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Impact of Dye Effluent on Seed Germination, Seedling Growth and Chlorophyll Content of Soybean (Glycine max L.)
Authors: Pratibha Mahawar, Azra Akhtar, Country: India

The Skin as a Space of Memory Inscription: Reflections on Skin Tags and their Role as Elements of Signification in the Constitution of the Subject
Authors: Maria Esther Prates, Edvania Gomes da Silva, Country: Brazil

Impact of Diet and Lifestyle Factors on Hypertension
Authors: V. Durga Nandini, Country: India

Bilateral Juvenile Open Angle Glaucoma: A Rare Case Report
Authors: Dr. Monalisa Deori, Dr. Jayant Ekka, Dr. Jawahar Jyoti Kuli, Country: India

Opioid Withdrawal Delirium - A Case Study
Authors: Dr. Binita Talukdar, Dr. Kunal Deb, Country: India

Rare Site of Scrofuloderma in a 6yrs Male Child
Authors: Sunil Ku. Agarwalla, Rina Meher, Country: India

Incidental Human Fascioliasis in a Patient of Blunt Trauma Abdomen: First Case Report
Authors: Manish Verma, Yajnadatta Sarangi, Sudhir, M G Vashist, Sahil Data, Sunil Kumar, Country: India

Histopathological Changes in the Liver of Channa Gachua (Bloch) Exposed to Biofertilizer
Authors: Sushama Kumari, Dina Nath Pandit, Country: India

Influence of Supplier Development Practices on Procurement Performance in Food and Beverage Manufacturing Firms in Nakuru East Sub - County, Kenya
Authors: Jackline Nabiliki, Dr Daniel M. Wanyoike, Wilfred N. Mbeche, Country: Kenya

Risk and Social Economic Factor as a Management Risk Revealing (Vegetables Farmer Decision Making Study in Pujon Sub District Malang Regency)
Authors: Sugeng Santoso, Country: Indonesia

Teacher Pedagogical Preparedness in Integrating ICT in Instruction in Public Primary Schools in Bungoma County, Kenya
Authors: Simiyu C. Pius, Masibo Edwin, Mutsotso S. Ngome, Country: Kenya

Influence of Technical Support on ICT Integration in Classroom Practices in Public Primary Schools in Bungoma County, Kenya
Authors: Simiyu C. Pius, Mutsotso S., Masibo Edwin, Country: Kenya

Relation between Boolean Metric Spaces and Boolean Valued Rings
Authors: Dr. P. M.Padmalatha, P. Sushma, Country: India

A Quasi Experimental Study on Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Program on Knowledge regarding Preconception Care among Senior College Girls at Selected Colleges
Authors: Kirti L. Sartape, Country: India

Mars Climate Orbiter: Case Analysis
Authors: Alexandra Maria Mavroeidakou, Country: Greece

Peace, From Islam Perspective
Authors: Abdul Mateen Shahidi, Country: Afghanistan

Spontaneous Resolution of Pituitary Adenoma after Apoplexy: A Rare Case Report
Authors: Prashank Goel, Daljit Singh, Hukum Singh, Country: India

Vedhathiri Maharishi and Periyar E. V. Ramasamy View on Women Empowerment
Authors: P. Manonmany, Country: India

Ultrasonographic Estimation of Fetal Gestational Age Using Foot Length as a Parameter
Authors: Shilpa Gupta, Rajni, Country: India

Antimicrobial Activity of Muthuchippi Parpam
Authors: S. Balamurugan, R. Madhavan, Country: India

Public Administration and the Big Data: An Indian Perspective
Authors: Sneh, Country: India

Aims & Objectives of Early Education
Authors: Zubi Rizvi, Country: India

Organoleptic Evaluation of Product by Using Natural Color in Food Product (Cookies)
Authors: Sonika Chaudhary, Neetu Singh, Country: India

Recycle Domestic Wastewater by Biotechnology
Authors: Nam Nguyen Hoang, Hiep Nguyen Hoang, Ha Nguyen Manh, Hung Nguyen Viet, Country: Germany

Analysing and Modifying Bending Machine
Authors: Tirth Vaghasia, Country: India

Non Surgical Healing of Periapical Lesions an Alternative to Surgery: Case Series
Authors: Kruti Kachoriya, Kamal Bagda, Kailash Attur, Kiran Vachhani, Country: India

The Impact of Community Culture on the Success of Management Theories
Authors: Dr. Azmi A. Hajarat, Country: Jordan

Comparison of Nd:YAG, Er,Cr:YSGG and Diode Lasers in Nonsurgical Periodontal Treatment
Authors: Mariya Miteva, Country: Bulgaria

Case Report - Oral Lichen Planus in a Teenager with Cardiofaciocutaneous Syndrome
Authors: Scola MJ, Aguas SC, Adler LI, Gandolfo MS, Country: Argentina

Liquidity and Asset Quality on Sustainable Growth Rate of Banking Sector
Authors: Ahmad Aziz Putra Pratama, Country: Indonesia

Effect of Single Task Training versus Dual Task Training on Balance in Geriatrics
Authors: Priti Agni, Ruchi Brid, Country: India

Prototype Electric Self-Loading Cart
Authors: M.I.C.A. Jose Luis Hernandez Corona, T.S.U. Omar Romano Vazquez, M.I.C.A. Ernesto Mendoza Vazquez, Country: Mexico

Effect of Staff Competencies and Skills on the Effectiveness of Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) in Kajiado County, Kenya
Authors: William Tootio Koitumet, Dr. Kinanga Robert, Ombasa Benjamin, Country: Kenya

Variation of Corn Weevil Sitophilus Zeamais Population in a Hermetic Preservation Minienvironment Depleted of Oxygen
Authors: Duong Nguyen Van, Khanh Le Quoc, Xuan Bui Thanh, Hung Chu Tam, Que Le Xuan, Country: Vietnam

Human Resource Practices and Performance of Tanzania Local Governments
Authors: Damas Dominic Suta, Country: Tanzania

Importance of Localization of the Mandibular Foramen for Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block in a Tertiary Care Hospital
Authors: Dr. S. Muralikrishna, Dr. A. Himabindu, Country: India

A Literature Review on Gender and Manufacturing: with Special Reference to Employees in Global Garment Factories in Sri Lanka
Authors: Hemamalie Gunatilaka, Country: Sri Lanka

Spontaneous Lateral Intra Sphenoidal Meningoencephalocele - A Case Report
Authors: Dr. G. Srujana, Dr. Raj Kumar Patil, Country: India

Medicinal Properties of Papaya (Carica papaya Linn.) and its Sensory Evaluation
Authors: Ashok Kumar, Sunita Mishra, Country: India

Business Analysis Tool for Investment Measures Using Recommendations
Authors: Amulya Bodla, Country: India

Evaluation of Visual Outcome and Intraocular Pressure Control after Cataract Surgery in Lens Induced Glaucoma
Authors: Dr. Monalisha Devi, Dr. J.J Kuli, Country: India

Accessory Roots and Root Canals in Maxillary First Premolars: Case Reports
Authors: Emilia Karova, Christo Christoff, Country: Bulgaria

RP - HPLC Method Development & Validation for the Simultaneous Estimation of Encorafenib and Binimetinib in API & Tablet Dosage Form
Authors: Kafiya Suroor, Kudaravalli Sreedevi, Country: India

Outstanding or Standing out? - An Opinion on the Position of Pharmacists in India
Authors: Anandhasayanam A, Smitha Sarah Thambi, Country: India

The Balance Sheet Critical Analysis of the United Nations Compensation Commission for Iraq
Authors: Thomas Ntamwira Tchesh, Country: Congo

Computer Based Technologies for the Modern Teacher
Authors: Dr. Hamisi Babusa, Country: Kenya

Assessment of Genetic Variability for Yield and Yield Attributing Traits in Finger Millet (Eleusine coracana L. Gaertn.)
Authors: D.B. Lad, A. A. Bhagat, P. U. Mahalle, Country: India

Organizational Commitment and Emotional Intelligence in Nursing Staff: A Co-Relational Study
Authors: Dorwin Das, Surbhi Mokhale, Nidhi Soni, Country: India

Outcome of Transconjunctival Approach in Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty
Authors: Malvika Dhar, Ashok Kumar Sharma, Hans Raj Sharma, Country: India

Hepatoprotective effect of Anisotes trisulcus on Thioacetamide-induced Hepatic Cirrhosis in Male Albino Mice
Authors: Daklallah Ahmed Almalki, Country: Saudi Arabia

Epidemiological Study of Acute and Chronic Cholecystitis in Patients who Undergone Cholecystectomy: The Original Article
Authors: Reza Ghulamreza, Alipanahzadeh Hassan, Azizi Mohamadjavid, Zalmai Saniulla, Baqeri Sayed Abulqasem, Country: Afghanistan

Investigation of Market Factors Influencing Commercialization of Indigenous Chicken Farming by Small Scale Farmers in Kericho County, Kenya
Authors: Benard K. Too, Joash K. Kibett, Michael E. Omunyin, Country: Kenya

Studies of Colour of Some Advanced Parallel of 3-(Naphthoyl)-3-(Substituted Phenyl) Phthalide
Authors: Chandrabhan Rathaur, Prabha Chauhan, Country: India

Obtaining Fractional Fringe Shift in LIGO Type Interferometers using Newtonian Laws of Vector Addition
Authors: Siddhant Pinjarkar, Country: India

Radiological Evaluation of Neonatal Lung Pathologies
Authors: Dr Ankur Chandra, Dr C. Raychaudhuri, Country: India

The Effect of Leverage, Dividend Policy, Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Firm Size on Firm Value in Plantation Companies Listed on IDX
Authors: Aang Munawar, Country: Indonesia

Sideroblastic Anaemia - Anaesthetic Considerations during Emergency Ophthalmic Surgeries
Authors: Dr. Shobha Ravishankar, Country: India

Money Supply and its Impact on Generating Growth in National Product: Conceptualizing a New Macroeconomic Indicator - Acceleration of Money
Authors: Avik Ghosh, Country: India

Factors Associated with the Practice of Physical Activity of Leisure in Adolescents
Authors: Thais Borges Pereira, Fabr?cio Bruno Cardoso, Alisson Padilha de Lima, Country: Brazil

The Effect of the e-Commerce Website, Price and Corporate Brand in Purchase Decisions and Its Implications on Customer Satisfaction in B2B Online Shop
Authors: Sugiyatno, Har Adi Basri, Country: Indonesia

Role of Life Style and Other Factors in Etiopathogenesis of Malavstambha (Constipation)
Authors: Shweta Parwe, Dr. Milind A. Nisargandha, Country: India

The Biology of Fish Which Exists in the Water Basin of the Chirchik River
Authors: Quvatov A. Q., Namozov S. M., Dekhqonova D. R., Country: Uzbekistan

Effects of Fair-Trade Certification Standards on Performance of Coffee Cooperatives in Rwanda
Authors: Aphrodis Ngendabanga, Patrick Mulyungi, Fredah K. Wanzala, Country: Rwanda

Survival of Earth Worm in Crude Oil Contaminated Soil
Authors: J. Sureka, Arockiam Thaddeus, Country: India

Mechanism Design for Improved Resolution in Refreshable Tactile Graphics
Authors: Rishabh Mohan Sharma, Sankalp Katiyar, Simranjit Singh, Country: India

Biological Evaluation of Some New 1,3,4-Oxadiazole Derivatives
Authors: Nazia A. Rashidi, Country: India

Confucius's Doctrine of the Rectification of Names
Authors: Nguyen Van Y, Country: Vietnam

Comparison between Medial Plantar and Reverse Sural Artery Flap in Reconstruction of Posterior Heel Defects: A Single Institutional Study
Authors: Dr R J Sree Charan MS, Dr Dexter R Marak MS, Country: India

Factors Affecting Scientific Research Results by Teachers of Universities Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Authors: Do Thuan Hai, Country:

A Portrait of Millennial Business Educators in the 21st Century: Opportunities and Challenges
Authors: Leomar C. Miano, Country: Philippines

Assessing the Impact of Change in Rainfall and Temperature on Crop Yields (Maize and Cassava) in Some Selected Areas in Ghana
Authors: Wisdom Osabutey, Yuan Shaofeng, Xu Jianchun, Patrick Gbolonyo, Country: China

Authors: Priyalekha, Yathish, Surya Prakash, Country: India

A Study on Consumer Perception towards Social Media Advertising with Special Reference to Coimbatore City
Authors: Dr. M. Thirumagal Vijaya, Country: India

Analysis of Innovation in Nigeria Small and Medium Enterprises: Implication for Economic Growth
Authors: Nwatu Emmanuel Chukwuemeka, Makama Lawrence Linus, Country: Nigeria

Analysis of Technical Power Losses at ILE IFE Distribution Network
Authors: Onaopemipo Taiwo, Country: Nigeria

Angiolymphoid Hyperplasia with Eosinophilia: A Case Report
Authors: Talib Yosuf Al-Ani, Hala Nari, Country: Iraq

Stethoscope: What Are You Hiding?
Authors: Shourya Shrestha, Mahesh Reddy R, Country: India

Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax
Authors: Kshitij Motke, Country: India

Heat Delivered to the Premises by the Heating System, and the Actual Amount of Heat Needed to Heat the Premises
Authors: Pawe? Michnikowski, Country: Poland

Application of Geo-Spatial Technique in River Shifting Analysis of the Ghaghara River: Case Study from Bahraich to Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, India
Authors: Pawan Kumar Gautam, Country: India

Vermicomposting of Eicchornia, Ipomea and Parthenium using Different Species of Earthworm
Authors: P. Porkodi, T. Athistalatha, Dr. Arokiam Thaddeus, Country: India

Estimating and Forecasting Bitcoin Daily Returns Using ARIMA-GARCH Models
Authors: Emaeyak Xavier Udom, Country: Nigeria

Confirmatory Factor of Satisfaction Analysis of Education Service at the Politeknik Negeri Samarinda (POLNES)
Authors: Achmad Rodzali, Garini Widosari, Country: Indonesia

"Aton" True Cell, Atom and Particle Concept
Authors: Ilija Lakicevic, Country: Serbia

Reforms in Health Sector after Implementation of Ayushman Bharat Yojana in Government Medical College Jammu J&K
Authors: Dr. Akhil Kumar Gupta, Dr. Tanvi Gupta, Country: India

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of Buccal Mucosa: A Rare Case Report
Authors: Deepthi .T .R, Sajeeshraj A, Lata P. Warad, Adarsh VJ, Kavitha AP, Country: India

A Pre-Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Pranayama to Reduce the Level of Stress among Elderly People Residing in Selected Old Age Homes in Delhi NCR
Authors: Jaimika Patel, Lavanya Nandan, Country: India

Biomedical Waste Management in Visakhapatnam with Future Perspective
Authors: Dr. Yashoda Tammineni, Country: India

Deconstruction and Material Reuse - Role of Architect
Authors: Meenu Latha Goyal, Manju .C, Thrivikram N B, Umesh R, Country: India

Power Sharing Strategy in Islanded Microgrids
Authors: Xuan Hoa Thi Pham, Country: Vietnam

The Effect of Smoke and the Effect of Treatment of Asthma in Females by Measuring the Vitamin D and Bone Mineral Density
Authors: Gunapriya Raghunath, Bala Maheswari. K, Asha Latha, Country: India

Modelling Water Productivity Of Maize Crop under Deficit Irrigation Using Aquacrop Model
Authors: C. C. Kapkwang, E. C. Kipkorir, D. Raes, Country: Kenya

The Role of Robust ICT in Fostering Agricultural Extension, Rural Development and Food Security
Authors: J. S. Owotogbe, B. A. Adu, B. Adu, Country: Nigeria

Analysis of Factors Affecting the Intention to Use of the Application of Pt. Xyz In Jakarta
Authors: Rayan Nurbadi, Ir. Togar Alam Napitupulu, Brolyn Pratama, Arinda Amyus, Country: Indonesia

Specific Composition of Cicada in Alfalfa Fields of Uzbekistan
Authors: Kozhevnikova Alevtina Grigoryevna, Country: Uzbekistan

Management Information Systems
Authors: Ali Mohamed Saeid, Country: Turkey

Comparison of N-by-1 Rectangular Patch Antenna Design at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
Authors: Damaraju Sri Sai Satyanarayana, Arpitha Nanagiri, Country: India

Retinopathy of Prematurity
Authors: Jonnadula Aravind, Lalitha Devi. S, Ramya Krishna, Purva Agarwal, Country: India

Essential Hypertension and Its Homoeopathic Therapeutics
Authors: Dr. Yogeshwari Gupt, Dr. Bhikharam Kumawat, Country: India
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