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The Balance Sheet Critical Analysis of the United Nations Compensation Commission for Iraq

Thomas Ntamwira Tchesh

Abstract: After the Gulf War, the Security Council undertook to restore the international order violated by the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq armed forces and to set up an institution to rule on claims for compensation for losses, damages and prejudices suffered by the victims. Resolution 687 (1991) of 3 April 1991 is undoubtedly one of the longest and most complex resolutions adopted by the Council. It makes two decisions: the first holds Iraq responsible for "any responsibility under international law for any loss or damage including the environment and the destruction of natural resources and any other direct damage suffered by foreign States and individuals and foreign companies as a result of its unlawful invasion and occupation of Kuwait ". The second holds the implementation of this responsibility in accordance with procedures and through bodies to be established that will operate within the multilateral framework of the United Nations. This article castigates the delay that this reparation has taken and aims to present in a clear way the kind of damage that IRAK had caused to KUWAIT by the fact of its invasion, in particular the various violations of the human rights and the international humanitarian law.

Keywords: Balance Sheet, United Nations

Country: Congo, Subject Area: Law

Pages: 194 - 198

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 10, October 2019

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Thomas Ntamwira Tchesh, "The Balance Sheet Critical Analysis of the United Nations Compensation Commission for Iraq", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 10, October 2019, 194 - 198

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