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Pipe Support Design Considerations for Hydrocarbon Facilities

Nirmal Surendran Menon

Abstract: Piping network running across a hydrocarbon facility are ?arteries and veins? equivalent of a human body which carry vital fluids across the length and breadth of an operating plant so as to get it processed resulting in delivering an end user product such as Natural Gas into Liquefied Natural Gas. The pipe size ranges from small bore DN 15 (??) to big bore DN 1050 (42?) pipes and requires adequate supporting at regular intervals so as to with stand various loads acting on the pipe or loads getting imposed on the pipe due to the fluid flowing through it.

Keywords: Pipe shoe, Piping isometric, Pipe support span, Pipe Guide, spring support, Bracing, Vitonal vibration, PWHT ? Post Weld Heat Treatment, PTFE ?Polytetrafluoroethylene, DN - diam?tre nominal/nominal diameter, NPS - Nominal Pipe Size

Country: United States of America, Subject Area: Petroleum Engineering

Pages: 406 - 409

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 2, February 2019

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Nirmal Surendran Menon, "Pipe Support Design Considerations for Hydrocarbon Facilities", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 2, February 2019, 406 - 409

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