International Journal of Science and Research(IJSR)
Volume 7 Issue 9, September 2018
Table of Contents
Sr.No. Article Title Page No.
1 Relevance of Big Data Analytics in Agriculture: Focus on Nigeria Agricultural Sector 1 - 11
Authors: Ehizogie Omo-Ojugo, Country: United Kingdom
2 Language Development of 3-6 Year Old Children 12 - 16
Authors: ASL Sowmya, E. Manjuvani, Country: India
3 Subacute Corynebacterium Striatum Tricuspid Valve Endocarditis, A Rare Case Report 17 - 19
Authors: Umar Hayat MD, Saba Afroz MD, Country: United States of America
4 Preliminary Survey of Amphibians and Reptiles of Rajkot City and Vicinity Areas, Gujarat 20 - 30
Authors: Hiteshkumar Parmar, Varsha Trivedi, Country: India
5 Improvement in the Extraction of Silica from Rice Husk through Controlling Drying Temperature and Leaching Process 31 - 33
Authors: Bahaa F. Shihab, Wesam A A Twej, Country: Iraq
6 Effect of Expertise and Project Leadership on Project Success (Study at PT Astra Graphia Information Technology (AGIT) Jakarta) 34 - 38
Authors: Tukhas Shilul Imaroh, Country: Indonesia
7 Study on the Predictive Factors for Difficult Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy 39 - 41
Authors: Dr Siddhartha Sankar Bhattacharjee, Dr Paragmani Talukdar, Country: India
8 Sexual Abuse Knowledge and Its Relationship with Self Confidence and Assertiveness Skills among Young Adolescent Girls 42 - 46
Authors: Loveena Lobo, Country: India
9 Association of Small Dense LDL (sd LDL) Levels with Diabetic Retinopathy in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 47 - 50
Authors: Muhammad Faisal, Delfi, Dharma Lindarto, Country: Indonesia
10 Transforming an Engineering Campus in Solar Energy Campus with Detailed Energy Audit 51 - 54
Authors: Sonam, Jitender Singh, Country: India
11 Correlation of Baecke's Habitual Physical Activity with Blood Sugar Levels in Type II Diabetes Mellitus 55 - 59
Authors: Rupali Shevalkar, Isha Shah, Country: India
12 Empirical Analysis of the Integration of Production and City in Western Regions 60 - 63
Authors: Yaoqun Zheng, Xingyuan Li, Country: China
13 Successful Laparoscopic Management of Caesarean Scar Pregnancy 64 - 66
Authors: Dr. Nagashree .U, Dr. Sumana Manohar, Country: India
14 Language Acquisition - An Overview 67 - 68
Authors: Remya L.B, Country: India
15 The Influence of Intellectual Capital and Good Corporate Governance on Earnings Response Coefficient (Case Study on Banks listed on IDX 2013-2015) 69 - 76
Authors: Candra Febrilyantri, Istianingsih, Country: Indonesia
16 Legendary Music on Intervention Cognitive Function in Stroke Patients 77 - 82
Authors: Sherly Metasari, Rr. Sri Endang Pujiastuti, M. Choiroel Anwar, Country: Indonesia
17 Effectiveness of Educational Intervention on Awareness Regarding Cancer Preventive Food Stuff among Adolescents 83 - 86
Authors: Ashmita Kadariya, Sita Rijal, Country: Nepal
18 Estimation of Weibul Parameters for the System Control of Hydrogen Potential at the De-Coppering Section of Shituru Hydrometallurgical Plants 87 - 90
Authors: Ngoie Kantumoya Gaston, Country: Congo, Democratic Republic
19 Egg Shell Powder Partial Replaced With Cement Concrete 91 - 94
Authors: Atul Kumar, Country: India
20 Insured's Perceived Service Quality Dimensions and Customers' Satisfaction (The Case: Ethiopian Insurance Corporation Northern District) 95 - 100
Authors: Tsigab Aregawi, Country: Ethiopia
21 Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty: (Experience from Dashen Bank Adigrat area Branch) 101 - 105
Authors: Tsigab Aregawi, Country: Ethiopia
22 Media Convergence Strategy - A Study Case of Kompas Group (Harian Kompas, Kompas.Com and Kompastv) 106 - 111
Authors: Anjar Widiastuti, Premota, Evi Indriawati, Country: Indonesia
23 Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA) in HIV-Infected Patient?s: Case Report and Literature Review 112 - 117
Authors: Cindy Christine, Yoel Purnama, Country: Indonesia
24 Performance Enhancement for Geospatial Time-Series Data Prediction using Hash-Naive Bayes (HNB) Classification 118 - 121
Authors: Gyati Mittal, Mohini Mittal, Country: India
25 Optimum Allocation of Limited Amount of Capital among Different Enterprises 122 - 127
Authors: Sumit Patni, Nishi Chachra, Country: India
26 Importance of Psychological Support for Child Victims of Rape - Clinical Studies in a Post-Conflict Area in Goma 128 - 132
Authors: Mulunda Mbuyi Otarie, Tshiala Mubikayi Egee, Kazadi Nkulu Kamuyele, Country: Congo, Democratic Republic
27 Honeycomb Safety Structure: Design, Analysis and Applications in Safe Road Transport 133 - 141
Authors: Pankaj Prakash Ande, Country: India
28 Cultural Boundaries and Social Exclusion: A Study of Practices Related to Menstruation Among Women of Koota, Kathua 142 - 146
Authors: Jasbir Singh, Dr. Archana Bhat, Country: India
29 Stability Analysis of Mathematical Model 147 - 148
Authors: Dr. Maysoon M. Aziz, Country: Iraq
30 Higher Education and Women Empowerment 149 - 151
Authors: Aparna Debnath, Country: India
31 Comparative Evaluation of Clinical Efficacy of Hyaluronic Acid Spray versus Normal Saline Spray on Swelling, Pain, and Trimus after Surgical Extraction of Impacted Mandibular Third Molar - A Randomized Controlled Split Mouth Study 152 - 159
Authors: Dr Raj Merchant, Dr Srivalli Natrajan, Dr Jyotsna Galinde, Dr Imran Khalid, Country: India
32 Utilization of Upgraded Shredder Blade and Recycling the Waste Plastic and Rubber Tyre 160 - 165
Authors: Sekar L.R., Vinoth Kumar S, Country: India
33 Intelligent Traffic Lights Control Using Q-learning 166 - 169
Authors: Mohammed Najm Abdullah, Hassan A. Jeiad, Sarah Saad Hamid, Country: Iraq
34 Wilson's Disease - A Rare Hereditary Cause of Chronic Liver Disease in Children, The First Ethiopian Case Report 170 - 171
Authors: Abebe Habtamu, Country: Ethiopia
35 Trends of Diarrheal Cases and Mortality in under 5 Children in Ethiopia Pre and Post Vaccine Introduction (A 7 years Trend Analysis) 172 - 176
Authors: Abebe Habtamu, Country: Ethiopia
36 The Effect of Macroeconomic Variables on Stock Price of Telecommunication Companies Which are Listed on The Indonesia Stock Exchange 177 - 181
Authors: Tinton Hamara, Noer Azam Achsani, Andi Buchari, Country: Indonesia
37 Smart Home Automation System using Arduino and IOT 182 - 184
Authors: V. Sudharani, D. Siva, M. Vijaya Raju, Country: India
38 Comparison of VO2 Max on Balke Treadmiil Test in Light Smokers & Non Smokers 185 - 187
Authors: Parekh Namrata, Country: India
39 The Concept of Responsibility to Protect and the Libya Intervention 188 - 193
Authors: Ishmael Adjei, Country: Turkey
40 Decision-Making in Treatment of Mandibular Fracture - Case Report 194 - 196
Authors: Indra Pramana I.B.A, Country: Indonesia
41 Studies on Fifteen Seed Source Variation in seed Traits of Dalbergia Sissoo (Roxb) 197 - 200
Authors: Sharda Dubey, Sandeep Tripathi, Country: India
42 Trisomy 18 (Edward Syndrome) - A Case Report Diagnosis and Management 201 - 203
Authors: Ni Luh Lany Christina Prajawati, Anak Agung Gede Putra Wiradnyana, Country: Indonesia
43 Analytical Study of Herbal Programs in Iraqi Satellite Channels 204 - 207
Authors: Dr. Afnan Mohammed Shaban Al-Amro, Country: Iraq
44 Synthesis and Characterization of Nickel (II) Complexes Derived from Pyrano [2, 3-d] Pyrimidines 208 - 210
Authors: Hoda Pasdar, Sahar Shaygan, Naser Foroughifar, Mehran Davallo, Fereshteh Motiee, Country: Iran
45 Fatal Intracranial Hemorrhage in a Patient with Possible Infective Endocarditis: A Case Report 211 - 214
Authors: Valentina Tjandra Dewi, I.B. Suryadi Putra Dwipayana, Ketut Candra Wiratmi, Country: Indonesia
46 Voice Based Wheel Chair Movement Using N-Average Wavelet Algorithm 215 - 219
Authors: Banumathi .A .C, Dr. E. Chandra, Country: India
47 Development of Practical Instructional Guide in the Production of Portable Universal Serial Bus (UBS) Charger 220 - 228
Authors: Amaechi Clement Abulokwe, Chinyere Kate Ugwoke, Charles Ben Eteh, Poripo Jacob, Cardinal Ezidi, Prince Urakpo, Country: Nigeria
48 To Evaluate the Efficacy of Vermicompost on Green Gram - (Vigna radiata.L) 229 - 234
Authors: Dr. D. Amish Abragam, S. Jeyaseelan, Paul David Selson, Country: India
49 A Survey on Home Storage of Medicines in South India 235 - 237
Authors: Ch PSR Madhuri, Mahendra Kumar BJ, Country: India
50 Existence of Plastic Flakes Industries as Samarinda's Polluted Solutions 238 - 242
Authors: Achmad Rodzali, H. Mat Juri, Sudarlan, Country: Indonesia
51 Effectiveness of One Stop Entertainment, Learning and Shopping Marketing Concepts on Visitors Satisfaction Agrotourism in South Sulawesi (Case Study: Wisata Kebun, Gowa) 243 - 247
Authors: Aqsyah Anggraini, Rahim Darma, Ahmad Ramadhan Siregar, Country: Indonesia
52 Rigmarole of Perpetual Servitude of Women: Reflections on Atiq Rahimi's the Patience Stone 248 - 250
Authors: Dr J G Duresh, Country: India
53 Potentials of 8%NaOH Treated Rice Husk Meal as a Replacement to Brewers Dried Grain on the Performance, Carcass and Blood Indices of Finisher Broilers 251 - 255
Authors: Ikpe J.N, Oko E.C, Ujah F.A, Country: Nigeria
54 Research on Temperature Control of Plant Factory Based on Fuzzy Control 256 - 259
Authors: Ruiqi Meng, Country: China
55 Smart Phone Based Retinal Imaging - A Practical Tool for Neurosurgeons 260 - 262
Authors: Dr. Murugesan Govindarajan, Dr. Rajarajan Jayachandran, Dr. Venkatesh Raju, Dr. Balamurugan Shanmugasundaram, Dr. Indunesh Kochikaran, Dr. Pradeep .T .T, Country: India
56 Performance of Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Sealer vs. Resin-Based Sealer 263 - 267
Authors: Shukry Gamal Mohammed, Ahmed Mohammed Hassan, Alaa Nasr Syam, Ahmed Wallan Alahmary, Country: Saudi Arabia
57 Heat Transfer and Flow Behavior Analysis of Double Pipe Heat Exchanger 268 - 272
Authors: Jatinder, Gautam Kocher, Country: India
58 Evaluation of Index Properties of Black Cotton Soil Stabilised with Plantain Peel Powder 273 - 276
Authors: Akinwamide O.G, ABE O.E, Country: Nigeria
59 Process Parameter Optimization of Wire EDM on Aluminium 2219 using Taguchi Method 277 - 279
Authors: Vineeth C., Dileeplal J., Country: India
60 An Article on Transfer Pricing: Global Tax Issue 280 - 284
Authors: Pooja, Country: India
61 Evaluation of Depression Storage Using Grid-Based GIS Model 285 - 289
Authors: Morad Abdelsalheen, Ashraf Elmoustafa, Ahmed Hassan, Country: Egypt
62 Exploring the Pros and Cons of Social Media Use: Is It Time for Organisations to Consider Appointing Social Media Officers 290 - 296
Authors: Beauty Mugoniwa, Samuel Musungwini, Samuel Simbarashe Furusa, Country: Zimbabwe
63 How to Build a Quality of Community Health Center Financial Statement? 297 - 301
Authors: Ardhya Yudistira Adi Nanggala, Muhammad Miqdad, Whedy Prasetyo, Country: Indonesia
64 Herbal Home Remedies For Diabetes Mellitus - A Review 302 - 305
Authors: Vd. Ganesh A. Patare, Vd. P. U. Deshmukh, Country: India
65 Analyzing of Global Solar Radiation over Baghdad 306 - 308
Authors: Ahmed A. Al-Kayssi, Omar A. Abdulrazzaq, Nuha T. Hamad, Country: Iraq
66 A Text Analysis on Technology Innovation Policy of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in China 309 - 312
Authors: Li Xiongjun, Zheng Haifang, Country: China
67 Zeroforcing and Power Domination for a Graph of Cartesian Products of Two Cycles m ? n ? 3 313 - 316
Authors: Dr. S. Chandrasekaran, A. Sulthana, Country: India
68 Terrorism is Unethical Arguments against Terrorism 317 - 325
Authors: Dr. Urmi Ray, Country: India
69 Quality Evaluation of Soft Drinks Offered in Local Market 326 - 327
Authors: Mahmud Abdullah Jasim Alkhafaji, Country: Iraq
70 Socio-Economic Determinants of Geriatric Healthcare Seeking Behavior in Lagos Nigeria 328 - 337
Authors: Akpunne Bede C, Country: Nigeria
71 Prevalence of Male Infertility with Poor Semen Quality and Correlation with Trace Metal Concentration in and around Chennai, India 338 - 347
Authors: K. Palani, A. Abdul Jabbar, N. Jagannathan, S. S. Muthiah, N. Jothi Narendiran, Country: India
72 Institutional Impact on Pastoral Community Resilience to Drought in Kajiado County, Kenya 348 - 354
Authors: Ezekiel Kemboi, Jones F. Agwata, Stephen O. Anyango, Country: Kenya
73 Effect of Vitamin C and Dialium guineense Fruit Pulp Activity on HO-1, Insulin Secretion and Ace in Experimental Diabetes 355 - 361
Authors: Etah Nkanu, Victoria Okon, Ujong Gabriel, Esther George, Country: Nigeria
74 Effect of Quality of Chemistry Practical Work on Students? Performance in Chemistry in Public Secondary Schools of Machakos and Nairobi Counties in Kenya 362 - 365
Authors: John Thiongo Mwangi, Country: Kenya
75 Effects of Psychosocial Health (Trauma) on Incarcerated in Thane Central Jail 366 - 368
Authors: P. Sanath Kumar, Dr. Jahanara, Country: India
76 Antidiabetic and Anti-Hyperlipidemic Potential of Linum usitatissimum (Linn.) Seeds in Streptozotacin Induced Diabetic Rat 369 - 373
Authors: M. D. Kitukale, A. V. Chandewar, Country: India
77 Differences Effect of Supplement Red Guava Juice with Red Dragon Fruit Juice to Increase Hemoglobin Levels in Postpartum Mother with Anemia 374 - 378
Authors: Barirah, Runjati, Melyana Nurul Widyati, Rr Sri Endang Pujiastuti, Country: Indonesia
78 Research on the Impact of Internet Finance on Rural Economic Growth 379 - 382
Authors: Xiaoqing Sun, Country: China
79 Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy Versus Open Hemorrhoidectomy: A Comparative Study of Short Term Results 383 - 386
Authors: Ankur Jain, Country: India
80 Successful Prophylactic Pulmonary Arterial Aneurysm Repair in Pregnant Women with Behcet's Disease 387 - 389
Authors: Sasmith Menakuru, Mir Inzamam Ali, Country: India
81 Why a Big Bang Actually Never Happened - The Physical Time is an Active Property of Active Space, Active Energy and Active Matter 390 - 392
Authors: Prasenjit Debnath, Country: India
82 Utilization of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) on Anxiety Levels in Primigravida Pregnant Women 393 - 396
Authors: Mardelia Astriani, Rara Sri Endang Pujiastuti, Suharyo Hadisaputro, Country: Indonesia
83 Watershed Characterization and Prioritization using Geomatics Technology for Natural Resources Management 397 - 402
Authors: Om Kashyap, Obaidullah Ehrar, Country: India
84 Stress Degradation Studies of Hydrochlorothiazide and Development of Validated Method by UV Spectroscopy 403 - 406
Authors: Devi .V, Sekar .V, Country: India
85 Anatomical Variations in Anterior Cerebral Circulation - Cadaveric Study in Indian Population 407 - 410
Authors: Murugesan Govindarajan, Suresh Paramasivam, Waseem Ahamed TP, Country: India
86 The Awarding of Tea Red Amaranthus to Change in Levels of Hemoglobin in Woman Pregnant Second-Trimester with Anemia 411 - 414
Authors: Aristy Rian Avinda Putri, Suharyo Hadisaputro, M. Choiroel Anwar, Country: Indonesia
87 Modelling and Forecasting Inflation Rates in Sri Lanka 415 - 419
Authors: Aboobucker Haalisha, Aboobucker Jahufer, Country: Sri Lanka
88 A Discrete Event Simulation Model for the Management of Patients Flow in Healthcare Emergency Department 420 - 423
Authors: Modibbo U. M., Okolo A., Country: Nigeria
89 Modeling and CFD Simulation of EGR Cooler for CRDI Diesel Engine and Comparison of Various Inlet Manifold 424 - 428
Authors: Rambhajan Prajapati, Vishal Achwal, Dr. Suman Sharma, Country: India
90 Study of Management and Complications of Thoracic Injuries 429 - 431
Authors: Dr. S. J. Bhosale, Dr. Vipin Tewani, Country: India
91 A Study of Various Associated Factors Surgical Intervention in the Patients of Acute Abdomen at Tertiary Health Care Center 432 - 434
Authors: Dr. A.Y. Kshirsagar, Dr, Gayatri, Dr. Vipin Tewani, Country: India
92 Financial Performance of Srujana Vividoddesha Souharda Sahakari Niyamita Bangalore 435 - 436
Authors: Vibha Visweswaraiah, Dr S Mahendrakumar, Country: India
93 Lacta Massage Using Fennel Essential Oil to Increase Prolactin Hormone Levels in Postpartum Mothers 437 - 440
Authors: Emaretha Mikaningtyas, Bedjo Santoso, Runjati, Mardiyono, Rara Sri Endang Pujiastuti, Country: Indonesia
94 Effects of Mining Dumpsites on the Abundance of Rodents: Luanshya, Zambia 441 - 446
Authors: Lukwesa Tuba, Felix F. Musonda, Norman Nduna, Henry M. Mulenga, Country: Zambia
95 Tomato Fruit Extract Improves the Levels of Hemoglobin (HB) in Pregnant Women the Anaemia who Get Fe Supplementation 447 - 450
Authors: Sarliana, Suharyo Hadisaputro, Kamilah Hidajati, Country: Indonesia
96 Research on the Interactive Development of Venture Capital, Scientific and Technological Innovation and Urban Cultural and Creative Industries 451 - 454
Authors: Qinghao Gao, Zengrui Tian, Country: China
97 Improved Neuro-Fuzzy Approach for Finger Print Recognition 455 - 460
Authors: Reena Mittal, Deepika Arora, Country: India
98 Optimization of Sedimentation Tank by CFD 461 - 468
Authors: Sudheer Pandia, Dr Bharat Jhamnani, Country: India
99 The Impact of Maternal Iodine Status during Pregnancy on Maternal and Perinatal Outcomes 469 - 472
Authors: Erbil Cakar, Sevcan Arzu Arinkan, Country: Turkey
100 Perspectives of Endodontic Staff towards Deployment of Aseptic Techniques at Selected Dental Clinics, Saudi Arabia 473 - 476
Authors: Dr. Khaled Ahmed Saeed Bafail, Dr. Naser Sameer Abdeen Sindi, DR. Faisal Mohammed J Alrefaei, Country: Saudi Arabia
101 Courtesy in Utilization of Safety Procedures among Endodontic Staff' at Selected Dental Clinics-Saudi Arabia 477 - 481
Authors: Dr. Abdllah Dhafer M Al Sahrani, Country: Saudi Arabia
102 Research on the Impact of New Urbanization and Financial Support System Leading by Internet Entrepreneurship 482 - 485
Authors: Sumin Zhang, Country: China
103 Effect of Cadmium on the Axenic Growth and Phosphatase Activity of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi, Amanita muscaria and Laccaria ohiensis 486 - 488
Authors: K. Revathy, Country: India
104 Synthesis and Stability of Nitrilotrimethylenephosphonic Acid Mixed Ligand Complexes of Zn(II) and Cd(II) in Solution 489 - 492
Authors: M.A. Azaz Ahmed, Ambedkar Yedira, Wondalem Misganaw, Country: India
105 Influence of Family Factors on Careers Choice among Secondary School Students in Kitui Central Sub County 493 - 497
Authors: Nyaribo Lilian Otwori, Dr. Sr. Sabina Mutisya, Dr. Sr. Florentina Ndeke, Country: Kenya
106 Stress Level and Coping Strategies among Infertile Woman Attending a Private Hospital 498 - 501
Authors: Alisha Shrestha, Priyambada Tiwari, Country: Nepal
107 Commodity in Criminality 502 - 504
Authors: Parimala S, Country: India
108 The Beneficial Effect of Watercress (Nasturtium officinale) and Black Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Bran Supplementation in Glycemic Improvement 505 - 507
Authors: Agustin Syamsianah, Siti Fatimah-Muis, Budi Widianarko, Country: Indonesia
109 Possibility of Green Marketing in New Era 508 - 510
Authors: Subymon S S, Country: India
110 Customer Distinctiveness using Multi-Layer Clustering Approach 511 - 513
Authors: Prof. Madhavi Patil, Swati Rajput, Prachi Salve, Country: India
111 A Study on Landuse/Land Cover change Detection and its Impacts on the Soil Quality of Nilachal (Kamakhya) Hills, Guwahati, Assam 514 - 518
Authors: Tanvi Hussain, Dulal C Goswami, Country: India
112 Effect of Carica Papaya Linn on Changes in Ferritin Levels of Anemia Pregnant Women Who Consume Iron Tablets 519 - 521
Authors: Meirita Herawati, Imam Djamaluddin Mashoedi, Suharyo Hadisaputro, Country: Indonesia
113 A Decade of the National Health Mission: Full Immunization Coverage and Vaccine Preventable Diseases in India 522 - 530
Authors: Sowmya Thota, Dnyaneshee Dudhal, Country: India
114 Growth of Racemic Tartaric Acid Single Crystal and Characterization 531 - 535
Authors: M. Esthaku Peter, Mubarik Awel Hussan, Mukabha Hassen Mohammed, T. Gurumurthi, Country: India
115 A Pragmatic Analysis of Impoliteness in Selected British Social Interviews 536 - 542
Authors: AbeerNaser Abbas, Ali Muhsin Al-Majdawi, Country: Iraq
116 Acoustic and Thermal Behavior of Low Density Wheat Straw Particle Board 543 - 547
Authors: Kiran M C, Mamatha B S, Anand N, Prakash V, Narashimamurthy, Country: India
117 Exclusive Breastfeeding Improvement Program Using Carica Papaya Leaf Extract on the Levels of Prolactin Hormones 548 - 551
Authors: Tina Endah Pratiwi, Ari Suwondo, Mardiyono, Country: Indonesia
118 Application of Crude Aqueous Solution as a Larvicidal and Antibacterial Agent Extracted from Coconut Shells 552 - 555
Authors: Rajendra G Prajapati, Dr. Satish S Kolte, Country: India
119 Successful Endodontic Treatment of a Maxillary Permanent First Molar with Two Palatal Roots - A Case Report 556 - 558
Authors: Dr. Awad Alazmi, Dr. Ramy Reda Zakaria Ghaly, Dr. Naif Alrasheedi, Country: Saudi Arabia
120 Examination of External and Internal Enablers of Organizational E-Readiness to Implement E-Commerce. A Study of Ghana's Financial Sector 559 - 563
Authors: Carlo K.M.H. Adadevoh, Benjamin Ntim, Country: Ghana
121 Comorbidity and Delayed to Seek Medical Treatment as Risk Factors of Severe Pneumonia in Children at Sanglah General Hospital 564 - 567
Authors: Putu Siadi Purniti, Ida Bagus Subanada, Ayu Setyorini Mestika Mayangsari, Putu Verita Wulandari, Country: Indonesia
122 Architectural Standards and State of Court of Recreation Course in the Schools of the Community of Likasi 568 - 572
Authors: Kisuba Wa Banza Alain, Mayaya Boy, Country: Congo, Democratic Republic
123 Persistence and Reflective of Tribal Narratives on Art and Craft: A Curatorial Study on the Particularly Vulnerable Tribes of Odisha 573 - 577
Authors: Banita Behera, Country: India
124 Genetic Variability in Tropical Cauliflower (Brassica Oleracea L. Var. Botrytis) under the Plains of Southern Kerala 578 - 583
Authors: Shruthy O. N., Celine V. A., Country: India
125 The Relationship between the Use of Facebook Social Networks and Parental Social Support with Student Learning Motivation at SMP Islam Nurul Falah Karawang 584 - 589
Authors: Amalia, Dr. Ahmad Zubaidi, Country: Indonesia
126 An Endoscopic Approach to the Deviated Nasal Septum: A Prospective Study 590 - 596
Authors: Dr. Ramawatar Dayama, Dr. Siddharth Nirwan, Country: India
127 A Fatal Outcome of Rhino-Orbital-Cerebral Mucormycosis in Newly Diagnosed Diabetic Patient 597 - 61
Authors: Alkhamis Mohammed, Almomen Ali, Molani Fadel, Alhubail Rasheed, Country: Saudi Arabia
128 Factors Influencing the Adoption of Accounting Information in Decision Making among Microfinance Institutions in Tanzania; A Case Study of Ecumenical Church Loan Fund Arusha 602 - 604
Authors: Mukirya Tumaini Massau, Dr. Samuel Obino Mokaya, Country: Tanzania
129 Effect of Assertiveness Training on Entry Level Paramedical Students 605 - 610
Authors: R. Renuchitra, T. Jegadeesan, Country: India
130 CT Scan Evaluation of Anatomical Variations of Paranasal Sinuses in Patients with Complaints Related to Paranasal Sinuses-An Exploratory Study 611 - 613
Authors: Muhammed Shahab, Vinayaka U. S., Country: India
131 Comparative Study of 0.5% Centbucridine and 2% Lignocaine in Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block for Upper Limb Surgeries 614 - 616
Authors: Dr. M. Shanmugasundaram, Dr. S. Senthilkumar, Country: India
132 Development and Quality Evaluation of Cookies Fortified with Flaxseed Flour 617 - 619
Authors: K. N. Lengure, Rajendra Kawade, Harshal Kale, Hari Kulal, Country: India
133 A Study to Assess Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Hand Washing among the Staff Nurses in Secondary Care Hospital, Karad 620 - 623
Authors: Trupti S. Bhosale, Ruksar Patel, Pavitra Patil, Rohini Yadav, Country: India
134 Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Drive for Single-Phase Motor and its Application 624 - 628
Authors: Kashyap Pratap Lodhari, Country: India
135 Effect of Neurophysiological Facilitation [NPF] of Respiration on Ventilation of Mechanically Ventilated Patients: An Experimental Study 629 - 631
Authors: Dr. Hardini Prajapati, Country: India
136 Mental Health Status of Adolescents from Resettlement and Rehabilitation Village 632 - 634
Authors: A. Lakshmi Prakash, Dr. E. Manjuvani, Country: India
137 Role of Nasya Karma and Dhoomapana Karma in Management of Tamaka Shwasa 635 - 638
Authors: Dr. Kanaka Lakshmi R, Dr. Vinay Kumar K N, Country: India
138 Effect of Group Therapy on Anxiety among Adults with Generalized Anxiety Disorder 639 - 643
Authors: T. Jegadeesan, R. Renuchitra, Richu Joseph, Country: India
139 Simulation, Analysis and Implementation of 7 level Cascaded H Bridge MultiLevel Inverter 644 - 648
Authors: Aakash Suthar, Dr. Pramod S. Modi, Country: India
140 Histopathological Spectrum of Lesions of Palatine Tonsil - A 3 Year Study 649 - 653
Authors: Irmeen Manzoor, Siddhi Khandeparker, Maithili Kulkarni, Danish Andrabi, Country: India
141 A Study on Technological Mitigation Strategies of Farmers to Overcome Drought Situations in Namakkal District 654 - 658
Authors: P. Sanjeevi, Dr. K. Mahandrakumar, Country: India
142 Utility Mapping of GSM Mast within Damaturu Metropolis Yobe State, Nigeria 659 - 675
Authors: Dunoma U, Nguru A. I., Country: Nigeria
143 Some Reasoning to the Socio-Cultural Significanse of "Tarikhi Khumuli" 676 - 678
Authors: Mukhiddinova Mavzuna Sirojiddinqizi, Country: Uzbekistan
144 Evolutionary Game Analysis of New Rural Financial Model under the Background of "Internet +" 679 - 684
Authors: Xueqi Zhang, Country: China
145 Effect of Performance Appraisal on Organizational Performance 685 - 690
Authors: Peter Butali, David Njoroge, Country: Kenya
146 Assessment of Tomato (Solanum lycopersicon L.) Hybrids for Fruit Quality and Yield Characters in the Hill Region of Utttarkhand 691 - 695
Authors: Shivani Dhyani, A.C. Misra, Priyanka Verma, Country: India
147 Character Association Study on Fruit Yield of Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) 696 - 698
Authors: Shivani Dhyani, Dhirendra Singh, Country: India
148 Mitigation of Soil Salinity Stress by Salt-Tolerant Rhizobacteria and Saccharomycescerevisiae in Wheat (Triticum aestivum) 699 - 711
Authors: Dalal H. Alkhalifah, Ahmed I. Elsayed, Serag A Farag, Country: Egypt
149 Perception, Use and Experience of Urban Open Spaces-Case Studies of Neighbourhood Public Parks in Nagpur 712 - 717
Authors: Archana Bele, Nikhil Wasade, Country: India
150 Effect of Motor Skills Acquisition Training on Gross Motor Skills of Autistic Children 718 - 724
Authors: R. Renuchitra, Dr. P. Nagalakshmi, P. Vasanthavel, Country: India
151 Emerging Trends in the Alleviation of Depression and Anxiety Disorders through Application of Acupressure 14 Points Exercises Combined with Sky Practice Designed by Swamiji Vethathiri Maharishi - A Case Study on a 54 year Old Male Patient 725 - 730
Authors: C. Vijayalakshmi, V. Devarajan, Country: India
152 Prevalence of Condyloma Accuminata with Human Immunodeficiency Virus at Dermatology and Venereology Departement of Mangusada Badung General Hospital During January-December 2016 731 - 733
Authors: Shinta Widari Tirka Putu, Ari A. Kayika S. Anak Agung, Country: Indonesia
153 Effectiveness of Modified Early Ambulation on Activities of Daily Living, Functional Activity and Psychological Wellbeing among the Patients Undergone Abdominal Surgery 734 - 738
Authors: Nisha Clement, Dr. I. Clement., Country: India
154 Direct Hooking Electric Theft: Silicone Rubber Piping over Bear Overhead Electric Conductors Technical Enforcement Mechanisms 739 - 741
Authors: Surekha S. Bhalshankar, Dr C. S. Thorat, Country: India
155 Investigation on International Sanctions and its Consequences on Nigeria's Foreign Policy (1993-1997) 742 - 744
Authors: Chiroma Isa Mamman, Country: Nigeria
156 Environmental Impact Assessment of a Proposed for Solid Waste Management Facility in Al-Wihda Sub District, Baghdad Governorate 745 - 750
Authors: Haider Kareem Ali Alobaidy, Country: Iraq
157 The Forsaken Daughters of a Developing World Femicide, Development and Women?s Health in India 751 - 757
Authors: Rishma Johal, Amit Johal, Country: Canada
158 Air Quality Prediction Modelling and its Validation in the Near Field of Urban Roadway of Delhi, India 758 - 767
Authors: Mantrana, Syed Kursheed Ahmad, Azhar Husain, Country: India
159 A Study on Knowledge Regarding First Aid among College Student of Rusha (Vellore) 768 - 769
Authors: Sharmila, Country: India
160 Study of Clinico-Hematological Profile of Thalassemia at Tertiary Care Centre 770 - 776
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316 Charisma Dancer: Creative Process in the Era of Creative Industry 1547 - 1550
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317 Explore the Knowledge on Osteoporosis among Working and Non Working Premenopausal Women 1551 - 1554
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319 Microbial Metropolis - A Microbial Biofilm Community 1560 - 1566
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322 Examination of the Relationship between Emotion Recognition/Regulation and Social Skills of 66-77 Months-Old Infants 1574 - 1578
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323 Student Teachers' Reflections on Prior Experiences of Learning Geography: A Kenyan Example 1579 - 1586
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324 Quiz Application Development Using Android-Based Google Forms 1587 - 1591
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325 A Clinical Study of Management of Wounds Using Vacuum Assisted Dressings in Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital 1592 - 1597
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326 Effect of Micro-Silica on Mechanical Strength of Concrete 1598 - 1602
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327 Evaluation of the Physico-Chemical, Functional, Pasting and Anti-Nutritional Properties of Fermented and Unfermented Cocoyam (Colocasia and Xanthosoma Species) Flours 1603 - 1607
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329 Lived Experiences of Bullied High School Male-Gay Students: Towards Mental Health Policy Adoption 1614 - 1618
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330 A Study on Medicinal Plants Used by Rural People of Dharmapuri District, Tamilnadu, India 1619 - 1622
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331 Relationship between Participative Leadership Style and Teachers Job Satisfaction in Public Primary Schools Nakuru County, Kenya 1623 - 1627
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332 IRON Metabolism and its Importance in Child Development - Review 1628 - 1632
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333 Addiction of Mobile Phone Usage and Health Hazards Caused among the College Going Students of Kolkata 1633 - 1638
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334 Comparison between Ropivacaine and Ropivacaine with Dexmedetomidine in Caudal Analgesia in Pediatric Patients 1639 - 1643
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335 Digital Transformation: A New Industrial Revolution 1644 - 1647
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336 Preliminary Studies on Butterfly Fauna of Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 1648 - 1651
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337 Benefits and Challenges of Digital Technology 1652 - 1652
Authors: Dr. Vijaykumar B. Khandate, Country: India