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Hoi An - Perspective from Urban Morphology

Pham Trong Thuat

Abstract: This article focuses on analyzing the urban morphology of Hoi An historic change under development, in specific, analyzing the characteristics of the street, organisation the public space, the development in architecture in order to point out the factors that affect the long-term sustainability of this ancient town. The argument is the traditional settlement patterns, is set taking into account social cohesion, local economic interactions and the dominant factors directly to the urban morphology of Hoi An. At the same time, the analysis shows that the changes from the original architecture to a new architecture is the process of adapting to new elements, but remains the main ways of organizing properties.

Keywords: Hoian; urban morphology; urban history; old trading port; asean urban; policies of urban development.

Country: Vietnam, Subject Area: Urban and Rural Planning

Pages: 36 - 39

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 11, November 2019

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Pham Trong Thuat, "Hoi An - Perspective from Urban Morphology", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 11, November 2019, 36 - 39

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