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Response of Kharif Onion Varieties to Time of Set Planting

S. M. More, V. S. Kale, Anjali Wanare, S. D. Deshmukh

Abstract: The present experiment conducted in kharif season of 2017 in respect of bulb production was undertaken under two parts basically for standardization of protocol for onion bulb production through sets at Department of Horticulture, Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola (M.S.). The experiments was laid out in factorial randomized block design with three replications and sixteen treatment combination with two factors viz., factor A i.e. Four Varieties., 1st variety Bhima Super(V1), 2nd variety Bhima Raj(V2), 3rd variety Agri Found Dark Red(V3) and 4th variety Phule Samarth(V4) and Factor B i.e. Four dates of set planting 1st date of set planting 15th June ( D1 ), 2nd date of planting 30th June ( D2 ), 3rd date of planting 15th July (D3) and 4th date of planting1st August (D4). Effect of variety Agri Found Dark Red (V3) and 2nd date of set planting (D2) at 30th June was found significantly superior over other treatment combinations in respect of growth, yield and quality parameters. Plant height (53.83 cm), number of leaves per plant (7.80), Leaf length (51.93 cm) at 90 DAT, weight of fresh bulb (87.7 g), Average weight of bulb (80.6 g), Bulb diameter (6.36 cm), marketable bulb yield per plot (7.17 kg), total bulb yield per hectare (222.60 q) neck thickness (1.43 cm), bolting (0.00%), splitting (3.00 %) and Total Soluble Solids (11.61oBrix) at the time of harvesting than any other treatment combinations. Considering net profit and economics, the variety V3 Agri Found Dark Red and second date of set planting D2 (30th June) was found to be more remunerative and profitable as per B:C ratio (2.48:1).

Keywords: Onion, Set, Allium Cepa,

Country: India, Subject Area: Agricultural

Pages: 245 - 247

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 1, January 2019

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S. M. More, V. S. Kale, Anjali Wanare, S. D. Deshmukh, "Response of Kharif Onion Varieties to Time of Set Planting", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 1, January 2019, 245 - 247

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