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"MISTERYO" angDaygonsa Cebuano: An Ethnography
Authors: Lito L. Diones DA, Dulce B. Anlagan, Ed. D. (Cand), Janice G. Graber Ph.D., Country: Philippines

The Study on Diversity of Phytoplankton in Wan Reservoir at Nagapur, Marathwada Region
Authors: Vidya D. Gulbhile, Country: India

Diagnosis and Insulinoma Management Approach
Authors: Ida Ayu Praba Mahimadevi, Ketut Suastika, Country: Indonesia

Comparison of Loss of Heterozygosity as a Marker of Various Histological Grades of Squamous Cell Cancer
Authors: Dr Nitu Sharma, Dr Rajat K Sharma, Country: India

q-Continuity Equation
Authors: Amna Hasan, Country: Sudan

An Overview of Fiber Reinforced Concrete, FRC and Fibers Properties and Current Applications
Authors: Ayman G. Abdel-Rhaman, Faiz A. M. Mirza, Abdulrahman A. Salah, Country: Saudi Arabia

Lotus Sutra: Analyze and Practise in Life
Authors: Nguyen Ngoc Tho, Country: India

Optimization of Machining Parameters on Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) of Maraging Steels C300
Authors: Pottakarla Mahesh, Akkala Yakanna, Country: India

Risk Factors for Red Cell Alloimmunisation in Multi-Transfused Patients in a Referral Hospital, North-Eastern India
Authors: Okram Geetchandra Singh, L. Dorendro, Country: India

Mechanical vs. Logical Memory in the Use of Personal Technology among Nigerian Senior Secondary School Students
Authors: Udoye, Ngozi T., Country: Nigeria

Optimized Artificial Neural Network Model for the Prediction of Domestic Companies Index Direction under the Botswana Stock Market
Authors: Peter O. Peter, Country: Botswana

Advances in Biology Teaching Objectives in China
Authors: Minglin Chen, Lijuan Wan, Yuan Hu, Xu Zhang, Xiaoyu Wang, Country: China

Impacts of Triage Protocol on Nurses Knowledge, Performance and Subjective Record of Resuscitation Room
Authors: Manal Tharwat Abozeed, Country: Saudi Arabia

Monitoring and Modelling of Shoreline Change for Coastal Zone Management off Mangalore Coast, Karnataka, India
Authors: Rahisha Thottolil, Shreedhara V, K C Gouda, Country: India

Hemichorea Associated with Nonketotic Hyperglycemia
Authors: Calica Aghata Laksmana, Ni Nyoman Ayu Suciarini, Anak Agung Istri Kumala Dewi, Country: Indonesia

Surgical Management of Cataract with Anterior Uveitis
Authors: Dr. Rajendra Nath Gogoi, Dr. Bikram Dam, Country: India

IOT based Smart Healthcare with Patient Monitoring System
Authors: Shubham Taneja, Narayanamoorthy M, Country: India

Implementation of Industrial Relations Disputes Settlement Policy through Mediation in Indonesia
Authors: Friska Prastya Harlis, Herwan Abdul Muhyi, Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Country: Indonesia

Nutritional and Therapeutic Potential of Superseeds and it used in Preparation of Ready to Eat Food- Superseeds Dalupma/Uppindi
Authors: Mansi Mandal, Sunita Mishra, Country: India

Enhanced Bactericidal Activity of Green Synthesized Gold Nanoparticles from Neptuniatriquetra
Authors: Ahmed Khaldoon Yasir, Suman Joshi DS Doddapaneni, Kishore Babu M, Krishna Satya Alapati, Country: India

Effects of Heat Stress on the Main Organs of the Male Reproductive Tract of Anisopteromalus calandrae Howard (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae)
Authors: Kafui Yolande Ella ANANI, Abla Dela Mondedji, Mauricette S.-W. Ouali N'goran, Komina Amevoin, Christophe Bressac, Isabelle Adole Glitho, Country: Ivory Coast

A Case of Post Traumatic Comminuted Distal Femoral Fracture Internally Fixed Using Locking Compression Condylar Plates
Authors: Dr. Arvind Natarajan .K, Dr. Battu Dinesh, Country: India

Learning Styles to Academic Performance: An Evaluation
Authors: Glenn Landicho, Country: Philippines

Laser Reduction of Periodontal Pathogens in the Periodontal Pocket using a Nd:YAG Laser - A Literature Review
Authors: Mariya Miteva, Country: Bulgaria

A Study to Assess the Myths, Beliefs and Perceptions about Mental Disorders among Adults in Selected Community at Gonda, Uttar Pradesh
Authors: Aspin R, Country: India

Adaptive Immunity in Breast Cancer Iraqian Women
Authors: Ahmed Jassim Hammadee, Harith Sami Ali, Country: Iraq

Evaluation of the Health Impacts of Lead Pollution from the Surface Waters of the Djiri River by Crossing Hazard and Vulnerability Issues (Republic of Congo)
Authors: NGOUBOU Roch Corneille, DINGA Jean Bienvenu et NGANGA Dominique, Country: Congo

Analysis of Behavior Extraction on Social Life Issues Using Sentiment Analysis: A Review
Authors: Adnan Beg, Country: India

Valuation Model of financial decision making company of State Company (BUMN), Foreign Company (PMA) and Private Company in Indonesian Listed Company (IDX)
Authors: Fauzi R. Rahim, Muhammad Ali, Syamsu Alam, Mursalim Nohong, Country: Indonesia

Liquisolid Technique: A Novel Approach to Enhance Solubility of Poorly Soluble Drugs
Authors: Pankaj Rajdeo, Amey Sukhia, Akash Nirware, Ravi Rajdeo, Country: India

Demolition of the Building - Review
Authors: Arpita R Naik, Country: India

Serum Lipid Profile of Rats Fed Wheat-Margarine - Avocado Cake Blends
Authors: Igyor M.A., Eteng G. O.,Olaitan N.I., Iombor T.T., Igbua F.Z., Country: Nigeria

Menopause & Homoeopathy
Authors: Dr. Sonal Sinha, Country: India

Impact of Building Materials on Socially Sustainable Architecture
Authors: Ar. Soma Anil Mishra, Dr. R. K. Pandit, Country: India

Geographic Information System for Crime Prevention: A Geo-Spatial Analysis in Colombo Suburbs, Sri Lanka
Authors: Rev. Pinnawala Sangasumana, K. S. Pathirana, Country: Sri Lanka

Urban Housing Condition in Moradabad City: A Study of Selected Wards
Authors: Dr. Lubna Khalil, Country: India

Virtual OS of Semi-Authorized in a Smartphones
Authors: Moceheb Lazam Shuwandy, Country: Malaysia

Platonic Academy Vis-A-Vis Contemporary Indian Education System
Authors: Tanu Kapoor, Country: India

Efficacy of Different Traps for Controlling Cucurbit Fruit Fly, Bactrocera Cucurbitae (COQ) on Host Bottle Gourd, Lagenaria Siceraria
Authors: Md. Mahmudul Hasan Sohel, Tahmina Akter, Ayesha Akter, Country: Bangladesh

Study of Some Performance Factors in Long Distance Race for Senegalese Runners using Matlab and Kinovea
Authors: Djibril Seck, Daouda Diouf, Ibrahima Ndiaye, Country: Senegal

Extension of Mercer Theorem for Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space on Noncompact Sequence of Sets
Authors: M. H. Ahmed Yahya, Country: Sudan

A Maxillary Second Molar with an Unusual Positioning of Palato-Mesiobuccal Canal: A Case Report
Authors: Prashant Shetty, Pooja Khandagale, Reema Jangid, Jilesh Kumar, Pradeep Bapna, Country: India

Students Co-Peer under Guidance Study (SCOPUS) Model - A Conceptual Framework for Students? Development
Authors: Dr. Pradnya Deepak Dandekar, Country: India

Study on Grid Connected Photovoltaic System Using PSIM Program
Authors: Vu Minh Phap, Country: Vietnam

Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme regarding Knowledge on Menstrual Hygiene among Adolescent Girls
Authors: Bindu Verma, Rohini Sharma, Country: India

Research on the Customer Behavior and the Strategy of China?s Company to the Customers
Authors: Guo Nyuhuan, Country: China

Effect of Rice and Lentil as Mixed Meals on Postprandial Relative Glycemic Response in Healthy Adults
Authors: Basim H. Faraj, Saudi M. Al-Nazal, A. A. Ayoub, Country: Iraq

Plant Factory Data Processing based on Deep Learning Algorithm
Authors: Chen Jie-Jie, Country: China

A Descriptive Study to Assess the Risk Taking Behviour among Adolescents in Selected Schools at Bharuch
Authors: G. Stella Gracy, Country: India

Synthesis and Studies of Innovative Analogous of 3-(2-amino, 4-methyl phenyl)-3-(Substituted Phenyl) Tetrachlorophthalide
Authors: Prabha Chauhan, Chandrabhan Rathaur, Country: India

Problems and Countermeasures of Financial Management in Chinese State-Owned Enterprises
Authors: Tao Wang, Jiao Wang, Country: China

Social Capital and Transaction Costs in Fulani Women Dairy Processing Units in the District of Gogounou, Benin
Authors: Ismail Moumouni-Moussa, Country: Benin

Prognosis and Natural History of Drug-Related Atrioventricular Block
Authors: Dr Anup Kumar Boro, Dr Habibar Rahman, Dr Prabir Kumar Gupta, Drbiplab Paul, Country: India

A Contrastive Analysis of English and Arabic Phrasal Verbs: Difficulties and Alternatives
Authors: Amnah A Madkhali, Country: Saudi Arabia

Ocular Manifestations in Rheumatoid Arthritis and their Co-Relation with Anti Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Antibodies
Authors: Dr. Indira Pegu, Dr. Bharoti S. Puzari, Dr. Sanjeeb Kakati, Dr. Gargi Choudhury, Country: India

Functional Analysis of Classical Contractile Estimation in Riley and Exponential Distribution under Different Loss Functions Based on Censored Data
Authors: Sayed Hazrat Sadat, Country: Afghanistan

A Clinical Study of incidence and Risk Factors for Primary Postpartum Haemorrhage at Tertiary Care Hospital
Authors: Dr. Manju Meena, Dr.Sureshkumar Meena, Prof. Hanslata Gehlot, Country: India

Study of Water Quality Assessment during Ganesh Idol Immersion and its Impact on Machna River Water, District - Betul, (M.P.)
Authors: Dr. D. S. Saluja, Country: India

Etiology of Pancytopenia in Adult Population by Bone Marrow Examination - A Description Study
Authors: Dr. Simi Sidharthan, Dr. Shameem Ummer Ali, Dr. Prabhalakshmi, Country: India

Application of Neural Networks to Load Frequency Control in Power Systems with Four Control Areas
Authors: Aldi Mucka, Astrit Bardhi, Denis Qirollari, Country: Albania

Comparative Analysis of the Efficiency in Programming Languages: A Case of Study
Authors: Jesus A. Roman, Maria-Luisa Perez-Delgado, Country: Spain

Oral Lesions Associated with Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
Authors: Verdu S1, Mastrotta P, Nalli G, Country: Argentina

Production and Quality Evaluation of Maize, Cassava and Soybeans Composite Flour
Authors: Igbua F. Z., Adejo S. O., Igoli N. P, Daagema A. A, Country: Nigeria

Law and Society
Authors: Tanu Kapoor, Country: India

Efficacy of Homoeopathic Thyriodinum 3x in Hypothyroidism in Both Sexes between Age Group 20 to 40 Years
Authors: Dr. Anwat Sangita, Dr. Swati B. Jadhav, Country: India

Prevalence of Cognitive Dysfunction among Geriatric Population attending Outpatient Departments of Selected Tertiary Hospitals of Pune
Authors: Lt Col Sindhu Gopal, Lt Col D Mitra, Country: India

Social and Emotional Wellbeing of Children: Facilitating Role of Bibliotherapy
Authors: Dr Rekha Sapra, Country: India

Electronic Banking Fraud in India: Effects and Controls
Authors: Dr. Seema Thakur, Country: India

Improvement of Methods for the Prevention of Cancer
Authors: ZH.?. Sayrambayeva, ?.B. Otarbayeva, Country: Kazakhstan

Comparative Study - Electrocautery versus Scalpel in Joel Cohen Abdominal Incision in Women Undergoing Cesarean Section
Authors: Purvi Agrawal, Country: India

Role of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria in Sustainable Agriculture: A Review
Authors: Toshaani Goel, Country: India

Research on the Buying Behavior and the Description of Cellphone Company's Customers
Authors: Hong Fuchun, Country: Malaysia

Movement Disorder: Post CABG and Role of Physiotherapy
Authors: Dr. S. S. Subramanian, Country: India

Knowledge Regarding Antibiotic Abuse amongst Dental Students of a Dental College in North India
Authors: Dr. Shweta Singh, Dr. Sahana S, Dr. Anuradha P, Dr. Manu Narayan, Dr. Sugandha Agarwal, Country: India

Influence of Spacing and Graded Levels of NPK on Yield and Protein Content of Quality Protein Maize (Zea mays L.)
Authors: Khadim Hussain Hamdam, A. P. Vishwanath, Andani Gowda, Country: India

Use of Trichoderma virens in the Control of Tomato Sclerotinia in Cote ''Ivoire
Authors: N'GUESSAN Aya Carine, AMARI Ler N'Ogn Dade Georges Elisee, ABO Kouabenan, PAKORA Gilles Alex, CAMARA Brahima, DOUMBOUYA Mohamed, KONE Daouda, Country: Ivory Coast

Set Phrase as a Syntactic Phenomenon
Authors: San'at Shodiyev, Country: Uzbekistan

Sustainability of Recycled PET Bottle
Authors: Shourya Agarwal, Country: India

Agency Banking Transactions on Financial Performance of Primary Business of Small Scale Enterprises in Kiambu Town, Kenya
Authors: Judith Thogori Nyambura, Jagongo Ambrose, Fredrick Ndede, Country: Kenya

Income Generating Projects of Bulacan Agricultural State College: An Assessment
Authors: Reynante P. Blas, Country: Philippines

Existence and Multiplicity of Solutions for a Steklov System Involving the (p, q)-Laplacian
Authors: Youness Oubalhaj, Belhadj Karim, Abdellah Zerouali, Country: Morocco

Status of Food Security in Andhra Pradesh
Authors: Geetika Trivedi, Country: India

A Case Report of Sjogren's Syndrome
Authors: Dr. Abinaya .R, Dr. Sai Shankar, Country: India

What is the Meaning Customer Citizenship Behavior? A Review
Authors: Halim Dwi Putra, Country: Indonesia

A Study to Assess the Knowledge of Nurses Regarding the Care of Neonate on Photo Therapy in Selected Hospital, Bagalkot
Authors: Ankit Kumar Garg, Country: India

Urban Expansion and Loss of Agricultural Land: a GIS based study of Kiambu County
Authors: Esther Barbara Kanini Njiru, Country: Kenya

Management of Adhesive Small Bowel Obstruction Using Gastrografin - A Prospective Study
Authors: Dr Aniket Surushe, Dr V.V. Kanase , Dr Shekhargouda, Dr Shruti Surushe, Country: India

Influence of Educational Diversity on Workforce Productivity of Co-Operative Bank of Kenya
Authors: Anne Kakenya, Dr. Rose Litunya Ph.D, Country: Kenya

Physicians' Views On Defensive Medicine: A National Survey in Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal Hospital at National Guard, Dammam City, Eastern Proviance Saudi Arabia 2018-2019
Authors: Dr. Shaher Alqahtani, Dr. Marzooq Alshammary, Country: Saudi Arabia

Effect of Tax Planning and Deferred Tax Burden on Profit Management with Institutional Ownership as a Moderation
Authors: Mega Humairoh, Waluyo, Country: Indonesia

Labour Market Integration in Finland: Agency as Framework for Third Country Female Immigrants
Authors: Ayuk Nyakpo Orock, Country: Seychelles

Gender influence on Sasaknese?s Perspective of Im/Politeness on Complaining Utterances
Authors: Titik Ceriyani Miswaty, Burhanuddin Arafah, Marthen L. Manda, Harlina Sahib, Country: Indonesia

Indirect Meaning of Tembang Dangdang Gule Saking Sunan Bonang in Sasak Wedding Ceremony
Authors: Syamsurrijal, Burhanuddin Arafah, Mustafa Makka, Fathu Rahman, Country: Indonesia

Short Successful Cases with the Help of Knerr Repertory
Authors: Dr. Keerti Pathak, Country: India

A Case Report on Immune Hydrops Fetalis
Authors: Dr. Kamireddy Arun Kumar Reddy, Dr. Sai Shankar, Country: India

Relationships of Social Networks, Social Responsibility and Destination Decision, A Study of Central Highlands, Vietnam
Authors: Luu Thi Thanh Mai, Country: Vietnam

Atomospheric Concentraon of Curvularia Spores Over Sunflower Fields
Authors: G. M. Pathare, Country: India

Modern State and Perspectives for the Effective Use of Tuyabuguz Reservoir of Uzbekistan
Authors: U. T. Mirzaev, M. Sh. Atamuratova, Country: Uzbekistan

4H-SiC P-i-N Diodes: Development of Technology and Research of Microwave Switches Based on it
Authors: A.A. Lebedev, A.V. Kirillov, L.P. Romanov, A.V. Zubov, A.M. Strelchuk, Country: Russia

Differential Diagnostic Methods of Klaibya& Nanpusaka (Male Sexual Dysfunctions) Ayurvedic View
Authors: Dr. Dhola Ram Saini, Dr. Shri Ram Saini, Country: India
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