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Media and Body Image Perception of Women

Parimala S

Abstract: India is a country which has a greater amount of discrimination on women for their appearance. The discrimination on the grounds of women?s appearance affects their self-esteem and in turn cripples the potential for their development in the society. Media and the marketing companies peddles the ideal image for women and keeps the discrimination in pitch. Thus it becomes difficult for the real life women to reach the score and falls into the sickness of inferiority. This paper studies on how media and marketing companies paves way for psychological, social and economical stress on women by boosting women stereotypes.

Keywords: Media, women stereotypes, body dissatisfaction, discrimination, low self-esteem

Country: India, Subject Area: Communication or Media Studies

Pages: 405 - 408

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 1, January 2019

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Parimala S, "Media and Body Image Perception of Women", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 1, January 2019, 405 - 408

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