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Human Resource Practices and Performance of Tanzania Local Governments

Damas Dominic Suta

Abstract: Human resources practices are essential in influencing organisation performance. The primary goal of the study is to assess the practices which are commenced by employees as practitioners in the performance of local government authorities in Tanzania based on competence, commitment and performance culture. The study was guided by three specific objectives which seek to identify the human resources practices in LGAs; how human resources practices influence performance; and human resources practices LGAs use in influencing performance. It was performed using exploratory design with facts generated from interviews and focus group discussions. Findings revealed that, human resources practices influences performance in LGAs through several ways including competence, commitment and working culture. LGAs obtain these HR practices through recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation, performance management and work environment. Finally, it is recommended that human resources practices and performance in LGAs is a two way traffic that the government must make sure that it commits and assures that employees are supplied with all the expectations from the government to conform to the good practices influencing performance.

Keywords: Human resources practices, Local governments, Performance, Competence, Commitment and Performance Culture

Country: Tanzania, Subject Area: Human Resources

Pages: 150 - 156

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 10, October 2019

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Damas Dominic Suta, "Human Resource Practices and Performance of Tanzania Local Governments", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 10, October 2019, 150 - 156

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