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Law Enforcement in Indonesia: History, Progress and Public's Trust

Dr. Boy Nurdin

Abstract: Issues related to the position and function of Judges or other Law enforcement officials for the Law Enforcement in Indonesia are found, especially those judges who defined as a key personand becoming a central role in law enforcement for Legal Cases. Innitiated from that the study of history and developments on how the independence of the Judiciary and Judicial Power Institutions in Indonesia was carried out. Independence of Judicial Institutions and Judicial Power began in the ?Old Order?, ?New Order? and ?Post-Reform? era. In fact, the period of years of 1999-2006 has been found when the 1945 Constitution was implemented forthe concept of independence of judicial power. This means that the concept of independency tends to organize judicial power into truly freedom, namely a concept of which completely independent of the influence of power. To affirm the extent of the independence of judicial power and the performance of judges as keys and important figures in judicial process, therefore one research was conducted to see how the public?s trust on law enforcement in Indonesia. The study was conducted toward 100 (one hundred) respondents from various professional backgrounds, randomly taken and domiciled in 6 (six) major cities in Indonesia. It is concluded from the research that the public's opinion and public?s trust toward the judicial process in Indonesia is still yet not positive. The public response shown tends to be "negative" from various matters related to the judicial process, judicial institutions, judicial costs and many others. The public?s perspectives are certainly based on the empirical experience of the Indonesian peopleinvolving their own legal cases or even only understanding legal cases discussed in the media in Indonesia.

Keywords: Law enforcement, Judges, Perpective of Justice, Indonesian cases

Country: Indonesia, Subject Area: Law

Pages: 579 - 588

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 2, February 2019

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Dr. Boy Nurdin, "Law Enforcement in Indonesia: History, Progress and Public's Trust", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 2, February 2019, 579 - 588

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