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Study Livelihoods Development of Forest Management Units: Review KPH Model in Indonesia

Rahmanta Setiahadi, Rostanto S, SRK Sari

Abstract: Indonesia has been promoting development programs for sustainable forest management and improving social welfare. Mandated by Article 17 of Law 41 and Government Regulation number 44 of 2004 and government regulation number 6 of 2007 with changes to government regulation number 3 of 2008. FMU in all forest areas in Indonesia in 2020, and 120 FMUs at the end of 2014. The livelihoods model review study is intended to collect data and information about the practices of partnership patterns in forest management initiated by the 10 Forest Management Units as KPH Models. The study was carried out using a desk study review of long-term forest management plan documents from 10 KPH Models, an evaluation of the results public consultations of the Forest Investments Program's and field verification. The results of the study concluded in general that the 10 KPH Models were ready to apply the partnership pattern to facilitate the implementation of the livelihoods model. The livelihoods model recommendations on-farm and off-farm are as follows: (1) The partnership based on the nontimber forest (NTF), environment services, and eco-tourism; and (2) The timber-based partnerships, land, and timber processing industries be prepared with a supporting system needed.

Keywords: livelihoods, FMU, partnership, on farm, off farm

Country: Indonesia, Subject Area: Forestry Science

Pages: 210 - 216

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 1, January 2019

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Rahmanta Setiahadi, Rostanto S, SRK Sari, "Study Livelihoods Development of Forest Management Units: Review KPH Model in Indonesia", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 1, January 2019, 210 - 216

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