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A Study on the Effect of Anodic and Bipolar Corrosion Inhibiting Admixtures on Strength Parameters of Concrete
Authors: V L Satish, Dr V Ravindra

To Study the Effects of Yoga Nidra on Reduction of Stress, Increase in Concentration, Changes in Behaviour and Increase in Happiness among School Going Students
Authors: Dr. Sachi Sachdeva, Anandmurti Gurumaa

Power Quality Analysis of Electrical Distribution Systems with Renewable Energy Sources
Authors: Raghvendraprasad Deshpande, M. S. Raviprakasha

Indigenous Knowledge Use in Horticulture for Sustainable Agriculture Development in Tanzania: Evidence from Nyandira Village in Morogoro
Authors: Anderson G. Rwela

Effects of Working Capital Investment on Company Profitability in Non Financial Firms: Case Study of Selected NSE Listed Firms
Authors: Dennis Mutinda Musyoka

The Modes of Delivery of Sex Education Curriculum in Rural Secondary Schools in Makueni County
Authors: Eric Mutua Muli

Relationship between Corruption and Inflation in Nigeria
Authors: Isiwu George Duhu, Aminu Umar Hussain

Fuzzy Rules in Reservoir Management
Authors: Dr. Bloomy Joseph, Koshy P.S

Migration Perspective and their Effect for the Origin Countries
Authors: Wafa Issa, Imene Guetat

Mathematical Model of Stability Analysis of a Disturbs System (2)
Authors: Mahdi F. Mosa Alobaidi

Description of Teacher Communication Pattern in Inclusive Education for the Children with Special Needs
Authors: Putri Nilamsari, Nurmayanti Putri, Zulfikar

Are We the "Small? or the "Big"
Authors: Berov G. Lyubomir

A Quasi Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of a Structured Training Programme on New Born Care Based on ASHA Module 7 - "Skills that Saves Lives" in Terms of Reported Practice among ASHA Workers in a Selected Community of Delhi
Authors: Anu Gauba, Dr. Kochu Thresiamma Thomas

Measuring Technical Efficiency of KSFE Branches
Authors: Sayooj Kumar K.P.

Essential New Born Care - "Home Based Care by Asha Workers"
Authors: Anu Gauba, Dr. Kochu Thresiamma Thomas

Silver Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Properties and Catalytic Degradation of Organic Dyes
Authors: Biswas Shrestha, Krios Baur, Satis Kumar

Strategic Actions of Board of Management and the Performance of Public Secondary Schools in Nakuru County, Kenya
Authors: Nyaboke Nyamwembe, Abel Gwaka Anyieni

Treatment Efficiency of UV/H2O2 Process on Simulated Textile Industry Wastewater by using Box-Behnken Design (BBD) Coupled with Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
Authors: P. Sivakumar, P. Sakthisharmila

Evaluation of the Student's Performance Using Fuzzy System
Authors: O P Dixit, A K Kashyap, A J Khan

Lycopersicocarponharisii gen. et.sp.nov. A Petrified Dicotyledonous Berry Fruit from the Deccan Intertrappean Beds of Mohagaonkalan, M.P. India
Authors: R. N. Deshmukh, Dr. P. S Kokate

Prediction of Sugarcane Yield using KNN and KNN Plus Clustering Algorithms
Authors: M. Naveen Kumar, Dr. M. Balakrishnan

DNA Vaccine
Authors: M. Beyau Konyak

An English Language Bridge Course as a Project Outcome
Authors: Kamal Kumar Poudel

Efficient Energy Use Education Strategy in Bunaken PLTS
Authors: Sarina Julien Binti, Zainal Fanani, Endah Setyowati, Bagyo Yanuwiadi

Analysis of AODV and Cluster Based Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks Using NS2 Simulator
Authors: Ashika Naik

Biomimetics in Structural Design
Authors: Raritha Joshy

Comparative Studies between the Locally Formulated Abamectin and Agremic Gold 8.4% SC Using Physical, Chemical and Biological Parameters against Two-Spotted Spider Mite, Tetranychusurticae
Authors: Shaymaa A. A. Mohamed, Wahba B. S., Olfat A. Radwan

Design and Cultural Treatment of Trisomy 21 in R.D.Congo
Authors: Kalenga Nongolola Noella

Chronic Renal Failure and Arterial Hypertension
Authors: Merita Alimadhi, Nestor Thereska

Development of Light Polarization Learning Tool Based on Arduino and Scientific Performance
Authors: Kostan D. F. Mataubenu, Demeryati Langtang

The Effect of Density and Hardness at the Rate of Burning Coconut Shell Briquettes and Water Hyacinth
Authors: Artian Sirun, Herotje Siwi, Markus K. Umboh

Intimidating Factors on Communication Apprehension on Grade 7 Students
Authors: Lelit A. Repaja, Jay P. Miranda, Krimar Balansag, Jerald C. Moneva

Factors Affecting Sustainability of Water Project in Ukenyenge Ward-Kishapu District; Shinyanga Tanzania
Authors: Pharles Matulanya Mahushi

The Protection of Law toward Illegitimate Children
Authors: Muhammad Izudin

The Effect of Proactive Personality and Perceived Insider Status Fit on Employee Innovative Behavior: A Moderated Mediation Model
Authors: Li Fumeng

Analysis of Accounting Knowledge and Business Life on the Using of Accounting Information and Environmental Uncertaintyas the Moderations Variable
Authors: Nia Yuniarsih, Nadya Yuristanti

The Effect of Pregelatinization Temperature to the Physicochemical Properties of Black Potato Starch
Authors: Jhauharotul Muchlisyiyah, Tanalyna Hasna, Muhammad Nafi, Susi Wardhani

A Study on Attitudes of Tourism and Hospitality Students of Udaipur towards a Career in the Industry
Authors: Hina Hashmi

Essential Oils: Its Components and Its Application in Food Preservatives
Authors: M Beyau Konyak

Change Management and Organisational Performance of Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization
Authors: Eric Nyariki Osege, Dr. Abel Anyieni

Using Blockchain Technology in Smart Grids and an Example Application
Authors: Mehmet CINAR

A Review of Methods Used for Seed Oil Extraction
Authors: A. K. Yusuf

Organic Value Chain Analysis: The Case of Pangasius Vietnam
Authors: Associate Dr. Le Nguyen Doan Khoi

The Use of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Networks Analysis of Water using (Geometric Network) Application Area Alazhari - Khartoum State
Authors: Maha Ali Ibrahim Yagi, Alwalid Bashier Gism Elseed Ahmed, Samni A. Talab

Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells Bank, Collection of UCSCs during Delivery
Authors: Khalil A. Elhalfawy, El-Fiky B. A., El-Sayed .M, Gad S. M

Seepage Test on Liquefiable Sand
Authors: Cindarto Lie, Rahardjo P.P, Sadisun I.A

Online Radicalization: An Overview
Authors: Mohammad Zahid Mateen, Jamaludin Ibrahim

Nannochloropsis Protein as Potential Fish Feed
Authors: Saif Al Ghais, Vibha Bhardwaj

Effects of Salicylic Acid Treatments on Seedling Growth of Red Cabbage under Salt Stress
Authors: Ercan Ekbic

A Closer Look at the Past Traumatic Experiences and Current Unconditional Self-Acceptance of Women with Hashimoto's Disease in Turkey: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
Authors: Kadriye Slocum, Elif Yavuz Sever

The Best Way to Investigate an Diagnose Lumber Spine
Authors: Abdulrahman Alhejaili, Ibrahim Alshikh, Hassan A Elazeem Gad

Cohesiveness in Application-Based Ojek Community or Online Ojek
Authors: Al Sidik Ode A, Fitang Budhi A, Mahyudi

Customer Perception of Service Quality towards Sun Direct to Home Services in Coimbatore
Authors: Dr. J. Ashok, S. Suselan

Diabetes Self-Management Based on the Health Belief Model
Authors: Julide Gulizar Yildirim, Elif Unsal Avdal, Berna Nilgun Ozgursoy Uran

Effects of Brahma Kumaris Sahaj Raja Yoga Meditation on Health
Authors: Siddappa Naragatti

Management of School Nursing Services
Authors: Julide Gulizar Yildirim, Askin Cevirgen Kurt

Review Technique for Performance Improvement of Cloud Computing by Using Efficient Load Balancing
Authors: Hemlata, Prof. Farha Naaz

The Effects of Mulliganforearm Cervical Traction V/S Upper Limb Neural Tissue Mobilization on Neck Disability: A Randomised Control Trial
Authors: Dr. Shilpa Khatri, Dr. Ujjwal Yeole, Ankita Pawar

A Comparative Study of CSR Activities Pre and Post Enactment of Companies Act 2013
Authors: Komal Raval
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