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Recently Published: Bioremediation of Lead by a Halophilic Bacteria Bacillus pumilus Isolated from the Mangrove Regions of Karnataka          ||          Application of ABC-VED Matrix Analysis to Control the Inventory of a Central Pharmacy in a Public Hospital: A Case Study          ||          Structural Study of Acetylene Thin Films Absorbed on Exfoliated Graphite (0001)          ||          Relationship between the Committee Service and Competency of Learning Management in Education and Effectiveness of Technical Substantive Technical Publication in Scientific Publication in Education and Training Center for Technical Education and Religion          ||          The Translatability of Arabic Objects into English in Yahya Hakki's Novel "The Lamp of Umm Hashim"          ||          Biology Teachers' Context Based Approach Knowledge in the Design of 'O' Level Biology Lessons in Selected Secondary Schools of Kafue District          ||          Comparing the Efficacy of Epidural Buprenorphine versus Epidural Butorphanol in Postoperative Pain Relief in Laparoscopic Surgeries: A Randomized Double Blinded Controlled Study          ||          A Business Development Plan to Improve the Market Performance of Dana Airline (Dana Air) in the Nigerian Local Airlines Sector          ||          Analysis of Stray Current, its Aetiology, Propagation, Relevant Measurement Protocols and Mitigative Efforts at a Pig Farm in Northern Denmark          ||          Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) with Multidrug-Resistant (MDR) Pathogens in Geriatric Patients: Risk Factors and their Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern with Detection of MRSA, ESBLs and MBLs in Intensive Care Unit          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Legal Protection of Medical Records as Evidence Tool in Law Enforcement Process          ||          Fungal Flora of Some Medicinal Plants          ||          M2M Architecture for Enhancing the Public Transportation Management Services Using ARM7          ||          To Study the Relation between ABO Blood Groups, Prehypertension and BMI          ||          The Relationship between Ownership Concentration and Earnings Management - Evidence from Mongolian listed firms          ||          The Relationship between Ownership Concentration and Earnings Management - Evidence from Mongolian listed firms          ||          The Relationship between Ownership Concentration and Earnings Management - Evidence from Mongolian listed firms          ||          Language Development of 3-6 Year Old Children          ||          Language Development of 3-6 Year Old Children          ||          Language Development of 3-6 Year Old Children          ||          Language Development of 3-6 Year Old Children          ||          Diversity of Azotobacter Isolates from Different Rice Soils of Tamil Nadu          ||          Thinking Measles Unconventionally, SSPE - Why We Must Vaccinate          ||          To Compare the Efficacy of Epidural Ropivacaine versus Bupivacaine for Postoperative Epidural Analgesia in Total Knee Replacement Surgeries: A Prospective, Randomized, Single-blinded Controlled Study          ||          Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) with Multidrug-Resistant (MDR) Pathogens in Geriatric Patients: Risk Factors and their Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern with Detection of MRSA, ESBLs and MBLs in Intensive Care Unit          ||          Thinking Measles Unconventionally, SSPE - Why We Must Vaccinate          ||          Factors Associated with the Practice of Physical Activity of Leisure in Adolescents          ||          Quality of Life in Elderly Assisted in the Primary Attention          ||          The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Coping with Stress among Youth          ||          Corporate Sustainability Reporting in Emerging Economies - A Review and Future Direction          ||         

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Helicobacter Pylori Infection as the Cause of Giant Ulcer in Anthrum Gaster
Authors: Ida Ayu Pradnya Paramita

Sexual Harassment and Professional Stress of Doctors and Nurses in the Health Institutions of the City of Lubumbashi (DRC)
Authors: Ngoie Mwenze Honore, Mutelo Kona Cathy, Kalenga Lungunga Adolphe

The Impact of Parents Socio-Economic Status on Attitude towards Education - A Study of SC/ST Families of Uttarakhand
Authors: Savita Nirankari

Diagnosis and Management of Varicose Vein
Authors: Bagus Ari Pradnyana Dwi Sutanegara, Ayu Wulan Sari

Reducing to Excess Manpower & NVA Activities by Time Study Method at Edible Oil Industry
Authors: Prem Singh Chouhan

Behavioural Style of Adolescents in Relation to their Adjustment
Authors: Dr. (Mrs) Prem Prabha Singh, Pratyanshi Dwivedi

Android Application for Encrypted Memo
Authors: S. Jaya Kumar, Ahitagnee Paul

Factors Contributing to Project Cost in the Building Construction
Authors: Nisha Baby M, Harishma Ravindran

Haemocytomorphometry of Leschenault?s Leaf Toad Gecko, Hemidactylus leschenaultii Dumeril and Bibron, 1836
Authors: Sarbeswar Nayak, Prafulla Kumar Mohanty

Imperial Institution as Japan?s Culture Iconic Identity
Authors: I Ketut Surajaya

Effective Atomic Numbers, Electron Densities and CT Numbers of Some Hormones of Dosimetric Interest
Authors: KC Suresh

Study of Enzymatic Activity and Biofilm Formation of candida albicans in Oral Isolates Obtained from Group of Patients with Invasive Oral Candidiasis
Authors: Maher K. Jasim, Jamal N. Ahmed, Wifaq M. Alwatar, Enas A. Rashad

Determination of Sexual Dimorphism of Kashmiri Population using Odontometric Dimensions
Authors: Dr. Altaf Hussain Chalkoo, Dr. Bashir Ahmad Wani, Dr. Shazia Maqbool

Thermal Treatment Effect of Manganese Sulfide (MnS) Thin Films
Authors: Ismael. A. Wadi, Wasil Abdalgader Abdalla Alhassan

"Little Old Ladies Hernia": A Case Report
Authors: Rajnish Meena, Rahul Kankhedia

Risk Factors Affecting in Highway Construction Project
Authors: Reshma .P, Sreechithra .P

Nutrition Profile of the Tribal (Bhoksa) Women in Bijnor District, Uttar Pradesh
Authors: Anmol Lamba, Veena Garg

Hand Hygiene Practices among Health Care Workers in a Tertiary Care Hospital: A Prospective Descriptive Study
Authors: Rejani R, Dr Raj Ratan

P300-Long Latency Auditory Evoked Potential (LLAEP) in Normal Hearing Individuals with and Without Contralateral Noise Stimulation
Authors: Thenmozhi K, Johnsirani R

The Degree to which Procedural Justice Affects the Organizational Commitment of Teachers in the Northern District - Israel
Authors: Fathi Shamma

Properties and Manufacture Technique of Blended Bamboo Knitted Fabrics for Children's Wear
Authors: Ghada Abdalla Elkholy

The Shrivelled Roots of Contemporary Society in Malayattoor Ramakrishnan?s Verukal
Authors: Dr Vidya Patil

Clinicopathological Study of Leukaemia in Gauhati Medical College & Hospital, Assam, India: A One Year Retrospective Study
Authors: Prasanta Kumar Baruah, Pallabi Devi, Deep Jyoti Kalita

Ambiguous Genitalia: A Case Report
Authors: Dr. Anjali Sabnis, Dr. Vijay N Kamale

Assessment of Lymph Vessel Density (LVD) and Lympho-Vascular Invasion (LVI) in Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) of the Penis Using D2-40 and P53 Immunostaining and Correlation of These Markers With Lymph Node Metastasis
Authors: Miriam S Eden

Versatile Agribot Using Solar Panel
Authors: Hareeta Malani, Abhishek Gautam, Ranveer Singh

Introduction to Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Smridhi

Determination of the Level of Malondialdehyde Forming as a Result of Oxidative Stress Function in Fish
Authors: Mehmet Ates, Yeliz Cakir Sahilli, Volkan Korkmaz

Intelligent Health and Education Trust Recommendation System
Authors: Bhavin Rathod, Deepraj Sawant, Tejas Shetye, Silviya D'Monte

Analysis of Blood Flow Parameters to Detect Abnormalities in Blood Vessels
Authors: Monica D'souza, Purti Savardekar

Relationship between the Increase in the Body Mass Index with Axial Length and Anterior Chamber Depth in Patients with Refractive Errors at H Adam Malik Hospital Medan
Authors: Putri A. Nur, Aryani A. Amra, Elly T. E. Silalahi

Knowledge Versus Action Conflict: A Dilemma Impinging upon Plato's Theory of Morality that Justifies Intensive Moral Education for Teachers in Kenya
Authors: Edward Maina Andafu, Atieno Kili K'Odhiambo, Samson Okuro Gunga

The Existence of National Land Agency in Giving Legal Certainty of Land Ownership in Makassar City
Authors: Abdul Azis

Estimation of Indole Acetic Acid in Panchakavya that is Responsible for the Increase in Mitotic Index in Allium cepa
Authors: V. Ramya, S. Karpagam

Transient Thermal Analysis of the Disc of Disc Brake
Authors: Saurabh Sanyal, Ritesh Kumar Dewangan

A New Four-Parameter Generalized van der Waals Equation of State: Metastable State of Group IV Elements
Authors: R. Balasubramanian, G. Theertharaman

A New Four-Parameter Generalized Van der Waals Equation of State: Metastable State of Group III Elements
Authors: R. Balasubramanian, B. Saranya

Automatic Road Side Traffic Sign Detection for Drivers using Image Processing
Authors: Ramesh Admane

Use of Historical Novels in the Teaching of Social Studies: An Analysis of National Struggle Novels from Turkish Literature
Authors: Ali Alt?kulac, Refika Alt?kulac Demirdg

New Generation Learning Materials for Distance Education Students
Authors: Prayekti

Optimization of Process Parameters in Drilling of Polyurethane Reinforced Jute Fiber Composite using Taguchi and Analysis of Variance (Anova)
Authors: T. Pavan Kumar, K. Rajesh Kumar, P. Sampath Kumar

The Status Quo, Problems and Countermeasures of China's Direct Investment to ASEAN
Authors: XiaoBing Jiang, Li ming Liu

Comparison between Subjective Examination to Objective Examination Streak Retinoscopy without Cycloplegic on Myopia Patients
Authors: Serly Indah Puspitasari, Aryani A. Amra

Scope of Dental Photography ? An Overview
Authors: Vinod Nair Sreekumar

Protocol for Management of Oral Pre-Cancers and Cancer
Authors: Vinod Nair Sreekumar

Differential Transform Method for Solving Partial Differential Equations with Variable Coefficients
Authors: Dr. T. Shanmuga Priya, G. Geetha Priya

Decision Making in Contractor Selection: AHP and Expert Choice Approach
Authors: Najla .M, Shajina

Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Weed Herbicide Pallas45 OD for Two Varieties of Wheat Iraqi and Associated Weed and its Impact on the Yield
Authors: Hanan Abdul Salam Kadhum, Reasan Kareem Shati, Abdulkareem Jawad Ali, Sadeem Subhi Abed

Hiperactivity in the Classroom
Authors: Flores Tena Maria Jose

Pollution Evaluation of Irrigation Water in Paddy Fields at Al-Mishkhab Area, Iraq
Authors: Enaam J. Abdullah, Raghda F. Hussain

Diet Overlap between Introduced Catla catla, Labeo rohita and the Native Dawkinsia filamentosa in Vellayani Freshwater Lake, Kerala Southwest Coast of India
Authors: Reenamole G.R, George D'cruz F

Assessment of the Hydrographical Features of Ayiroor River in Kerala
Authors: Ambili T, George D'cruz F

Knowledge and Practice Regarding Hand Washing among Mothers of under Five Children in Selected Community Area, Dehradun
Authors: Ruchika Sharma, Rajesh Kumar Sharma

Six Stroke Engine
Authors: B Ranaprathap Reddy, Batta Mahesh

Health Problems in Pregnancy
Authors: Dr. Sandhya Ayaskar

Is APACHE II Score a Reliable Indicator in Necrotising Pancreatitis?
Authors: Dr. Basavarajappa M, Dr. Dilip D K, Dr. Veerendraswamy S M

Home Automation System Using Bluetooth
Authors: Bhagyajyoti, Immanuel J, L. Shrimanth Sudheer

A Response Analysis to Access the Role of Adhesive Capsulitis on Quality of Life in Patients with T2DM
Authors: Vijay Pandita, Vasundhara Raina, K. Vaittianadane

Mix Marketing in the 21st Century
Authors: Buleni Kafita Eric

Self Flowing Generator
Authors: Batta Mahesh

The Implementation of Interdisciplinary-Based Team Teaching Model (A Case Study in Ummusshabri School in Kendari Indonesia)
Authors: Isnada Waris Tasrim, Supriyanto

Neural Tube Defects: A Comprehensive Review
Authors: K Varinder, S Jyoti

Charcot Neuropathic Osteoarthropathy with Hypoalbuminemia: A Case Report
Authors: William Ray Cassidy, Dewi Catur Wulandari

Static Analysis of a Tapered Beam Using Excel and Ansys
Authors: Gajja Naga Prasanna

Junk Food and Associated Health Hazards
Authors: Aiman Zehra, H. R. Naik

The Characteristics of Pregnant Patients Suffering from Preeclampsiaat Regional Public Hospital of Mataram City on July 2017 - December 2017 Period
Authors: Alisza Novrita Sari

A Review on the Effect of Global Climate Change on Biodiversity
Authors: P. Vijaya, S. Uma Rani, B. Rajeswari

Design and Analysis of a Multistory Building Reinforced Concrete Frame in Different Seismic Zone's
Authors: Dinesh Singh, V. V Singh

Design & Analysis of Cylindrical Leakage Fixture for Inspecting Sty-Cast Material used in Electrical Devices
Authors: Attaluri Maheedhar, Gali Sai Swaroop

Noisy Video Frames Contrast Enhancement for Multimedia Photo-Journalism
Authors: Salum Ally Salum, Li Shixin, Hao Bin

Black Holes
Authors: Ayoub Fahad M Almughamisi, Metwally Abdelrazek

The Influence of Health Communication Campaigns Messages on Perceptions of Women on Family Planning Methods in Rwanda
Authors: Muyombano Pierre, Hellen Mberia, Dr Caroline Nabuzale

Constrained 3D Gravity Inversion for the Mesopotamia Basin - A Case Study
Authors: Laith Sabah, Ali M. Al-Rahim

Comparative Analysis of Business Intelligence Tools for SMEs
Authors: Lourdes Suarez, Luis Herrera, Lidia Corona, Alberto Portilla, Crispin Hernandez, Edmundo Bonilla

Role of Fibre Optic Bronchoscopy in Foreign Body Inhalation in Children
Authors: Baba Aijaz Khaliq, Owais Makdoomi, Zubair Ah Lone, Javed Iqbal, Showkat Ahmad Showkat

Prevalence of Anemia in English-Class Medical Students of Udayana University
Authors: Tjokorda Istri Sri Dalem Natakusuma, Anak Agung Wiradewi Lestari

Prevalence of Intestinal Cestodes of Camels (Camelus dromedary) at Tumbool Slaughterhouse
Authors: Sijoud F. El Hassan, Husna M. El Basheir, M.H.M. El bashir, A .M. Majid

The Study of the Thyroid Hormones Disturbance on Thyroid Morphology using Ultrasonography
Authors: Mohamed H. Albasher, Mona A. Mohamed

Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Electroconvulsive Therapy among Nursing Students
Authors: Dr. Mahadeo Shinde, Sushama Shete

Recent Trend in Crypto Currency in India Vs Global: Issues and Challenges-Overview
Authors: Dr. K. Kamalakkannan

Pragmatic Opportunities of Somatic Component Phraseological Units in the Uzbek Language
Authors: Rashidova Umida Mansurovna

Survey on Spatial Reusability-Aware Routing in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
Authors: Abin Pious, Jerin Mathew, Sijimol A.S

Clinicopathological Study of Tumour and Tumour like Lesions of Nose and Paranasal Sinuses
Authors: Dr. Swati B. Ghanghurde, Dr. Manjusha Dhawle

Effectiveness of Hot Water Foot Bath Therapy on Temperature among Patients with Fever in S.R.M Medical College and Hospital, Kanjeepuram
Authors: Jobson Wilbert

Evaluation of Errors Associated with Bowen Ratio Energy Balance Method in Estimating Sensible and Latent Heat Fluxes Over Grass in Akure, Nigeria
Authors: Idowu S. B., Okunlola B. A.

Millenial Santri in Pesantren Santri, Leisure Time, and Activities in Cyberspace
Authors: Ahmad Lahmi

Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on the Knowledge and Practice of Homecare Management of Diabetes among Elderly Diabetics
Authors: M. P. Ugin Juliyet, Sonia Sunny

Formulation Development of a Model Dry Injection for Reconstitution of Poorly Water Soluble Drug Using Mixed Solvency Concept and its Evaluation
Authors: Himanshi Gupta, Prakhar Gupta, R. K. Maheshwari

Change Management and Performance of Kenya Ferry Services in Mombasa County, Kenya
Authors: Caroline Wanjiku Kahoro, James Maina Rugami

Thermodynamic and Chemical Equilibrium in the Carbonylation the Glycerol with Carbon Dioxide to Produce Glycerol Carbonate by Using Metal Oxide Nanoparticles as Catalyst
Authors: Jassim Mohamed Hamed AL-Kurdhani, Huajun Wang, Xing Xu

A Comparative Study on the Effects of Mulligans Technique Versus Conventional Therapy in Subjects with Frozen Shoulder Syndrome
Authors: Dr. Nikita Patel, Dr. K. Vaittianadane

Prevalence of Eating Disorders in Dental Students of a Young University in UAE
Authors: Vivek Padmanabhan, Muhammed Mustahsen Rahman, Shadan Fatima

Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma: A Case Report
Authors: Vishnu .J .S, Manoj Prasad, Aswathy Krishna

Enhanced Performance and Decreased Power Consumption in a Water Cooled Air Conditioning Unit
Authors: Parth Trivedi, Saurabh Kumar Singh, Preet Maheshwarkar

Population, Growth and Economic Inequality in Urban Areas Mamminasata, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Authors: Sitti Hajerah Hasyim

Spatial Pattern of Crime with Geographic Information System (GIS) in Makassar, Indonesia
Authors: Muhammad Ichsan Ali, Muhammad Rais

Assessment of Physical Properties of Cotton with Ahimsa and Conventional Silk Union Fabrics
Authors: Neelam Sharma, Dr. Minakshi Jain, Dr. Radha Kashyap

Health and Leisure Goal Setting Pattern of Farm Families in Different Socio-Cultural Regions of Punjab
Authors: Pavneet Kaur, Dr. Harsharan Kaur Gill

Does Preoperative Anemia Predict Adverse Outcomes after Cardiac Surgery?
Authors: M. Ait Houssa, F. Nya, A. Abdou, M. Bamous, A. Boulahya

Preoperative Prediction of Difficult Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
Authors: Dr. Harish Chauhan, Dr Vikramaditya Oza, Dr Lalit Patel, Dr Samarth Patel

Morbidity Profile among the Elderly in an Urban Slum Population of Burla, Sambalpur
Authors: Giri Mamata Rani, Dash Manoj Kumar

Harbor?s Trade: Dezima and Batavia Hub of School and Western Science 1600-1854
Authors: I Ketut Surajaya

Defining KPI'S for an SME According to CMMI Dev 2 and MoProSoft
Authors: Raquel Contreras, Edith Vazquez, Alberto Portilla, Edmundo Bonilla

Nursing Audit on Stroke
Authors: Anita Paul (Samanta), Debjani Banerjee

Peoples Building the Relationship between Social Theories and their Influence on Architectural Theories
Authors: Dr. Shatha Abbass Hassan, Mustafa Abudaljalil Ibrahem, Dr. Amer Shakir Alkinani

Hematemesis Melena due to Helicobacter Pylori Infection In Duodenal Ulcer: A Case Report and Literature Review
Authors: Ayu Budhi Trisna Dewi Rahayu Sutanto, I Made Suma Wirawan

Optimization of Resistance Spot Welding Process Parameters for Tensile Strength of Dissimilar Welded Joint
Authors: Jeevan A. Karande, Dr. K. H. Inamdar

Effect of Friction Stir Welding Process Parameters on Tensile strength of Dissimilar Welded Joint
Authors: Nilesh V. Desai, Dr. K. H. Inamdar

Comparative Measure of Electricity Produced From Benthic Mud of Futa North Gate and Futa Juction in Akure, Ondo State, Using Microbial Fuel Cell
Authors: Adegunloye D. V, Olotu T. M

Spontaneous Transvaginal Small Bowel Evisceration in a Postmenopausal Women
Authors: Dr. Dilip D K, Dr. Veerendraswamy S M, Dr. Hanumanthappa B N

Complications of Sodium Bicorbonate Buffered Lignocaine and Hyaluronidase Mixed Lignocaine for Ocular Anaesthesia - A Comparative Study
Authors: Sozhamadevi .S, Thenmozhi R

Prospective Observational Study of Subconjunctival Hemorrhage: It's Prevalence and Associated Factors In Bundelkhand Region
Authors: Dr. Mohd. Arshad, Dr. Preeti Chaubey

Development of Sheet Mask with an Extract Golden Sea Cucumber (Golden Stichoupus V) and Gel Aloe Vera (Aloe vera L.) for Facial Treatment
Authors: Rahmatul Qodriah, Swasono R. Tamat, Siti Umrah Noor

Customer Satisfaction on Roots Products with Reference to Roots Industries Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore
Authors: Dr. R. Janakiraman, Dr. P. Nagarajan

Framing Supply Chain Sustainability Implementation in the Logistics Industry with ISO Certification Standards
Authors: Vincent O. Ochieng, Patrick K. Ngugi, Romanus Odhiambo, Ogallo Elisha

A Study to Assess the Knowledge and Risk Factors of Pancreatitis among the Patients Admitted in Krishna Hospital, Karad
Authors: Sangita Vasant Patil, Tukaram B. Zagade, Vaishali R. Mohite

Comparison Astigmatism Before and after Phacoemulsification with Superior Versus Temporal Corneal Incision of Senile Cataract
Authors: Serly Indah Puspitasari, Bobby R. E Sitepu, Delfi

Rhythm and Literary Language in the Universal Poetry
Authors: ?olova Maftuna Abdusalomovna

Failure Analysis and Design of a Hostel Building
Authors: Gourav Pattanaik, Sagarika Panda

Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition
Authors: Riddhi Laxman Zunjarrao

New Bilateral Rigid Extended Mandibular Distal Shoe Fixed Appliance for Space Maintenance of Premature Bilateral Loss of All Lower Posterior Primary Molars
Authors: Tarek Ezzeldin, Rabab A. Albuainain

Laterite and Laterization - A Geomorphological Review
Authors: Dr. T. K. Prasad, Dr. G. R. Parthasarathy

Anti Diabetic Potential of Selected Medicinal Plants and Cow Derived Products
Authors: Ranju Rajput, Krishan Kumar

A Case Series of Tubercular Meningitis at Tertiary Care Center: A Retrospective Study
Authors: Dr. Mahalingeshwara Bhat, Dr. Shivakumar Katti

Intelligent Agents' Based Fuzzy Liquidity Management Technique for Mobile Money Transfer
Authors: Millicent Murithi, George Okeyo, Michael Kimwele

Psychological Problems of Adolescents from Beed District
Authors: Varsha Kulkarni, Dr. A. R. Lakhe

The Chinese Rural Migration Before and After the Opening Policy
Authors: Dr. Siham Gourida

IDO Tips: Accelerated Orthodontics Made Easy
Authors: Patni VJ, Potnis SS, Pharande SV, Patil RD, Kolge NE

Wi-Fi Hotspots in Ajmer: Another Value Addition in Tourism Sector
Authors: Vandana Lall

Eccentricity based Geometrical-Arithmetic Indices of Dendrimers
Authors: N. K. Raut

F-Polynomial and Fourth Zagreb Polynomial of a Molecular Graph
Authors: N. K. Raut

A Study of Haematological Profile in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Authors: Dr. Dipankar Deb, Dr Akhil Agrawal, Dr DJ Sharma, Dr Abu Nassar Md Masroor, Dr Antara Sen

Surgical Outcomes of Non Descemet?s Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasty: Analysis of 100 Consecutive Cases
Authors: Dharamveer Singh Choudhary, Nikhil Agrawal, Nikita Sharma

Improved Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality for Matrices
Authors: Huang Hong

A Spiht Resistant Zero Watermarking Scheme in Wavelet Domain
Authors: Keerti Kulkarni, Reena Kulkarni, Priyadarshini K Desai

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Video Assisted Teaching on Knowledge regarding Electroconvulsive Therapy among Patients Relatives undergoing ECT in Selected Hospitals in Vadodara
Authors: Patel Manisha M., Suresh .V, Bhoomika Patel

Preparation and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles using Gardenia Leaf Extract and Study its Antimicrobial Activity
Authors: Hadeel Y. AL-Zubaidi, Elham M. AL-Rufaie

Reframing Administrative Strategies on Community Participation in Primary Education towards Sustainable Child Development
Authors: K. Bashir, G. T. Wakkala

Study of Outrigger System for High Rise Structures
Authors: Mohd Tauseef, Mithun D Gawade, Parmesh P Surnar

Effects of Student Support Services on Distance Learners in Selected Centres of Jackson College of Education
Authors: Harry Barton Essel, Akosua Tachie-Menson, Michael Owusu

Investigating Pre-service Science Teachers Attitude towards Science in Ghana
Authors: Nathan Ohene Gyang, Charles Agyei Amoah, Akorfa Akosua Agbosu

Assessing the Planning Skills of Biology Students in Selected Senior High Schools in Eastern Region of Ghana
Authors: Charles Agyei Amoah, Nathan Ohene Gyang, Akorfa Akosua Agbosu

Investigating the Effect of Weight Ratios on Some Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Nanocomposite Epoxy / Al2O3
Authors: Widad H Jassim, Noor A Hameed, Balqees M Dheyaa

Analysis of Radiation Emitted from the Smart Mobiles Screens in the Dark Rooms
Authors: Dr. Saad M. Potrous

A Dynamic Threshold MOS Logic Based Low Power 8-Bit Pipe Line ADC for Wireless Communications
Authors: G. M. Anitha Priyadarshini, Dr. G. A. E. Sathish Kumar

Develop Management Information System of Medicinal Plants Based on Plant Image Identification Techniques using Neural Network
Authors: Le Trieu Tuan

Technique of Breast Feeding - "There is no Substitute for Mother?s Love, There is No Substitute for Mothers"
Authors: Usha Rani, Tapti Bhattacharjee

The Effect of Cost Overruns on Performance of Donor-Funded Construction Projects in Tanzania
Authors: Lazaro Kalamata

Maximum Power Acquisition from Photo Voltaic Module under Varying Environmental Condition
Authors: Raju Wagle

The Relationship between Brand Equity and Customers' Attitude towards Brand Extension for High Involvement Consumer Products
Authors: Lamesgin Ayele Tizazu

The Reinforcing Effect of Brand Extension on Parent Brand in Case of High Involvement Consumer Products
Authors: Lamesgin Ayele Tizazu

Analysis on the Rise of MOOCs and its Potential Impact in Modernizing Education Beyond Higher Education Amongst Filipino College Graduates
Authors: Dr. Maria Elizabeth Arlene U. Castel

Study on Whether more Students Start Smoking after Joining College (At Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore)
Authors: Aditya Hegde, Anish Dhanushkodi, Avinash Arun, Dr. Mythili G Y

Digital PID Control System for DC Servo Motor Using VHDL Code
Authors: Jayaraman .K

Evaluation of Carotid Artery Disease in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease Eligible for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery
Authors: Dr Avadhesh Narayan Khare, Dr Ajay Sharma

The Use of Online Semi-Structured Interviews in Interpretive Research
Authors: Dr. Khadija Al Balushi

A Study of Association between Symptom Severity, Nasal Endoscopy and CT Scan Findings in Chronic Rhinosinusitis Patients
Authors: Sachin Nilakhe, Rahul Singh Chadha

Ovarian Tumors - A Histomorphological Analysis
Authors: Sharada S Patne, Shailesh S Patne, Hanumant B Kotabagi

Brunner?s Gland Adenoma - An Incidental Finding with Duodenal Perforation
Authors: Sharada S Patne, Vijay D Dombale, Jayashri Patil

High Gain Single Stage Boosting Inverter for Alternative Energy Generation
Authors: Ann Maria Paul, Aswathi S, Nila Thilakan, Nimitha Gopinath, Dr. Leesha Paul

Kinetic Architecture: Concepts, History and Applications
Authors: Prof. Dr. Ashraf Elmokadem, Prof. Dr. Magda Ekram, Dr. Ahmed Waseef, Basma Nashaat

Predictors of Morbidity and Mortality in Organophosphorous Compound Poisoning at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Karnataka
Authors: Dr Ashray V, Dr Narendra S S, Dr Vijay Kumar, Dr Sachin Nayak Sujir

Research on the Distribution of Venture Capital
Authors: WANG Xi, ZHANG Hui-fang

Personal Factors of Students Influencing the Good Scholastic Performance of School Children in Rural Area, Bhadrak District, Odisha
Authors: Rashmirekha Sahu, Dr Narendra Behera, Dr Soumya Ranjan Mohanty, Dr Gurudatta Pattnaik

Hypoglycemic Effect of Mixed Herbal Extract and Vitamin E in Biphenol A Induced Albino Rats
Authors: V. Sandhiya, Dr. M. Sendhilvadivu

C - Reactive Protein Levels and Its Correlation with Infections, Mortality and Organ Failure in Critically ILL Patients
Authors: Dr Avadhesh Narayan Khare, Dr Lokendra Dave

Digital Finance in Emerging Economies and Challenges
Authors: Pankaj Kumar

The Use of Smart Phone in Teaching Speaking Skills: A Pragmatic Approach
Authors: Dr. P. Dasharatham, S. Prasad

Influence of Product Innovation to the Advantages of Competitive in SME Processing Seaweed Through Performance, Marketing in West Beach Area, South Sulawesi Province
Authors: Hj. A. Yuliana, H. Mahfudnurnajamuddin, Mukhlis Sufri, Serlin Serang

Cross Plot Analysis of Extracted Seismic Inversion Attributes for Fluid and Lithology Discrimination: A Case Study of K-Field, Onshore Niger Delta Area, Nigeria
Authors: Sofolabo Adekunle, Ehirim Chukwuemeka

Replacement of Cement by Bagasse Ash with Admixture
Authors: Rahul R. Patle, Amit R. Nishad, Ariba Hamidi, Mangesh Urade

Effect of People Management on Performance Excellence in Universities in Kenya
Authors: Mbote Paul Koigi, Simmy Mwita Marwa, Matthew M. Theuri, Dr. David Ndung'u Kiragu

Career Motivation: Performance in the Higher Education in Indonesia
Authors: Mulyadi Suhardi, Mohd Sobri Minai

A Case Control Study on Anemia and Selected Factors among Adolescent Girls in Sri Krishna Arts College in Kancheepuram District
Authors: N. S. Sunitha Mercy

Triumphs and Tribulations of Cytology in Malignant Hepatic Lesions
Authors: Damandeep Kaur, Pavneet Kaur Selhi

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Self Instructional Module on Knowledge Regarding Transient Ischemic Attack among Hypertensive Patients in Selected Hospitals at Mysore
Authors: Sandhya Rani B S, Sandeep K R

The Demand for New States in Indian Federalism - A Case Study of Telangana State
Authors: T. Sreenivas

Effectiveness of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Educational Program on Nurses' Knowledge at Cardiac Care Unit and Emergency Department in Al Azizia General Hospital
Authors: Hussein A. Ubaid, Dr. Widad K. Mohammad

A Study on Aspects of Construction and Demolition Waste Management Practices in India
Authors: Sreejin T.N, Fsil

Ring Structures of Nanomaterials
Authors: Osmera Pavel Senior, Werner Pavel, Osmera Pavel Junior

Study of Safety Management in Construction Industry
Authors: Shamna P, Fazil P

Structure of the Leaf of Certain Genus ALYSSUM L. (Brassicaceae Burnett) in the South-Western Kyzylkum
Authors: Tursinbaeva Gulbakhor Sultanovna

Homoeopathy in a Case of Chronic Tics Disorder
Authors: Dr. Ananya O. Chitale

Service Usage Behavior of Online Ride-Sharing Bike in Indonesia
Authors: Hasdevi A. Dradjat, Lilik Noor Yuliati, Megawati Simanjuntak

The Use of Explicit Method on 3D Modeling Ore Bodies
Authors: Sirelda Bele

Impact of Back Strength with Selected Anthropometric Variables and Performance Tests in Indian Inter-University Cyclists
Authors: Namrata Sharma, Shyamal Koley

Analysis of Traffic for the Development of Existing Pavement Conditions - A Review
Authors: Vaibhav S Umap, Piyush H Deshmukh

Effect of Doping on Properties of the Hall Effect and Electrical Conductivity for AgInTe2 Thin Films
Authors: Iman H. Khudayer, Marwan R. Abass

Assessing the Interpreting Skills of Biology Students in Selected Senior High Schools in Ghana
Authors: Emmanuel Eshun, Charles Agyei Amoah

Awareness among Pregnant Patients about Endodontic Treatment
Authors: Teertha Shetty, Kimaya Havle

Congenital Epidermoid Cyst within the Parotid Gland - A Rare Presentation
Authors: Dr. Sunil Sidana, Dr. Taher Abbas Mistry, Dr. Yusuf Abbas Mistry

Theoretical and Experimental Verification of Using PZT Ceramic Plates as Strain Rate Transducers for Flexible Structures
Authors: Saad S. Al-Annaz

Parameter Optimization of CO2 Laser Drilling for Different Features
Authors: Siddhant R. Gade, Dr. K. H. Inamdar

Factors Influencing Citizen Participation in Local Government Budgeting Process in Tanzania - Case Study of Arusha Municipal Council
Authors: Esther Elias Laly, Dr. Samuel Obino Mokaya

Hybrid Recommendation System based on Preferences and Consumer Location for the Restaurant Sector of Tlaxcala
Authors: Mary Cuecuecha, Saul Perez, Jose Hernandez, Federico Ramirez

Role of B Type Natriuretic Peptide in Predicting Development of Ventricular Dysfunction in Patients on Single Chamber Permanent Right Ventricular Pacemaker with Structurally Normal Heart
Authors: Dr Girish Narayan Mishra, Dr Avadhesh Narayan Khare

Modern Ecological Condition of Endemic Species Spreading in Akhangaran Basin
Authors: I. T. Azimov

Surface morphology, optical conductivity, localized states and dielectric constants of sprayed nickel oxide films at different substrate temperatures
Authors: Alaa A. Akl, Safwat A. Mahmoud, Salah M. M. Salman

Jigger-Control Related Health Issues and Suggested Interventions in Iganga District, Eastern Uganda
Authors: Gerald Amatre, Julius Bunny Lejju, Morgan Andama

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