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Uncommon Presentation of Primary Oral Syphilis: Multiple Herpetiform Chancres in HIV-Negative Patient
Authors: Gimenez J, Belloni S, Mottillo P, Maturana SM, Gandolfo MS, Country: Argentina

Occurrence of Anaemia and Its Risk Factors among Adolescent Girls
Authors: Shalini, Dipti Y. Sorte, Dr. Vandana Chauhan, Country: India

Nanotechnology Based Drug Delivery Systems
Authors: Pankaj Rajdeo, Country: India

Engine Performance Characteristics Evaluation of a Single Cylinder 4-Stroke Diesel Engine with Neem and Pongamia
Authors: Praveen Kumar. M. R, Dr. S. Vidyashankar, Dr. Shivappa, S Puneeth, Country: India

Factors Affecting Food Shortage in Sub-Saharan African: Case of Benin, Burkina and Niger
Authors: Mohamed Nasser BACO, Country: Benin

Radiographical Errors in Dental Students Work
Authors: Batool S. Abbas, Areej A. Najm, Jwan A.Mohammed, Maryam A. Abdul Kareem, Mina A. Abdulkareem, Country: Iraq

Randomized Comparative Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Ropivacaine 0.125% Versus 0.2% with Fentanyl in Epidural Labor Analgesia
Authors: Dr Krishna, Dr. Athyun, Country: India

Monitoring of Photovoltaic System
Authors: Aldi Mucka, Andi Hida, Boris Cfarku, Country: Albania

Capital Structure and Performance of Listed Firms: The Moderating Effect of Financial Innovation
Authors: David Waiganjo Waweru, Sun Guang Guo, Country: China

Study of Changes in Visual Acuity and Keratometric Readings after Pterygium Excision Surgery
Authors: Dr. Pooja S Chandarana, Dr.Vimal J Vyas, Country: India

A Phytochemical Screening of the Ethanolic Extract of Aloe Vera Gel
Authors: Abhishek Jha, Deena Prakash, Divya Bisht, Country: India

Phacoemulsification versus Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery in Hard Nuclear Cataracts
Authors: Dr. Roopa Naik, Dr. Trupti Amrute, Country: India

A Study on Fundus Changes Seen in Long Bone Fractures
Authors: V Raghu, B N Sharat Chandra, Country: India

Study of Infertility-Related Stress among Couples and its Correlation with Infertility Factors
Authors: Farah Jalal Mahmood Al-Dabagh, Suhairsadic Mohammed Amin Al-Alousi, Country: Iraq

Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Cardiovascular Features among Iraqi Individuals with Alcohol Abuse
Authors: Dr. Adel Al- Shammari, Country: Iraq

A Study on Association between Vitamin D Deficiency and Diabetic Retinopathy in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Authors: Dr. Bharati Gogoi, Dr. Barnali Bhattacharrya Thakur, Dr. Lakhimai Beypi, Country: India

The Study of Multidrug Resistance Escherichia Coli in Drinking Water Samples from 3rd, 5th and 11th Districts of Kabul City
Authors: Ahmad Wali Ataye, Dr. Arash Nemat MD, Country: Afghanistan

Prevalence of Concurrent Wasting and Stunting among Children 6-59 Months of Age: A Meta-Analysis of Demographic and Health Survey in G5 Sahel Countries
Authors: Hamidine Hassane, Oumarou D. Halima, Rebecca F. Grais, Balla Abdourahamane, Country: Niger

Study of Incidence of Macular Edema in Diabetic Retinopathy
Authors: Dr. Neeti R. Sheth, Dr. Tanvi M. Kamothi, Country: India

Kinetic Study for Removal of Cu+2 from Waste Water by Chemically Modified Bio-Adsorbents of Citrus Reticulata
Authors: Sonam Kumari, Country: India

Recycling Concept Starts from the Design Stage: Five Architectural Applications based on the Reuse of Construction and Demolition Waste
Authors: Merhan M. Shahda, Nancy M. Badawy, Country: Egypt

Case Report: Disseminated Non Epidemic Kaposi Sarcoma in Non HIV Non Organ Transplant Heterosexual Yemeni Man: A Discussion of Possible Etiology
Authors: Rbab Taha, Roaa Al-osaimi, Omar Alhusaini, Mona Al-Fares, Country: Saudi Arabia

Metabolic Syndrome: Knowledge of Accredited Social Health Activist Workers: A Descriptive Study
Authors: Elizabeth A J, Country: India

The Myth of SUN Purple Sweet Potato Baby Cereal Advertisement in Television (A Semiotic Study)
Authors: Suci Budiwaty, Tadjuddin Maknun, Akin Duli, Muhammad Hasyim, Country: Indonesia

The Prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus in Taif Region, Saudi Arabia during 2013- 2014
Authors: Sitalnesa Abdelhafeez, Hameed Al-Swat, Sawsan Babiker, Omaima Nasir, B A. Eisa, Country: Saudi Arabia

Dental Panoramic Imaging Efficiency in Measurement of Gonial Angle Degree in Relation to Gender and Age
Authors: Noor B. Hassan, Areej A. Najm, Mina A. Abdulkareem, Maryam A. Abdul Kareem, Jwan A. Mohammed, Country: Iraq

Exclusion and Inclusion in The News Text of Tri Rismaharini (Critical Discourse Analysis: Surabaya?s Suicide Bombing Case)
Authors: Dwi Nitisari, Hamzah A. Machmoed, Tadjuddin Maknun, Ikhwan M. Said, Country: Indonesia

Main Directions of Improving the Transboundary Water Resources Management with World Experience
Authors: Yakovyuk Viktor, Country: Ukraine

Techniques of Weaving Silk from Self-Woven Silkworms and Lotus Thread of Artisan Phan Thi Thuan in Phung Xa Craft Village, My Duc district, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Authors: Phi Thi Thu Hoang, Dao Thi Luu, Le Thi Hanh Lien, Nguyen Thi Hai Yen, Country: Vietnam

Framing Disability and Gender into Intersectionality Theory: An Analytical Review
Authors: Md Shahrier Haider, Country: Bangladesh

The Buddhist Perspective of Interpritivism as a Philosophical Base for Social Science Research
Authors: MM Jayawardena, WAAK Amaratunga, Country: Sri Lanka

Low Percentage Missing Imputation using KNN, NB and DT
Authors: Abdullah Hussein Al-Amoodi, Country: Malaysia

Poverty Alleviation Strategies of the Rural Women in Bangladesh: A Study of Two Selected Villages in Naogaon District
Authors: Kanij Fatema Kanon, Country: Bangladesh

Operations Research in Financial Markets
Authors: Aashray Juneja, Aditya Gogia, Ananya Sehgal, Ansh Gupta, Anuja Mandvekar, Country: India

Comparison of Caudal Bupivacaine Alone with Dexmedetomidine as an Adjuvant with Bupivacaine for Post Operative Analgesia in Paediatric Patient Undergoing Inguinal Region Surgeries
Authors: Dr Pooja Agrawal, Dr Aishwarya Bandewar, Dr Olvyna D'souza, Country: India

Tooth Pain, Alveolar Bone Necrosis and Spontaneous Exfoliation of Multiple Teeth Following Herpes Zoster Infection of Trigeminal Nerve: A Case Report
Authors: Dr Manjeet Singh, Country: India

Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma of oral cavity: A Case Report and Treatment Considerations
Authors: Dr Manjeet Singh, Country: India

Exertional Induced Rhabdomyolysis: A Case Study Report
Authors: Miaaz Zidan, Omar Rawi, Azza Ahmed, Country: Qatar

A Study on the use of Problem-Posing Approach and Pre-Service Elementary Teacher's Creativity, Anxiety and Beliefs to Teach Mathematics: A Systematic Review
Authors: Dr. Packiya Raj Senthamarai, Country: Maldives

Opinion Mining and Analysis on Demonetization in India
Authors: Ashish Jitendra Roy, Rahil Rajesh Parikh, Country: India

Study on Implementation and Usage of Operations Research in Chilean Forestry Industry
Authors: Anushka Deepak Chitnis, Arpit Bhanushali, Aryan Mulchandani, Aviral Pachori, Deep Patel, Country: India

Clinical, Cytological and Genotypic Correlation between Oral Mucosa and Lower Genital Tract Lesions Related to HPV Infection in Women
Authors: Nalli G., Mastrotta P., Verdu S., Country: Argentina

Knowledge Representation Approaches in Artificial Intelligence
Authors: Dr. Ms. Sampada Gulavani, Country: India

Experimental investigation of Bituminous Concrete Mix Using Rice Husk Ash as a Mineral Filler
Authors: Shivu Khatri, Gautam Bir Singh Tamrakar, Country: Nepal

Modified Dickson Charge Pump Voltage Multiplier Using High Voltage Gain Converter
Authors: Suganya A V, Brindha Sakthi B, Country: India

The Impact of Gender on Language Acquisition of Saudi Women
Authors: Hadeel Hadi Madkhali, Country: Saudi Arabia

Review of Narora Unit 1 Fire Event of March 1993
Authors: Srisht Pall Singh, Country: India

The Effect of Leadership Style to Motivation and Job Satisfaction
Authors: Ni Luh Nyoman Tolinia Sukma Wardhani1, I Gede Riana, Country: Indonesia

Predictors of Loss to Follow-Up among Adult Patients Initiated on Antiretroviral Therapy in Nakuru West Sub-County Health Facilities, Kenya
Authors: Kibet G. J., Arudo J, Sakwa G., Country: Kenya

Clinical Study of Dacryocystits, Its Microbiological Profile and Response to Management in a Tertiary Hospital
Authors: Dr. V. M. Sahasrabudhe, Dr. Arshi Siddiqui, Country: India

Discrimination of Weeds in Cotton Fields in Sikasso
Authors: Bourama COULIBALY, Dr Kya Abraham Berthe, Dr Awa Soronf? Doumbia, Dr. Bernard Sidibe, Country: Mali

Calculation of Astrophysical S-factor for the 60Ni(p,y)61Cu Reaction Below Coulomb Barrier
Authors: Animesh Kumer Chakraborty, Country: Bangladesh

Economic Analysis on Green Building in Colombia and its Advantages
Authors: Orjuela Sanabria Cristian Ricardo, Uribe Celis Sandra Liliana, Ospina Lozano Sandra Elodia, Country: Colombia

Anaesthetic Management of Patient with Large Atrial Septal Defect with Mild Pulmonary Hypertension Posted for Left Patella Fracture Repair
Authors: Pooja Neogi, Vishwas Sathe, Robin Gupta, Country: India

Pollution Controlling in Vehicles by Using an Alarm
Authors: R. Archana Devi, S. S. Sharmila, Country: India

Quality Control Product to Reduce Loss Chemicals with Six Sigma Methods
Authors: Meike Elsye Beatrix, Country: Indonesia

PHA: An Alternative to Plastic
Authors: Gagandeep, Country: India

Comparative Analysis on the effect of EMS and MSG on the stomata of Tinospora cordifolia(Willd.)
Authors: Sarita Lohra, Kamini Kumar, Country: India

ARM Cortex M Processor Custom Boot Loader
Authors: Chethan S K, Country: India

Teaching Performance of the Grade 11 English Teachers in the University of Eastern Philippines
Authors: Lewelyn H. Merida, Country: Philippines

Transcatheter Device Closure of Atrial Septal Defect and Patent Ductus Arteriosus: Single Center Experience from Central India
Authors: Pradeep P. Deshmukh, Mohit M. Singh, Mukund A. Deshpande, Sunil N. Washimkar, Atul S. Rajput, Sandeep P. Chaurasia, Country: India

Planning for Water Accessibility of Urban Poor Settlements: Case Study of Vijayawada City, Andhra Pradesh, India
Authors: Padala Kanaka Maha Lakshmi, Adinarayanane Ramamurthy, Country: India

The Impact of Rice Field Size and Rice Price on Farmers Welfare in Indonesia
Authors: Made Kembar Sri Budhi, I Nyoman Mahaendra Yasa, Country: Indonesia

Clinical Profile of Patients Presenting with Lower Gastrointestinal Bleed in a Tertiary Care Hospital from South India
Authors: Dr. Varadaraj P Gokak, Dr Santosh D Hajare, Dr Amar Patil, Dr Ravikant Kantamaneni, Country: India

A Study on Use of Two Doses of Mifepristone Followed by Misoprostol in Pregnancies with Intrauterine Foetal Death in Mid and Late Trimester
Authors: B. S. Jodha, Kamlesh Kumar Rawal, Country: India

Ocular Hypotony after Baervaeld Shunt Implantation for Glaucoma
Authors: Julinda Jaho, Suzana Nuellari, Elona Bucaj, Country: Albania

Primary Observations on Complex Problems Related to the Phenomena of "Scholar Mobility" and "Mobility of Internally Meaningful Relations in a Small Community" in the Context of a Research Project
Authors: Zhana Gancheva, Country: Bulgaria

Information Communication Technology: Examining the Digital Divide in JRMSU System
Authors: Leonardo D. Cainta, Pretty Abegail C. Pacilan, Country: Philippines

Pigmented Basal Cell Carcinoma: Unusual Presentation - A Rare Case Series
Authors: Dr. Omar Bali, Dr. Reeta Dhar, Dr. M. B. Hoogar, Country: India
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