 406 - 409
Authors: Nirmal Surendran Menon, Country: United States of America
86 Insurgent Attitude of Jammu and Kashmir State 410 - 412
Authors: Mudasir Hamid, Country: India
87 Spectrophotometric Determination of Tin (IV) in Solder and Brass Using 6-[(E)-(1,5-Dimethyl-3-Oxo-2-Phenyl-2,3-Dihydro-1h-Pyrazol-4-Yl)Diazenyl]-1h-Indole-2,3-Dione 413 - 418
Authors: Chinyere Evans Eledalachi, Okenwa Jude Chukwudi, Ukoha Pius Oziri, Country: Nigeria
88 The Study of the Model to Predict Incidence of Epidural Anaesthesia Conversion to General Anaesthesia using Pulse Oximetry Technology during Lower Segment Caesarean Section Surgery 419 - 428
Authors: Zafri Yusoff, Country: Malaysia
89 Critical Thinking Skill Improvement Using Problem Based Learning (PBL) Model of 4th Grade Students of Elementary School 429 - 432
Authors: Cici Monalisa, Yuni Ahda, Yanti Fitria, Country: Indonesia
90 Fixed Asset Revaluation: Decision Making 433 - 439
Authors: Jefriyanto, Hadri Mulya, Country: Indonesia
91 Estimating Social Opinion Dynamics Models from Voting System 440 - 442
Authors: Divya, Rashmi Mohan, Cynthiya Priyadharshini, Country: India
92 The Effect of Poor Surface Drainage Structure on Pavement Performance - A Case Study 443 - 449
Authors: Getu Tamiru, Palani Ponnurangam, Country: Ethiopia
93 Evaluation of Dyspepsia with Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy - Single Centre Study from South India 450 - 454
Authors: Dr. R. R. Kannan, Dr. C. C. Nandhini, Dr. A. Charles Stephen Raja Singh, Country: India
94 Design of PFC Smart Charger for Electric Vehicle Application 455 - 464
Authors: R. Poornima, S. Gowtham, Country: India
95 Fall Risk Prevention: A Serious Concern for Hospitalized Elderly 465 - 467
Authors: Kodi Malar .S, Deol Rupinder, Belsiyal Xavier C, Country: India
96 Determination of Bromate and Iodate from Bread and Flour by Ion Chromatography 468 - 472
Authors: Dr. Chetan Chavan, Chanakya Thaker, Chetan Chaudhari, Country: India
97 Noval Oral Anticoagulants - Review of Articles 473 - 475
Authors: Mukunda Kumar, Nishant Sinha, Sumedha Gargy, Danish Nadeem, Country: India
98 Submental Abscess that Extend to Bilateral Submandibular Region after Treatment of Symphysis Mandible Fracture: A Case Report 476 - 478
Authors: Annisya Muharty, Endang Sjamsudin, Winarno Priyanto, Country: Indonesia
99 Case Report-Rhabdomyosarcoma Masquerading Lymphoma 479 - 480
Authors: Dr. Savitri Kumari, Dr. Bansari Patel, Dr. Shabnamipli, Dr. Yatri Pandya, Country: India
100 Effect Working Capitalmanagementpractices On Financial Performance in Manufucure Companies in Mogadishu Somalia 481 - 484
Authors: Ali Abdulkadir Osman Jama, Country: Somalia
101 Seroprevalence of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Virus, and Risk Perception among Healthy Adults in Western Region, Nepal 485 - 490
Authors: Tiwari Bishnu Raj, Gurung Krishna, Rai Mamita Khaling, Shah Gyanendra Bikram, Country: Nepal
102 The Effect of Budget Participation on Budgetary Slack with Organizational Commitments and Love of Money as Moderation 491 - 496
Authors: I Gede Putu Pundarika, A.A.N.B Dwirandra, Country: Indonesia
103 Ferritin: A Complementary Tool to PSA in Diagnosis and Differentiation of Ca Prostrate with BPH 497 - 499
Authors: Vibha Sushilendu, Uday Kumar, Country: India
104 Development of Designs from Sculptures of Amaravathi for Application on Kameez Material 500 - 507
Authors: Beeram. Suvarna, Dr. D. Anitha, Country: India
105 Ergonomic Tools Used for the Enhancement in MSMEs 508 - 511
Authors: Soyal Mohammed, Parveen Sharma, Country: India
106 Peripheral Arterial Disease More Prevalent in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients (STAGE III-V) 512 - 514
Authors: Vinod Kumar, Kulbhushan Badyal, Ritu Bhagat, Country: India
107 Conceptualizing the Plan of Action Advancement Build - The Examination of Development Related Capacities and Process Structure of Plan of Action Change Dependent on an Administration Predominant Rationale Worldview 515 - 520
Authors: Aniqua Shaqran, Country: Malaysia
108 Knowledge Management in Fashion and Clothing Context: the Purchasing Process of an Industry as an Object of Verification 521 - 529
Authors: Marcio Jose Silva, Claudia Herrero Martins Menegassi, Country: Brazil
109 Hospital Air Handling Unit Selection with AHP Method in Turkey 530 - 537
Authors: M. Benan Yazicioglu, Oguz Borat, Osman Yazicioglu, Country: Turkey
110 Advanced Modeling and Analysis of Plate and Inverted Umbrella Roof Shell Using Ansys 538 - 542
Authors: S. S. Kadam, G. R. Gandhe, D. H. Tupe, Country: India
111 A Rarest Presentation of Chondromyxoid Fibroma in Proximal Ulna 543 - 547
Authors: Dr. Mazharuddin Ali Khan, Dr. Patlolla Karthik Reddy, Dr. Shaik Feroz Ahmed, Country: India
112 Mining Top-k High Utility Itemset using Efficient Algorithms 548 - 554
Authors: Pramod Pardeshi, Ujwala Patil, Country: India
113 Authentic Assessment; the Implementation and the Teachers' Problems in Teaching Speaking 555 - 561
Authors: Humairatul Khairiyah, Jufrizal, Yenni Rozimela, Country: Indonesia
114 Tridosha Siddhanta 562 - 563
Authors: Dr. V. Vineetha, Country: India
115 Development of Student Worksheets Based on Integrated Models in Students Class I Elementary School 564 - 567
Authors: Sri Wahyuni Siregar, Risda Amini, Country: Indonesia
116 Analysis and Design of Drug Sales Systems Based on E-Commerce at Pt. Kreanova Pharmaret (Apotek Roxy) 568 - 570
Authors: Munawir, Country: Indonesia
117 Effectiveness of Kinesio Taping on Pain and Functional Disability in Grade I and Grade II Knee Osteoarthritis: A Randomized Controlled Trial 571 - 575
Authors: Apurva Tankhiwale, Shilpa Chourasia, Arti Kumkumwar, Ishita Kulkarni, Country: India
118 Histopathological Evaluation of Endometrial Tissue in Abnormal Uterine Bleeding 576 - 578
Authors: Dr Ritu Bhagat, Dr Chiterlekha Kundal, Dr Subhash Bhardwaj, Country: India
119 Law Enforcement in Indonesia: History, Progress and Public's Trust 579 - 588
Authors: Dr. Boy Nurdin, Country: Indonesia
120 Designing Permission Leave Application at PT Omega Group 589 - 590
Authors: Muhammad Yadi, Country: Indonesia
121 The Impact of Micro-Credit on the Development of Female Entrepreneurship in DR Congo 591 - 596
Authors: Nzuzi Bangika Maguy, Country: Congo
122 Effectiveness of School Based Physical Activity on Overweight Children - Prospective Cross Sectional Study Design 597 - 600
Authors: Dr. Ritu R. Lomte, Dr. Keerthi Rao, Nilashri Naik, Country: India
123 Phenomenon of Women Artists in Entertainment of Music Night Single Orgent in Adolescents 2x11 Kayutanam Kabupaten Padang Pariaman 601 - 605
Authors: Dian Alamanda, Fitri Eriyanti, Erianjoni, Country: Indonesia
124 Accentuating Beauty of Rural Tourism in Odisha - A Case Study of an Artesian Village Raghurajpur, Puri 606 - 609
Authors: Anjali V. Narad, Priya Raut, Country: India
125 70 Years of Undiagnosed Acromegaly & Treatment with Cabergoline 610 - 612
Authors: Dr Isha Singh, Dr Shylaja Someshwar, Dr Hemangi Jerajani, Country: India
126 Melia dubia Valorization at 4, 5- and 6-year Age for Pulp and Paper Production 613 - 623
Authors: Deepika, Kumar Anupam, Priti Shivhare Lal, Country: India
127 Assessment of Social Health in Elderly 624 - 627
Authors: Dr Abu Hasan Sarkar, Dr Anoop Dev, Dr Mahidul Islam, Country: India
128 Human Factors and Ergonomics, their Effects on the Effectiveness of E-learning at Rongo University, Kenya 628 - 633
Authors: Amuomo Nixon, Country: Kenya
129 Water: Resources Utilization and Conservations (Outer Himalayan in Dehradun Valley UK 634 - 644
Authors: Pooja Sharma, Country: India
130 The Corpus Callosum Agenesis, Antenatal Diagnosis: A Case Report, 2018, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Eastern Region, Alahsa 645 - 648
Authors: Latifa Buhmail, Malak Alali, Country: Saudi Arabia
131 Dimensional Metrology by Digital image Processing using Labview 649 - 652
Authors: Shashi K. Singh, Vibhash S. Sisodia, Country: India
132 Risks of Workplace Violence against Healthcare Providers in Jordan 653 - 656
Authors: Lara Younes Aldeabes, Baraa Mahmoud Alautyat, Dr. Hesham Al-Momani, Country: Jordan
133 A Study of Fetal Outcome in Oligohydramnios 657 - 661
Authors: Dr Viral Modi, Dr Annvi Shah, Dr Bakul L. Leuva, Dr Prakirti Verma, Country: India
134 The Effect of Peer Conformity to Cheating Behavior with Self-Efficacy as a Mediator in Class Xi Students in SMK Diponegoro 1 Rawamangun East Jakarta 662 - 666
Authors: Erni Dayanti S.S, Fitri Widyawati S.Kom, Dr. Lies Setiawati, SU Psikolog, Country: Indonesia
135 Initiation and Recent Status of Mobile Banking in Bangladesh 667 - 673
Authors: Shahjady Sultana, Country: Malaysia
136 Development of Show Arts Industry in Indonesia 674 - 676
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Country: Indonesia
137 Change in Higher Education; How to Fail? How to Succeed? 677 - 686
Authors: Dr Mossab Saud Alholiby, Country:
138 Consumption Pattern and Poverty in Central Java 687 - 692
Authors: John Jaya Abdillah, Vinc. Hadi Wiyono, Bhimo Rizky Samudro, Country: Indonesia
139 An Informative Study of Project Management Constraints 693 - 695
Authors: Usman Ali Khan, Country: Saudi Arabia
140 Load Exercise Implementation Method of Circuit Training on Phase Conversion Power for Unimed Tarung Derajat Athletes Preparation of National Student Sport Weeks 696 - 698
Authors: Bangun Setia Hasibuan, Muhammad Chairad, Country: Indonesia
141 Achievements, Ability and Conditions of Psychological PPLP Coach of North Sumatera Province in 2018 699 - 701
Authors: Agung Sunarno, Country: Indonesia
142 A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of a Structured Teaching Program on Knowledge Regarding Home Based Care of Mentally Retarded Children among Caregivers in Selected Special Schools 702 - 704
Authors: Hrushikesh Patil, Country: India
143 Influence of Work-Family Conflict Onorganizational Commitment and Organizational Citizenship Behavior (Study at the Manpower and Transmigration Department of West Nusa Tenggara Province) 705 - 712
Authors: Catur Zuliyanto, Hermanto, Siti Nurmayanti, Country: Indonesia
144 Second order Polynomial Curve Fitting for Length- weight Relationship of Catlacatla from Munj Sagar Talab Dhar, Madhya Pradesh (India) 713 - 717
Authors: Amita Dagaonkar, Man Mohan Prakash, Nagesh Dagaonkar, Country: India
145 Focusing on Chain Actor Practices to Improve Post-Harvest Product Handling: The Case of the Pineapple Value Chain in South Western Uganda 718 - 723
Authors: Collins Inno Sebuuwufu, Grace Rugunda Kagoro, Brigetta Kauffman, Country: Uganda
146 Sustainable Solid Waste Management 724 - 726
Authors: Nilofar Saifi, Country: India
147 A Study of Relationship between Serum Calcium Levels and the Occurrence and Severity of Post-Partum Hemorrhage 727 - 729
Authors: Sheema, Suhail Rafiq, Country: India
148 A Study on Endometrial Carcinoma Cases in a Tertiary Care Centre 730 - 734
Authors: Saravanan B, Gomathi S, Rajavelu Indira, Country: India
149 Management of Right Parasymphysis and Condylus Mandible Fracture with Combination Open and Closed Reduction: A Case Report 735 - 738
Authors: Fajar Rezandaru, Endang Syamsudin,Winarno Priyanto, Fathurachman, Country: Indonesia
150 Assessment of Adoption of Conservation Agriculture in Roma Valley, Lesotho 739 - 744
Authors: P.D. Sesoai, M.A.O Akintunde, K.J.B. Keregero, Country: Lesotho
151 Histopathological Spectrum of Cervical Malignancies 745 - 747
Authors: Dr. Chiterlekha Kundal, Dr. Ritu Bhagat, Country: India
152 Impact of Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016 on Surrogacy in India 748 - 750
Authors: Sheeja .J, Country: India
153 Vehicle to Vehicle Communication-Pothole Detection Application using CAN Protocols and IOT for Safer and Secure City 751 - 754
Authors: Snehal Patil, Country: India
154 Implementation of QKD-VTCPABE Security Model for Treasury Information System-E-Governance 755 - 759
Authors: Dr. Ramineni Sivarama Prasad, Gurram Veera Raghavaiah, Country: India
155 Music Recommendation System Based on Artist Relatedness and Audio Similarity 760 - 762
Authors: G. A. Vida Mastrika Giri, A.A.I. Ngurah Eka Karyawati, Country: Indonesia
156 Factors Influencing Resource Allocation on Strategy Implementation in Deposits taking Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies in Meru County 763 - 769
Authors: Catherine Mwamba, Dr. Kubaison Simon, Dr. Anne Kariuki, Country: Kenya
157 Treatment of Anteriorcrossbite and Tongue-Thrusting Habitin Early Mixed Dentition with a Series of Removable Orthodontic Appliances 770 - 775
Authors: Endah Mardiati, Eky Setiawan Soeria Soemantri, Himawan Halim, Country: Indonesia
158 Pulmonary Hypertension 776 - 778
Authors: Ravneet, Country: India
159 Development of Teaching Materials for Thematic Companions Based on Problem Based Learning Models in Theme 3 Figure and Discovery in Grade 6th Elementary School 779 - 782
Authors: Andi Ardiman, Mega Iswari, Farida F, Country: Indonesia
160 Construction Cost Overrun Related Risks and Completion of Public Private Partnership Projects in Kenya: A Case of Sondu-Miriu Hydropower Project 783 - 790
Authors: Pamela Akinyi Oyieyo, Charles M. Rambo, Dr. Anne Ndiritu, Country: Kenya
161 Impact of MGNREGA on Rural Labour Migration-A Study 791 - 793
Authors: Nagesha B, Country: India
162 Awareness, Attitude and Practice of Blood Donation among Primary Health Care Attendees in National Guard King Abdulaziz Hospital - Al Ahsa Saudi Arabia, 2017 794 - 799
Authors: Dr. Ali Hamad Al Marri, Dr. Abdulrahman Abdulatif Al Arafj, Dr. Mohammed Al Jamaan, Dr. Yasser El-Medany, Country: Saudi Arabia
163 Legal Politics for the Establishment of Regional Regulations in Realizing the Development of the National Legal System 800 - 813
Authors: Salle, La Ode Husen, Said Sampara, Country: Indonesia
164 Examination of the Level of Responsiveness's Towards Occupational Hazards among Pedo Staff at Selected Dental Clinics, Saudi Arabia 814 - 818
Authors: Dr. Mohammed Saeed M Alqahtani, Country: Saudi Arabia
165 Design, Modification and Analysis of Sheet Metal Bending on Bending Machine 819 - 820
Authors: Rutvik Patel, Tirth Vaghasia, Kishan Kotadiya, Raj Vaghani, Country: India
166 Prospective Study of Effect of Prophylactic Retention Sutures in Midline Laparotomy in High Risk Patient for Prevention of Wound Dehiscence 821 - 823
Authors: Ashoka Chakravarthi .D, Ram Praveen .P, Country: India
167 Generic Lossless Visible Watermarking 824 - 829
Authors: Kushmeen P. Gurudatte, Manju D. Pawar, Country: India
168 Survey of MIMO Application for Compact and Planer UWB Antenna 830 - 833
Authors: Dr. Anita Keshav Patil, Country: India
169 Network Security: A Brief Overview of Evolving Strategies and Challenges 834 - 841
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170 Interconnected Power Transmission Network of Chattogram Circle: A Survey 842 - 860
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171 Review on Assessment of Risk and Complications of Diabetes Mellitus 861 - 864
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172 Role of Motivational Enhancement Therapy & Progressive Muscle Relaxation in Opioid Dependent Patients 865 - 869
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173 Resistin: A New Link in the Old Tale 870 - 873
Authors: Dr. Devata Kiranmai, Dr. Nisha K.J, Country: India
174 Modeling and Analysis of a Disc Brake 874 - 877
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175 An Overview of Weight-Based Clustering in MANETs 878 - 881
Authors: Bassim A. Jumaa, Mustafa M. Hadi, Country: Iraq
176 Plant Diversity in Mural Habitats of Bishnupur Town, Bankura District, West Bengal 882 - 885
Authors: Saurav Paul, Country: India
177 Frequency Analysis of Rainfall Data of Dharamshala Region 886 - 892
Authors: Nitish Kumar Sharma, Swedika Sharma, Country: India
178 Knowledge, Practices, Nutritional Value and Periodontal Disease Status among Type 2 Diabetes Patients-A Cross Sectional Study 893 - 897
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179 Clinico-pathological Study of Skin Adnexal Tumours 898 - 902
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180 Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Severely Attrited Dentition with Removable Overlay Denture - A Case Report 903 - 906
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181 Academic Stress, Psychiatric Morbidity and Coping Strategies of Adolescents 907 - 914
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182 Azathioprine Induced Septicemia and Pancytopenia 915 - 916
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183 Decortication is Better Treatment Option in Chronic Pleural Empyema 917 - 920
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184 A Prospective Observational Study on Clinical Profile of Dengue in a Tertiary Care Hospital 921 - 923
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185 Value Chain Analysis of Tomato: A Case Study in Jessore District of Bangladesh 924 - 932
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186 Facial Recognition by using Local Binary Patterns Histograms (LBPH) using OpenCV in Java SE for a System of Assistance Control 933 - 937
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187 Cloud-Based Disaster Management Using Mobile Edge Computing Mechanism 938 - 941
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188 Patterns of Adverse Transfusion Reactions related to Blood and Blood Components in a Tertiary Care Centre: A Step towards Hemovigilance 942 - 947
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189 A Study on Green Marketing: Opportunities and Challenges 948 - 950
Authors: Venkatesh .R, Country: India
190 Effect of Replacement of Concentrate Mixture with Mulberry (Morus indica) Variety V-1 on Blood Parameters and Economics of Feeding 951 - 956
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191 Adopting Technology and UDL in Enhancing Effectiveness of Teaching Learning Process 957 - 965
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192 Enhancement of Inter-Vehicular Communication through a New Bandwidth Optimization Technique to Optimize the Performance of VANETs 966 - 971
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193 The Miracle of Self Realization: A View from "I" Perspective 972 - 974
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194 Instability in Onion Production and Marketing in Maharashtra 975 - 979
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195 Microbial Reduction of Nutrients from Combined Industrial and Muncipal Wastewater 980 - 982
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196 Reshaping Rural Sphere, Village Pachgaon: An Impact of Amity Education Valley 983 - 987
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197 EFL Teachers' Difficulties in Implementing Authentic Assessment in Reading at SMAN in Padang Panjang 988 - 992
Authors: Mira Mardiah Hasan, Yenni Rozimela, Ratmanida, Country: Indonesia
198 Effect of Two Different Cavity Disinfectants on Microleakage in Class II Cavities Restored with Composite Using Eighth Gen Bonding Agent - An Invitro Study 993 - 996
Authors: Dr Uday Kamath, Dr. Trupti Shetty, Country: India
199 Evidence based Homoeopathy: Case Report of Vitiligo 997 - 1000
Authors: Dr. Ashish P. Shivadikar, Country: India
200 Studies on the Effect of Land Configuration & Weed Management Practices on Different Growth & Yield Parameters of Rabi Planted Chickpea (Cicerarietinum) 1001 - 1004
Authors: Devashish Singh Rawat, Country: India
201 The Linguistic Norms of the Grapheme Editing Module 1005 - 1007
Authors: Abzhalova Manzura Abdurashetovna, Country: Uzbekistan
202 Credit Risk Management and Bank Performance Case Study Commercial Banks in Mogadishu Somalia 1008 - 1012
Authors: Anab Ali Farah, Country: Somalia
203 Productivity Improvement in Clutch Friction Disc (CFD) Manufacturing by Doing Automation 1013 - 1019
Authors: Shakti Malik, Country: India
204 Biodiversity-Global, National and Karnataka State Status 1020 - 1023
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205 Are Fetuses Being with any Moral Rights? A Perspective from Abortion 1024 - 1026
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206 A Comparative Study of Tailored Lateral Sphincterotomy versus Lateral Sphincterotomy for Chronic Fissure in Ano 1027 - 1029
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207 Relevance of Dvaita Vedanta in the Present Days 1030 - 1032
Authors: Dr. Koyel Koley, Country: India
208 Disaster Management and Housing Geography of Srinagar Metropolis - The Case of 'A City of Environmental Vulnerabilities' 1033 - 1038
Authors: Dr Tawseef Yousuf, Country: India
209 Status of Subsurface Water Quality of Different Sampling Stations with Respect to Some Physico-Chemical Parameters at Betul City, (M.P.) 1039 - 1041
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210 Interrelationships between Ki67, p53 with ER, PR & HER2/neu, Status and their Associations with Tumor Grade in Infiltrating Duct Carcinoma Breast 1042 - 1046
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211 Awareness and Practice of Breast Self Examination among Women in Urban Puducherry 1047 - 1053
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212 Data Analyser GUI 1054 - 1058
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213 Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme on Knowledge Related to Otitis Media among the Mothers of Admitted Infants in Pediatric Wards 1059 - 1061
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214 Analysis of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness in Phacomorphic Glaucoma 1062 - 1064
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216 Management of Clavicular Fractures 1071 - 1073
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217 Comparison of Structural Behaviour of Building Before and After Application of Damper 1074 - 1078
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218 A Two Proteins ? 1079 - 1080
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219 The Effect of Group Investigation (GI) Model Toward Activities and Results of Learning Social Studies in Class V MIN 3 Padang 1081 - 1083
Authors: Witra El Yusra, M Fachri Adnan, Alwen Bentri, Country: Indonesia
220 Multidemensional Ecology Index a Tool to Assess Ecological Factors Influencing Nutritional Status 1084 - 1087
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221 The Structural, Morphological and Superconducting Properties of Co Doped Polycrystalline YBCO123 Superconductor Produced by Solidstate Reaction Method 1088 - 1091
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222 Grammatical Difficulties of Translation in English and Tajik Languages 1092 - 1094
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223 Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-20 wt% Si-9 wt% Fe-1.2 wt% Nb Alloy by the Addition of 6 wt%Ni 1095 - 1097
Authors: M. Fatih Kilicaslan, Salaheddin Altaib, Country: Turkey
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225 Skills Utilization and Developed Perception on Performance in Farming by Secondary School Agriculture Graduates in Kangundo District, Kenya 1101 - 1115
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226 Emerging Needs and Importance of Green Supply Chain Management - A Case Study 1116 - 1120
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227 Physico-Chemical Study of Kolar Reservoir on its Potable Quality 1121 - 1124
Authors: Shrikant Gangwar, Kalpana Dave, Ashwani Wanganeo, Country: India
228 Investigate of Analgesic Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Leaves of Epiphyllum Oxypetalum 1125 - 1128
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229 Assessment of Dietary Intake and Physical Activity of School Going Children in District Kangra Himachal Pradesh 1129 - 1131
Authors: Uttara Singh, Anamika Kashyap, Country: India
230 The Error Correction Learning with Delta Rule 1132 - 1134
Authors: Jogimol Joseph, Country: India
231 American Strategy in the Middle East between the Fixed and Variable in the Era of Trump 1135 - 1141
Authors: Dr. Khalid Hashim Mohammed, Country: Egypt
232 Analysis and Performance of Active Islanding Method for Grid-Tied High Penetrated Photovoltaic Systems 1142 - 1146
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233 An Implementation of Resourceful Smart Application with Geo Location 1147 - 1150
Authors: Sandhiraj D, Suresh Babu A, Vinod D, Country: India
234 Mandibulo - Maxillary Fixation Screws - For Maxillofacial Fractures 1151 - 1152
Authors: Sristi Jha, Country: India
235 Modelled Approach of Avionics LRUs for System Health Management 1153 - 1157
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236 Study of Work Ability Durability and Strength of Concrete Using Silica Fume 1158 - 1161
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237 Analysis of Factors Affecting Food Price Fluctuations in Rwanda 1162 - 1170
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238 Particle Swarm Intelligence Based Reduction Method Applied to Power System Descriptor Models 1171 - 1178
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239 Practicality of Learning Sets Based on Flipped Classroom to Increase Students Mathematical Critical Thinking Ability in Class XI High School 1179 - 1182
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240 Servo Controlled EyeBall 1183 - 1185
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241 Detection of Chitinase on Chitin Agar Plates 1186 - 1189
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242 Laparoscopic Resection of Ancient Schwannoma of the Small Bowel 1190 - 1193
Authors: Luigi Masoni, Leandro Landi, Riccardo Maglio, Country: Italy
243 Bacterial Pneumonia: Comparison between Diabetics and Non-Diabetics 1194 - 1197
Authors: Dr. M. Vamsi Krishna, Dr. G. Swarna Latha Devi, Dr. J. Dattu Raj, Country: India
244 Effectiveness of Peer Tutor in Improving Knowledge about Teenagers Reproductive Health in Religion-Based 1198 - 1200
Authors: Titik Sumiatin, Wahyu Tri Ningsih, Country: Indonesia
245 Adverse Donor Reaction During and After Blood Donation at Tertiary Care Center-An Observational Study 1201 - 1205
Authors: Dr. Vijay Kapse, Dr. Vanita Bhaskar, Dr. Renuka Gahine, Dr. Apurva Agarwal, Country: India
246 TiO2: Au (Titanium Dioxide Conjugated Gold) Crystals as the Biomimetic Oxidase for Rapid and Sensitive Oxalate Detection Combining with Bionic E-Eye 1206 - 1208
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247 Bipolar Disorder - An Overview 1209 - 1212
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248 A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Planned Activities on Quality of Life among Elderly Residing at Selected Old Age Home 1213 - 1216
Authors: Hemangi HM, Country: India
249 Optimizing Relative Height of Transformer Windings for Least Electromagnetic Forces 1217 - 1226
Authors: Deepika Bhalla, Raj Kumar Bansal, Hari Om Gupta, Country: India
250 Impact of Use Print and E-Resources by Undergraduate Students in Engineering colleges of Mysore District: A Study 1227 - 1231
Authors: Naveen Kumar H. D., Dr. M Doraswamy, Country: India
251 Women Empowerment in India Vis-'A-Vis Sex Ratio 1232 - 1233
Authors: P. Jyothi, Country: India
252 Characterization of 0/20 Silexite Material for Use in Bedding or Bonding Layer 1234 - 1239
Authors: Souleymane Mbengue, Djibril Sow, Makhali Ba, Ibrahima Khalil Cisse, Country: Senegal
253 Efficacy of Inhalational Devices Utilization and Quality of Life in Mild to Severe Asthma 1240 - 1243
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254 Our Experience of Voice Therapy in Patients of Benign Vocal Lesions Post Micro-Laryngeal Surgery 1244 - 1245
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255 Incorporating K-Means Clustering, DWT and Neural Network for Image Segmentation 1246 - 1252
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256 Assessment of Mental Well-Being and Self-Care Abilities of Patients Suffering from Chronic Respiratory Illness 1253 - 1260
Authors: S. Nitika, T. K. Ajesh, P Rashmi, Country: India
257 An Overview of the Objectives and their Characteristics in Groups of 16-19 Years in the Middle Schools of Tirana 1261 - 1266
Authors: Rajmonda Bara, Country: Albania
258 Research of the Most Suitable Conditions for the Replication of Lawsonia inermis L. in Togo 1267 - 1272
Authors: Benziwa Nathalie Johnson, Marie-Luce Akossiwoa Quashie, Raoufou Radji, Kokou Kouami, Country: Togo
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Authors: Aadil Altaf Lone, Country: India
260 One Size Fits All: Models of Education, Historical and Contextual Issues within South Africa 1277 - 1281
Authors: Michael Workman, Country: South Africa
261 The Effect of Summarizing Strategy on the Students? Reading Comprehension at Tenth Grade Students at SMAN 9 Padang 1282 - 1287
Authors: Veby Febriani, Mukhaiyar, Kurnia Ningsih, Country: Indonesia
262 Fighting Stress with Root Canal 1288 - 1289
Authors: Anu Vashisht, Country: India
263 ESP to Achieve Engineers Desired Skills: A Bangladeshi Classroom Perspective 1290 - 1298
Authors: Fahmeda Zarin, Country: Bangladesh
264 Skewness and Kurtosis of Exponential-Uniform Generating Families of Continuous Distributions 1299 - 1306
Authors: P. Jyothi, N. Rajendra Prasad, Country: India
265 Girl Child Dropout in Primary Education in Tral Tehsil of District Pulwama, J & K 1307 - 1312
Authors: Nilofer Jan, Neerja Sharma, Country: India
266 Secure: Self-Protection Approach in Cloud Resource Management 1313 - 1318
Authors: Sangeetha G M, Lavanya S, Prashanth, Country: India
267 An Analysis of Women Empowerment in Various Fields in India 1319 - 1320
Authors: Nagappa L H, Country: India
268 Molecular Sieves as Green Heterogeneous Acidic Catalyst for Esterification Reaction 1321 - 1324
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269 Surgically induced Astigmatism in SICS and Phacoemulsification 1325 - 1329
Authors: Dr. Tejaswi .G, Country: India
270 Anthelmentic Activity of Crude Ethanolic Extract of Euphorbia Hirta in Indian Earthworm Pheretima Posthuma 1330 - 1332
Authors: Urmila. P. Jangale, Country: India
271 Consumer Preference of Choosing E-Payment System for Online Shopping Using Conjoint Analysis 1333 - 1338
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272 Implementation of Total Productive Maintenance in Automotive Chain Manufacturing Industry: A Case Study 1339 - 1345
Authors: G. D. Shelke, M. Javed, S.D. Walde, Country: India
273 Prospective Study on Efficacy of Mastectomy Flap Quilting Sutures in Reducing Post Modified Radical Mastectomy Seroma Formation 1346 - 1348
Authors: Dr. Ashoka Chakravarthy.D, Dr. Balaji. M. K, Country: India
274 A Survey of Sorghum Covered Kernel Smut Disease Infection in Western Kenya 1349 - 1353
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275 A Comparative Analysis of Farmers Rights under Ethiopian and Indian Law 1354 - 1359
Authors: Mohammed Nure Gobena, D. Surya Prakasa Rao, Country: India
276 A Novel Method for Load Balancing In Cloud Computing: Round Robin with Floyd-Warshall Algorithm 1360 - 1368
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277 Evaluation of Contrast Media Parameters for Pulmonary Angiograph in Sudanese Population using Deferent Multidetector CT Scanning 1369 - 1374
Authors: Musab Mergani Abdallah, Wadah. M. Ali, Country: United Arab Emirates
278 Analysis and Design of Sprocket Driven Transmission System 1375 - 1378
Authors: Pushkar Badawane, Riddhesh Bandre, Laukik Kharche, Country: India
279 The Influence of Relaxation Music Therapy with Binaural Beat Effect on Salivary Alpha Amylase Enzyme as an Indicator of Dental Anxiety in Patient who Will Undergo Surgical Odontectomy 1379 - 1382
Authors: Daisy Wulansari, Jenadi Binarto, Indra Hadikrishna, Endang Syamsudin, Country: Indonesia
280 Principal for Teaching Vietnamese Language as a Second Language in Taiwan, Case Study in Feng Chia University 1383 - 1387
Authors: Thanh Van Hoang, Cindy Huey-nah Chou, Country: Taiwan
281 Composition and Association of Vegetation with Medicinal Plant Pikajar (Schizaeadigitata) in Meratus Mountain, South Kalimantan, Indonesia 1388 - 1393
Authors: Yudi Firmanul Arifin, Wira Amirina, Eva Prihatiningtyas, Siti Hamidah, Country: Indonesia
282 A Study on Popularity of Various Utilities of E-Payment Mechanism among Students 1394 - 1399
Authors: Saviour F, Country: India
283 Interceptive Ortodontics Using Growth Modification Method with Twin Block Functional Appliance: A Case Report 1400 - 1404
Authors: Vidyana Pratiwi, Iwan Ahmad, Country: Indonesia
284 Anterior Crowding Treatment with Interproximal Enamel Reduction (IER) Technique of Orthodontics Treatment: Case Report 1405 - 1411
Authors: Selvia Yunita, Eriska Riyanti, Country: Indonesia
285 Assess the Effectiveness of Planned Health Teaching regarding Prevention of Foot Ulcer among type II Diabetes Mellitus Patients 1412 - 1415
Authors: Priyanka Bhavsar, Country: India
287 Psychological Distress and Amputees: Review of Predictors and Impacts on Clinical Practice 1430 - 1437
Authors: Eyisi I. Meek, Country: Nigeria
288 Evaluation of Acceptability, Safety, and Expulsion Rate of Post Placental and Intra Caesarean Insertion of Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices (PPIUCD) 1438 - 1441
Authors: Dr. S. Mallika, Dr. S.Valarmathi, Country: India
289 Prevalence of Anemia in Pregnancy: A Retrospective Study at Tertiary Care Hospital in Sivagangai, Tamilnadu, India 1442 - 1444
Authors: S. Mallika, Valarmathi, Country: India
290 The Effect of Peer Corrective Feedback on the Tenth Grade Students ?Writing Ability of Descriptive Text at SMA Pertiwi 1 Padang 1445 - 1448
Authors: Rahma Kurnia Ilahi, Kurnia Ningsih, Desvalini Anwar, Country: Indonesia
291 Closure of Pfannenstiel Skin Incisions in Cesarean Sections: Comparison of Wound Outcomes with Interrupted Mattress vs. Subcuticular Suture: A Prospective Study at Tertiary Care Hospital, Sivagangai, Tamilnadu, India 1449 - 1452
Authors: S. Mallika, S. Valarmathi, Country: India
292 Augmented Reality Based Book Visualization Using Marker Based Technique 1453 - 1455
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293 Study of Generation of Electrical Energy from Ocean Waves 1456 - 1459
Authors: Shruti Patil, Jitesh Thakare, Country: India
294 Comparison of India's Indirect Tax Regime with Malaysia and Singapore 1460 - 1465
Authors: Yateen D, Namrata N, Country: India
295 Urban Transformations of Totalitarian Space in Tirana Skanderbeg Square 1466 - 1477
Authors: Eled Fagu, Anisa Qorri, Country: Albania
296 An Unusual Case of Hemoptysis in a Child 1478 - 1480
Authors: Amit Kumar Baghel, Eti Udenyia, Gunjan Kela, Country: India
297 Modified Filtering Scheme for Medical Image 1481 - 1484
Authors: Shashi Kumar, Vibhash S. Sisodia, Urfa Mustaq, Country: India
298 Crisis in Treasury: Himalayan Ecosystem, Life for All 1485 - 1489
Authors: Aakib Farooq Matta, Country: India
299 Anthropometric Study of Knee Joint in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Insufficient Knees using Magnetic Resonance Imaging 1490 - 1495
Authors: Prathyush Chitithoti, Vella Sandeep, A. Srinivasa Rao, Country: India
300 Jamun Wine 1496 - 1497
Authors: Dipraj Sanjeevan Gaikwad, Country: India
301 The New Regulation on Asset Management in China and Its Influence on the Financial Industry 1498 - 1501
Authors: Yang Pengbo, Liu Han, Country: China
302 Vertebral Haemangioma Causing Acute Compressive Myelopathy Case Study 1502 - 1505
Authors: Rohita Chitithoti, T V S Siva Kumar, M. Sri Hari Babu, Country: India
303 How to Evaluate the Helpfulness of Product Review 1506 - 1513
Authors: Alhassane Traore, Dr. Zhang Qiang, Country: China
304 A Study on the Organizational Climate with Respect to Software Companies, Bangalore 1514 - 1516
Authors: Suhasini R, Dr. T Suganthalakshmi, Country: India
305 The Effects of Major Organic Compound Found in Roots and Biological Exudates Influencing Liquid Transport in Soil 1517 - 1525
Authors: Danladi Samaila, Country: Nigeria
306 Assessment of Dental Anxiety towards Dental Care among Patients Attending Dental Institution in Bengaluru City 1526 - 1529
Authors: Padma K Bhat, Mamatha Murthy, Jayachandra M.Y, Rajkumari Surbala Devi, Sushma S.G, Country: India
307 Influence of Sex on Academic Achievements in the Department of Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sport Activities (STAPS / INJEPS / UAC) 1530 - 1534
Authors: EDOH Koffi Pierrot, BIGA Boukari Alassane, Country: Benin
308 Study of Comparison between Skin Sutures and Skin Staplers: 200 Studies 1535 - 1538
Authors: Dr. Sathish Rajkumar, Dr. Arul Raj, Dr. Saravanan .P .S, Country: India
309 An Assessment of the Impact of Kainji Lake National Park in Ecotourism Development in Niger State 1539 - 1542
Authors: Maryam Abdullahi, Ahmad Balarabe Sa'id, Lantana Abiodun Nnaji, Country: Nigeria
310 Economic Development in Jammu and Kashmir: New Initiatives and Technological Innovations with Special Reference to Agriculture (1947-2000) 1543 - 1548
Authors: Mohd Ashraf Wani, Country: India
311 Comparative Waste Analysis and Characterization Study (WACS) among the Selected Rural Areas in the Northern Part of Mindanao, Philippines 1549 - 1553
Authors: Enteria Odinah, Orig Aaron, Country: Philippines
312 Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) Implementation Study at Inpatient Room at Tidore Islands City?s Regional Public Hospital (RPH) 1554 - 1559
Authors: Kartini M Ali, Country: Indonesia
313 Impact of Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojan (PMJDY) on Financial Inclusion in India: An Overview 1560 - 1563
Authors: Dr. Surappa Naik, Country: India
314 Formulation of Organically Enriched Soil Media and Analysis of Organic Matter (Carbon): A Biomaterial for Sustainable Agricultural Practices 1564 - 1566
Authors: Dr. Urmila Sarkar, Sensei Surendra Sawardekar, Country: India
315 Physico-Chemical Analysis of Water from Different Sources in the Greater Port Harcourt City Development Area (GPHCDA) of Rivers State, Nigeria 1567 - 1574
Authors: Anyalebechi Onyebuchi, Ogobiri Godwin, Igbudu Onukwurumege, Country: Nigeria
316 The Influence of Social Support and Learning Motivation on Self Confidence at Vocational High School (SMK) Multicomp Students in Depok 1575 - 1578
Authors: Asmy Elviana, Risroni Ida Sagala, Christina Wandini, Country: Indonesia
317 Enhancing Security and Speed of Sha-192 with Higher Avalanche 1579 - 1582
Authors: Sushama Ingale, Arun Jhapate, Country: India
318 Continuous Development and Green Construction 1583 - 1586
Authors: Nitish Kumar Sharma, Sumit Kalra, Country: India
319 Study and Designing of Single Basin Solar Still for Soldiers in Remote Area 1587 - 1589
Authors: Singh Sandeep, Country: India
320 Rich Environments for Language Competence and Narrative ability in Early Childhood Development Settings 1590 - 1597
Authors: Rose Mugweni, Country: Zimbabwe
321 HLH Syndrome: A Case Report 1598 - 1600
Authors: Sahithi Kilaru, Sadhna Sharma, Country: India
322 Comparative Analysis Study of Efficacy of Papanicolaousmear & Leishman-Giemsa Cytological Technique in the Diagnosis of Oral Neoplastic Lesions 1601 - 1604
Authors: Agrawal Apurva, Kumar Kaushal, Singh Hari Chandra, Agrawal Kailash Chandra, Country: India
323 Study on Preparation of Coconut burfi Fortified with Beetroot (Beetroot Burfi) 1605 - 1607
Authors: Firdos A. Shaikh, Rohini H. Patil, Somnath D. Savalkar, Country: India
324 Adaptation Assessment of Introduced Soybean Varieties in Kabul Climatic Conditions 1608 - 1612
Authors: Wakil Ahmad Sarhadi, Wahida Yosofzai, Mohammad Hakim Osmani, Mawya Masomi, Kim Tungate, Mohammad Naseer Ahadi, Steven Kwon, Country: Afghanistan
325 Parking Demand and Supply Analysis: A Case Study of Arat-kilo to Piassa Road 1613 - 1621
Authors: Biruk Mulu, Country: Ethiopia
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