International Journal of Science and Research(IJSR)
Volume 8 Issue 10, October 2019
Table of Contents
Sr.No. Article Title Page No.
1 Impact of Dye Effluent on Seed Germination, Seedling Growth and Chlorophyll Content of Soybean (Glycine max L.) 1 - 5
Authors: Pratibha Mahawar, Azra Akhtar, Country: India
2 The Skin as a Space of Memory Inscription: Reflections on Skin Tags and their Role as Elements of Signification in the Constitution of the Subject 6 - 8
Authors: Maria Esther Prates, Edvania Gomes da Silva, Country: Brazil
3 Impact of Diet and Lifestyle Factors on Hypertension 9 - 12
Authors: V. Durga Nandini, Country: India
4 Bilateral Juvenile Open Angle Glaucoma: A Rare Case Report 13 - 15
Authors: Dr. Monalisa Deori, Dr. Jayant Ekka, Dr. Jawahar Jyoti Kuli, Country: India
5 Opioid Withdrawal Delirium - A Case Study 16 - 17
Authors: Dr. Binita Talukdar, Dr. Kunal Deb, Country: India
6 Rare Site of Scrofuloderma in a 6yrs Male Child 18 - 19
Authors: Sunil Ku. Agarwalla, Rina Meher, Country: India
7 Incidental Human Fascioliasis in a Patient of Blunt Trauma Abdomen: First Case Report 20 - 21
Authors: Manish Verma, Yajnadatta Sarangi, Sudhir, M G Vashist, Sahil Data, Sunil Kumar, Country: India
8 Histopathological Changes in the Liver of Channa Gachua (Bloch) Exposed to Biofertilizer 22 - 25
Authors: Sushama Kumari, Dina Nath Pandit, Country: India
9 Influence of Supplier Development Practices on Procurement Performance in Food and Beverage Manufacturing Firms in Nakuru East Sub - County, Kenya 26 - 34
Authors: Jackline Nabiliki, Dr Daniel M. Wanyoike, Wilfred N. Mbeche, Country: Kenya
10 Risk and Social Economic Factor as a Management Risk Revealing (Vegetables Farmer Decision Making Study in Pujon Sub District Malang Regency) 35 - 49
Authors: Sugeng Santoso, Country: Indonesia
11 Teacher Pedagogical Preparedness in Integrating ICT in Instruction in Public Primary Schools in Bungoma County, Kenya 50 - 54
Authors: Simiyu C. Pius, Masibo Edwin, Mutsotso S. Ngome, Country: Kenya
12 Influence of Technical Support on ICT Integration in Classroom Practices in Public Primary Schools in Bungoma County, Kenya 55 - 61
Authors: Simiyu C. Pius, Mutsotso S., Masibo Edwin, Country: Kenya
13 Relation between Boolean Metric Spaces and Boolean Valued Rings 62 - 64
Authors: Dr. P. M.Padmalatha, P. Sushma, Country: India
14 A Quasi Experimental Study on Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Program on Knowledge regarding Preconception Care among Senior College Girls at Selected Colleges 65 - 67
Authors: Kirti L. Sartape, Country: India
15 Mars Climate Orbiter: Case Analysis 68 - 69
Authors: Alexandra Maria Mavroeidakou, Country: Greece
16 Peace, From Islam Perspective 70 - 72
Authors: Abdul Mateen Shahidi, Country: Afghanistan
17 Spontaneous Resolution of Pituitary Adenoma after Apoplexy: A Rare Case Report 73 - 77
Authors: Prashank Goel, Daljit Singh, Hukum Singh, Country: India
18 Vedhathiri Maharishi and Periyar E. V. Ramasamy View on Women Empowerment 78 - 80
Authors: P. Manonmany, Country: India
19 Ultrasonographic Estimation of Fetal Gestational Age Using Foot Length as a Parameter 81 - 83
Authors: Shilpa Gupta, Rajni, Country: India
20 Antimicrobial Activity of Muthuchippi Parpam 84 - 86
Authors: S. Balamurugan, R. Madhavan, Country: India
21 Public Administration and the Big Data: An Indian Perspective 87 - 90
Authors: Sneh, Country: India
22 Aims & Objectives of Early Education 91 - 92
Authors: Zubi Rizvi, Country: India
23 Organoleptic Evaluation of Product by Using Natural Color in Food Product (Cookies) 93 - 97
Authors: Sonika Chaudhary, Neetu Singh, Country: India
24 Recycle Domestic Wastewater by Biotechnology 98 - 102
Authors: Nam Nguyen Hoang, Hiep Nguyen Hoang, Ha Nguyen Manh, Hung Nguyen Viet, Country: Germany
25 Analysing and Modifying Bending Machine 103 - 105
Authors: Tirth Vaghasia, Country: India
26 Non Surgical Healing of Periapical Lesions an Alternative to Surgery: Case Series 106 - 111
Authors: Kruti Kachoriya, Kamal Bagda, Kailash Attur, Kiran Vachhani, Country: India
27 The Impact of Community Culture on the Success of Management Theories 112 - 117
Authors: Dr. Azmi A. Hajarat, Country: Jordan
28 Comparison of Nd:YAG, Er,Cr:YSGG and Diode Lasers in Nonsurgical Periodontal Treatment 118 - 121
Authors: Mariya Miteva, Country: Bulgaria
29 Case Report - Oral Lichen Planus in a Teenager with Cardiofaciocutaneous Syndrome 122 - 124
Authors: Scola MJ, Aguas SC, Adler LI, Gandolfo MS, Country: Argentina
30 Liquidity and Asset Quality on Sustainable Growth Rate of Banking Sector 125 - 128
Authors: Ahmad Aziz Putra Pratama, Country: Indonesia
31 Effect of Single Task Training versus Dual Task Training on Balance in Geriatrics 129 - 132
Authors: Priti Agni, Ruchi Brid, Country: India
32 Prototype Electric Self-Loading Cart 133 - 136
Authors: M.I.C.A. Jose Luis Hernandez Corona, T.S.U. Omar Romano Vazquez, M.I.C.A. Ernesto Mendoza Vazquez, Country: Mexico
33 Effect of Staff Competencies and Skills on the Effectiveness of Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) in Kajiado County, Kenya 137 - 144
Authors: William Tootio Koitumet, Dr. Kinanga Robert, Ombasa Benjamin, Country: Kenya
34 Variation of Corn Weevil Sitophilus Zeamais Population in a Hermetic Preservation Minienvironment Depleted of Oxygen 145 - 149
Authors: Duong Nguyen Van, Khanh Le Quoc, Xuan Bui Thanh, Hung Chu Tam, Que Le Xuan, Country: Vietnam
35 Human Resource Practices and Performance of Tanzania Local Governments 150 - 156
Authors: Damas Dominic Suta, Country: Tanzania
36 Importance of Localization of the Mandibular Foramen for Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block in a Tertiary Care Hospital 157 - 159
Authors: Dr. S. Muralikrishna, Dr. A. Himabindu, Country: India
37 A Literature Review on Gender and Manufacturing: with Special Reference to Employees in Global Garment Factories in Sri Lanka 160 - 165
Authors: Hemamalie Gunatilaka, Country: Sri Lanka
38 Spontaneous Lateral Intra Sphenoidal Meningoencephalocele - A Case Report 166 - 167
Authors: Dr. G. Srujana, Dr. Raj Kumar Patil, Country: India
39 Medicinal Properties of Papaya (Carica papaya Linn.) and its Sensory Evaluation 168 - 170
Authors: Ashok Kumar, Sunita Mishra, Country: India
40 Business Analysis Tool for Investment Measures Using Recommendations 171 - 173
Authors: Amulya Bodla, Country: India
41 Evaluation of Visual Outcome and Intraocular Pressure Control after Cataract Surgery in Lens Induced Glaucoma 174 - 179
Authors: Dr. Monalisha Devi, Dr. J.J Kuli, Country: India
42 Accessory Roots and Root Canals in Maxillary First Premolars: Case Reports 180 - 183
Authors: Emilia Karova, Christo Christoff, Country: Bulgaria
43 RP - HPLC Method Development & Validation for the Simultaneous Estimation of Encorafenib and Binimetinib in API & Tablet Dosage Form 184 - 190
Authors: Kafiya Suroor, Kudaravalli Sreedevi, Country: India
44 Outstanding or Standing out? - An Opinion on the Position of Pharmacists in India 191 - 193
Authors: Anandhasayanam A, Smitha Sarah Thambi, Country: India
45 The Balance Sheet Critical Analysis of the United Nations Compensation Commission for Iraq 194 - 198
Authors: Thomas Ntamwira Tchesh, Country: Congo
46 Computer Based Technologies for the Modern Teacher 199 - 202
Authors: Dr. Hamisi Babusa, Country: Kenya
47 Assessment of Genetic Variability for Yield and Yield Attributing Traits in Finger Millet (Eleusine coracana L. Gaertn.) 203 - 206
Authors: D.B. Lad, A. A. Bhagat, P. U. Mahalle, Country: India
48 Organizational Commitment and Emotional Intelligence in Nursing Staff: A Co-Relational Study 207 - 207
Authors: Dorwin Das, Surbhi Mokhale, Nidhi Soni, Country: India
49 Outcome of Transconjunctival Approach in Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty 208 - 211
Authors: Malvika Dhar, Ashok Kumar Sharma, Hans Raj Sharma, Country: India
50 Hepatoprotective effect of Anisotes trisulcus on Thioacetamide-induced Hepatic Cirrhosis in Male Albino Mice 212 - 215
Authors: Daklallah Ahmed Almalki, Country: Saudi Arabia
52 Epidemiological Study of Acute and Chronic Cholecystitis in Patients who Undergone Cholecystectomy: The Original Article 221 - 224
Authors: Reza Ghulamreza, Alipanahzadeh Hassan, Azizi Mohamadjavid, Zalmai Saniulla, Baqeri Sayed Abulqasem, Country: Afghanistan
53 Investigation of Market Factors Influencing Commercialization of Indigenous Chicken Farming by Small Scale Farmers in Kericho County, Kenya 225 - 230
Authors: Benard K. Too, Joash K. Kibett, Michael E. Omunyin, Country: Kenya
54 Studies of Colour of Some Advanced Parallel of 3-(Naphthoyl)-3-(Substituted Phenyl) Phthalide 231 - 235
Authors: Chandrabhan Rathaur, Prabha Chauhan, Country: India
55 Obtaining Fractional Fringe Shift in LIGO Type Interferometers using Newtonian Laws of Vector Addition 236 - 239
Authors: Siddhant Pinjarkar, Country: India
56 Radiological Evaluation of Neonatal Lung Pathologies 240 - 243
Authors: Dr Ankur Chandra, Dr C. Raychaudhuri, Country: India
57 The Effect of Leverage, Dividend Policy, Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Firm Size on Firm Value in Plantation Companies Listed on IDX 244 - 252
Authors: Aang Munawar, Country: Indonesia
58 Sideroblastic Anaemia - Anaesthetic Considerations during Emergency Ophthalmic Surgeries 253 - 255
Authors: Dr. Shobha Ravishankar, Country: India
59 Money Supply and its Impact on Generating Growth in National Product: Conceptualizing a New Macroeconomic Indicator - Acceleration of Money 256 - 261
Authors: Avik Ghosh, Country: India
60 Factors Associated with the Practice of Physical Activity of Leisure in Adolescents 262 - 266
Authors: Thais Borges Pereira, Fabr?cio Bruno Cardoso, Alisson Padilha de Lima, Country: Brazil
61 The Effect of the e-Commerce Website, Price and Corporate Brand in Purchase Decisions and Its Implications on Customer Satisfaction in B2B Online Shop 267 - 272
Authors: Sugiyatno, Har Adi Basri, Country: Indonesia
62 Role of Life Style and Other Factors in Etiopathogenesis of Malavstambha (Constipation) 273 - 275
Authors: Shweta Parwe, Dr. Milind A. Nisargandha, Country: India
63 The Biology of Fish Which Exists in the Water Basin of the Chirchik River 276 - 277
Authors: Quvatov A. Q., Namozov S. M., Dekhqonova D. R., Country: Uzbekistan
64 Effects of Fair-Trade Certification Standards on Performance of Coffee Cooperatives in Rwanda 278 - 283
Authors: Aphrodis Ngendabanga, Patrick Mulyungi, Fredah K. Wanzala, Country: Rwanda
65 Survival of Earth Worm in Crude Oil Contaminated Soil 284 - 288
Authors: J. Sureka, Arockiam Thaddeus, Country: India
66 Mechanism Design for Improved Resolution in Refreshable Tactile Graphics 289 - 295
Authors: Rishabh Mohan Sharma, Sankalp Katiyar, Simranjit Singh, Country: India
67 Biological Evaluation of Some New 1,3,4-Oxadiazole Derivatives 296 - 297
Authors: Nazia A. Rashidi, Country: India
68 Confucius's Doctrine of the Rectification of Names 298 - 300
Authors: Nguyen Van Y, Country: Vietnam
69 Comparison between Medial Plantar and Reverse Sural Artery Flap in Reconstruction of Posterior Heel Defects: A Single Institutional Study 301 - 304
Authors: Dr R J Sree Charan MS, Dr Dexter R Marak MS, Country: India
70 Factors Affecting Scientific Research Results by Teachers of Universities Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 305 - 311
Authors: Do Thuan Hai, Country:
71 A Portrait of Millennial Business Educators in the 21st Century: Opportunities and Challenges 312 - 315
Authors: Leomar C. Miano, Country: Philippines
72 Assessing the Impact of Change in Rainfall and Temperature on Crop Yields (Maize and Cassava) in Some Selected Areas in Ghana 316 - 323
Authors: Wisdom Osabutey, Yuan Shaofeng, Xu Jianchun, Patrick Gbolonyo, Country: China
73 Time 324 - 324
Authors: Priyalekha, Yathish, Surya Prakash, Country: India
74 A Study on Consumer Perception towards Social Media Advertising with Special Reference to Coimbatore City 325 - 328
Authors: Dr. M. Thirumagal Vijaya, Country: India
75 Analysis of Innovation in Nigeria Small and Medium Enterprises: Implication for Economic Growth 329 - 334
Authors: Nwatu Emmanuel Chukwuemeka, Makama Lawrence Linus, Country: Nigeria
76 Analysis of Technical Power Losses at ILE IFE Distribution Network 335 - 339
Authors: Onaopemipo Taiwo, Country: Nigeria
77 Angiolymphoid Hyperplasia with Eosinophilia: A Case Report 340 - 342
Authors: Talib Yosuf Al-Ani, Hala Nari, Country: Iraq
78 Stethoscope: What Are You Hiding? 343 - 347
Authors: Shourya Shrestha, Mahesh Reddy R, Country: India
79 Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax 348 - 349
Authors: Kshitij Motke, Country: India
80 Heat Delivered to the Premises by the Heating System, and the Actual Amount of Heat Needed to Heat the Premises 350 - 361
Authors: Pawe? Michnikowski, Country: Poland
81 Application of Geo-Spatial Technique in River Shifting Analysis of the Ghaghara River: Case Study from Bahraich to Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, India 362 - 368
Authors: Pawan Kumar Gautam, Country: India
82 Vermicomposting of Eicchornia, Ipomea and Parthenium using Different Species of Earthworm 369 - 375
Authors: P. Porkodi, T. Athistalatha, Dr. Arokiam Thaddeus, Country: India
83 Estimating and Forecasting Bitcoin Daily Returns Using ARIMA-GARCH Models 376 - 382
Authors: Emaeyak Xavier Udom, Country: Nigeria
84 Confirmatory Factor of Satisfaction Analysis of Education Service at the Politeknik Negeri Samarinda (POLNES) 383 - 387
Authors: Achmad Rodzali, Garini Widosari, Country: Indonesia
85 "Aton" True Cell, Atom and Particle Concept 388 - 395
Authors: Ilija Lakicevic, Country: Serbia
86 Reforms in Health Sector after Implementation of Ayushman Bharat Yojana in Government Medical College Jammu J&K 396 - 398
Authors: Dr. Akhil Kumar Gupta, Dr. Tanvi Gupta, Country: India
87 Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of Buccal Mucosa: A Rare Case Report 399 - 401
Authors: Deepthi .T .R, Sajeeshraj A, Lata P. Warad, Adarsh VJ, Kavitha AP, Country: India
88 A Pre-Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Pranayama to Reduce the Level of Stress among Elderly People Residing in Selected Old Age Homes in Delhi NCR 402 - 405
Authors: Jaimika Patel, Lavanya Nandan, Country: India
89 Biomedical Waste Management in Visakhapatnam with Future Perspective 406 - 407
Authors: Dr. Yashoda Tammineni, Country: India
90 Deconstruction and Material Reuse - Role of Architect 408 - 411
Authors: Meenu Latha Goyal, Manju .C, Thrivikram N B, Umesh R, Country: India
91 Power Sharing Strategy in Islanded Microgrids 412 - 427
Authors: Xuan Hoa Thi Pham, Country: Vietnam
92 The Effect of Smoke and the Effect of Treatment of Asthma in Females by Measuring the Vitamin D and Bone Mineral Density 428 - 430
Authors: Gunapriya Raghunath, Bala Maheswari. K, Asha Latha, Country: India
93 Modelling Water Productivity Of Maize Crop under Deficit Irrigation Using Aquacrop Model 431 - 441
Authors: C. C. Kapkwang, E. C. Kipkorir, D. Raes, Country: Kenya
94 The Role of Robust ICT in Fostering Agricultural Extension, Rural Development and Food Security 442 - 445
Authors: J. S. Owotogbe, B. A. Adu, B. Adu, Country: Nigeria
95 Analysis of Factors Affecting the Intention to Use of the Application of Pt. Xyz In Jakarta 446 - 454
Authors: Rayan Nurbadi, Ir. Togar Alam Napitupulu, Brolyn Pratama, Arinda Amyus, Country: Indonesia
96 Specific Composition of Cicada in Alfalfa Fields of Uzbekistan 455 - 457
Authors: Kozhevnikova Alevtina Grigoryevna, Country: Uzbekistan
97 Management Information Systems 458 - 465
Authors: Ali Mohamed Saeid, Country: Turkey
98 Comparison of N-by-1 Rectangular Patch Antenna Design at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 466 - 470
Authors: Damaraju Sri Sai Satyanarayana, Arpitha Nanagiri, Country: India
99 Retinopathy of Prematurity 471 - 478
Authors: Jonnadula Aravind, Lalitha Devi. S, Ramya Krishna, Purva Agarwal, Country: India
100 Essential Hypertension and Its Homoeopathic Therapeutics 479 - 481
Authors: Dr. Yogeshwari Gupt, Dr. Bhikharam Kumawat, Country: India
101 "MISTERYO" angDaygonsa Cebuano: An Ethnography 482 - 488
Authors: Lito L. Diones DA, Dulce B. Anlagan, Ed. D. (Cand), Janice G. Graber Ph.D., Country: Philippines
102 The Study on Diversity of Phytoplankton in Wan Reservoir at Nagapur, Marathwada Region 489 - 490
Authors: Vidya D. Gulbhile, Country: India
103 Diagnosis and Insulinoma Management Approach 491 - 496
Authors: Ida Ayu Praba Mahimadevi, Ketut Suastika, Country: Indonesia
104 Comparison of Loss of Heterozygosity as a Marker of Various Histological Grades of Squamous Cell Cancer 497 - 499
Authors: Dr Nitu Sharma, Dr Rajat K Sharma, Country: India
105 q-Continuity Equation 500 - 503
Authors: Amna Hasan, Country: Sudan
106 An Overview of Fiber Reinforced Concrete, FRC and Fibers Properties and Current Applications 504 - 515
Authors: Ayman G. Abdel-Rhaman, Faiz A. M. Mirza, Abdulrahman A. Salah, Country: Saudi Arabia
107 Lotus Sutra: Analyze and Practise in Life 516 - 520
Authors: Nguyen Ngoc Tho, Country: India
108 Optimization of Machining Parameters on Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) of Maraging Steels C300 521 - 526
Authors: Pottakarla Mahesh, Akkala Yakanna, Country: India
109 Risk Factors for Red Cell Alloimmunisation in Multi-Transfused Patients in a Referral Hospital, North-Eastern India 527 - 530
Authors: Okram Geetchandra Singh, L. Dorendro, Country: India
110 Mechanical vs. Logical Memory in the Use of Personal Technology among Nigerian Senior Secondary School Students 531 - 535
Authors: Udoye, Ngozi T., Country: Nigeria
111 Optimized Artificial Neural Network Model for the Prediction of Domestic Companies Index Direction under the Botswana Stock Market 536 - 542
Authors: Peter O. Peter, Country: Botswana
112 Advances in Biology Teaching Objectives in China 543 - 547
Authors: Minglin Chen, Lijuan Wan, Yuan Hu, Xu Zhang, Xiaoyu Wang, Country: China
113 Impacts of Triage Protocol on Nurses Knowledge, Performance and Subjective Record of Resuscitation Room 548 - 553
Authors: Manal Tharwat Abozeed, Country: Saudi Arabia
114 Monitoring and Modelling of Shoreline Change for Coastal Zone Management off Mangalore Coast, Karnataka, India 554 - 562
Authors: Rahisha Thottolil, Shreedhara V, K C Gouda, Country: India
115 Hemichorea Associated with Nonketotic Hyperglycemia 563 - 564
Authors: Calica Aghata Laksmana, Ni Nyoman Ayu Suciarini, Anak Agung Istri Kumala Dewi, Country: Indonesia
116 Surgical Management of Cataract with Anterior Uveitis 565 - 572
Authors: Dr. Rajendra Nath Gogoi, Dr. Bikram Dam, Country: India
117 IOT based Smart Healthcare with Patient Monitoring System 573 - 576
Authors: Shubham Taneja, Narayanamoorthy M, Country: India
118 Implementation of Industrial Relations Disputes Settlement Policy through Mediation in Indonesia 577 - 581
Authors: Friska Prastya Harlis, Herwan Abdul Muhyi, Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Country: Indonesia
119 Nutritional and Therapeutic Potential of Superseeds and it used in Preparation of Ready to Eat Food- Superseeds Dalupma/Uppindi 582 - 584
Authors: Mansi Mandal, Sunita Mishra, Country: India
120 Enhanced Bactericidal Activity of Green Synthesized Gold Nanoparticles from Neptuniatriquetra 585 - 589
Authors: Ahmed Khaldoon Yasir, Suman Joshi DS Doddapaneni, Kishore Babu M, Krishna Satya Alapati, Country: India
121 Effects of Heat Stress on the Main Organs of the Male Reproductive Tract of Anisopteromalus calandrae Howard (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) 590 - 595
Authors: Kafui Yolande Ella ANANI, Abla Dela Mondedji, Mauricette S.-W. Ouali N'goran, Komina Amevoin, Christophe Bressac, Isabelle Adole Glitho, Country: Ivory Coast
122 A Case of Post Traumatic Comminuted Distal Femoral Fracture Internally Fixed Using Locking Compression Condylar Plates 596 - 597
Authors: Dr. Arvind Natarajan .K, Dr. Battu Dinesh, Country: India
123 Learning Styles to Academic Performance: An Evaluation 598 - 602
Authors: Glenn Landicho, Country: Philippines
124 Laser Reduction of Periodontal Pathogens in the Periodontal Pocket using a Nd:YAG Laser - A Literature Review 603 - 605
Authors: Mariya Miteva, Country: Bulgaria
125 A Study to Assess the Myths, Beliefs and Perceptions about Mental Disorders among Adults in Selected Community at Gonda, Uttar Pradesh 606 - 609
Authors: Aspin R, Country: India
126 Adaptive Immunity in Breast Cancer Iraqian Women 610 - 616
Authors: Ahmed Jassim Hammadee, Harith Sami Ali, Country: Iraq
127 Evaluation of the Health Impacts of Lead Pollution from the Surface Waters of the Djiri River by Crossing Hazard and Vulnerability Issues (Republic of Congo) 617 - 631
Authors: NGOUBOU Roch Corneille, DINGA Jean Bienvenu et NGANGA Dominique, Country: Congo
128 Analysis of Behavior Extraction on Social Life Issues Using Sentiment Analysis: A Review 632 - 633
Authors: Adnan Beg, Country: India
129 Valuation Model of financial decision making company of State Company (BUMN), Foreign Company (PMA) and Private Company in Indonesian Listed Company (IDX) 634 - 636
Authors: Fauzi R. Rahim, Muhammad Ali, Syamsu Alam, Mursalim Nohong, Country: Indonesia
130 Liquisolid Technique: A Novel Approach to Enhance Solubility of Poorly Soluble Drugs 637 - 641
Authors: Pankaj Rajdeo, Amey Sukhia, Akash Nirware, Ravi Rajdeo, Country: India
131 Demolition of the Building - Review 642 - 644
Authors: Arpita R Naik, Country: India
132 Serum Lipid Profile of Rats Fed Wheat-Margarine - Avocado Cake Blends 645 - 649
Authors: Igyor M.A., Eteng G. O.,Olaitan N.I., Iombor T.T., Igbua F.Z., Country: Nigeria
133 Menopause & Homoeopathy 650 - 651
Authors: Dr. Sonal Sinha, Country: India
134 Impact of Building Materials on Socially Sustainable Architecture 652 - 654
Authors: Ar. Soma Anil Mishra, Dr. R. K. Pandit, Country: India
135 Geographic Information System for Crime Prevention: A Geo-Spatial Analysis in Colombo Suburbs, Sri Lanka 655 - 659
Authors: Rev. Pinnawala Sangasumana, K. S. Pathirana, Country: Sri Lanka
136 Urban Housing Condition in Moradabad City: A Study of Selected Wards 660 - 664
Authors: Dr. Lubna Khalil, Country: India
137 Virtual OS of Semi-Authorized in a Smartphones 665 - 668
Authors: Moceheb Lazam Shuwandy, Country: Malaysia
138 Platonic Academy Vis-A-Vis Contemporary Indian Education System 669 - 672
Authors: Tanu Kapoor, Country: India
139 Efficacy of Different Traps for Controlling Cucurbit Fruit Fly, Bactrocera Cucurbitae (COQ) on Host Bottle Gourd, Lagenaria Siceraria 673 - 684
Authors: Md. Mahmudul Hasan Sohel, Tahmina Akter, Ayesha Akter, Country: Bangladesh
140 Study of Some Performance Factors in Long Distance Race for Senegalese Runners using Matlab and Kinovea 685 - 689
Authors: Djibril Seck, Daouda Diouf, Ibrahima Ndiaye, Country: Senegal
141 Extension of Mercer Theorem for Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space on Noncompact Sequence of Sets 690 - 696
Authors: M. H. Ahmed Yahya, Country: Sudan
142 A Maxillary Second Molar with an Unusual Positioning of Palato-Mesiobuccal Canal: A Case Report 697 - 700
Authors: Prashant Shetty, Pooja Khandagale, Reema Jangid, Jilesh Kumar, Pradeep Bapna, Country: India
143 Students Co-Peer under Guidance Study (SCOPUS) Model - A Conceptual Framework for Students? Development 701 - 705
Authors: Dr. Pradnya Deepak Dandekar, Country: India
144 Study on Grid Connected Photovoltaic System Using PSIM Program 706 - 710
Authors: Vu Minh Phap, Country: Vietnam
145 Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme regarding Knowledge on Menstrual Hygiene among Adolescent Girls 711 - 713
Authors: Bindu Verma, Rohini Sharma, Country: India
146 Research on the Customer Behavior and the Strategy of China?s Company to the Customers 714 - 716
Authors: Guo Nyuhuan, Country: China
147 Effect of Rice and Lentil as Mixed Meals on Postprandial Relative Glycemic Response in Healthy Adults 717 - 720
Authors: Basim H. Faraj, Saudi M. Al-Nazal, A. A. Ayoub, Country: Iraq
148 Plant Factory Data Processing based on Deep Learning Algorithm 721 - 723
Authors: Chen Jie-Jie, Country: China
149 A Descriptive Study to Assess the Risk Taking Behviour among Adolescents in Selected Schools at Bharuch 724 - 727
Authors: G. Stella Gracy, Country: India
150 Synthesis and Studies of Innovative Analogous of 3-(2-amino, 4-methyl phenyl)-3-(Substituted Phenyl) Tetrachlorophthalide 728 - 731
Authors: Prabha Chauhan, Chandrabhan Rathaur, Country: India
151 Problems and Countermeasures of Financial Management in Chinese State-Owned Enterprises 732 - 739
Authors: Tao Wang, Jiao Wang, Country: China
152 Social Capital and Transaction Costs in Fulani Women Dairy Processing Units in the District of Gogounou, Benin 740 - 745
Authors: Ismail Moumouni-Moussa, Country: Benin
153 Prognosis and Natural History of Drug-Related Atrioventricular Block 746 - 749
Authors: Dr Anup Kumar Boro, Dr Habibar Rahman, Dr Prabir Kumar Gupta, Drbiplab Paul, Country: India
154 A Contrastive Analysis of English and Arabic Phrasal Verbs: Difficulties and Alternatives 750 - 754
Authors: Amnah A Madkhali, Country: Saudi Arabia
155 Ocular Manifestations in Rheumatoid Arthritis and their Co-Relation with Anti Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Antibodies 755 - 761
Authors: Dr. Indira Pegu, Dr. Bharoti S. Puzari, Dr. Sanjeeb Kakati, Dr. Gargi Choudhury, Country: India
156 Functional Analysis of Classical Contractile Estimation in Riley and Exponential Distribution under Different Loss Functions Based on Censored Data 762 - 767
Authors: Sayed Hazrat Sadat, Country: Afghanistan
157 A Clinical Study of incidence and Risk Factors for Primary Postpartum Haemorrhage at Tertiary Care Hospital 768 - 772
Authors: Dr. Manju Meena, Dr.Sureshkumar Meena, Prof. Hanslata Gehlot, Country: India
158 Study of Water Quality Assessment during Ganesh Idol Immersion and its Impact on Machna River Water, District - Betul, (M.P.) 773 - 775
Authors: Dr. D. S. Saluja, Country: India
159 Etiology of Pancytopenia in Adult Population by Bone Marrow Examination - A Description Study 776 - 780
Authors: Dr. Simi Sidharthan, Dr. Shameem Ummer Ali, Dr. Prabhalakshmi, Country: India
160 Application of Neural Networks to Load Frequency Control in Power Systems with Four Control Areas 781 - 787
Authors: Aldi Mucka, Astrit Bardhi, Denis Qirollari, Country: Albania
161 Comparative Analysis of the Efficiency in Programming Languages: A Case of Study 788 - 792
Authors: Jesus A. Roman, Maria-Luisa Perez-Delgado, Country: Spain
162 Oral Lesions Associated with Human Papillomavirus (HPV) 793 - 797
Authors: Verdu S1, Mastrotta P, Nalli G, Country: Argentina
163 Production and Quality Evaluation of Maize, Cassava and Soybeans Composite Flour 798 - 803
Authors: Igbua F. Z., Adejo S. O., Igoli N. P, Daagema A. A, Country: Nigeria
164 Law and Society 804 - 807
Authors: Tanu Kapoor, Country: India
165 Efficacy of Homoeopathic Thyriodinum 3x in Hypothyroidism in Both Sexes between Age Group 20 to 40 Years 808 - 809
Authors: Dr. Anwat Sangita, Dr. Swati B. Jadhav, Country: India
166 Prevalence of Cognitive Dysfunction among Geriatric Population attending Outpatient Departments of Selected Tertiary Hospitals of Pune 810 - 813
Authors: Lt Col Sindhu Gopal, Lt Col D Mitra, Country: India
167 Social and Emotional Wellbeing of Children: Facilitating Role of Bibliotherapy 814 - 822
Authors: Dr Rekha Sapra, Country: India
168 Electronic Banking Fraud in India: Effects and Controls 823 - 829
Authors: Dr. Seema Thakur, Country: India
169 Improvement of Methods for the Prevention of Cancer 830 - 835
Authors: ZH.?. Sayrambayeva, ?.B. Otarbayeva, Country: Kazakhstan
170 Comparative Study - Electrocautery versus Scalpel in Joel Cohen Abdominal Incision in Women Undergoing Cesarean Section 836 - 839
Authors: Purvi Agrawal, Country: India
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328 Main Directions of Improving the Transboundary Water Resources Management with World Experience 1619 - 1623
Authors: Yakovyuk Viktor, Country: Ukraine
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Authors: Phi Thi Thu Hoang, Dao Thi Luu, Le Thi Hanh Lien, Nguyen Thi Hai Yen, Country: Vietnam
330 Framing Disability and Gender into Intersectionality Theory: An Analytical Review 1630 - 1635
Authors: Md Shahrier Haider, Country: Bangladesh
331 The Buddhist Perspective of Interpritivism as a Philosophical Base for Social Science Research 1636 - 1642
Authors: MM Jayawardena, WAAK Amaratunga, Country: Sri Lanka
332 Low Percentage Missing Imputation using KNN, NB and DT 1643 - 1645
Authors: Abdullah Hussein Al-Amoodi, Country: Malaysia
333 Poverty Alleviation Strategies of the Rural Women in Bangladesh: A Study of Two Selected Villages in Naogaon District 1646 - 1650
Authors: Kanij Fatema Kanon, Country: Bangladesh
334 Operations Research in Financial Markets 1651 - 1656
Authors: Aashray Juneja, Aditya Gogia, Ananya Sehgal, Ansh Gupta, Anuja Mandvekar, Country: India
335 Comparison of Caudal Bupivacaine Alone with Dexmedetomidine as an Adjuvant with Bupivacaine for Post Operative Analgesia in Paediatric Patient Undergoing Inguinal Region Surgeries 1657 - 1660
Authors: Dr Pooja Agrawal, Dr Aishwarya Bandewar, Dr Olvyna D'souza, Country: India
336 Tooth Pain, Alveolar Bone Necrosis and Spontaneous Exfoliation of Multiple Teeth Following Herpes Zoster Infection of Trigeminal Nerve: A Case Report 1661 - 1665
Authors: Dr Manjeet Singh, Country: India
337 Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma of oral cavity: A Case Report and Treatment Considerations 1666 - 1669
Authors: Dr Manjeet Singh, Country: India
338 Exertional Induced Rhabdomyolysis: A Case Study Report 1670 - 1672
Authors: Miaaz Zidan, Omar Rawi, Azza Ahmed, Country: Qatar
339 A Study on the use of Problem-Posing Approach and Pre-Service Elementary Teacher's Creativity, Anxiety and Beliefs to Teach Mathematics: A Systematic Review 1673 - 1682
Authors: Dr. Packiya Raj Senthamarai, Country: Maldives
340 Opinion Mining and Analysis on Demonetization in India 1683 - 1685
Authors: Ashish Jitendra Roy, Rahil Rajesh Parikh, Country: India
341 Study on Implementation and Usage of Operations Research in Chilean Forestry Industry 1686 - 1691
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342 Clinical, Cytological and Genotypic Correlation between Oral Mucosa and Lower Genital Tract Lesions Related to HPV Infection in Women 1692 - 1698
Authors: Nalli G., Mastrotta P., Verdu S., Country: Argentina
343 Knowledge Representation Approaches in Artificial Intelligence 1699 - 1701
Authors: Dr. Ms. Sampada Gulavani, Country: India
344 Experimental investigation of Bituminous Concrete Mix Using Rice Husk Ash as a Mineral Filler 1702 - 1705
Authors: Shivu Khatri, Gautam Bir Singh Tamrakar, Country: Nepal
345 Modified Dickson Charge Pump Voltage Multiplier Using High Voltage Gain Converter 1706 - 1709
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346 The Impact of Gender on Language Acquisition of Saudi Women 1710 - 1713
Authors: Hadeel Hadi Madkhali, Country: Saudi Arabia
347 Review of Narora Unit 1 Fire Event of March 1993 1714 - 1716
Authors: Srisht Pall Singh, Country: India
348 The Effect of Leadership Style to Motivation and Job Satisfaction 1717 - 1722
Authors: Ni Luh Nyoman Tolinia Sukma Wardhani1, I Gede Riana, Country: Indonesia
349 Predictors of Loss to Follow-Up among Adult Patients Initiated on Antiretroviral Therapy in Nakuru West Sub-County Health Facilities, Kenya 1723 - 1730
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351 Discrimination of Weeds in Cotton Fields in Sikasso 1734 - 1736
Authors: Bourama COULIBALY, Dr Kya Abraham Berthe, Dr Awa Soronf? Doumbia, Dr. Bernard Sidibe, Country: Mali
352 Calculation of Astrophysical S-factor for the 60Ni(p,y)61Cu Reaction Below Coulomb Barrier 1737 - 1740
Authors: Animesh Kumer Chakraborty, Country: Bangladesh
353 Economic Analysis on Green Building in Colombia and its Advantages 1741 - 1746
Authors: Orjuela Sanabria Cristian Ricardo, Uribe Celis Sandra Liliana, Ospina Lozano Sandra Elodia, Country: Colombia
354 Anaesthetic Management of Patient with Large Atrial Septal Defect with Mild Pulmonary Hypertension Posted for Left Patella Fracture Repair 1747 - 1749
Authors: Pooja Neogi, Vishwas Sathe, Robin Gupta, Country: India
355 Pollution Controlling in Vehicles by Using an Alarm 1750 - 1754
Authors: R. Archana Devi, S. S. Sharmila, Country: India
356 Quality Control Product to Reduce Loss Chemicals with Six Sigma Methods 1755 - 1759
Authors: Meike Elsye Beatrix, Country: Indonesia
357 PHA: An Alternative to Plastic 1760 - 1762
Authors: Gagandeep, Country: India
358 Comparative Analysis on the effect of EMS and MSG on the stomata of Tinospora cordifolia(Willd.) 1763 - 1766
Authors: Sarita Lohra, Kamini Kumar, Country: India
359 ARM Cortex M Processor Custom Boot Loader 1767 - 1770
Authors: Chethan S K, Country: India
360 Teaching Performance of the Grade 11 English Teachers in the University of Eastern Philippines 1771 - 1777
Authors: Lewelyn H. Merida, Country: Philippines
361 Transcatheter Device Closure of Atrial Septal Defect and Patent Ductus Arteriosus: Single Center Experience from Central India 1778 - 1787
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363 The Impact of Rice Field Size and Rice Price on Farmers Welfare in Indonesia 1793 - 1798
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364 Clinical Profile of Patients Presenting with Lower Gastrointestinal Bleed in a Tertiary Care Hospital from South India 1799 - 1801
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365 A Study on Use of Two Doses of Mifepristone Followed by Misoprostol in Pregnancies with Intrauterine Foetal Death in Mid and Late Trimester 1802 - 1804
Authors: B. S. Jodha, Kamlesh Kumar Rawal, Country: India
366 Ocular Hypotony after Baervaeld Shunt Implantation for Glaucoma 1805 - 1806
Authors: Julinda Jaho, Suzana Nuellari, Elona Bucaj, Country: Albania
367 Primary Observations on Complex Problems Related to the Phenomena of "Scholar Mobility" and "Mobility of Internally Meaningful Relations in a Small Community" in the Context of a Research Project 1807 - 1815
Authors: Zhana Gancheva, Country: Bulgaria
368 Information Communication Technology: Examining the Digital Divide in JRMSU System 1816 - 1821
Authors: Leonardo D. Cainta, Pretty Abegail C. Pacilan, Country: Philippines
369 Pigmented Basal Cell Carcinoma: Unusual Presentation - A Rare Case Series 1822 - 1824
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