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Recently Published: Neonatal Outcome of Newborns Admitted in a Tertiary Level Hospital, Nepal          ||          A Study Aimed to Assess the Knowledge of Antenatal Mothers regarding Janani Suraksha Yojana          ||          Personalized Drug Delivery System to Treat Arrhythmia          ||          Effects of Green Tea on Activity of ?-Glucosidase in Vitro and Glycaemic Index of White Bread in Vivo          ||          Security Challenges and Solutions in MongoDB          ||          Serum Prolactin, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and Thyroid Hormones (FT3, FT4) Concentrations in Female Patients with Infertility: An Institutional Study          ||          Mental Health, Dynamic Psychology and Personal Management          ||          Unconscious Biases as a Result of Distinction in Political Psychology          ||          Role of Hysteroscopy to Improve Live Birth Rate among Secondary Infertile Couples          ||          Moderating Effect of Access to Capital on the Relationship between Financial Literacy and Firm Survival          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Ulcer of the Mucosal Fold: An Unusual Complication of Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication          ||          Ulcer of the Mucosal Fold: An Unusual Complication of Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication          ||          Ulcer of the Mucosal Fold: An Unusual Complication of Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication          ||          Time Management Skills Vital for Young Professionals          ||          Classroom Techniques and Tasks for Teaching Speaking          ||          A Survey on Nature Inspired Algorithms for Virtual Machine Optimization          ||          "Digital Dementia" - The Dark Side of using Technology          ||          Nannochloropsis Protein as Potential Fish Feed          ||          Salivary Immunoglobulin A in Relation to the Viable Count of Mutans Streptococci in Children with Early Childhood Caries          ||          Predicting Movie Success Using Neural Network          ||          Personalized Drug Delivery System to Treat Arrhythmia          ||          Personalized Drug Delivery System to Treat Arrhythmia          ||          Improvement of Dental X-rays Images using Image Processing Techniques          ||          Personalized Drug Delivery System to Treat Arrhythmia          ||          Neonatal Outcome of Newborns Admitted in a Tertiary Level Hospital, Nepal          ||          Understanding Travel Behavior in Aviation Industry          ||          Security Challenges and Solutions in MongoDB          ||          Security Challenges and Solutions in MongoDB          ||          Security Challenges and Solutions in MongoDB          ||          Security Challenges and Solutions in MongoDB          ||         

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Response of Groundnut Varieties to Weed Management Strategiesin Southern Guinea Savanna of the Gambia
Authors: S.A.F. Jallow, A. Lado, Manneh F.J., Country: Gambia
Views: 409, Downloads: 150

Double Blind Comparison between Betamethasone Gel and Lidocaine Jelly Applied Over Tracheal Tube to Reduce Postoperative Sorethroat, Cough and Hoarseness of Voice
Authors: Dr. Akhil Kumar Gupta, Country: India
Views: 80, Downloads: 44

Hoi An - Perspective from Urban Morphology
Authors: Pham Trong Thuat, Country: Vietnam
Views: 59, Downloads: 38

Topical Therapy of Acne Vulgaris Using Ciprofloxacin Solution 1.5% in Comparison With Clindamycin Solution 1.5%
Authors: Dr. Dalila Mohammed Al. Jabory, Country: Iraq
Views: 54, Downloads: 33

Composition and Stability of a Copper Metallurgy Slag Based Environmentally Friendly Geopolymer Cement
Authors: Kabange B. Numbi, Martin T. Mpinda, Sissou Zakari, Kisimba T. Ngobola, Ngoie D. Songe, Country: Congo
Views: 53, Downloads: 33

To Find Out Prevalence of Depression in Geriatric Population in Old Age Homes in Ahmedabad - A Survey
Authors: Dr. Uma Dobaria, Country: India
Views: 73, Downloads: 31

Methods of Contraception
Authors: Dr. Manish Adhia, Anushka Agrawal, Riana Caeiro, Param Desai, Vishwa Naik, Country: India
Views: 60, Downloads: 31

Water Quality Management in Manzala Lake, Egypt
Authors: Mohamed Ahmed Reda Hamed, Country: Egypt
Views: 61, Downloads: 31

Unified Theory of Force
Authors: Dibyajyoti Dutta, Country: India
Views: 72, Downloads: 31

A Comparative Study between Intramedullary Nailing Versus Planting for the Treatment of Diaphyseal Nonunited Fractures
Authors: Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Moohialdeen, Country: Iraq
Views: 54, Downloads: 29

Prevalance of Strabismus in Children Attending Ophthalmology Out Patient Department in Saveetha Medical College and Hospital
Authors: R. Lakshmi Bharathi, Dr. Durga Devi, Country: India
Views: 52, Downloads: 27

Recognizing Emotions Expressed by Body Pose using Different Architectures
Authors: Harmeet Thukran, Surya Pratap Singh, Country: India
Views: 53, Downloads: 27

The Role of Calcitriol in Chronic Kidney Disease Mineral Bone Disorder in Dialysis Patients
Authors: S. Niharika Reddy, Country: India
Views: 47, Downloads: 27

New Detection Methodologies for Dark Matter Measurements
Authors: Aparna Chakraborty, Santosh Roy, Debasish Das, Country: India
Views: 48, Downloads: 27

Can Systemic Inflammatory Markers Predict Small Bowel Resection in Incarcerated Inguinal Hernia?
Authors: Ahmet Akbas, Nadir Adnan Hacim, Hakan Yigitbas, Alim Turgut, Erkan Yavuz, Serhat Meric, Country: Turkey
Views: 51, Downloads: 26

Interference between the Standard Model Higgs Boson and the Beyond Standard Model and Its Dependence on the Kinetic Variable
Authors: Kanhaiya Gupta, Country: India
Views: 39, Downloads: 25

Parametric Optimization of Process Parameters of EDM for SS304 by Using Design of Experiments Method
Authors: Narendra Kumar Patel, Harshwardhan Singh Rathore, Country: India
Views: 64, Downloads: 24

A Study on Evaluation of Parental Awareness on Complete Oral Health of Their Children
Authors: Sarang Khajuria, Divya Gupta, Sarbjeet Singh, Vasit Khajuria, Country: India
Views: 44, Downloads: 24

Growing Values and Attitudes of Conservation of Electric Energy through Physics Learning in Vocational Schools
Authors: Agus Kurniawan, Nuryani Rustaman, Ida Kaniawati, Lilik Hasanah, Country: Indonesia
Views: 42, Downloads: 24

Time Series Analysis of Factors Influencing Gross Capital Formation INRWANDA (2004-2016)
Authors: Muhayeyezu Joseph Desire, Patrick Mulyungi, Country: Rwanda
Views: 46, Downloads: 22

The Role of CBCT-Imaging Technique in Periodontology
Authors: Tsvetalina Gerova, Mariya Miteva, Country: Bulgaria
Views: 44, Downloads: 22

Quality of Life of Patients after Micro Vascular Decompression for Trigeminal Neuralgia
Authors: Hariharan Elangovan, Dr. Sathish Anand VS, Dr. V. Thanga Thirupathi Rajan, Country: India
Views: 36, Downloads: 22

The Use of Aloe Vera as a Natural Thickening Agent for the Printing of Cotton Fabric with Natural Dyes
Authors: Maria Zarkogianni, Michail Karypidis, Georgios Savvidis, Nikolaos Nikolaidis, Country: Greece
Views: 41, Downloads: 22

Interrelationship of Lipid Indices in Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Patients
Authors: Dr. R. Panimathi, Dr. Chelladurai, Country: India
Views: 35, Downloads: 21

Detailed Annotation of Cause of Buckling in API 650 Storage Tanks
Authors: Sayyed Kasim Ali, Country: India
Views: 30, Downloads: 21

A Review on Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviors towards Dental Caries among School Age Children
Authors: Reyam mohammed Noori, Country: Iraq
Views: 38, Downloads: 21

Nematodes of Soil and Coastal Zone of Uchkizil and South Surkhan Reservoir
Authors: Rakhmatullaev Bahodir Amanovich, Country: Uzbekistan
Views: 29, Downloads: 21

Application of Two-Dimensional Radiography and CBCT in Periodontology
Authors: Tsvetalina Gerova, Mariya Miteva, Country: Bulgaria
Views: 44, Downloads: 20

Enhancement of Call Admission Control Schemes in LTE - Networks
Authors: M. Sreenadh Reddy, M. Haranadh Reddy, A. Uday Kiran, Country: India
Views: 34, Downloads: 20

Intrusion Detection with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (ML&AI) Techniques to Reduce Cyberattacks (Network Traffic) (New Way to Improve Cybersecurity)
Authors: S K. Niamathulla, Country: India
Views: 36, Downloads: 20

First Record of Ragged Sea Hare Bursatella leachii Blainville, 1817 (Opisthobranchia: Euopisthobranchia: Aplysiidae) on Katigiorgis, Eastern Coast of Central Greece
Authors: Taklis Chris, Country: Greece
Views: 49, Downloads: 20

Study of Physicochemical Parameters of Baobaband Nereflours and their Influence on Fermentative Activity of Lactobacillus delbrueckiisubspbulgaricus
Authors: Toure Abdoulaye, Oulai Sylvie Florence, Zoro Armel Fabrice, Bamba Losseni Ismael, SoroYade Rene, Coulibaly Adama, Country: Ivory Coast
Views: 40, Downloads: 20

Primary Gingival Tuberculosis, Diagnosis and Treatment: Case Report
Authors: Dr Manjeet Singh, Dr Surender Thakur, Dr Bhupender Sharma, Country: India
Views: 36, Downloads: 20

Diplomatic Relations of Rome with Local Forces in North Africa 202 BC - 284 AD
Authors: Dr. Salma Mohammed Bhosawi, Country: Saudi Arabia
Views: 28, Downloads: 20

A Study on Awareness in Caregivers about Disability and Early Rehabilitation in Stroke at Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital and Research Centre, Bangalore
Authors: Dr. Rikesh Shrestha, Dr. Prem Kumar B.N., Country: India
Views: 30, Downloads: 20

Analysis of the Effect of Cosmetics Industry Issuer Current Ratios on Indonesian CSPI
Authors: Francisca Sestri Goestjahjanti, Country: Indonesia
Views: 50, Downloads: 20

Role of Advertising and Media in Promoting Films among Youth
Authors: Inderjit Singh, Prof (Dr) Sushma Gandhi, Country: India
Views: 35, Downloads: 20

Performance of Broilers and Occurrence of Pododermatitis as Influenced by Different Flooring and Littering Materials
Authors: Erdelito R. Agapito, Lei Ann A. Malvar, Country: Philippines
Views: 38, Downloads: 19

Salivary Gland Obstruction and its Distribution in Iraqi Population
Authors: Asmaa Mohammed Khammas, Reyam Mohammed Noori, Country: Iraq
Views: 39, Downloads: 19

Study on Barriers to Dietary Compliance in Diabetes Mellitus
Authors: Neha Maria Baby, Peter George, Country: India
Views: 40, Downloads: 19

Relationship between Food Quality, Service Quality, E-Wom, and Revisit Intention in Vegetarian Restaurant Yogyakarta
Authors: Rizki Amalia, Anas Hidayat, Country: Indonesia
Views: 36, Downloads: 19

Nationalism Role on Local Brands Preference: Evidences from Turkey Clothes Market
Authors: Nasr Abdulaziz Murshed, Country: Turkey
Views: 42, Downloads: 19

A Pooled Mean Group Analysis on the Determinants of Current Account Balance in the East Africa Community
Authors: Kevin Wanjala, Aquilars Mutuku Kalio, Symon Kiprop, Country: Kenya
Views: 38, Downloads: 19

Impact of GST on Indian Economy
Authors: Swathi Krishna, Country: India
Views: 37, Downloads: 19

Assessment of the Damage in Ozoned Apricots by Fuzzy Logic
Authors: Mahmut Sinecen, Country: Turkey
Views: 33, Downloads: 19

Project Management Discipline and Performance of Road Construction Projects in Meru County, Kenya
Authors: Mutwiri Zablon Muthuri, Wacira Joshua Tumuti, Country: Kenya
Views: 35, Downloads: 18

Compressed Air Bike with Modification of 4-Stroke Si Engine
Authors: K. Sumanth, P. Nagababu, B. Kishore, Country: India
Views: 26, Downloads: 18

ZETA & ETA Functions' Calculation in Form of Matrix
Authors: Dibyajyoti Dutta, Country: India
Views: 47, Downloads: 18

Study of Procalcitonin as a Biomarker and Its Correlation with Total Leucocyte Count in Patients with Sepsis
Authors: Rachana Warrier, Sourya Sourabh Mohakuda, Deeptika Agarwal, Harisankar KV, Country: India
Views: 40, Downloads: 18

The Space e-Wastage Satellites are Rebuilt Process in Earth
Authors: R. Saravanan, V. Harinisree, E. Malini, Country: India
Views: 29, Downloads: 18

Role of Plain Radiography and MRI in the Evaluation of Avascular Necrosis of Head of Femur
Authors: Dr. Rekha, Dr. Kaur Amarjit, Dr. Garg Yogesh, Dr. Kaur Navkiran, Dr. Malik Priyanka, Country: India
Views: 34, Downloads: 18

Analysis of Profitability and its Determinants in Small Scale Turkey Production in Anambra State, Nigeria
Authors: Ezeano C. I., Ohaemesi C. F., Country: Nigeria
Views: 33, Downloads: 18

Unique Features of Ankia Nata
Authors: Luhit Nath, Country: India
Views: 35, Downloads: 17

Multi-Criteria Selection of the Preferred Protocol of Routing in Ad-Hoc Networks by Hierarchies Analysis Method
Authors: Yu Zheng, V. Semenets, V. Bezruk, V. Kovshar, Guo Qiang, Country: Ukraine
Views: 27, Downloads: 17

RFID Based Smart Trolley Using IOT
Authors: Manan Rao, Country: India
Views: 34, Downloads: 17

Predictive Value of Fasting Blood Sugar for Non-Diabetic Individuals Suffering from Severe Coronary Disease
Authors: Dr. Talib Mutar Al-Janabi, Country: Iraq
Views: 27, Downloads: 17

Incidence of Dry Eye in the Students who are Active Electronic Users
Authors: Premi B J, Dr. Bindu Bhaskaran, Country: India
Views: 34, Downloads: 17

Nuerothekeoma of Both Feet - A Rare Case
Authors: Dr. Suganya .S, Dr. Oudeacoumar .P, Dr. Sovana .S, Country: India
Views: 25, Downloads: 17

Burden, Perceived Social Support and Quality of Life among Elderly Caregivers in Johor Bahru
Authors: Rubiah M.T., Mariappan U., Tang L.Y., Country: Malaysia
Views: 28, Downloads: 16

To Study the Visual Outcome of Therapeutic Penetrating Keratoplasty in a Tertiary Care Center
Authors: Sachin Daigavane, Madhumita Prasad, Vishal Kalode, Country: India
Views: 25, Downloads: 16

Oral Pyogenic Granuloma: A Case Report and a Comprehensive Review
Authors: Dr Manjeet Singh, Country: India
Views: 31, Downloads: 16

Design of 100MW Solar PV on-Grid Connected Power Plant Using (PVsyst) in Umm Al-Qura University
Authors: Ahmed Alnoosani, Mowffaq Oreijah, Mohammed Alhazmi, Yousef Samkari, Hosam Faqeha, Country: Saudi Arabia
Views: 35, Downloads: 16

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge in Relation to the Prevention of Lifestyle Diseases among Software Professionals Working in Selected Companies
Authors: Akhil U S, Country: India
Views: 31, Downloads: 16

Study of Arteriovenous Crossings of Retinal Vasculature in Relation with Abo Blood Grouping in 500 Normal Subjects
Authors: Vijay Kumar Khatri, Deepti Arora, Minu Bedi, Prafulla Kumar Manjhi, Country: India
Views: 27, Downloads: 15

Unusual Case of Large Antrochonal Polyp Causing Airway Obstruction Post Induction of Anaesthesia
Authors: Promila Rani, S. N. Kulkarni, Prashant Kumar, Country: India
Views: 24, Downloads: 15

The Indonesian Boston Naming Test: Normative Data among Healthy Adults and Effects of Age and Education on Naming Ability
Authors: Augustina Sulastri, Margaretha S. S. Utami, Marijtje Jongsma, Marc Hendriks, Gilles van Luijtelaar, Country: Indonesia
Views: 49, Downloads: 15

Effect of Combined Epidural Anaesthesia Using 0.125% Inj Levobupivacaine Hydrochloride with General Anaesthesia for Hemodynamic Stability Intraoperatively and Post-Operative Analgesia in Emergency Exploratory Laparotomy Patients
Authors: Nikhat Parkar, Ritika Negi, Country: India
Views: 27, Downloads: 15

Mucocele (Mucus Retention Cyst) On Lower Lip: A Case Study
Authors: Dr Manjeet Singh, Country: India
Views: 28, Downloads: 15

Comparative Clinical Study of Warfarin and Rivaroxaban (Newer Anti-Coagulant) with Respect to Efficacy and Side Effects in the Treatment of Peripheral Venous Thromboembolism
Authors: Thrishankareddy P, Country: India
Views: 28, Downloads: 15

HR Analytics Model for Organizations
Authors: Aditi Sanjay, Manan Rao, Country: India
Views: 23, Downloads: 15

Prevalence of HCV Infection among Patients of Medical College in NCR, Meerut, India
Authors: Dr. Prachee Singh, Country: India
Views: 30, Downloads: 15

In Vitro and In Vivo Anti-Diabetic Activity of a Nearly Threatened Woody Tree Species Pterospermum Xylocarpum
Authors: Hassanain Hataf Jaber, K. Rajyalakshmi, M. Kishore Babu, A. Krishna Satya, Country: India
Views: 29, Downloads: 15

Simulation of the ABS Braking System Behavior in Critical Faults
Authors: Angel Paleta Blancas, Marno Eduardo Leal Lopez, Roberto Morales Caporal, Rafael Ordocez Flores, Country: Mexico
Views: 31, Downloads: 15

Decision Support System with the Composite Performance Index (CPI) Method in Determining Scholarship
Authors: Desi Puspita, Buhori Muslim, Country: Indonesia
Views: 24, Downloads: 15

Smoking Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior in Female Saudi Medical and Non-Medical Students at King Faisal University
Authors: Ahmed Abdullah Alhashim, Moath Saud Alhamed, Mohammad Aljamaan, Yasser Elmedany, Country: Saudi Arabia
Views: 27, Downloads: 15

Ethos in the Lausanne Covenant
Authors: Alexandre Ribeiro Lessa, Edvania Gomes Silva, Country: Brazil
Views: 26, Downloads: 15

A Rare Case of Aneurysmal Bone Cyst of Talus
Authors: Dr. T. Vaidya Sanjeev, Dr. K. Ravi Kiran, Country: India
Views: 32, Downloads: 14

Hypoglycemic Effects of Aqueous and Ethanolic Extracts of Leptadenia hastata on Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetes Mellitus in Albino Rats
Authors: Panuel B., Nadro M.S., Abbaya H.Y, Country: Nigeria
Views: 25, Downloads: 14

Effectiveness of Circuit Resistance Training Versus Progressive Resistance Exercises on Shoulder Pain among Paraplegic Patients
Authors: Sheethal Tony, Roshan Thomas Abraham, Country: India
Views: 24, Downloads: 14

Effectiveness of Action Observation Therapy versus Motor Relearning Program on Upper Extremity Function among MCA Stroke Survivors
Authors: Aswathy Unnikrishnan, Roshan Thomas Abraham, Country: India
Views: 25, Downloads: 14

Physico?Chemical Study of Tapti River Water at Multai, District - Betul (M.P.)
Authors: Dr. D.S. Saluja, Country: India
Views: 28, Downloads: 14

Relationship Husband and Midwives Support with Post Partum Blues at Maternity Clinic X District Deli Serdang Indonesia Year 2019
Authors: Elly Indrani Harahap, Samsider Sitorus, Country: Indonesia
Views: 31, Downloads: 14

Study of Visual Acuity and Keratometric Changes after Pterygium Excision Surgery
Authors: Dr. Vimal J Vyas, Dr. Pooja S Chandarana, Country: India
Views: 26, Downloads: 14

Increasing the Apico-Coronal Dimension of Attached Gingiva by using the Modified Apically Repositioned Flap Technique: A Clinical Study
Authors: Dr Manjeet Singh, Dr Ajay Mahajan, Country: India
Views: 23, Downloads: 14

Determination of the Degree of Marine Fish Spoilage by Measuring Trimethylamine Contents and Physical Assessments
Authors: Ahmed Rashed Al-Najada, Country: Saudi Arabia
Views: 24, Downloads: 14

Evaluation of the Aphicide Activity of Two Essential Oils on the Survival of the Black Citrus Aphid Toxoptera aurantii (Boyer de Fonscolombe) (Homoptera: Aphididae)
Authors: Fahad Kaoutar, Brhadda Najiba, Ziri Rabea, Benssallem El Hassan, Gmira Najib, Country: Morocco
Views: 38, Downloads: 14

An Assessment of Slum Dwellers in Jammu City: A Geographical Approach
Authors: Swati Sharma, Country: India
Views: 25, Downloads: 14

A Study on Efficacy of Intravenous Diclofenac and Ketorolac on Post Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Pain
Authors: S Jenifer Maria, Radhesh Hegde, Country: India
Views: 21, Downloads: 13

A Case Report of Pyrexia Treated by Homoeopathy
Authors: Dr. Arvind Sharma, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Meena, Country: India
Views: 22, Downloads: 13

Isolated Trochlear Lymphadenopathy: A Rare Presentation of Filarial Worm Infestation
Authors: Soudamini Mahapatra, Dilleswari Pradhan, Subhashree Subhasmita Dash, Country: India
Views: 24, Downloads: 13

Color Image Enhancement Using Histogram Equalization Method without Changing Hue
Authors: Aditi Sanjay, Rajakumar K, Country: India
Views: 24, Downloads: 13

Radiological Investigation of DMFT Index and Treatment Requirements of Patients Presenting to the Outpatient Clinic
Authors: Dt. Ali ALTINDAG DDS, Country: Turkey
Views: 22, Downloads: 13

A Rare Case of Wegner?s Granulomatosis Misdiagnosed as Pulmonary Koch's in Pregnant Female
Authors: Patel Ashlesh H, Bhavsar Naiya J, Pandey Arvind S , Country: India
Views: 20, Downloads: 12

ACL Grade II, MCL Grade III and Hemarthrosis of Knee Treated Conservatively - 1 Year Physiotherapy Follow Up
Authors: Dr. S. S. Subramanian, Country: India
Views: 24, Downloads: 12

Prosthetic Valve Thrombosis: A Clinical, Echocardiographic and Cinefluoroscopic Study with Special Reference to Thrombolytic Therapy
Authors: Suneetha Karumuri, Harsha Vardhan Reddy, Nitin Kabra, Country: India
Views: 24, Downloads: 11

An Exploratory Study to Identify the Behavioural Problems and their Relationship With Demographic Variables among 6-14 Years Government School Going Children of Patiala District, Punjab
Authors: Balwinder Kaur, Anmol Singh, Avinash, Anupamdeep Kaur, Country: India
Views: 24, Downloads: 11

Floristic Composition and Distribution Pattern of Tree Species at Mewar Campus in Rajasthan, India
Authors: Vijay Upadhyay, Sonam Rajput, Country: India
Views: 22, Downloads: 11

Effectiveness of Mirror Therapy on Upper Extremity Motor Function Among Stroke Patients in Selected Hospitals, Kollam
Authors: Ann Benzily, Country: India
Views: 23, Downloads: 11

Timely Pneumatic Tamponade in a Descemet Membrane Detachment for Quality Outcome Post Cataract Surgery
Authors: Dr. Aneesha Vyas, Dr. Kuntal Shah, Dr. Zeel Patel, Dr. Avani Soni, Country: India
Views: 17, Downloads: 10

Assessment of Central Sensitization using Pain Pressure Threshold and Its Association with Disability and Quality of Life in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis
Authors: Neha Dhole, Swati Kubal, Chhaya Verma, Country: India
Views: 19, Downloads: 10
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