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Rainwater Quality Assessment of Different Locations of Dhaka City

Md. Sazzadul Haque, Fatema Naznin Rinkey

Abstract: Since rainwater harvesting system was assessed to be potential in residential, industrial, educational and other institutions so the study was focused on the rainwater quality of samples collected from rooftop surface runoff of different locations of Dhaka city which is the 2nd most polluted city of the world. Locations were based upon residential, commercial, industrial zone within the area, motorized vehicles use, population, construction works etc. The rooftops were taken mainly of concrete made rooftops and within a single area 03 locations were chosen and a sample of rainwater was collected from a tin made rooftop within that area. The main purpose of this assessment was to compare the rainwater quality of different locations with the drinking water quality standards of Bangladesh and World Health Organization (WHO) in order to observe whether the water needs of further treatment or not for potable use. The samples were checked of physical (Turbidity) and chemical (pH, Electric Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids, Nitrate, Nitrite, Sulfate, Chloride & Fluoride) characteristics of water quality. In terms of pH, Nitrate and Fluoride values, there were significant imbalance with the standards and thus required treatment for potable use. And other parameters were within the standards.

Keywords: Rainwater Harvesting System, rooftop surface runoff, fluoride, potable.

Country: Bangladesh, Subject Area: Civil Engineering

Pages: 269 - 273

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 2, February 2019

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Md. Sazzadul Haque, Fatema Naznin Rinkey, "Rainwater Quality Assessment of Different Locations of Dhaka City", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 2, February 2019, 269 - 273

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