International Journal of Science and Research(IJSR)
Volume 8 Issue 1, January 2019
Table of Contents
Sr.No. Article Title Page No.
Authors: Bui Phuong Loan, Country: India
2 Ultrastructural Analysis of Vitrified Rat Ovarian Tissue Follicles after Heterotopic Autotransplantation 6 - 14
Authors: Rumana Jafarey, Gul-e-Rana Jaffri, Khusro Sultana, Syed Ali Rehan Shah Jaffri, Country: China
3 Journey to Enlightenment in Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha 15 - 26
Authors: Le Hong Linh, Country: India
4 Groundwater Modelling using Visual MODFLOW in the Last Two Decades in India: A Review 27 - 38
Authors: N. C. Mondal, Country: India
5 An Analysis of LULC Change Detection using GIS; A Case Study of Peri Urban Bengaluru 39 - 41
Authors: Amrutha Mary Varkey, Country: India
6 Assessment of Denture Hygiene Knowledge, Attitude and Practice among under Graduate Students on Denture Wearers - A Cross Sectional Survey 42 - 46
Authors: Dr. Geetha. K. R., Dr. Prabhu, Elakiya .V, Pavithra. K, Country: India
7 The Impact of Financial Planning and Financial Performance Case Study Commercial Banks Mogadishu Somalia 47 - 49
Authors: Ahmed Hussein Ali (Diiwaani), Country: Somalia
8 A Study to Assess the Knowledge and Attitude regarding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder among Primary School Teachers Working in Selected Primary Schools of Kolkata 50 - 52
Authors: Manju SK, Country: India
9 Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Palate: A Case Report 53 - 56
Authors: Ariyaka Niastya Prihandana, Harmas Yazid Yusuf, Melita Sylvyana, Country: Indonesia
10 Develop an Improved Strategy for Achieving the Health Change 57 - 63
Authors: Osama Ben Rajab, Country: Turkey
11 University of the Future (UotF): Redesign Business Model for Local University in Malaysia through Humanising Education and 4IR 64 - 70
Authors: Nor Zaiasron Bin Yahaya, Abdul Rahman Bin Ahmad Dahlan, Country: Malaysia
12 Analysis of an Electromagnetic Clutch 71 - 73
Authors: Shivendra Kumar Dubey, Country: India
13 Application of Rational Emotional Behavior Therapy to Overcome Anxiety in Disaster Victims 74 - 81
Authors: Irfiani Melinda, Country: Indonesia
14 Government Sponsored Agricultural Development Schemes: An Assessment Focused on Jammu Province of J&K State 82 - 94
Authors: Dr. Shashi Prabha, Country: India
15 The Effect of Seed Size and Harvest Stage on Growth and Yield of Forage Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor cv. Abu Sabin) 95 - 98
Authors: Rawia A. Mohammed, Elnasri M. Mutwali, Elsir A. Salih, Country: Sudan
16 Study of Serum Endothelin - 1 Variation in Sickle Cell Disease 99 - 103
Authors: Chandrakant G. Kamble, Dr. Neeraja Mallik, Dr. P.J.Hisalkar, Dr. Jagdish. D. Powar, Dr. Santosh E.Bidwe, Dr. Bhausaheb V. Jagdale, Dr. Shekhar B. Padhyegurjar, Country: India
17 Improvement of Horticultural Crops against Abiotic Stresses: A Strategic Approach 104 - 109
Authors: R. Gunasekar, Country: India
18 Determination of Lead from Tailings of Gold Matrix using Proton Induced X-ray Emission 110 - 113
Authors: Buhari Samaila, Country: Nigeria
19 A Study on the Effect of Lower Extremity Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Patterns on Stair Ambulation in Stroke Patients 114 - 119
Authors: Dr. Shristi Shakya, Dr. Prem Kumar B.N., Country: Nepal
20 Design, Development and Performance Analysis of Reconfigurable Vivaldi Antenna for RF Front-End Multistandard Transceiver 120 - 124
Authors: Dhiraj Tulaskar, Dr. K. B. Khanchandani, Country: India
21 Simultaneous Process Using Soft Computing 125 - 128
Authors: Sudha Tiwari, Country: India
22 Communication, Education and Cyber Culture: Baudrillard?s Consumerism in the YouTube Generation 129 - 136
Authors: Luis Miguel Cardoso, Maria Joao Nogueira, Country: Portugal
23 Hirshfeld Surface Analysis of anisylresorcinarene and Luminescence Studies of its Benzimidazoly Lappended Ru(II) Polypyridyl Complexes 137 - 142
Authors: Ligimol Louis, D. Suresh Kumar, Country: India
24 Analysis of Eccentrycally Braced Frame (EBF) Structure with Self Centering System Modification 143 - 145
Authors: Masruri Anwar, Budi Suswanto, Country: Indonesia
25 Age and its Influence on the Preference of Various Fixed Prosthetic Treatment Modalities in Partially Edentulous Patients 146 - 149
Authors: Dr. Geetha K.R., Dr. Prabhu, Dr. Tazyeen Sarwath, Dr. Kesavan, Country: India
26 Experimental Investigation of Discharge Capacity of Labyrinth Weirs 150 - 154
Authors: Basappa Meti, Nagaraj Sitaram, Vahini .M, Country: India
27 The Contribution of Mathematical Connection and Mathematical Communication to Problem Solving Ability 155 - 159
Authors: Suharto, Wahyu Widada, Country: Indonesia
28 Assessment of Heavy Metal Accumulation in Hundri River Bank in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh 160 - 161
Authors: Somashekar S, Madhusudhan KV, Ranganayakulu GS, Country: India
29 Business Ethics and Environmental Accounting with Special Reference to Indian Corporate Sector 162 - 166
Authors: Jaspreet Kaur, Country: India
30 An Observational Study on Dinacharya Modalities w.s.r to Brahmimuhurte Utthishteth (Waking Up in Early Morning) in Improving Longevity 167 - 170
Authors: Dr. P. Sudhakar Reddy, Dr. Beena, Country: India
31 Perspective Level of Dental Restorative Staff towards Occupational Hazards at Selected Dental Clinics, Saudi Arabia 171 - 175
Authors: Dr. Abdulmajeed Mushabbab Alqahtani, Dr. Areej Hussain Alzharani, Country: Saudi Arabia
32 Judgment of the Awareness' Towards Work-related Injury among Endodontic Staff at Selected Dental Clinics, Saudi Arabia 176 - 180
Authors: Dr. Areej Hussain Alzharani, Dr. Abdulmajeed Mushabbab Alqahtani, Country: Saudi Arabia
33 Endodontic Staff Feedback towards Safety Procedures at Selected Dental Clinics, Saudi Arabia 181 - 185
Authors: Dr Osamah Ahmad A. Katib, Dr. Fatmah Khaled A. Basalama, Country: Saudi Arabia
34 Endodontic Dental Staff Perception about the Variables Affecting the Exposure Percutaneous Injuries at Selected Dental Clinics, Saudi Arabia 186 - 190
Authors: Dr. Fatmah Khaled A. Basalama, Country: Saudi Arabia
35 Life-Threatening Complications of Odontogenic Infection (Literature Review) 191 - 197
Authors: Jenadi Binarto, Agus Nurwiadh, Country: Indonesia
36 Effect of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Cervical Cancer of Female in-Patients in a Selected Hospital 198 - 200
Authors: Ritanjali Sahoo, Country: India
37 The Effect of Self Concept, Self Efficacy and Self Esteem on the Ability to Understanding Mathematics 201 - 206
Authors: Syaipul Amri, Wahyu Widada, Country: Indonesia
38 The Effect of Principal Academic Supervision and Work Environment on the Performance of Madrasah Teachers in Kota Bengkulu 207 - 209
Authors: Bustasar, Sumarsih, Country: Indonesia
39 Study Livelihoods Development of Forest Management Units: Review KPH Model in Indonesia 210 - 216
Authors: Rahmanta Setiahadi, Rostanto S, SRK Sari, Country: Indonesia
40 Nexus between Rural-Urban Female Migration and Readymade Garment Industry (RGM): A Study in Bangladesh 217 - 221
Authors: Md. Reazul Islam, Country: Bangladesh
41 Assessment of Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms and Health Hygiene among Adult Women 222 - 225
Authors: Jasbir Singh, Dr. Archana Bhat, Country: India
42 Intrusion Detection System using Ensemble Learning W-AODE and REPTree Algorithm Accuracy Graphs on WEKA 226 - 231
Authors: Apoorvi Nagar, Kapil Sharma, Country: India
43 A Review on Astronauts Life in Space 232 - 235
Authors: Deep Dey, Country: India
44 Influence Analysis of Managerial Ownership and Institutional Ownership on Firm Performance in Indonesia Stock Exchange 236 - 240
Authors: Novianti Lestari Saepudin, Irni Yunita S.T. M.M, Country: Indonesia
45 Design and Implementation of Attack Detection Technique using Forensic Investigators in Cloud Environment 241 - 244
Authors: Sonali Ogra, Prof. Praneet Khare, Prof. Anurag Shrivastava, Country: India
46 Response of Kharif Onion Varieties to Time of Set Planting 245 - 247
Authors: S. M. More, V. S. Kale, Anjali Wanare, S. D. Deshmukh, Country: India
47 Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Findings and Helicobacter Pylori Status in Patients Presenting with Dyspepsia - A Cross Sectional Study in IRT, Prundurai Medical College, Perundurai 248 - 249
Authors: Dr. Sendhil Sengodan, Dr. Senthil Kumar, Dr. Umashankar, Dr. Vignesh, Country: India
48 The Harmful Impact Effect of Wild Climbing Plants in Jazan Region, KSA 250 - 254
Authors: El-Shabasy A, Country: Saudi Arabia
49 Analytic Study on Object Localization Systems 255 - 264
Authors: Mohanad J. Ahmed, Mohammed Najm Abdullah, Country: Iraq
50 Management of Carbuncle in a Rural Medical College Hospital-IRT Perundurai Medical College-Perundurai 265 - 266
Authors: Dr. Sendhil Sengodan, Dr. Senthil Kumar, Dr. Henry Prabakaran, Dr. Keerthy Varman Crri, Country: India
51 A Study of New Parameters Effect on the Springback of Aluminum Sheets in Plane Strain Bending 267 - 271
Authors: Fathi Al-shamma, Hajer M. Issmael, Country: Iraq
52 Case Study of Squall Lines Passing Over Dakar Using NOAA Sounders 272 - 276
Authors: Adoum Mahamat MOUSSA, Bouya DIOP, Malick WADE, Abdoulaye SY, Abdoulaye Bouya DIOP, A?chetou DIA DIOP, Djiby SARR, Abdou Karim FAROTA, Country: Senegal
53 Swot Analysis on Fermented Cassava Industry in Jember Regency 277 - 279
Authors: Alwan Sri Kustono, Novi Wulandari Widiyanti, Country: Indonesia
54 Prognostic Indicators in Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury 280 - 282
Authors: Indunesh K, Pradeep TT, Waseem Ahamed TP, Country: India
55 Analysis of Growth Trends in Oil Palm in Tamil Nadu 283 - 284
Authors: K. Murugan, Country: India
56 Flexural Ductility of High-Strength Concrete Members 288 - 292
Authors: H R Manjunath, R Prabhakara, Country: India
57 An Enquiry into the Occurrences of Pronouns of Address (POAs) in Natural Speech of the Elizabethan Society 293 - 296
Authors: Subhanan Mandal, Country: India
58 Flood Hazard Zonation in Jiadhol River Basin of Assam 297 - 300
Authors: Dr. Luna Moni Das, Country: India
59 Biochemical and Toxicological Effects of Cadmium on Phaseolus vulgaris L. 301 - 306
Authors: Anuja Samal, Srinivas Acharya, Chinmay Pradhan, Country: India
60 Study of Vehicular AD-HOC Network in Cognitive Radio 307 - 311
Authors: Punitha A, Raghupathi S, Country: India
61 Comparison Supervised Learning Algorithms for Spinal-Column Disease 312 - 315
Authors: Nuredeen A. A. Matoug, Hajer AL-Jebury, Kemal Akyol, Mohammed Ridha Alsarrar, Country: Turkey
62 Study of Creating Awareness for Adoption of Cloud Computing in Business Organizations: A Saudi Arabia Case 316 - 322
Authors: Arif Malik, Dr. Mohammed Nazeh, Dr. Waqar Ahmad, Country: Saudi Arabia
63 Expression of HER2 and BRCA1 in Breast Tumors among Sudanese Women, Immunohistochemical Study 323 - 327
Authors: Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Osman, Saadalnour Abusail Mustafa, Ihab Hamed Nourein Hamed, Faris Merghani Eltom, Shawgi Abdelrhman Elsiddig, Rabab Ali Alhag, Country: Saudi Arabia
64 Development of Interactive Learning Media Based on Teaching Multimedia Scouting Faculty of Sports Science 328 - 333
Authors: M. Irfan, Zen Fadli, Country: Indonesia
65 Quality of Worklife: A Study of Employees in Thrifty Technologies Pvt Ltd, Tamilnadu, India 334 - 339
Authors: Toopalli Sirisha, Y. P Sai Lakshmi, Country: India
66 Secondary Chronic Osteomyelitis of Maxilla Region: A Case Report 340 - 342
Authors: Trinolaurig S DRG, Sjamsudin E Dr. DRG, S P. BM (K) Rizki KA, Dr. S P. B (K) Onk, Country: Indonesia
67 Treatment of Canted Mandibular: A Case Report 343 - 347
Authors: Manik Swayoga, Abel Tasman, Country: Indonesia
68 Human Face Recognition System Using PCA 348 - 355
Authors: Shikhar Choudhary, Country: India
69 Strategy for the Preservation and Translation of Religious and Bulgarian Identity in the Village Vladichentsi or the Start of a Scale Interdisciplinary Project 356 - 367
Authors: Ivelina Nikolova, Country: Bulgaria
70 Relation between Morphological Features of Retinal Layers on SD-OCT and Best Corrected Visual Acuity in Diabetic Macular Oedema 368 - 370
Authors: Ankita Shastri, Hemendra Parashar, Siddharth Bharadwaj, Country: India
71 Analysis of Student Capacity Ability about Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in Elementary School 371 - 373
Authors: Novi Eka Putri, Yoserizal, Fadlul Fajri, Yanti Fitria, Country: Indonesia
72 Limitations of Corporate Social Responsibility in comparison to Social Business Concept 374 - 379
Authors: Farhana Yasmin, Country: Bangladesh
73 Prevalance of Hepatitis-B in Pregnant Kashmiri Women Attending Tertiary Care 380 - 381
Authors: Dr. Shazia Nisar, Dr. Shahzada Shahid Banday, Country: India
74 Understanding the Influence of Substance use on Academic Performance 382 - 386
Authors: Godwill Chenyuei Akwene, Country: Cameroon
75 "Digital Dementia" - The Dark Side of using Technology 387 - 388
Authors: Sri Gaurab Pratim Hazarika, Country: India
76 Effectiveness of Giving a Mixture of Garlic (Allium sativum) and Winged Bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) against Changes in LDL Cholesterol Levels 389 - 391
Authors: Ocky Dwi Suprobowati, Sri Sulami Endah Astuti, Ika Rasya, Country: Indonesia
77 Analysis of Flexural Behavior of Doubly Reinforced High-Strength Concrete Beams using ANSYS 392 - 396
Authors: H R Manjunath, R Prabhakara, Country: India
78 Growth and Characterization of L-Valine Doped Zinc Sulphate Single Crystals 397 - 400
Authors: S. Ajitha, A. Ancy, Country: India
79 IOT & Wireless Sensor Networks in Precision Agriculture 401 - 404
Authors: Roopa G K, Radhika Shetty, Country: India
80 Media and Body Image Perception of Women 405 - 408
Authors: Parimala S, Country: India
81 Ossifying Fibroma of the Anteriormaxilla: A Case Report 409 - 412
Authors: Willy Bernadi, Agus Nurwiadh, Asri Arumsari, Kiki Ahmad R, Country: Indonesia
82 Political Culture of Char People: A Study on Char Khanpur 413 - 415
Authors: Mst. Swapna Khatun, Country: Bangladesh
83 Some Physiological Characteristics and Bioactive Compounds of Sweet Potato Leaves 416 - 418
Authors: Siti Nurdjanah, Neti Yuliana, Otik Nawansih, Ratna Dewi, Nanti Musita, Country: Indonesia
84 Effect of Friction Reynolds Number on Turbulence Modulations in Liquid Flow with Presence of Dust Particles 419 - 423
Authors: Asaduzzaman, Dr. Md. Lutfor Rahman, Country: Bangladesh
85 The Views of Parents Regarding the Impact of the Greek Economic Crisis (Memoranda) on the Field of Special Education 424 - 428
Authors: Dimitris Stefanidis, Country: Greece
86 Toward Primary Congenital Glaucoma GLC3B Gene Identification: The Case of Kazrin Gene 429 - 432
Authors: Soumaya El Akil, Ahmed Belmouden, Country: Morocco
87 Effect of Timing of Surgery in Patients Undergoing Correction for Post-Traumatic Diplopia 433 - 443
Authors: Dr Ansari MD Fakhruddin, Dr Suresh Babu P, Dr. Naina Jabeen Hyder, Dr Naveen Kumar Jain, Country: India
88 Artificial Intelligence and Human Contemplative 444 - 449
Authors: Aditya Amin, Country: India
89 A Survey on Blockchain Based Smart Applications 450 - 455
Authors: Saranya A, Mythili R, Country: India
90 Analysis of Blockchain and its Working Principle 456 - 460
Authors: S. Banupriya, G. Renuka Devi, Country: India
91 A Comparative Evaluation of the Effect of APF Treatment and Tooth Mousse Treatment on the Microleakage of Resin Sealants - An Invitro Study (Original Research) 461 - 464
Authors: Dr Bijumon CB, Dr Kannan V.P, Country: India
92 Efficacy of Modified Bottom Boards to Control Varroa Mite (Varroa destructor Anderson & Trueman) in Honeybee Colonies 465 - 469
Authors: Marwan Keshlaf, Hasan Alfallah, Country: Libya
93 Effect of Seedling Age and Variety on Yield and Yield Parameters of Rice 470 - 472
Authors: Dev Kumar Saphi, Dil Raj Yadav, Country: Nepal
94 On-farm Evaluation of Zero Tillage Wheat in Dhanusha, Nepal 473 - 475
Authors: Dev Kumar Saphi, Dil Raj Yadav, Country: Nepal
95 Yield and Yield Parameter of Rice as Influenced by Age of Seedling and Spacing 476 - 478
Authors: Dev Kumar Saphi, Dil Raj Yadav, Rajendra Yadav, Country: Nepal
96 Performance of Different Herbicides in Dry Direct Seeded Rice 479 - 481
Authors: Dev Kumar Saphi, Dil Raj Yadav, Country: Nepal
97 Optimal Sizing of Grid Connected PV/Wind Hybrid System Using Homer Software 482 - 488
Authors: Abiy Mekonnen, Country: Ethiopia
98 Radix Entomolaris: Management of Distinctive Anatomy 489 - 492
Authors: Dr. Ashwini Kelode, Dr. Priyanka Madale, Dr. Sushilkumar Cirigiri, Country: India
99 Outcome of Surgical Fixation of Intertrochanteric Femoral Fractures with Dynamic Hip Screw 493 - 497
Authors: Arojuraye SA, Alabi IA, Salihu MN, Mustapha IU, Country: Nigeria
100 Economic Growth and Human Capital in South Asian Countries: A Static Panel Evidence 498 - 503
Authors: Bhim Prasad Bhusal, Country: Nepal
101 Himalayan Herbal Plant: Bhramkamal 504 - 505
Authors: Arti Sharma, Ranjeet Singh, Country: India
102 Giant Ameloblastoma Flexiform ( A Case Report) 506 - 509
Authors: Evan Yulius Saputro, Seto A., Winarno P., Dr. Endang Syamsudin, Country: Indonesia
103 Research on the Development of Inclusive Finance in Rural Areas of Shaanxi Province and Its Poverty Reduction Effect 510 - 516
Authors: Deng Junrong, Ma Xuefeng, Country: China
104 Fostering Excellence in Management Education through Ingenious Learning 517 - 522
Authors: Dr. S. Suganya, Country: India
105 Involvement of Microorganism in Bioethanol Production: A Review 523 - 531
Authors: Md. Ghulam Rabbani, Country: India
106 On The Cohabitation of Orient and Oxident in the Balkans 532 - 538
Authors: Dr. Adnan Ismaili, Country: Macedonia
107 Management of Temporomandibular Joint Dislocation with Manual Reduction in Different Cases Classification: Serial Case 539 - 543
Authors: Deka Dharma Putra, Endang Syamsudin, Country: Indonesia
108 Spatial Distribution of Plant Species Richness: Context Satchari National Park, Sylhet, Bangladesh 544 - 555
Authors: Nabila Hasan, Country: Bangladesh
109 Methods used in Biodegradation of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) by Fungi: A Review 556 - 558
Authors: Suhani Girish Parekh, Archana U Mankad, Country: India
110 Hartman Procedure 559 - 560
Authors: Bartu BADAK, Enver IHTIYAR, Country: Turkey
111 A Study on Brand Evaluation of Patanjali Ayurvedic and Herbal Products 561 - 564
Authors: Aleena Johnson, Country: India
112 The Impact of Strategic Planning Success on Firm Performance at Some Selected Telecommunication Companies in Mogadishu Somalia 565 - 568
Authors: Liban Ali Mohamed (Xabeeb), Country: Somalia
113 Degradation of Pesticide from Aqueous Solution Using Photocatalytic Composite 569 - 575
Authors: Fabian Ramthansanga, Lalroliana Tochhawng, B. Saritha, Lalsangzela Sailo, Country: India
114 Prevalence of Dental Developmental Anomalies: A Radiographic Study 576 - 579
Authors: Ajmal Mir, Rizwan Hamid, Mushtaq Bhat, Country: India
115 A Review on Self Curing Concrete 580 - 583
Authors: K. Sumangala, M. Banu Sulochana, Country: India
116 Attitude of Prospective Teachers towards Instructional Media 584 - 585
Authors: S. Thanalakshmi, Country: India
117 Value Engineering in Drainage & Non Asphalt Pavement Construction of Penderian Jalan Cabe 2, Cabe 2 Terusan & K.H. Salem, Pamulang District - South Tangerang City (Case Study: In Non-Asphalt Drainage & Pavement Work) 586 - 592
Authors: Venus F Firdaus, Dwi Dinar Riana, Suyanto, Country: Indonesia
118 Diagnostic Dilemma-Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma 593 - 597
Authors: Neha Singh, Ritika Sharma, Deepak Bhargava, Mithilesh Mishra, Vidya Devichandavarkar, Syed Mustansir Ul Hassnain, Country: India
119 Speed Breaker Energy Harvester Using Roller Mechanism 598 - 605
Authors: Khaled Fadl, S. F. Rezeka, M. El Habrouk, Country: Egypt
120 Blockchain Technology has the Ability to Change the Face of New Business 606 - 608
Authors: Dr. Ravikumar, Omprathap Velu, Country: India
121 Sikh Theology and Dalit Identity in Punjab 609 - 610
Authors: Ranjit Kaur, Country: India
122 A Study on Effectiveness of Social Media and Digital Marketing among Customers in Pathanamthitta District 611 - 615
Authors: Anjali Jacob, Country: India
123 Role of Women in Panchayat Raj System 616 - 618
Authors: Somalatha B, Country: India
124 The Ability of Avicennia Marina in Decreasing Salinity and COD Levels in the Bio-Desalination Process 619 - 621
Authors: Rachmi Layina Chimayati, Harmin Sulistiyaning Titah, Country: Indonesia
125 A Study to Evaluate Candida albicans at Pre and Post Insertion Stages of Removable Dentures in Diabetics and Non Diabetics - An in Vivo Study 622 - 626
Authors: Dr. Keerthi R, Dr. Anil Kumar Gujjari, Dr. Sushant A Pai, Dr. Sowmya S, Dr. Smitha V Shetty, Dr. Sukanya Abigail, Country: India
126 The Effect of Active Engagement Models on Students- Performance Scores in Biology 627 - 630
Authors: Via V. Desabille1, Maria Teresa M. Fajardo, Country: Philippines
127 Emerging Scarcity and Sustainable Water Management in Ahmednagar District 631 - 634
Authors: Anand Niranjan Gholap, Ganesh Dinkar Gawali, Country: India
128 Management of Submandibular Abscess in Pregnant Woman: A Case Report 635 - 638
Authors: Fachrul Razi, Abel Tasman Y, Seto Adiantoro S, Country: Indonesia
129 The Effect of Innovative Learning Based on Project Based Learning (PjBL) on Learning Outcomes in English 639 - 641
Authors: A. Syakur, Z. Fanani, E. Junining, Wike, Country: Indonesia
130 Customer Payment Prediction in Account Receivable 642 - 644
Authors: Hetul S. Shah, Country: India
131 Impacts of Competency Mapping at it Sectors in Chennai 645 - 648
Authors: Sakthi S., Country: India
132 Implementation of Load Balancing Algorithms for Performance Improvement in Cloud Computing 649 - 652
Authors: Hemlata Joshi, Farha Naaz, Anurag Shrivastav, Country: India
133 Universal Adhesive Bond Performance in Randomized Clinical Trials: A Literature Review 653 - 656
Authors: Dr. Ali R?za CETIN, Dr. Yasser Ismail Al Rawi, Country: Turkey
134 Influence of Corporate Governance Practises on Service Delivery in County Governments: A Case of County Government of Nakuru Kenya 657 - 665
Authors: Charles Lwanga, Country: Kenya
135 Cardio-Vascular and Pulmonary Complications in Marfan Disease at the Angioscan: A Report of 3 Cases 666 - 670
Authors: L G Akpo, N Badji, H D?me, A D Diop, N M Sy, M Ly, M H Toure, F G Niang, I Niang, M Diouf, K. Diouf, et E H Niang, Country: Senegal
136 A Facile & Cost-Effective DNA Isolation Method for Abelmoschus Esculentus L. 671 - 673
Authors: Hossain Sohrawardy, Country: Bangladesh
137 Purse String Suturing for Post Radial Keratotomy Hyperopia 674 - 676
Authors: Jagadeesh Kumar Reddy, Shadab Khan, Country: India
138 A Study of Clinical and Hepatic Parameters in Patients of Carcinoma Gall Bladder 677 - 680
Authors: Dr. Rahul Parashar, Dr. Sanjiv K Verma, Dr. Sohaib Ahmad, Country: India
139 A Critical Evaluation of the Theories and Practices in Existential Psychotherapy 681 - 683
Authors: Prakat Karki, Country: India
140 A Study on Information Resources Collection, Usages and Services in the Gujarat University affiliated Medical College Libraries, Gujarat 684 - 691
Authors: Nuri Kalita, Dr. Prayatkar K. Kanadiya, Country: India
141 Evaluation of Effectiveness of Prophylactic Tranexemic acid for reducing Blood loss in Cesarean Section 692 - 695
Authors: Vijayshree S G, Sundari P, Country: India
142 The Effect of Work Motivation and Organization Culture to Employee Performance and Work Satisfaction (Case Study on 'X' Corporation) 696 - 699
Authors: Rizky Prawinto, Country: Indonesia
143 Economic Valuation of Mangrove Forests in Tumbu Village, Topoyo District, Central Mamuju Regency 700 - 704
Authors: Nurfitrayana, Sanusi Fattah dan, Anas Iswanto Anwar, Country: Indonesia
144 Designing for Belt and Drive Rolls for Belt Conveyor System for Raw Material in Briquetting Plant in Ferrochrome Industry 705 - 706
Authors: Gupta Saurabh, Country: India
145 Forgiveness among Adolescents in Goa: An Intervention Based Study 707 - 710
Authors: Fr. Ramiro Jesus Do Carmo Luis, Dr. Shanmukh V. Kamble, Country: India
146 The Effect of the Auditor?s Personal Characteristic on Audit Dysfunctionnal Behavior 711 - 715
Authors: Mariana, Yohanis Rura, Tawakkal, Country: Indonesia
147 The Frequency of Intestinal Parasites among Patients in Zliten and Al-KhumsTraining Hospitals 716 - 719
Authors: Basem Rajab, Musbah Almabsuot, Bayram K?ran, Country: Turkey
148 Analysis of Labor Supply in the City of Jayapura Papua (Case: Risen Migrant Workers in the Informal Sector) 720 - 722
Authors: Astri Julianti Ramlan Anjas, Madris, dan Fatmawati, Country: Indonesia
149 Investigation of Underwater Sensor Networks Localization and Analysis the Performance 723 - 729
Authors: Ebtisam Mohamed Omar Elgdiri, Umit Tokeser, Javad Rahebi, Country: Turkey
150 Comparative Study - Ideal Cataract Surgical Technique for Camp Patients - SICS or Phacoemulsification 730 - 732
Authors: Dr Shruti Signh, Dr Sumedha Sharma, Country: India
151 Ethnobotany: Plants use in Fishing and Trapping by Bheel Tribes of Dhar District, Madhya Pradesh, India 733 - 735
Authors: Kamal Singh Alawa, Country: India
152 Urodynamic Profile in Patients with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) with or Without Inguinal Hernia 736 - 741
Authors: Tyagi Ankit, Kumar Ajay, Andley Manoj, Saha Sudipta, Talwar Nikhil, Country: India
153 Abortion Pills over the Counter: Maternal Life at Risk? 742 - 744
Authors: Ranjana Desai, Asmita Arun, Country: India
154 A Technique Used for Strengthening of Existing Columns with Reinforced Concrete Jacketing 745 - 748
Authors: Abhishek Ghimire, Country: Nepal
155 Determination of Iron (III) and Iron (II) from Iron Sucrose Injection and Iron Polymaltose by Ion Chromatography 749 - 753
Authors: Dr. Chetan Chavan, Chanakya Thaker, Chetan Chaudhari, Country: India
156 Impact of Travel & Tourism Mobile Application on Consumer Behaviour with Reference to Oyo Rooms in Coimbatore District 754 - 757
Authors: Manoj. M, John William .A, Country: India
157 Principle of Mutual Advantage as a Legal Basis of the GATT/WOT 758 - 767
Authors: Olga Mikichurova, Country: Ukraine
158 Comparison of Central Macular Thickness after SICS (Small Incision Cataract Surgery) and Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgery using OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) 768 - 771
Authors: Dr. Sumedha Sharma, Country: India
159 Capital Formation and Economic Development 772 - 780
Authors: Dr. Sultan Ahmad Taraki, Dr. Mesut Murat Arslan, Country: Afghanistan
160 Evolutionary Process of Key Economic Sectors in the Turkish Economy during (1970-2012) and Their Impacts on SME Development 781 - 796
Authors: Dr. Sultan Ahmad Taraki, Dr. Mesut Murat Arslan, Country: Afghanistan
161 The Role of SMEs in Capital Formation, Equitable Growth and Income Distribution in Developing Countries 797 - 809
Authors: Dr. Sultan Ahmad Taraki, Country: Afghanistan
162 Relationship between ND5 Genetic Polymorphism and Milk Production and the Growth of Lambs before Weaning of Awassi Sheep 810 - 814
Authors: Asaad Y. Ayied, Bashar F. Zaqeer, Country: Iraq
163 Internal Control and Budget Implementation in Kabale District Uganda 815 - 821
Authors: Dr. Marus Eton, Country: Uganda
164 Does Corporate Governance could Improve Super Profit? Evidence of Information Listed Company in China 822 - 830
Authors: Shen Zunhuan, Shang Yuan, Country: China
165 Coexistence of ZigBee and Wifi Using White Space aware HMM Protocol 831 - 835
Authors: Y. S. Thakur, Surbhi Parmar, Country: India
166 On Essential Numerical Range and Davis-Wielandt Shell of Hilbert Space Operators 836 - 838
Authors: D. O. Owego, N. B. Okelo, Omolo Ongati, Country: Kenya
167 The Principal Leadership based on Higher Order Thinking Skills for Realizing 21st Century Education 839 - 846
Authors: Hanna, Herianti, Isnada Waris Tasrim, Risky Niguita, Country: Indonesia
168 Antimicrobial Activity of different Medicinal Soaps and Turmeric Powder against Infectious Microorganisms Isolated from Wound Area of Human 847 - 851
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