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Impact Strength of Concrete with Nano Materials at Elevated Temperatures
Authors: Rakesh Kumar Choubey, Dr. B K Singh

Poultry Integrator and Sustainable Livelihood Security - A Study of Broiler Sector in Bengaluru Region
Authors: Prakash P. Desai, KPR. Prasanna

Study on Value Chain Promotion of Manufacturing Enterprises from the Perspective of Business and Financial Integration
Authors: Zhang Weihong, Tan Xiaoying, Wang Xin

Network Route Optimization Using Particle Swarm Intelligence Algorithm
Authors: Lebeta Belachew Abdissa, Professor Zheng Xiao Yan

Strangulated Femoral Hernia in a Female - A Case Report
Authors: Dr Ramesh Kumar Korumilli, Dr Jakkula Srikanth, Dr Sri Harsha Muvva, Dr Anurag Polasani

Added Effect of Graded Motor Imagery on Upper Limb Function in Stroke Patients
Authors: Rutu Parikh, Dr Sumitra Sakhawalkar, Dr Sayli Paldhikar, Dr Snehal Ghodey

Early Calcium Supplementation v/s Late Calcium Supplementation in Patients of Total Thyroidectomy
Authors: Baba Aijaz Khaliq, Nadhia Bhagat, Showkat Ah Tak, Iftikar Ali Wazir, Rauf Ahamad

Evaluation of Smart Growth of a City Based on Entropy Weight and Gray Relational Analysis - Using Suzhou and Saint Louis as Examples
Authors: Zhibing Liu, Xuelian Zhu, Yidan Zhu, Shanchao Cui

Synthesis and Characterization of Cationic Gemini Surfactants and Study its Applications as Dispersions and Biological Activity
Authors: Ayaat A. Musa, Mohanad J Al- Asadi

Proximal Tibia Osteosarcoma Presenting Late: A Case Report
Authors: Prasanna Anaberu, Deepak Kumar M. M., Kartavya Chaudhari, Ajay S. S.

Nurse-Parent Communication in Pediatric Units of B. P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan, Nepal: A Parent?s Perspective Study
Authors: Binisha Sinha, Ramanand Chaudhary, Basant Kumar Karn, Upendra Yadav, Sunita Shah

Comparison of Ropivacaine 0.75% and Bupivacaine 0.5% in Peribulbar Block for Small Incision Cataract Surgery - A Prospective Randomized Controlled Study
Authors: Dr Shantala Arun Kumar, Dr Paresh Nagwekar, Dr Ashutosh Patel

Comparison between Ropivacaine and Ropivacaine with Dexamethasone for Post Operative Analgesia in Peribulbar Block for Small Incision Cataract Surgeries
Authors: Dr. Arun Kumar .A, Dr. Raghavendar .G, Dr. Shanthala Arun Kumar

Fluidity in Urban Planning
Authors: Noor Ali AL Jorani, Dr. Shatha Abbass Hassan

Parametric Study On Heat Pipe & Performance Optimization
Authors: Urmil Mehta, Rihen Mistry

Day Care Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy: Make it a Habit
Authors: Juhul Patel, Vinutha Arunachalam

Successful Myomectomy in Early Pregnancy for a Large Asymptomatic Uterine Myoma: Case Report
Authors: Juhul Patel, Sumana Manohar

Assessment of Serum Leptin among Patients with Skin Tag in Dr. Mohammad Hoesin General Hospital Palembang
Authors: Yuli Kurniawati, Mutia Devi, Khairani

People-Oriented Leadership: A Qualitative Exploration in Indian Organizations
Authors: Anu Wakhlu, Radhika Bhasin, Ketaki Diwan

A Study on Cognitive Computing in Medical Diagnosis
Authors: T. Sharmila, K. Sigapriya

Concrete Mix Design as Per is Method of Mix Design
Authors: Purvansh B. Shah

The Role of Spirituality and Spiritual Practices in Technical Education
Authors: L. S. Shirsat, N. D. Khutafale

Role of Dutasteride in Reducing the Complications of Transurethral Resection of Prostate
Authors: Natarajan Vetrivel, Senthilkumar Sivalingam

Role of Sonourethrogram and Retrograde Urethrogram in the Management of Urethral Strictures
Authors: Rajakumari N, Arasi K .V

Prevalence of Jigger Flea (Tunga Penetrans) Infestation amongst Age Groups, Male and Female Persons in Jinja District, Eastern Uganda
Authors: Gerald Amatre, Julius Bunny Lejju, Morgan Andama

Effect on Flexural Strength of Concrete by Addition of Nano Titanium Dioxide and Nano Calcium Carbonate
Authors: Shivanshu Mishra, Archana Tiwari

Family Resilience towards Children Who Lost Father?s Because of Death from Family Communication Pattern
Authors: Riska Nova Pratiwi, Rina Mulyati

Administrative Discretion and Inclusive Growth in Indian Perspective; Achievements & Challenges
Authors: Jeevitha .B

Motivational Study of Consumption of Modern Food in Bel-Air Quarter (Case of Chicken Thighs)
Authors: Kibambe Shesha Andre

Drop in the Level of Training of Students in the DRC: Causes and Possible Solutions, Case of the CYKY School Complex in the City of Lubumbashi

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Keratocystic Odontogenic Tumour: An Incidental Finding
Authors: B. Gunachandra Rai, Ashwin K Harekal, Niti Sarawgi

Potentially Malignant Disorders of Oral Cavity and their Management
Authors: Vinod Nair Sreekumar

Human Pressure on Land - The Changing Case of the Thiruvananthapuram District of Kerala
Authors: Aneesh M.R, S Suresh

Subsurface Geology and Geothermal Potential of the Kavakl?dere Geothermal Field (Western Turkey)
Authors: Ozdemir A., Sahinoglu A.

Effectiveness of Acupressure at Sanyinjiao Point (SP6) on Menstrual Discomfort among Adolescent Girls in Selected Senior Secondary Schools at Meerut (UP)
Authors: Vidushi Yadav

Sand Silt Ratio as Design Criteria in Design of Bituminous Paving Mixtures
Authors: Purvansh B. Shah

Women Empowerment Challenges in Leadership Positions
Authors: Mostafa Ali Hassan Al- Shmaileh

Role of Museums in Public Health Awareness
Authors: Banita Behera, Abhishikta Ghosh Roy

Investigation of Knowledge and Performance of Students in Geometrical Construction and Loci among Secondary School Students in Zamfara, Nigeria
Authors: Suleiman Bashir, Umar Sodangi

Melatonin Effect (Under Alternating Light and Injection) On Testicular Tissue
Authors: Dr. Maen T Idell

Electronic Health Record Readiness Assessment in Thai Binh Hospital, Vietnam
Authors: Kien Trung Nguyen

Comparison of the Bethesda System with Papanicolaou Method for Reporting Thyroid Fine Needle Aspirates
Authors: Patel Nidhi, Karandikar Manjiri, Nimbargi Ravindra, Mani Narayanan

Zaiko Warehouse Management Systems Application Platform
Authors: Tarun Radadiya

Investigation of Electromagnetic Characteristics of Toroidal Dipole based on Metamaterial under Terahertz Frequencies
Authors: Gati Nashon

Fuzzy Estimators for Hazard Rate Function Under Mixed Quasi ? Lindely
Authors: Saleemah H. Jasaim

Comparison of the Time Required for Removal of Bioceramic Sealer and Gutta-Percha with Different Techniques
Authors: Elka Radeva, Mirela Marinova-Takorova, Iva Kisjova, Emilia Naseva

Optimal Performance for both CuO and NiO as Ametal Oxide Nanoparticles Catalyst in the Carbonylation the Glycerol with Carbon Dioxide to Produce Glycerol Carbonate
Authors: Jassim Mohamed Hamed AL-Kurdhani, Huajun Wang, Elrasheed Elhaj

Effect of Employee Stock Ownership Program, Leverage, Size and Growth to Return on Equity at Manufactur Company
Authors: Gita Genia Fatihat, Norita

Identification of Entrepreneurial Motivation Factors at Youth Entrepreneurship Training
Authors: Winda Kristihansari

Review of Routing Protocols and Associated Challenges in MANETs
Authors: Prakhar Sharma, Shashwat Pathak, Surjeet Balhara

A Rare Case Report of Accidental Finding of Serous Cyst Adenoma of Ovary during Cesarean Section in Pregnant Lady
Authors: Dr. Nivedita Nehal, Dr. Vasudha Sawant, Dr. Sravani Perugu, Dr. Neha Shukla

Students' Attitude toward Statistics
Authors: Nondita Phukan, Dr. Manash Protim Kashyap, Dr. Manoj Kumar Bhowal

Pencak Silat Basic Movement Skills of Sport and Health Education Students in the Universities of Central Java and Yogyakarta Regions
Authors: Agus Mukholid, Dewi Rochsantiningsih, Sugiyanto, M. Furqon Hidayatulloh

A Silent Rupture of Extra Horn of Bicornuate Uterus, Due to Molar Pregnancy
Authors: Garima Gupta, Nilanjna Singhai, Deepak A. Desai

Smart Traffic System
Authors: Vivek Yadav, Nitin Bhosale

Development of a Hybrid Intrusion Detection System for Security Analysis at the IP Layer
Authors: Arphaxad Kioko Muia

A Study to Assess the Nutritional Status of Under-Five Children in Aganwadi Centre at Achrol Village Rajasthan
Authors: Josfeena Bashir, Marudhar

Crying Need for India?s Optimised Traffic Paradigm: Amethi District as the Test Bed
Authors: Suresh Kumar Gigoo, Satya Prakash Pandey

Observations from Records on Cattle Dipping for Tick Control during the 2000-2012 Period in Nandi County, Kenya
Authors: Yegon M. K. A., Wanjala F. M. E., Chepkwony P. K. A.

A Brief Review on CDMA Systems for Ad-hoc Network
Authors: Ruchi Agrawal, Ekata Patil

The Effect of Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Nano-Fillers on the Antibacterial Activity and Some Properties of Heat Cured Acrylic Resin
Authors: Thoalnorain A. Shakir, Shorouq M. Abass

Case Study: Blood Transfusions and Women Health - A Big Concern ?Good Female Health-Better Nation?s Health?
Authors: Masroor Mustafa

Integrated Duck cum Fish Farming and its Economic Efficiency: A Study in Purulia District, West Bengal
Authors: Abhishek Majhi

Effects of HIV/AIDS on Psychological Well Being of Elderly Caregivers and their Coping Mechanisms in Igembe South Sub-County, Kenya
Authors: Jane Gakii Marete

A Proportional Study on Shoulder Strength and Leg Strength of Kuvempu University Feminine Volleyball and Handball Players of Inter-Collegiate Level
Authors: Pooja M, Nagaraja Y

Function of Language in Kapata Oral Tradition Texts in Saparua Island
Authors: Prihe Slamatin Letlora, Fathu Rahman, Sukmawaty

Detection & Distinction of Color using Color Sorting Robotic Arm in a Pick & Place Mechanism
Authors: Pawar Sayali Sanjay, V. A. Patil

Precariousness and Teenagers' Family Breach in Lubumbashi - Study Conducted at Bakandja, Ville Center
Authors: Kawit Yav Lucide

Digital Elevation Model Based on Aerial Image for 3D Building
Authors: Parthibanraja .A, Purushothaman .B .M

The Biography of Shakespeare Reflected in His Play Hamlet
Authors: Dr. Abdalatif Mamoun Hassan, Dr. Muhannad Rushdi Nimer Sabha

In Vitro Multiplication Studies in Pomegranate (Punica Granatum L.)
Authors: Amol Sable, Asmita Sable, Nitesh Choudhari

CFD Simulation on Earth Tube Heat Exchanger with Different Materials at Constant Velocity for Comfort Air Conditioning
Authors: Achal Kumar Pandey, Ashish Muchrikar

Autism Knowledge in the Community in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2017: A Cross-Sectional Survey
Authors: Kien Trung Nguyen, Phuong Hoang Nguyen

Evaluation of Salivary pH and Microbial Load in Periodontitis Patients with Uncontrolled Type I and Type II Diabetes to that of Periodontitis Patients without Diabetes
Authors: Dr Mohammed Salman, Savita Sambashivaiah

Changing Scenario of Physics with the Introduction of Computers Science
Authors: M. Amin Bhat, Mukhtar A. Malik, Waseem Yaseen, Mushtaq Ahmad Wani

Effect of Laterite Mining on the Land Use of Midland Hillocks of Kannur District, Kerala - A Case Study
Authors: Dr. T. K. Prasad, Dr. G.R. Parthasarathy

Bone Marrow Study in Hematological Disorders: A One Year Retrospective Study in a Tertiary Care Hospital of North East India
Authors: Deep Jyoti Kalita, Linda Lamngaiching Changsan, Navanita Das, Pallabi Devi, Daijy Kakati

Marketing Strategies of Cultural Literacy Program in Non-Formal Educational Institution
Authors: Ari Putra, Dr. Nike Kamarubiani, Dr. Viena Rusmiati Hasanah, Dr. Yanti Shantini

Ranula-Recommended Radiology and Management
Authors: Dr Oliyath Ali, Dr Ishrit Yasin, Dr Kacho Akbar Khan

Phytochemical Screening and Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using extracts of Thunbergia coccinea Wall
Authors: Gayathri .P, Dhinek .A

A Comparative Study of Awareness and Level of Willingness for Eye Donation between Two Socio-Economic Groups
Authors: Mit Patel, Sanjiv Agrawal

Demography and Presentation of Abdominal Injury in a Tertiary Care Polytrauma Centre in South Tamil Nadu
Authors: Dr. R. R. Kannan, Dr. C. C. Nandhini, Dr. Sathish Devadoss, Dr. A. Devadoss, Dr. R. Sudhir

The Clinico-Radiologic Profile and Outcome of Traumatic Brain Injury in Paediatric Patients
Authors: Sharad Thanvi, S S Rathore, Narender Singh, Manish Parakh

A Comparative Study of Oral Pregabalin versus Gabapentin on Hemodynamic Responses to Laryngoscopy and Endotracheal Intubation under General Anaestesia
Authors: Manish Kumar, Trishala Jain, Savita Meena, Gaurav Hindonia

Comparison of Shear Bond Strength of Light-Cured Resin-Modified Glass Ionomer and Moist Insensitive Primer on Contaminated Enamel
Authors: Ida Ayu Evangelina

Lie Symmetries and Classifications of (2 + 1) - Dimensional Huxley Equation
Authors: T. Shanmuga Priya, S. Sadiya

Retrospective Analysis of Various Methods of Induction of Labor in the Tertiary Care Hospital
Authors: Pradeepa T, Shanthi S

A Study to Assess the Knowledge and Effectiveness of Teaching Regarding Antenatal Care among Primigravida Mothers in the Selected Hospital of Nashik
Authors: Pravin Ramesh Gholap

The Effect of Visual Cues Versus Treadmill Training on Balance and Gait Parameters in Subjects with Parkinson's Disease: A Comparative Study
Authors: Rama Saraswat, Dr. Nidhi Singh

Cooling Load Estimation Using CLTD/CLF Method for an Educational Building of Institute of Engineering & Technology Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya Indore
Authors: Mukesh Waskel, Sharad Chaudhary

Resistance Mitigating Effect of Artemisia Annua Phytochemicals against Plasmodium berghei ANKA and Plasmodium yoelii in Swiss Albino Mice
Authors: Lucy N. Kangethe

To Study Customer Satisfaction of Public and Private Sector Banks after Demonetization (with Specific Reference to Haridwar)
Authors: (Dr.) D. C. Agrawal, Deepti Garg

Online Toll Payment System Using Image Processing
Authors: Bhakti Dhurat, Dipak Mahajan, Mayuri Ranmale, Rushikesh Kondke

Face Changes by the Use of Management Ideas-Take China Evergrande Group as an Example
Authors: Ying Tian, Zengrui Tian, Yang Han

A New Statistical Perspective to Life Expectancy Data for the Countries Having Longest Lifetimes as an Indicator of Public Health by Multivariate General Linear Model Approach
Authors: Neslihan Iyit

"The Clothes Doth OFT Proclaim the Man" - What is there in Wearing a 'White Coat'?
Authors: Dinesh Kumar .V, Magi Murugan, Rema Devi

Cerebellum Cryptococosis in HIV Patient
Authors: Anom Sapariati

Intravenous Iron Sucrose and Ferric Carboxymaltose (FCM) Versus Oral Iron in the Treatment of Postpartum Iron Deficiency Anaemia
Authors: Roy Bhramita, Sabzposh Noor Afshan, Akhtar Nishat

Performance Improvisation for Longevity Maximization with Ant Colony Optimization in Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Laxmi Narendra Pawar, H. M. Baradkar

Smart City Tunneling
Authors: Prof. Chanchal Dahat, Ankita Patil, Ayushi Shahu, Aakansha Kamble, Diksha Ganar, Neha Fulzele, Pranali Khankule

Obtaining Parameters from a Direct Current Motor of Permanent Magnets for Modeling with Evolutionary Algorithms
Authors: Carlos Sanchez, Minerva Matlalcuatzi, Jose Hernandez, Crispin Hernandez, Federico Ramirez

Comparison of Clonidine versus Fentanyl as an Adjuvant to Intrathecal Ropivacaine for Intraoperative Efficacy and Post Operative Analgesia in Infraumblical Surgeries
Authors: Dr P. S. Lamba, Dr Puneet Panwar, Dr Pooja Meena

Assessment of Out-Door Patients Prescriptions According to FDA Prescribing Pattern in Northern Region of Saudi Arabia
Authors: Abdulaziz Dasan M. Alanazi, Vijay Chidrawar, Shruti Shiromwar

Indian Accounting Standards & International Financial Reporting Standards (Ind AS) vs (IFRS)
Authors: B P Sharma

Comparative Analysis of Three Commercially Available Desensitising Agents on Dentinal Hypersensitivity: An in Vivo Study
Authors: Dr Siddhi Yadav, Dr Soumya Ojha

Activities of Recovery and Valorisation of Non-Organic Degradable Waste in the City of Porto-Novo in Benin: Strength and Weaknesses
Authors: Brice Saturnin DANSOU, Leocadie ODOULAMI

From Absurd to Ecosophy: An Eco-Critical Observation in Samuel Beckett?s Endgame
Authors: Dipal Pandya

Spatial Analysis of the Map of the City of Baldrooz using Geographic Information Systems
Authors: Dr. Roqaya Murshed Hameed

Saving Gonads in Acute Life-Threatening Fournier?s Gangrene-A Challenge: A Tertiary Care Centre Study!
Authors: Dr Arun Kumar M, Dr Raj Ratan

Non Traumatic Stable Osteocondritis (Grade1) Lesion of Talus: A Case Report and Physiotherapy Management
Authors: Rajendra Kachhwaha

Comparative Learning of Hand Gesture Recognition Method
Authors: Seema Sharad Devkule, Lalitkumar P. Khairnar

Screening and Characterisation of Biosurfactant Producing Lactic Acid Bacteria
Authors: Mitali H. Tillawala, Dr. Manisha N. Shah

Ileal Duplication Cyst: A Rare Cause of Intestinal Obstruction in a Neonate
Authors: Rohan Gupta, Nimesh Verma

Heat Transfer Behavior of Al2O3-Water Nanofluid in Confined Cavity Heated From the Bottom
Authors: Houda Jalali, Hassen Abbassi

Outcomes of Survey on the Public Attitudes toward Autism in Hanoi, Vietnam
Authors: Nguyen Hoang Phuong, Nguyen Trung Kien, Nguyen Thanh Liem

Is Nationalism Steel Alive? Learn from Indonesia and Japan Junior High School History Textbook
Authors: I Ketut Surajaya

Examining the Status of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Primary Schools of Kawangware Slums in Dagoretti Sub-County, Nairobi County, Kenya
Authors: Negassa Chali, Kariuki John, Some Eliab

Antimicrobial Efficacy of Citrofresh - A Newer Organic Disinfectant
Authors: Dr. Sheshaprasad R, Dr. Anuradha Pai, Dr. Anisha Yaji

Easy License Plate Detection and Recognition
Authors: Anju Shaji, Greena Mariya Joy, Jomin Mathew, Omkar Sudhakar Patil, Soumya Sara Koshy

Role of Computers viz-a-viz Teaching of Physics - An Analysis
Authors: Farooq Ahmad Pandith, Audil Hussain

Effect of Motivation on Employee Performance: A Case Study of South Nyanza Sugar Company Limited
Authors: Eve Achieng' Goga, Dr. Wallace Nyakundi Atambo

Harmful Phytoplanktons in the Coast of Arthunkal in Kerala, Southwest Coast of India
Authors: Lekshmi S., Miranda M.T.P.

Study of Suicide among Adolescent and Adults in Varanasi (U. P.)
Authors: Piyush Kumar Gangwar, Manoj Kumar Pathak

Mini incision Appendectomy for Acute Uncomplicated Appendicitis: An Alternative to Laparoscopic Appendectomy
Authors: Wasim Qadir Kar, Zaheer Ahmed, Mansoor ul haq Chowdhary, Balvinder Singh

Comparison of the Efficacy and Safety between Dienogest and Dydrogesterone in Treatment of Endometriosis: Prospective Study
Authors: Tagreed Hamood Hatem, Mohanad Adel Mohammed, Hayder Adnan Fawzi

Effect of Instructional Program Concerning Hepatic Cirrhosis on Patient's Knowledge: A Case - Control Study
Authors: Adel Hameed Al-Obaidy, Huda B. Hassan

Correlation of Back Extensor Muscle Endurance with Oswestry Disability Index in Middle Aged Females with Chronic Low Back Pain
Authors: Rupali Shevalkar, Arham Jain

Site Suitability Analysis for Municipal Solid Waste Disposal in Mangalore City Corporation, Karnataka - Using Geospatial Technology
Authors: Sandipta Das, Dasharatha P. Angadi

Isolation, Screening and Identification of Indole Acetic Acid (IAA) Producing Bacteria from Rhizospheric Soil
Authors: Pranita Malankar, Manish Petkar

The Effect of E-Procurement on the Performance of Procurement Functions at Skyward Express Limited
Authors: Abdiwahab Abdinoor Abdow, Dr. Dennis Juma, Chris Jared Odondi

Evaluation the possibility of Bioactivation of Niobium and Titanium by Biomemtic Process
Authors: Ali AM, Intisar Jamil, L. Thair

Polymeric Membrane Materials for Artificial Organs
Authors: Mallappa N. Kullolli

Importance of Screw Position in Intertrochanteric Femoral Fractures Treated by Dynamic Hip Screw
Authors: Amarnath D Savur, Goudama Siddhartha Panicker, Abhishek Shetty

Assessment of Occupational Safety and Health Practices for Organophosphate and Carbamate Pesticides in Flower Farms in Naivasha, Nakuru County Kenya
Authors: Loise Mukami, Paul Njogu, Margaret Kungu

A Descriptive Study to Assess the Level of Knowledge and Attitude towards Awareness of Organ Donation among Staff Nurses at Tertiary Care Hospital, Karad
Authors: Kalpana Jadhav, Sunita Tata, Simi Elsa Philip, Mohini Jagtap

Finance Governance and Dynamic Capital Structure
Authors: Juan Shang, Jiang Li

Commonly Used Sacred Plants in Tehsil Moorang, District Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh
Authors: Swaran Lata, M. K. Seth

A Study of Clinical and Bacteriological Aspects of Pyodermas in a Tertiary Care Centre
Authors: Dr. Ashok Kumar, Dr Anupma Goel, Dr. Seema Goel, Dr. Dimple Chopra, Dr. Aanchal Singla, Dr. Siddharth Chopra

Potential Use of Leaf Biomass - Wrightia tinctoria for Removal of Pb+2
Authors: Ch.V. Naga Sowjanya, Ch.V.R.L.Gayatri, Agnihotram S Y V R Krishna, Ch.V.R.Murthy

Determining Performance Characteristics of Diesel Blends with Plastic Pyrolysis Oil
Authors: Nayan Patel, Krupal Shah

Successful Surgical Management of Cloacal Prolapse in a Turtle
Authors: Shiva Kumar E., L. Suresh, B. N. Nagaraja

Effective Noise Therapy: A Next Generation Medical Treatment
Authors: Souvik Bhattacharjee

Production of Biopigment ?Prodigiosin? from Serratia Marcescens under Optimized Conditions
Authors: Hariyali H. Sorathiya, Dr. Manisha Shah

Inhibition of Protease Produced from Clinical Isolate of pseudomonas aeruginosa using Vasicine Alkaloid
Authors: Ruaa H. Ali, Majid R. Majeed, Hiba A. Jasim

Assessment of the Digital Literacy of Agency Authorized Officers and Electronic File Handlers of GSIS Cagayan de Oro
Authors: Crystal Sylvette Lavender Palacio-Raro, Dr. Maria Angeles Dano-Hinosolango

CFD Analysis of Solar Air Heater by Using Combination of Triangular and Pentagon Ribs on the Absorber
Authors: Ajay Tiwari, Nishant Vibhav Saxena

Microleakage Evaluation of Adhesive Systems Reinforced with Fluoroapatite or Calcium Fluoride
Authors: Mohammed Kassim Gholam, Mohammed R. Hameed

Evaluation of Antibacterial Activity of Adhesive Systems Reinforced by Fluoroapatite or Calcium Fluoride (In Vitro Study)
Authors: Mohammed Kassim Gholam, Mohammed R. Hameed

Effect of Fungal Metabolites on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Withania somnifera (L) Dunal
Authors: Adeeba Anwar, A. R. Ansari

Borderline Mucinous Neoplasm of the Renal Pelvis with Osseous Metaplasia
Authors: Maram S. Al Turki, Areej R. Alqahtani, Reem A. Al Zahrani, Noura Aloudah, Deena T. Boqari, Khaled. O. Alsaad

Correlation Analysis of Grain Yield and Important Agronomic Traits in Six Rowed Barley (HORDEUM VULGARE L.) in Agra Region
Authors: Dr. Rajiv Kumar Singh Rathore, Dr. Yashasvita Chauhan

Comparison of Efficacy and Safety of Combination of Benzoyl Peroxide and Clindamycin with Clindamycin and Benzoyl Peroxide used Separately in Acne Vulgaris
Authors: Dr. Kanupriya, Dr. V.R. Sardesai

Research on the Development Status, Problems and Counter Measures of Sharing Bicycles in China
Authors: Wang Ke

MCTSI in the Evaluation of Acute Pancreatitis and its Prognostic Correlation
Authors: Dr Vikhyath Shetty, Dr Vinod Hegde

Imaging of Spinal Trauma by Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computed Tomography
Authors: Dr Sarfaraz Hussain Adnan, Dr. Lathika Shetty

Multidetector CT Evaluation of Oral Cavity and Oropharynx Malignant Tumours
Authors: Dr. Amish P George, Dr. Shrikrishna .U

Factors Influencing Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy among Sero-Positive Clients at a County Hospital - Nairobi, Kenya
Authors: Mary N. Musembi, Bernard W. Mbithi

Mediated Communication Influence on the Promotion of Customer Relations in Ugandan Commercial Banks: A Case of Barclays Bank Limited Uganda [Mbarara Branch]
Authors: Muhwezi David Nuwajira, Hellen K. Mberia, Dr. Caroline Nabuzale

Steroid Responsive Encephalopathy Associated with Autoimmune Thyroiditis (Hashimoto Encephalopathy)
Authors: Dr. Abhishek Kumar, Dr. Vaibhav Mathur

Assessment and Monitoring of Adverse Drug Reaction in Pediatric, Medicine, Psychiatric Department
Authors: Mary Jose, Dr. Yogananda R

Study of the Renal Stones Composition using Computed Tomography among Saudi Population
Authors: Mahasin Gamalalddin, Zuhal Yassin, Walaa Saleh

CIAAN Record Management System
Authors: Hrushikesh Bhamre, Richa Shukla, Sadichha Khedkar, Prof. Pooja Shinde

Effect of Polystyrene Polymer Modifier and Glass Powder Filler on the Mechanical Characteristics of Hot Mix Asphalt
Authors: Sinan Khaleel Ibrahim

Proposed Adaptive Steganography
Authors: Raghad Khalid Mohammed, Woud Majid Abed

Evaluation of Vision Changes Using SRK / T Formula in Cataract Senilis Performed Phacoemulsification
Authors: Hendra Gunawan, Delfi, Bobby R. E. Sitepu

Computed Tomography Evaluation of Anatomical Variations and Inflammatory Diseases of the Paranasal Sinuses
Authors: Dr Syed Jaffer Sadique, Dr. Shrikrishna .U

Brine Shrimp Lethality Assay of Some Medicinal Plants Using Artemia franciscana and Artemia salina
Authors: C. Kalai Selvi

Credit Accessibility and Entrepreneurship by Youth Groups in Nyamira County, Kenya
Authors: Ongwae Nyakondo Eric

Silent Wilsons Disease Unmasked By Hepatitis E-Case Study
Authors: Dr Priyal Patel, Dr Dhruv Kotecha, Dr Hetal Pandya

Isolation and Identification of Aeromonashydrophila, Pathogen of Farmed Tilapia (Oreochromisniloticus) in Region Agneby-Tiassa in cote d'Ivoire
Authors: Affoue Edwige KOUASSI, Moussa CISSE, Marina Koussemon, Allassane OUATTARA, Germain GOURENE

GIS Based Landslide Hazard Zonation Mapping (LHZM) for Rattota DS Division, Matale District, Sri Lanka
Authors: Vasanthakumary Selvanayagam

Waste Characterization in the Bafoussam II Municipality of Cameroon
Authors: Oben Mbeng L., Temateu Zemtsa P.

Multi-Agent Genetic Algorithm for One Criteria Network Routing Optimization
Authors: Kabengele Mpunga Yannick

Influence of Carbon and Interaction of Carbon and Lignosulfonate on Dynamic Charge Acceptance of Flooded (Enhanced) Lead Acid Batteries
Authors: Senthil Kumar P, Babu N, Sumanth Vinay Kumar B, Siva Prasad K, Balaji G, Jagadish M

Comparison of Performance Related Fitness of Ethiopian Youth Sports Academy U 15, U 17 and U 20 Male Football Players
Authors: Dr. Tilahun Bereded Shiferaw

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