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Color Image Enhancement Using Histogram Equalization Method without Changing Hue

Aditi Sanjay, Rajakumar K

Abstract: Digital Image Processing is an emerging field finding applications in several domains of science and engineering. Image processing forms the basis for the pattern recognition and machine learning technologies. Color Image Processing deals with different color spaces and models for performing operations on an image of one type and transform it to another model for efficient analysis and feature manipulation. In this paper, a new image enhancement method is established for better visual perception and improving image quality. Here a color image enhancement method is presented by using color image histogram equalization HE approach followed by adaptation of the image in H,S,V channels and Histogram equalization technique on the S channel , This hypothetical method should have better visual colorfulness than the conventional HE.

Keywords: recognition , machine learning , histogram equalization, enhancement ,color spaces, color models ,image analysis , channels

Country: India, Subject Area: Computer Engineering

Pages: 299 - 304

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 11, November 2019

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Aditi Sanjay, Rajakumar K, "Color Image Enhancement Using Histogram Equalization Method without Changing Hue", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 11, November 2019, 299 - 304

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