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A Study on Comparison of Stress Management Factors among Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students
Authors: Sasikala V, Hemamalini R, Ashok V

Stock Price Movement Prediction using Attention-Based Neural Network Framework
Authors: Kartik Goyal, Nitin Bansal, Soumyabrata Kundu, Ayan Kundu, Nitish Jain

A Comprehensive Study of Machine Learning Models in Radiogenomics
Authors: Eash Sharma, Ashwin Garg

Extension of Shelf-Life of Cucumber Fruit CV. '22414' using A Cold Storage
Authors: Parag Jadhav

CFD Analysis of Room Air Ventilation through Solar Chimney
Authors: Sushil Kumar, Dr. V. N. Bartaria

Perception towards Ayurvedic Tourist Special Reference towards Coimbatore City
Authors: Dr. K. Prince Paul Antony, S R. Kritikaa

To study the Clinical Psychological and Neurological Profile and Assessing the Outcome Predictors of Patients with Psychogenic Non Epileptic Seizures (PNES): A Study of 74 Cases
Authors: Dinesh Khandelwal, Naresh Kumar Sharma

A Deliberate Answer to Why Time Exists: How Higgs Field is Relevant to the Present Arrow of Physical Time
Authors: Prasenjit Debnath

Impact of Government Policy on the Improvement of Maize Competitiveness
Authors: Sarintang, Rahman Laba, A. Nixia Tenriawaru

p-Aminobenzoic Acid as a New Reagent in Spectrophotometric Determination of Salbutamol Sulphate Via Oxidative Coupling Reaction
Authors: Nabeel S. Othman Ali M. Asaad

Measurement of the Levels and the Density of Liquids in the Ship Reservoirs by Magnetic Levitation and Buoy Measuring Device
Authors: Afandiyev O.Z, Alakbarov Sh.Sh, Allahverdiyeva A.?.

CSR based MSME Empowerment through Product Marketing Competency Enhancement by Digital Marketing
Authors: Enjang Pera Irawan

Screening and Extraction of Microbial Pigment from Organism Isolated from Marine Water
Authors: Minal. R. Dave, Rohini Shetty

Implementation of Energy Efficient AODV Routing Protocol with Increasing Network Lifetime
Authors: Nethravathi K. M, Dr. Yamuna Devi C. R.

Fiscal Austerity Policies and their Implications - USA
Authors: R V Pranay Kumar Reddy, Puralasetti Gowtham

Breathtaking Job
Authors: S?lvia Oliveira, Joao Ribeirinho Soares, Maria Jose Almeida, Noemia Loio Marques, Sara Matos, Antonio Barroso

Status of Workplace Spiritual Intelligence among Secondary School Teachers
Authors: Soumita Ghosh

Foreign Direct Investment and the Nigerian Manufacturing Sector (2008 - 2015)
Authors: Torty Chinenye Kalu-Ulu

On The Unification of Classical Mechanics with Quantum Mechanics: Field-Particle Duality; Why Hawking's Radiation Does Exist
Authors: Prasenjit Debnath

The Prevalence of Prostate Cancer in Sudan
Authors: Fahad A. Mohamed, Abdoelrahman Hassan A. B, M. E. M. Garelnabi

Mechanisum of Silicone Rubber Piping over Bear Overhead Electric Conductors to Control Direct Hooking Electric Theft
Authors: Surekha S. Bhalshankar, Dr C.S.Thorat

Degradation of used Engine Oil Alkanes by its Indigenous Bacteria, Production of PHA and Secretion of an Elastomer-Like Biopolymer
Authors: Manel Ghribi, Fatma Meddeb-Mouelhi, Marc Beauregard

MOOC Study on Education Path of Internet Financial Crime Prevention
Authors: Yang Pengbo, Zhao Meiling, Wang Mimi

Research on Financial Knowledge Transmission Path Based on Micro-Video
Authors: Yang Pengbo, Wang Mimi, Zhao Meiling

Fuzzy Logic Based MPPT Controller for Photovoltaic System
Authors: Nisarga G C, C R Sharada Prasad

Stabilization of Expansive Soil by Fly Ash and Stone Dust
Authors: Abhay Pratap Singh, Dr. N. K. Saxena, Anupam Verma

Indigenous Knowledge and Biopiracy
Authors: Dr. Jyoti S. Kawalekar

A Paradigm Shift Frompastoral Counseling to Nouthetic Counseling in the Southern Baptist Convention: Jay Adams' Approach
Authors: Oluwaseun A. Oladipupo (Justina)

Presidential System-Based Impeachment of Regional Head
Authors: La Ode Muhaimin

Work - Related Musculoskeletal Disorder among Farm Women
Authors: Poonam, Dr. Aditi Vats

Women Education and Right: In the Light of Different Scheme and Programme
Authors: Debasish Sarkar, Pramod Maiti

A Survey on the Major Security Issues in VANET
Authors: Ruchika, Rozy Rana, Preeti Saini

An Innovative Technique of Stabilization of Soil for Pavements Using Fly Ash and Steel Slag
Authors: Wajid Ali Butt

Prevalence and Knowledge on Anemia and Malnutrition among Early Adolescent Girls
Authors: Malathi K V, Dr G Vijayalakshmi

The Socialization Process Analysis of the Importance of Clean Water Pipe by the Tangerang City Government Inovercoming Clean Water Crisis
Authors: Syerli Haryati

Evaluation of Shelf Life Study for the Formulated Nutraceutical Product - Oriens? Naturovita
Authors: Sasikala Sekar, Deeptha Kumar

Detecting the Heavy Metals Content to Ensure Safety in Oriens? Nephrofit - A Nutraceutical Combination
Authors: Sasikala Sekar, Deeptha Kumar

Study on use of Thermal Power Plant Waste as Filling Material in Road Embankment
Authors: Devi Prasad Vishwakarma, Dr. N. K. Saxena, Anupam Verma

Phytochemical Profile and Ethano Medicinal Uses Anatomy, Anti-Microbial Activity of Datura stramoniumL.
Authors: Dr. J. R. Mulay

Strategy for Increasing Production of Rice Commodity in East Halmahera Regency
Authors: Muhammad Abdullah, Nurdin Brasit, Muh. Hatta Jamil

Locomotion Training in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury: A Systemic Review
Authors: Sarvesh Rasal, Suvarna Ganvir

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Evaluation of Various Orbital Pathologies
Authors: Nilesh Chaudhari, Parag Garse, Shopnil Prasla

Studying High School Students' Technical Thinking
Authors: Narantuya M., Enkh-Amgalan D

Using Wireless Sensor Networks in Special Applications for Mining with Accident Potential Location
Authors: Ionut-Alin Popa, Emil Pop, Gabriel-Ioan Ilcea

Car License Plate Checking System Based on Neural Network
Authors: Ei Phyo Min

A Randomised Prospective Comparative Study on Efficacy of Ropivacaine with Fentanyl and Ropivacaine with Clonidine in Labour Analgesia
Authors: N. Periyasamy Sakya, G. Sivakumar, S. Mahalingam

Finite Element Analysis of Hydrogen Storage Composite Fuel Tank
Authors: Pawan N Naik, Dr. M K Venkatesh, Dr. R Keshavamurthy

Returns Relationship between BIG FOUR Bank Stock and the S&P/ASX 200
Authors: C. Murugesan, E. Sakthi Priya

Environmental Issues in Traditional Craft Villages in the Red River Delta Area in Vietnam
Authors: Thu Nga Tran Thi, Thuy Loan Doan Thi, Phuong Diep Tran Thi

Evaluation of Hydrological Parameters and Phytoplankton Diversity of Moolikulam Pond in Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu
Authors: D. Amish Abragam, P. Mathiarasi

Study of the SPH Method for Simulation in LS-DYNA
Authors: Tran Thanh Tung

Effectiveness of Postnatal Care by Using Comphrensive Postnatal Nursing Stratergy (CPNS) Module
Authors: Nisha Clement

Synthesis and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles from Ipomoea Cairica L. Leaf Extract and their Antibacterial Assay
Authors: Harshitha H S, Navyashree H T

Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection: Case Series and Review of Literature
Authors: Chaurasia SP, Singh MM, Rajput AS, Deshmukh PP, Washimkar SW, Deshpande M, Tiwari A.

Study on the Pattern of Rainfall Distribution using Some Competing Probability Distribution in Cooch Behar District of West Bengal
Authors: Rakesh Kumar Meena, Sharda Dubey, S. Basak

Morality and Fantasy: Acritical Study in C. S. Lewis' 'The Chronicles of Narnia'
Authors: Wanda Ann Nigli, Dr. K. B. Jasmine Suthanthira Devi

Planning and Designing in Architecture: Behavioral Concerns
Authors: Prof. Sri Astuti Indriyati, Ph.D

Use of Polymerase Chain Reaction and Endonuclease Restriction BccI for the Differential Leptospira interrogans Detection
Authors: Bravo J, Navarro C

Development and Evaluation of a Physical Activity Educational Bookletfor Adolescents
Authors: Lau Xiao Chuan, Ahzalindah Binti Hosni

A Review of Plant Species Identification Techniques
Authors: Israa Mohammed Hassoon, Samar Amil Kassir, Shyma Mohammed Altaie

Analysis Price Transmission of Cayenne Pepper In South Sulawesi Province
Authors: Sri Hardianti Rosadi, Yunus Musa, Mahyuddin

Study on Aerodynamic Drag Reduction of A Blunt Body Using Hot-Gas Injection in Hypersonic Flow
Authors: Srinidhi Sudhindra, R Aravind Ganesh, Shriharsha R, S. Saravanan, Prashant Manvi, Santosh Hosur

All Blacks: A Case Study of a High Performance Team
Authors: Simran Malik, Rajat Yadav

Calculation of Uranium Concentrations in Tikrit University Soil Samples using Neutron Activation and CR-39 Detector
Authors: Fareed M. Mohammed, Saed S. Kamon, Khalid H. Mahdi, Daham. M. Nael

Assessment of Study Skills between Day Scholars & Hostlers Student among Nursing Students
Authors: Dhirajkumar Mane, Dr. Satish V. Kakade, Mahendra Alate

Abstract Level Characteristics in SOLO Taxonomy during Ethnomathematics Learning
Authors: Wahyu Widada, Hartanto Sunardi, Dewi Herawaty, Boby Engga PD, Detty Syefriani

The Competition and Complementarity between Internet Finance and Commercial Banks
Authors: Liu Bing

Effect of Demographic, Social and Economic Factors to Number of Children on Childbearing Age Couples in Denpasar City
Authors: Ida Ayu Gde Dyastari Saskara, I Ketut Sudibia, AAIN Marhaeni, IGW Murjana Yasa

Storability and Physico-Chemical Quality of Ready to Eat Bovine Tripe Rolls under Different Storage Conditions
Authors: Wilson G. Karibe, Catherine N. Kunyanga, Jasper K. Imungi

Design & Fabrication of Paper Clip and Die by CNC Milling Machine and Acquiring Prototype through Hand Injection Moulding
Authors: Gali Sai Swaroop, Attaluri Maheedhar

Effectiveness of Awareness Programme on Organ Donation and Nurses' Role in Terms of Knowledge among Staff Nurses of Selected Private Hospital at Kolkata, West Bengal
Authors: Puja Ghosh

Characterization and Molecular Analysis of NBS-LRR Class Resistance Gene Homologues Isolated from Zingiber spp. of North East India
Authors: Nongmaithem Chanu Lenbi, Huidrom Sunitibala Devi, Pratap Jyoti Handique

Production of Acrylic Acid
Authors: Akanksha Puwar, Kashish Jalan

Financial Analysis of Pharmaceutical Companies in India
Authors: Akanksha Puwar, Kashish Jalan, Ashim Garg

Conceptual Review on Seismic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joints
Authors: K. Padmanabham, K. Rambabu

A Literature Review on Anti-Strip Additives in Asphalt Mixture
Authors: Shajib Kumar Guha, Ashok Kumar

Effects of State and Output Disturbance on the State Estimation for Speed Control Stochastic DC Motor
Authors: Ojonugwa Adukwu, Daniel Effiong Oku

The Effectiveness of Honey in Wound Healing among Patients with Wounds in a Selected Hospital of Kolkata
Authors: Kuntal Mandal, Dr. Prabir Sur

Modeling, Analysis and Monitoring DC Motor Using Proportional-Integral Controller and Kalman Filter
Authors: Ojonugwa Adukwu, Daniel Effiong Oku

Comparison between the First Order Statistical Analysis and Higher Order Statistical Analysis on Characterization of Brain Tumor on CT Images
Authors: Auis Bashir, Mohammed Garelnabi, Shazaly Khojaly, Magdi Hassan, Shaza Elfadil

Effect of Using Cantilever Bar on the Supporting Structures in Implant Supported Mandibular Overdentures
Authors: Sherif M. Abdel Hamid, Ahmed G. Hamzawi, Emad M. Agamy, Gehan F. Mohamed

Financial Inclusion Index Approach Unifying E-Wallets
Authors: Shubham Verma, Sophiya Khan

Emotional Intelligence for Artificial Intelligence: A Review
Authors: Arvind Kumar, Rajiv Singh, Ram Chandra

Assessment of Radiation Dose from CT to Workers and Public from Common Diagnostic Investigations in Qatif Hospital
Authors: Fahad A. Mohamed, Gamareldein Alshikh, Mustafa Almeshal, Hassan AL-Sawad, Salman AL-faraj

Antioxidant Capacity and Phenolic Composition of Crateva adansonii DC. (Capparaceae)
Authors: Meda Nag-Tiero Roland, Compaore Moussa, Moldovan Cristina, Vlase Laurian, Tiperciuc Brandusa, Ouedraogo Anicet Georges

Role of Phosphatidylinositol-3 and Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases on Rat Retinal Cells Size and Neurite Outgrowth in the Absence and in the Presence of Taurine
Authors: Jeilyn D Vivas, Lisbeth R Cubillan, Lucimey Lima

Clinical Response to Treatment of Infectious Rachiditis
Authors: Nevila Gjermeni, Dhimiter Kraja, Najada Como, Arjan Harxhi, Pellumb Pipero, Artan Simaku

Simulated Relief Algorithm for Feature Selection Approach
Authors: S. Francisca Rosario, Dr. K. Thangadurai

Impact of Urbanization on River and Its Surrounding Structures: Case of Nag River Nagpur
Authors: Parikshit P. Mudholkar

The Nature and Effects of Substance Abuse among Adolescents: A Case of Mabelreign, Harare, Zimbabwe
Authors: Joseph Muwanzi, Dr. Racheal Mafumbate

Assessment of Superior and Inferior End plates In Normal lumbar Vertebrae from L1 to L5, Using Computed Tomography in Sudanese Population
Authors: Hisham A.Y Gasmallah, Caroline Edward Ayad

Sensitivity of Water Surface Elevation Level in the Tigris River within Baghdad city to the Changes in the Value of Manning's Roughness Coefficient
Authors: Saeb Al Chalabi, Mustafa Al Aukaidy

Music Matters for Text Recall: The Difference between a Song and a Poem for Teaching of a Foreign Language in the Classroom
Authors: Ghada Shbeitah

Microstructural Characterization of Li-Ion Battery Separator using Scanning Electron Microscopy
Authors: Rekha L, Venkateswarlu M, Jagadish M

Surgical Correction of Extensively Large Mammary Tumor in Mouse: A Case Report
Authors: Dr. Amol Yamgar, Dr. D. U. Lokhande, Dr. G. U. Yadav, Dr. Dakhane Prajyot S.

Authors: Jean Marius D'Alexandris

Strategies of Positive Politeness in Inviting and Declining Invitations in Vietnamese
Authors: Duong Bach Nhat

Web Application Development Issues and e-business Software Development Life Cycle
Authors: Patrick N. Kiratu, Felix N. Musau

Determination of Lethal Concentration (LC 50) of Channa Striata
Authors: Suja .S, Sherly Williams .E

Analytical Study of Aluminum Matrix Composite using Experimental Determination
Authors: S. Kumar, Dr. Sudesh Kumar, Krishna

Research on the Influence of Infrastructure Investment on Real Economy Revitalization
Authors: Juan Shang, Jie Yuan

Evaluation of Genotoxic Potential of Vanilla Essence on Mitotic Chromosomes of Hordeum Vulgare
Authors: Snober Bashir Dar, Sangeeta Dayal

Identification of Financial Risks based on Artificial Intelligence
Authors: Yang Pengbo, Zhang Hanyu

Static and Dynamic Analysis of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Sandwich Composite Laminates with Aluminium Honeycomb Core
Authors: Swati Swagatika, Ansuman Padhi

Prevalence of Gingival Recessions in the Aesthetic Zone of Maxilla in Bulgarian Population
Authors: Irena Georgieva

Impact of Inadequate Lighting in Schools on Student Vision
Authors: Alain Kisuba Wa Banza

Maternal Near Miss in Tertiary Care Center - Clinical and Demographic Aspects
Authors: Lovepreet Kaur, Manjit Kaur Mohi, Manjeet Kaur, Balwinder Kaur, Beant Singh

Effect of Hematite Nanoparticles Synthesized by Sol-Gel Method on Activity of Liver Enzymes
Authors: Asmaa J. Al-lamei, Enas, F. Shtewy

Estimation of Phytoconstituents from Citrullus colocynthis (L.) Schrad Roots Extract by GC-MS Spectroscopy
Authors: Sumitra Singh, Bhagwati Devi

Effect on Supplementation of Oriens? Wheatgrass Capsules in the Haemoglobin Profile
Authors: Sasikala Sekar, Deeptha Kumar

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Progressive Improvement in Knowledge and Skill of Administrating Basic Life Support Aamong Staff Nurses at Goba Referral Hospital, Bale-Goba, Ethiopia
Authors: Shabiya Ranjit, Dr. Khaleel Nagarchi

Creative Industries in Indonesia: What is Activated?
Authors: Ria Arifianti, Mohammad Benny Alexandri

Effect of Silica Fumes on Concrete Properties AndIts Advantages
Authors: Swetanshu Dubey, Gautam Bhadoria

Essays of EM Forster Critical Study Essay
Authors: R. Renuga Devi, R. Vishalakshi

Characterization of Plumerone, present in the Stem Bark of Plumeria Dichotoma (Medicinal Plant), on the basis of Spectral Studies
Authors: Dr. Kumar Sourav

Comparison of Electric and Conventional Vehicles in Indian Market: Total Cost of Ownership, Consumer Preference and Best Segment for Electric Vehicle
Authors: Akshat Bansal, Akriti Agarwal

Temperature and Frequency Dependence of Dielectric Properties of Superconducting Ceramic GdBa2Ca3Cu4O10.5
Authors: V. S. Vinila, Jayakumari Isac

Effectiveness of Lavender Oil Sitz Bath on Episiotomy Wound Healing among Postnatal Mothers Admitted in Selected Hospitals at Kolhapur City
Authors: Chandrala S. Patole, Manisha Bijapurkar

Effectiveness of Discussion of Technical Plan Document Building Building by Expert Building Team Building in Denpasar City
Authors: Agus Sudarmo, Anak Agung Ketut Sudiana, I Made Tamba

Analysis of Trans Serasi Programs in Efforts to Improve Public Services District Office in the District of Tabanan
Authors: I Made Adi Wibawa, I Wayan Gde Wiryawan, Nyoman Utari Vipriyanti

The Effect of Planning and Competence of Employees in Efforts to Increase Budget Performance in Regional Financial Agency of Tabanan Regency
Authors: I Putu Purnawan, I Ketut Arnawa, Nyoman Utari Vipriyanti

Alpha-Amylase Inhibition Activity of Endophytic Fungi Isolated from Leaves of Artocarpus heterophyllus
Authors: Madara Kumari, Ireshika De Silva

Conflict Resolution Model and Land Use Dispute in Plantation
Authors: Kusbianto

Evaluation of Prolactin Levels in Patients Treated for Schizophrenia
Authors: Adriana Prifti, Etleva Refatllari

Correlation between Learning Motivation to Student Learning Achievements MTSN Lampahan, Bener Meriah, Aceh
Authors: Rizkia Shaulita, Tirta Malia Sakti, Lita Nurma Turnip

Increasing Kata Learning Motivation (Stance) Through Mastery Learning
Authors: Ratna Dewi, Kadek Dian Vanagosi, Putu Citra Permana Dewi

Bleep Test Countermeasures Test Using Infrared and Microcontroller Based Computer System
Authors: Imran Akhmad, Suharjo

A Study to Assess Correlation between Increase in Satisfaction and Decrease of Postnatal Nursing Problems after Implementation of Comprehensive Postnatal Nursing Strategies by Nurses among Postnatal Mother in Selected Hospital Bangalore
Authors: Nisha Clement

Assess the Physical, Functional and Psychological Wellbeing after CPNS - Among Postnatal Mothers
Authors: Nisha Clement

Effect of Three Types of Organic Amendments and Nitrate Concentration on Bacterial and Fungal Populations in a Sandy Loam Soil Adamawa State, Nigeria
Authors: A. Ibrahim, M. L. Bubarai, L. Singh

Influence of Demographic Characteristics on Turnover Intentions among the Academic Staff in Public Diploma Teacher Training Colleges in Kenya
Authors: Sarah Likoko, Dr. Judah Ndiku, Stanley Mutsotso

Factors Analysis Influencing Consumer Loyalty in Taxi Users based on "Uber" Online in Jakarta
Authors: Arief Mahardiwan

Atherosclerotic Carotid Artery Disease in Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery
Authors: Petrika Gjergo, Edmond Kapedani

Petrographic Analysis of the Early Tertiary Subathu Formation rocks from the Kalakot Area, western Himalayan Foreland Basin, India
Authors: Dr. Sanjay Karlupia

Investment Options for Household Sector for Overall Welfare [In the Perspective of Global Economy]
Authors: Dr. Anil Kumar Gupta, Dr. Jogendra Kumar

Design and Implementation of E-Administration System over Network Environment
Authors: Sahar W. Khadim, Saad A. Makki

The Study of Tourists Perceptions about the Images of Samosir Regency as Tourism Object
Authors: Syahrul, Enny Hasriyani, Theresia Hutahaean

Implications of Gender Parity on Quality Education Provision in Public Primary Schools in Kenya
Authors: Nelson Siocha Omae, David Onyancha Omae

Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme (PTP) on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Health Hazards of Fast Food Consumption among Adolescent Students
Authors: Suchitrarani Rathod, Priyanka Pawar

Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme Regarding Factors Affecting the Normal Fetal Growth and Development among Antenatal Mothers
Authors: Priyanka S Lokhande, Manisha Bijapurkar

Vital Role of Iron in the Parameter to Increase the Quality of Water
Authors: Dr. Dumraj Saha

Intra-Articular Hyaluronic Acid Injection for Osteoarthritis Treatment: A Literature Review
Authors: Sherly Desnita Savio, Benedictus Deriano, Cindy Christine, Yoel Purnama

Fenpot (Fencing Point Target) Technology
Authors: Dewi Endriani, Widyan Pratama

Students' Participation Rates Implications on Quality Education Provision in Public Secondary Schools Education in Kenya
Authors: Dr. Nelson Siocha Omae (PhD), David Onyancha Omae

Low Back Pain Related Disabilities and Level of Physical Activity among Elders Live in the Community and Elder's Home: A Comparative Study in Colombo District, Sri Lanka
Authors: PATH Kularathna, Anjalee Rathnasooriya, IDKI Somarathna, KMSS Madhumali, SMPE Samarakoon, UNTM Somarathna, RD Nimantha Karunathilaka, SSP Warnakulasuriya

Healing Process of Drugs Abuser During Rehabilitation Program
Authors: Hesti Puspita Sari, Ghoif Nurrohman, Florensi Christiani

Assessing the Ecological Inputs in Selected Forestry Related Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Reports in Sabah, Malaysia
Authors: Sollyantianna Edward, Leong Wan Vun

Head Teachers' Role in Enhancing Academic Performance in Secondary Schools in Baringo North Sub-County, Kenya
Authors: Kiplagat Sheila, Paul Gichohi

A Study of Emotional Intelligence Issues among the Students of Different Background
Authors: Arvind Kumar, Rajiv Singh, Ram Chandra

Determinant of Working Satisfaction Factors with Level of Stress as Intervening Element
Authors: Resha Febrianto

Identification and Control of Seed Born Fungal Parhogens of Maize Seed (Zea mays) Using Plant Extracts
Authors: Talba Usman, Zakari Bawa G

Effect of Topical Heparin Jelly versus Saturated Magnesium Sulphate Fomentation for Care of Post IV Cannulation Phlebitis among Children in a Selected Hospital, Kolkata
Authors: Kaberi Das

Family Settings of the Plain Karbis Inhabiting at Kenduguri Village in Greater Guwahati of Assam- an Investigation
Authors: Binita Devi

A Preliminary Survey on Anurans of Jamnagar City and Vicinity Areas, Gujarat, India
Authors: Yogesh Khandla, Varsha Trivedi

Medico-Legal and Scanning Electron Microscopic Study of Heart in Aluminium Phosphide Poisoning
Authors: Dr. Manoj Kumar, Rohini, Dr. Shashank Shekhar Jha

Epidemiological Study of HIV Infection / AIDS Pregnant in the City of Likasi
Authors: Aide Stephane AMISI IMANI

Design & Analysis of the Side Arm of the Two Drive Side Arm Charger for Heavy Load
Authors: Digvijay S. Patil, Shailesh S. Pimpale

Strength Behaviour of Expansive Soil Treated with Rice Husk Ash-Phosphogypsum and Nylon Fibres
Authors: K. Venkatesh, Dr. D S V Prasad

Study on Geotechnical Properties of Expansive Soil Treated with Quarry Dust and Sodium Hydroxide
Authors: S. Veera Raghavulu, Aswari Sultana Begum, Dr. D S V Prasad, Dr. G V R Prasada Raju

Performance of Recron-3S Fiber with Quarry Dust in Expansive Soil Stabilization
Authors: P. Sai Venkata Bharath, K. Jyothi Raju, Dr. D S V Prasad, Dr. G V R Prasada Raju

Influence of Farmyard Manure and Urea Fertilizer on Phosphorus and Potassium Content in Grain and Straw of Maize (Zea mays L.) on a Sandy Loam Soil
Authors: A. Ibrahim, M. L. Bubarai, A. M. Tahir

Arduino Based Geiger Muller Counter with SMS Alert System
Authors: Aung Myat Maw, Dr. Thaw Tun Ko, Dr. Khin Khin Lay

Legend of the Transparent and Peaceful Organization of ?Elections? in DRC: Issues and Politological Reflections
Authors: Stephane AMISI IMANI

The Problem of Rigorous Science in Edmund Husserl's Phenomenology
Authors: Claver BOUNDJA

Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme Regarding Home Care Management of Children with Nephrotic Syndrome in Terms of Knowledge among the Care Givers in a Selected Hospital at Kolkata, West Bengal
Authors: Purbasha Chakraborty (Banerjee)

Development of a Domestic Fiber for the Fight against Insalubrite in the Community of Kikula Case of the City of Likasi

Structural Optimization of Automobile Bumper Using Honeycomb Structure
Authors: Gilakara Sudarshan

A Comparative Study of Soil Stabilization Using Cement, Lime and Fly Ash
Authors: Amrita Shekhar, N. K. Saxena

Urban Heat Island Effect and Climate Change: An Assessment of Interacting and Attainable Variations in Indian Cities: Study of Gorakhpur
Authors: Ravi Kumar Pandey

The Effect of Lamaze Practices on the Outcome of Pregnancy and Labor in Primgravida Women
Authors: Shital V Waghmare, Dr. Sheela Upendra, Sheetal Barde

Role of Ayurveda in Life Style Disease with Special Reference to Obesity - Management and Prevention
Authors: Dr Sujata Rajan, Dr Manoj Shamkuwar

Graphic Technique for Reducing the Shift between the Geometric Axis and the Axis of Rotation of an Industrial Motor Fan Group
Authors: Didier Ilunga Mutonkole, Henri Kisanguka Pandakufua

A Coordinated Control Scheme of PSS and STATCOM Devices for Improving Power System Oscillation
Authors: Rohit Kumar, Chetan Sharma, Kumar Prabhakar

Optimization Mursala Waterfall in Improving Community Potency, Welfare through Local Wisdom in Central Tapanuli Regency
Authors: Siti Nurul Chaerunisha, Purwo Sri Suracmatiningsih, Dr. Syarifuddin Gassing M.Si

Learning the Ritual Behavior before Marriage among the Bemba of Kasenga Territory in the Haut-Katanga Province
Authors: Kunda Kapwata Alvin, Mpande Kisimba Max

Neonatal Mortality in Post-Conflict Baghdad, Iraq
Authors: Sally Saad Bash, Eman A. Al-Kaseer, Jawad K. Al-Diwan

Strategies to Reduce Road Traffic Accidents on the Lubumbashi-Kasumbalesa Road
Authors: Bupe Kabesa Dieudonne, Luta Mulubwa Antoinette, Kibambe Shesha Andre

Psychological Strategies for Learning and Appropriation of Knowledge by Learners of Lubumbashi's University
Authors: Makonga Lubaba Popopo, Kunda Kapwata Alvin, Ilunga Kimunwa Desire

Analysis of Achenbach Self-Report Forms among Geriatric Populations
Authors: Dr. Suneetha Kumari, Rajita Panditharadhyula

Stability and Consistency Analysis for Central Difference Scheme for Advection Diffusion Partial Differential Equation
Authors: Abel Kurura Tinega, Charles Otieno Ndede

Potential of Spent Bags of Milky Mushroom Calocybe Indica in Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals from Tannery Effluent
Authors: Kamalasankari S.A.M, S. Karpagam

Notary Responsibilities to the Status of Deed Changing on Board of Directors Structure to in Advised Limited Companies
Authors: Nursheila Muis, Winner Sitorus, Hasbir

Molecular Phycogenetic Aspects in Tasar Culture
Authors: Vineeta Ateesh, Sunita Thakur, P.K. Tewary, P.K. Kar, O.P. Dubey

Why Adoption of "Halal MUI" Application is Low in a Dominant Muslim Community

Contractor Pre-qualification Selection by TOPSIS Method
Authors: Ahmad A. Maidamisa

Comparative Phytochemical Analysis of White and Pink Flower of Nelumbo Nucifera
Authors: K. Preethika, U. Arul Pamila, S. Karpagam

Development of Provincial Road Data Base Based on Geographic Information System for Accessibility to Strategic Areas of National Tourism in Bali
Authors: Kadek Wisnu Bayupati, I Ketut Sumantra, Nyoman Utari Vipriyanti

The Effectiveness of the Allocation of Village Income and Expenditure Budget in Community Empowerment for Improved Access to Services and Economic Activities
Authors: W.D. Maheka Yudha, Anak Agung Putu Agung, I Ketut Sumantra

Infant's Health Monitoring Device and Alert System with GSM Technique
Authors: Ziad T. Al-dahan, Saad M. Sarhan

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) Use as Cause Of Giant Ulcer In Gastric Antrum
Authors: I Gede Vendi Cahyadi Riandika

A Comparative Study of RIPASA Score and ALVARADO Score in Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis
Authors: Ankur Jain, K.M Preeti

A Review on Object Recognition for Blind People Based on Deep Learning
Authors: Rebeiro Sharlene Sara Carlton, Huda Noordean

Experimental Investigation of Geo-Polymer Concrete Contains Recycled Aggregate
Authors: S. Balamurugan

Framework Based Scheduling in Cloud Computing
Authors: Mandeep Dhami

Evaluation of Conventional Clasping versus Telescopic Attachment Formaxillary Obturator
Authors: Doaa Tawfik Hassan, Hamzawi AG, Mohamed Mohamed Fata, Gehan Fekry Mohamed

Effect of Nature of Chemistry Practicals on Students' Performance in Chemistry in Public Secondary Schools of Machakos and Nairobi Counties in Kenya
Authors: John T. Mwangi

Use and Exploitation of Backyard Fruits in Mochicahui, El Fuerte, Sinaloa, Mexico
Authors: Carlos Mart?nez Dominguez, Israel Osuna Flores, Loreto Coronado Moreno, Hector Javier Lopez Lopez, Aramis Olivos Ortiz

Using a Celebrity as an Endorser: Is it the Right Decision to Market a Product?
Authors: Noer Cahyo Budi Prasdito, Noverdi Bross, Sahnaz Ubud

The Role of Herbivore-Induced Plant Volatiles (HIPVs) as Indirect Plant Defense Mechanism in a Diverse Plant Species: A Review
Authors: Haftay Gebreyesus Gebreziher

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