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Deconstruction and Material Reuse - Role of Architect

Meenu Latha Goyal, Manju .C, Thrivikram N B, Umesh R

Abstract: Deconstruction, the sustainable way of decommissioning, is a growing trend in the construction industry. It is a process of carefully dis-assembling a structure so that the material used during the initial construction can be given a second life. In spite of higher cost and time involved with deconstruction, the value of the long term benefits takes a better place and hence justifies adopting deconstruction over demolition. The effort by AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) practitioners to adapt to the sustainable methods to reduce the impact on environment due to construction activities is slowly shifting the focus from demolition to deconstruction.

Keywords: Deconstruction, Demolition, Design, Management, Sustainability

Country: India, Subject Area: Environmental Engineering

Pages: 408 - 411

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 10, October 2019

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Meenu Latha Goyal, Manju .C, Thrivikram N B, Umesh R, "Deconstruction and Material Reuse - Role of Architect", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 10, October 2019, 408 - 411

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