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Implementation of Hungarian Algorithms to Optimize the Assignments of Chefs at Roy Catering

Firdhan Febiansyah

Abstract: This research tries to optimize the assignment time of the chef?s. An executive chef assigns tasks to his subordinates on each allocation, including the task of cutting meat, cutting vegetables, cutting fruit, making pudding, and making rice. Every chef has different abilities and backgrounds for each task given.We found that some chef?s got task not suitable with their capabilities. It caused lack of time efficiency Limited resources make this business need to require chef?s with fast work capabilities. To solve this problem we recommend implementation of Hungarian algorithm. The results of this study there are two optimal assignment alternatives with a difference in production time of 30 minutes to 40 minutes for 2000 packages.

Keywords: hungarian algorithm, catering, production time, optimization, task assignment

Country: Indonesia, Subject Area: Business Management

Pages: 137 - 141

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 2, February 2019

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Firdhan Febiansyah, "Implementation of Hungarian Algorithms to Optimize the Assignments of Chefs at Roy Catering", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 2, February 2019, 137 - 141

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