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Recently Published: The Implementation of Maritime Curriculum in Indonesia          ||          The Invention of Dark Matter and Authentic Galactic Star Dynamics          ||          Disaster Recovery - Foundation Pillars          ||          Evaluation of Methodology and Comparative Study between Micro Typing System Gel Card and Conventional Tube Techniques for Cross Matching in a Tertiary Care Centre          ||          De-fluoridation by Mangrove Microbe          ||          Pharmacognostic Estimation of Powder and Microscopic Analysis of Leaves Stem of Vitex Castofolia          ||          Bioremediation of Lead by a Halophilic Bacteria Bacillus pumilus Isolated from the Mangrove Regions of Karnataka          ||          Application of ABC-VED Matrix Analysis to Control the Inventory of a Central Pharmacy in a Public Hospital: A Case Study          ||          Structural Study of Acetylene Thin Films Absorbed on Exfoliated Graphite (0001)          ||          Relationship between the Committee Service and Competency of Learning Management in Education and Effectiveness of Technical Substantive Technical Publication in Scientific Publication in Education and Training Center for Technical Education and Religion          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Pelvic Exenteration Surgery: Experience of a Tertiary Cancer Institution in South India          ||          Automatic Water Level Controller          ||          Management of Oral and Maxillofacial Soft Tissue Injuries: Serial Case          ||          Surgical Correction of Cleft Lip Accompanied with Macrostomia: Case Report          ||          A Study of Clinical Profile of Deviated Nasal Septum and to Determine the Efficacy of Surgery          ||          A Study of Clinical Profile of Deviated Nasal Septum and to Determine the Efficacy of Surgery          ||          Teaching Metric Relations in a Triangle through WhatsApp, A Case Study of Students in Grade 12, Section General Sciences, in a Public School in Beirut          ||          Improving Reading Skill of Freshman Students at the English Department of Kabul University          ||          Development of Edugame Mathematics Learning Media with Innovative Expository Methods in Ar Raudah Bandar Lampung Elementary School          ||          The Implementation of Maritime Curriculum in Indonesia          ||          Improvement of Conversion Efficiency and Enhancement in Output Power of Solar Panel          ||          Design and Analysis of Solar Panel with Tilting Arrangement          ||          Study of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) in Solar Panels          ||          Legal Protection of Medical Records as Evidence Tool in Law Enforcement Process          ||          Legal Aspects of Aoutonomousindonesia Medical Discipline Honorary Council in the Completion of Medical Disputes          ||          Juridical Analysis of Telemedic Legality in Medical Services Using Technology          ||          Air Quality Prediction Modelling and its Validation in the Near Field of Urban Roadway of Delhi, India          ||          Education and Comparative Literature: The Renewal of the Feminine Paradigm in Literature and in Cinema: The Case of the Film Brave          ||          Legal Protection of Medical Records as Evidence Tool in Law Enforcement Process          ||          A Quest of Anti-Biofilm Activity of Zingiber officinale Root and Coriandrum sativum Seed Extract Against Clinical Isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus          ||         

Volume 8 Issue 10, October 2019: Page 4

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Case Report: Disseminated Non Epidemic Kaposi Sarcoma in Non HIV Non Organ Transplant Heterosexual Yemeni Man: A Discussion of Possible Etiology
Authors: Rabab Taha, Roaa Al-osaimi, Omar Alhusaini, Mona Al-Fares, Country: Saudi Arabia
Views: 63, Downloads: 22

Operations Research in Financial Markets
Authors: Aashray Juneja, Aditya Gogia, Ananya Sehgal, Ansh Gupta, Anuja Mandvekar, Country: India
Views: 37, Downloads: 19

The Prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus in Taif Region, Saudi Arabia during 2013- 2014
Authors: Sitalnesa Abdelhafeez, Hameed Al-Swat, Sawsan Babiker, Omaima Nasir, B A. Eisa, Country: Saudi Arabia
Views: 23, Downloads: 18

The Impact of Gender on Language Acquisition of Saudi Women
Authors: Hadeel Hadi Madkhali, Country: Saudi Arabia
Views: 58, Downloads: 16

Opinion Mining and Analysis on Demonetization in India
Authors: Ashish Jitendra Roy, Rahil Rajesh Parikh, Country: India
Views: 23, Downloads: 13

Kinetic Study for Removal of Cu+2 from Waste Water by Chemically Modified Bio-Adsorbents of Citrus Reticulata
Authors: Sonam Kumari, Country: India
Views: 18, Downloads: 12

Exertional Induced Rhabdomyolysis: A Case Study Report
Authors: Miaaz Zidan, Omar Rawi, Azza Ahmed, Country: Qatar
Views: 27, Downloads: 12

Uncommon Presentation of Primary Oral Syphilis: Multiple Herpetiform Chancres in HIV-Negative Patient
Authors: Gimenez J, Belloni S, Mottillo P, Maturana SM, Gandolfo MS, Country: Argentina
Views: 24, Downloads: 11

Prevalence of Concurrent Wasting and Stunting among Children 6-59 Months of Age: A Meta-Analysis of Demographic and Health Survey in G5 Sahel Countries
Authors: Hamidine Hassane, Oumarou D. Halima, Rebecca F. Grais, Balla Abdourahamane, Country: Niger
Views: 22, Downloads: 11

Predictors of Loss to Follow-Up among Adult Patients Initiated on Antiretroviral Therapy in Nakuru West Sub-County Health Facilities, Kenya
Authors: Kibet G. J., Arudo J, Sakwa G., Country: Kenya
Views: 19, Downloads: 11

Occurrence of Anaemia and Its Risk Factors among Adolescent Girls
Authors: Shalini, Dipti Y. Sorte, Dr. Vandana Chauhan, Country: India
Views: 22, Downloads: 10

Capital Structure and Performance of Listed Firms: The Moderating Effect of Financial Innovation
Authors: David Waiganjo Waweru, Sun Guang Guo, Country: China
Views: 22, Downloads: 10

A Phytochemical Screening of the Ethanolic Extract of Aloe Vera Gel
Authors: Abhishek Jha, Deena Prakash, Divya Bisht, Country: India
Views: 23, Downloads: 10

The Study of Multidrug Resistance Escherichia Coli in Drinking Water Samples from 3rd, 5th and 11th Districts of Kabul City
Authors: Ahmad Wali Ataye, Dr. Arash Nemat MD, Country: Afghanistan
Views: 19, Downloads: 10

Techniques of Weaving Silk from Self-Woven Silkworms and Lotus Thread of Artisan Phan Thi Thuan in Phung Xa Craft Village, My Duc district, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Authors: Phi Thi Thu Hoang, Dao Thi Luu, Le Thi Hanh Lien, Nguyen Thi Hai Yen, Country: Vietnam
Views: 26, Downloads: 10

The Effect of Leadership Style to Motivation and Job Satisfaction
Authors: Ni Luh Nyoman Tolinia Sukma Wardhani1, I Gede Riana, Country: Indonesia
Views: 22, Downloads: 10

Quality Control Product to Reduce Loss Chemicals with Six Sigma Methods
Authors: Meike Elsye Beatrix, Country: Indonesia
Views: 27, Downloads: 10

Engine Performance Characteristics Evaluation of a Single Cylinder 4-Stroke Diesel Engine with Neem and Pongamia
Authors: Praveen Kumar. M. R, Dr. S. Vidyashankar, Dr. Shivappa, S Puneeth, Country: India
Views: 29, Downloads: 9

Monitoring of Photovoltaic System
Authors: Aldi Mucka, Andi Hida, Boris Cfarku, Country: Albania
Views: 25, Downloads: 9

Study of Changes in Visual Acuity and Keratometric Readings after Pterygium Excision Surgery
Authors: Dr. Pooja S Chandarana, Dr.Vimal J Vyas, Country: India
Views: 19, Downloads: 9

A Study on Fundus Changes Seen in Long Bone Fractures
Authors: V Raghu, B N Sharat Chandra, Country: India
Views: 17, Downloads: 9

Modified Dickson Charge Pump Voltage Multiplier Using High Voltage Gain Converter
Authors: Suganya A V, Brindha Sakthi B, Country: India
Views: 14, Downloads: 9

Information Communication Technology: Examining the Digital Divide in JRMSU System
Authors: Leonardo D. Cainta, Pretty Abegail C. Pacilan, Country: Philippines
Views: 25, Downloads: 9

Pigmented Basal Cell Carcinoma: Unusual Presentation - A Rare Case Series
Authors: Dr. Omar Bali, Dr. Reeta Dhar, Dr. M. B. Hoogar, Country: India
Views: 23, Downloads: 9

Factors Affecting Food Shortage in Sub-Saharan African: Case of Benin, Burkina and Niger
Authors: Mohamed Nasser BACO, Country: Benin
Views: 18, Downloads: 8

Study of Infertility-Related Stress among Couples and its Correlation with Infertility Factors
Authors: Farah Jalal Mahmood Al-Dabagh, Suhairsadic Mohammed Amin Al-Alousi, Country: Iraq
Views: 22, Downloads: 8

Recycling Concept Starts from the Design Stage: Five Architectural Applications based on the Reuse of Construction and Demolition Waste
Authors: Merhan M. Shahda, Nancy M. Badawy, Country: Egypt
Views: 19, Downloads: 8

Study on Implementation and Usage of Operations Research in Chilean Forestry Industry
Authors: Anushka Deepak Chitnis, Arpit Bhanushali, Aryan Mulchandani, Aviral Pachori, Deep Patel, Country: India
Views: 22, Downloads: 8

Anaesthetic Management of Patient with Large Atrial Septal Defect with Mild Pulmonary Hypertension Posted for Left Patella Fracture Repair
Authors: Pooja Neogi, Vishwas Sathe, Robin Gupta, Country: India
Views: 11, Downloads: 8

Planning for Water Accessibility of Urban Poor Settlements: Case Study of Vijayawada City, Andhra Pradesh, India
Authors: Padala Kanaka Maha Lakshmi, Adinarayanane Ramamurthy, Country: India
Views: 14, Downloads: 8

Ocular Hypotony after Baervaeld Shunt Implantation for Glaucoma
Authors: Julinda Jaho, Suzana Nuellari, Elona Bucaj, Country: Albania
Views: 14, Downloads: 8

Nanotechnology Based Drug Delivery Systems
Authors: Pankaj Rajdeo, Country: India
Views: 18, Downloads: 7

Radiographical Errors in Dental Students Work
Authors: Batool S. Abbas, Areej A. Najm, Jwan A.Mohammed, Maryam A. Abdul Kareem, Mina A. Abdulkareem, Country: Iraq
Views: 23, Downloads: 7

A Study on Association between Vitamin D Deficiency and Diabetic Retinopathy in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Authors: Dr. Bharati Gogoi, Dr. Barnali Bhattacharrya Thakur, Dr. Lakhimai Beypi, Country: India
Views: 22, Downloads: 7

Study of Incidence of Macular Edema in Diabetic Retinopathy
Authors: Dr. Neeti R. Sheth, Dr. Tanvi M. Kamothi, Country: India
Views: 17, Downloads: 7

The Myth of SUN Purple Sweet Potato Baby Cereal Advertisement in Television (A Semiotic Study)
Authors: Suci Budiwaty, Tadjuddin Maknun, Akin Duli, Muhammad Hasyim, Country: Indonesia
Views: 13, Downloads: 7

Dental Panoramic Imaging Efficiency in Measurement of Gonial Angle Degree in Relation to Gender and Age
Authors: Noor B. Hassan, Areej A. Najm, Mina A. Abdulkareem, Maryam A. Abdul Kareem, Jwan A. Mohammed, Country: Iraq
Views: 22, Downloads: 7

Framing Disability and Gender into Intersectionality Theory: An Analytical Review
Authors: Md Shahrier Haider, Country: Bangladesh
Views: 19, Downloads: 7

The Buddhist Perspective of Interpritivism as a Philosophical Base for Social Science Research
Authors: MM Jayawardena, WAAK Amaratunga, Country: Sri Lanka
Views: 14, Downloads: 7

Poverty Alleviation Strategies of the Rural Women in Bangladesh: A Study of Two Selected Villages in Naogaon District
Authors: Kanij Fatema Kanon, Country: Bangladesh
Views: 14, Downloads: 7

Comparison of Caudal Bupivacaine Alone with Dexmedetomidine as an Adjuvant with Bupivacaine for Post Operative Analgesia in Paediatric Patient Undergoing Inguinal Region Surgeries
Authors: Dr Pooja Agrawal, Dr Aishwarya Bandewar, Dr Olvyna D'souza, Country: India
Views: 18, Downloads: 7

Tooth Pain, Alveolar Bone Necrosis and Spontaneous Exfoliation of Multiple Teeth Following Herpes Zoster Infection of Trigeminal Nerve: A Case Report
Authors: Dr Manjeet Singh, Country: India
Views: 20, Downloads: 7

Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma of oral cavity: A Case Report and Treatment Considerations
Authors: Dr Manjeet Singh, Country: India
Views: 20, Downloads: 7

A Study on the use of Problem-Posing Approach and Pre-Service Elementary Teacher's Creativity, Anxiety and Beliefs to Teach Mathematics: A Systematic Review
Authors: Dr. Packiya Raj Senthamarai, Country: Maldives
Views: 14, Downloads: 7

Knowledge Representation Approaches in Artificial Intelligence
Authors: Dr. Ms. Sampada Gulavani, Country: India
Views: 16, Downloads: 7

Experimental investigation of Bituminous Concrete Mix Using Rice Husk Ash as a Mineral Filler
Authors: Shivu Khatri, Gautam Bir Singh Tamrakar, Country: Nepal
Views: 15, Downloads: 7

Clinical Study of Dacryocystits, Its Microbiological Profile and Response to Management in a Tertiary Hospital
Authors: Dr. V. M. Sahasrabudhe, Dr. Arshi Siddiqui, Country: India
Views: 13, Downloads: 7

Discrimination of Weeds in Cotton Fields in Sikasso
Authors: Bourama COULIBALY, Dr Kya Abraham Berthe, Dr Awa Soronf? Doumbia, Dr. Bernard Sidibe, Country: Mali
Views: 17, Downloads: 7

Calculation of Astrophysical S-factor for the 60Ni(p,y)61Cu Reaction Below Coulomb Barrier
Authors: Animesh Kumer Chakraborty, Country: Bangladesh
Views: 12, Downloads: 7

Economic Analysis on Green Building in Colombia and its Advantages
Authors: Orjuela Sanabria Cristian Ricardo, Uribe Celis Sandra Liliana, Ospina Lozano Sandra Elodia, Country: Colombia
Views: 18, Downloads: 7

Pollution Controlling in Vehicles by Using an Alarm
Authors: R. Archana Devi, S. S. Sharmila, Country: India
Views: 15, Downloads: 7

Transcatheter Device Closure of Atrial Septal Defect and Patent Ductus Arteriosus: Single Center Experience from Central India
Authors: Pradeep P. Deshmukh, Mohit M. Singh, Mukund A. Deshpande, Sunil N. Washimkar, Atul S. Rajput, Sandeep P. Chaurasia, Country: India
Views: 14, Downloads: 7

The Impact of Rice Field Size and Rice Price on Farmers Welfare in Indonesia
Authors: Made Kembar Sri Budhi, I Nyoman Mahaendra Yasa, Country: Indonesia
Views: 15, Downloads: 7

Randomized Comparative Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Ropivacaine 0.125% Versus 0.2% with Fentanyl in Epidural Labor Analgesia
Authors: Dr Krishna, Dr. Athyun, Country: India
Views: 21, Downloads: 6

Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Cardiovascular Features among Iraqi Individuals with Alcohol Abuse
Authors: Dr. Adel Al- Shammari, Country: Iraq
Views: 13, Downloads: 6

Main Directions of Improving the Transboundary Water Resources Management with World Experience
Authors: Yakovyuk Viktor, Country: Ukraine
Views: 13, Downloads: 6

Low Percentage Missing Imputation using KNN, NB and DT
Authors: Abdullah Hussein Al-Amoodi, Country: Malaysia
Views: 11, Downloads: 6

Clinical, Cytological and Genotypic Correlation between Oral Mucosa and Lower Genital Tract Lesions Related to HPV Infection in Women
Authors: Nalli G., Mastrotta P., Verdu S., Country: Argentina
Views: 16, Downloads: 6

PHA: An Alternative to Plastic
Authors: Gagandeep, Country: India
Views: 18, Downloads: 6

Comparative Analysis on the effect of EMS and MSG on the stomata of Tinospora cordifolia(Willd.)
Authors: Sarita Lohra, Kamini Kumar, Country: India
Views: 12, Downloads: 6

ARM Cortex M Processor Custom Boot Loader
Authors: Chethan S K, Country: India
Views: 13, Downloads: 6

A Study on Use of Two Doses of Mifepristone Followed by Misoprostol in Pregnancies with Intrauterine Foetal Death in Mid and Late Trimester
Authors: B. S. Jodha, Kamlesh Kumar Rawal, Country: India
Views: 15, Downloads: 6

Primary Observations on Complex Problems Related to the Phenomena of "Scholar Mobility" and "Mobility of Internally Meaningful Relations in a Small Community" in the Context of a Research Project
Authors: Zhana Gancheva, Country: Bulgaria
Views: 11, Downloads: 6

Phacoemulsification versus Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery in Hard Nuclear Cataracts
Authors: Dr. Roopa Naik, Dr. Trupti Amrute, Country: India
Views: 23, Downloads: 5

Metabolic Syndrome: Knowledge of Accredited Social Health Activist Workers: A Descriptive Study
Authors: Elizabeth A J, Country: India
Views: 11, Downloads: 5

Exclusion and Inclusion in The News Text of Tri Rismaharini (Critical Discourse Analysis: Surabaya?s Suicide Bombing Case)
Authors: Dwi Nitisari, Hamzah A. Machmoed, Tadjuddin Maknun, Ikhwan M. Said, Country: Indonesia
Views: 13, Downloads: 5

Review of Narora Unit 1 Fire Event of March 1993
Authors: Srisht Pall Singh, Country: India
Views: 63, Downloads: 5

Teaching Performance of the Grade 11 English Teachers in the University of Eastern Philippines
Authors: Lewelyn H. Merida, Country: Philippines
Views: 13, Downloads: 5

Clinical Profile of Patients Presenting with Lower Gastrointestinal Bleed in a Tertiary Care Hospital from South India
Authors: Dr. Varadaraj P Gokak, Dr Santosh D Hajare, Dr Amar Patil, Dr Ravikant Kantamaneni, Country: India
Views: 10, Downloads: 5
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