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Recently Published: Study of Dog-bite and Vaccination Status in an Urban Community of Ranchi, Jharkhand          ||          Implementation and Demonstration of Obstacle Detection in Self-Driving Cars with GPS Tracking in Real-Time System          ||          Key Factor for Evaluation of the Engineering Program: PO and PSO Attainment          ||          Effect of High Temperature on the Stability Performance of Polyvinyl Chloride and Nano Silica Modified Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixture          ||          Dubiousness of Survival in Gidicho Island: Economic Livelihood Shift from Farming to Fishing          ||          The Institutional Study Over on Traumatic Thoraco Lumbar Fracture out Come Based on Thoraco - Lumbar Injury Severity Scoring          ||          How Organizational Structures Affect Project Outcomes          ||          Stystic Classification of English Vocabulary          ||          Why is Planning a Relevant Factor in the Management of Projects          ||          Rheological Characterization of Combretum Glutinosum (Habeil) Gum          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Production of Biopigment ?Prodigiosin? from Serratia Marcescens under Optimized Conditions          ||          Production of Biopigment ?Prodigiosin? from Serratia Marcescens under Optimized Conditions          ||          Imaging Using Digital Radiography on Fat Network Phantom for Obesity Condition Correction          ||          Circuit Training Method for Tarung Derajat Unimed Athletes          ||          Post Mining Area Development; Eco Development Concept Approach          ||          Pharmacovigilance in India: Evolution and Change in Scenario in India          ||          Review: Biomimetic Approach for Remineralization of Human Enamel          ||          Problems in Learning Mathematics: Comparison of Coral High School Students in Classes with and without Repeaters          ||          Characteristic Overview of Sociodemographic Patient with Cleft Lip and Palate in the Cleft Centre of Dental Hospital Universitas Padjadjaran, West Java Province Indonesia          ||          Effect of Fiscal Policy on Investment Growth in Rwanda          ||         

Volume 7 Issue 10, October 2018: Page 3

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Training Design of Visual Perception Program for Teachers in SD Kebon Maen Depok Community
Authors: Dr Wazar Pulungan, Leni Sintorini, Hapsiawati

An Overview of Text Analysis Technologies and Tools
Authors: Akshita Lakkad, Sneh Gajiwala, Dr. (Mrs.) Neepa Shah

Molecular Characterization of Human and Bovine Rotaviruses in Marathwada Province of Maharashtra State
Authors: Shaunak Suresh Deshmukh, Avinah G. Karpe, Anand R. Deshpande, Ashok V. Bhonsle, Mahesh B. Kulkarni

Material Constrained Scheduling in Construction Project
Authors: M. P. Venkatesh, Saravana Natarajan P.S

Design and Fabrication of Plantain (BANANA) Fiber Extracting Mechanism
Authors: Mahendra K C, Virupaksha Gouda H

Damages to Radicular Dentin during Root Canal Filling and Retreatment Procedures: Analysis, Evaluation Methods and Methodological Issues
Authors: Irina Tsenova, Radosveta Vassileva, Emilia Karova

Product factors of E marketing in New Delhi
Authors: Khaled (M.K) Ismail Alshaketheep

Etiology of Pediatric Oromaxillofacial Trauma in Emergency Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Dr. Hasan Sadikin General Hospital Bandung in 3 years 2015-2017
Authors: Endang Sjamsudin, Agus Dwi Sastrawan

Education & British Rule - A formal Insight
Authors: Khyati Sardana

Gynecological Pathology among Elderly Women
Authors: Anis Haddad, Olfa Zoukar, Imen Gaddab, Amira Daldoul, Sonia Hammami, Ines Zaabar, Sonia Zaied, Raja Faleh

Vulvar Cancer in Elderly Women: About a Tunisian Monocentric Experience
Authors: Olfa Zoukar, Amira Daldoul, Sonia Hammami, Ines Zouari, Rymbourigua, Ines Mazhoud, Manelnejima, Zahra Saidani, Raja Faleh

Endometrial Cancer in Young Tunisian Women about four Cases
Authors: Dr Anis Haddad, Olfa Zoukar, Amina Ben Sallem, Sonia Hammammi

Vaginal Neurofibroma: A Rare Cause of Postmenopausal Bleeding Case Report and Review of the Literature
Authors: Olfa Zoukar, Sonia Hammami, Zahra Saidani, Sonia Zaied, Amel Kaskhoussi, Fethi Jbali, Raja Faleh, Awatef Hajjajji

Coexistant Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome and Nutcracker Syndrome: A Case Report and Review of Literature
Authors: Sonia Hammami, Olfa Zoukar, Imene Chabene, Kechida Malek, Ahmed Zrig, Rym Klii, Hanene Sayadi, I Kochtali

Investigation and Computation of the Soil Erodibility Factor in Karubanda watershed located in Ngoma, Huye and Mbazi Sectors of Huye District, Southern Province of Rwanda using USLE Nomograph (K-factor) Equation
Authors: F. Uwisunzimana, F.X. Naramabuye, O. Munyaneza, D. Uwizeyimana, S. Uwingabire

Characteristics of Maxillofacial Fracture and Head Injury due to Motor Vehicle Accidents in Hasan Sadikin Hospital, Bandung, Indonesia
Authors: Syahril Samad, Endang Sjamsudin, Abel Tasman, Ahmad Faried

Reconstruction of Legislative Regulations on Indigenous Peoples' Food Security in Indonesia
Authors: Stefanus Laksanto Utomo, Edy Lisdiyono, Liza Marina

Residing Bacterial Flora Pertaining to Root Canals and Associated Periodontal Pocket
Authors: Dr. Riyaz Ahmed, Dr. Manu Sharma, Dr Neha Thakur, Dr. Nimish Tyagi, Dr. Neeraj Kant Panwar, Dr. Himanshu Tomar

Shear Bond Strength of MTA with Different Types of Adhesive Systems: An In vitro Study
Authors: Dr. Riyaz Ahmed, Dr. Manu Sharma, Dr. Nimish Tyagi, Dr. Abhay Agarwal, Dr. Asib Ahmed, Dr. Himanshu Tomar

An Assessment of Changes in Developing Succedaneous Teeth as A Result of Infected Deciduous Teeth
Authors: Dr. Riyaz Ahmed, Dr. Soundarya Singh, Dr. Asib Ahmad, Dr Nimish Tyagi, Dr Chitrapriya Saxena, Dr Himanshu Tomar

Credit Cooperatives in Brazil
Authors: Dr. Murillo de Oliveira Dias, Murilo Ramos Alambert Rodrigues

Enrolment Trend Analysis among Transition Periods of a University for Management Intervention
Authors: Adriel G. Roman, Rogacion U. Villanueva

Occupancy and Vacancy Monitoring Technique for Energy-Potent Smart Building Using IoT
Authors: M. Sivalingamaiah, K.Gopi

The Role of Coffee Cooperative Membership to Improve Livelihoods of Rural Farmers in Ruhango District: A Case Study Southern Province in Rwanda
Authors: Bernard Habimana, Dr. Patrick Mulyungi

Human Resource Planning and Growth of Manufacturing Firms in Rwanda: A Case Study Bralirwa
Authors: Clement Crispin Mutabazi, Dr. Patrick Mulyungi

Effect of Strategic Organizational Structure on Performance of National Council of Persons with Disabilities in Rwanda: A Case Study NCPD
Authors: Emmanuel Ndayisaba, Dr. Patrick Mulyungi

Effect of Financial Management Practices on Profitability of Agricultural Processing Enterprises in Rwanda
Authors: Muhozi Emmanuel, Dr. Patrick Mulyungi

Effects of Exports and Imports on the Balance of Foreign Trade in Rwanda Using Principal Component Analysis (2010-2017)
Authors: Pierre Claver Habimana, Dr. Joseph K. Mung'atu

To Study on Image Enhancement Based on Histogram Technique for Medical Images
Authors: M. Minhaju Malik, Pl. Chithra

Etiology of Hearing Impairment in Children
Authors: Fouzia Nazir, Waseem Ahmad Shah

Study on Prevalence of Hypertension among Adolescents
Authors: Fouzia Nazir, Waseem Ahmad Shah

Effect of Immediate Post Operative Cryotherapy in the Management of Pain, Swelling and Mouth Opening Following Mandibular Third Molar Surgery - A Randomized Clinical Study
Authors: Dr Suresh Babu P, Dr Prem L, Dr Naveen Kumar Jain

The Nature of Insults on Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, MSN ...) and their Repression in Congolese Law in Force
Authors: Mbeya Bulabula Jean-Matthieu, Kabiswe Nghanza Garcia

Pelvic Exenteration Surgery: Experience of a Tertiary Cancer Institution in South India
Authors: D Suresh Kumar, TD Balamurugan, MP Viswanathan, Navin Noushad

Influence of Situational Leadership Style on Pupils Performance in Kenya Certificate of Primary Education in Public Primary Schools in Uriri Sub County, Kenya
Authors: Philip Ouma-Maasai, Edward Tanui, Dr. Naftali K. Rop

The Speech or Foundation of the Person-Person
Authors: Chisak Tshimwish Tshidind, Sylvain Massapa Wa Kanyimbo

Review on Intelligent Recommender System using Bayes Classification Algorithm
Authors: Maheshwari Rana, Komal Gohil, Mansi Trivedi

Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in Cuttlefish Sepiella Inermis from Visakhapatnam Coastal Waters
Authors: R. Rekha, B. Ganga Rao

Mobile-based Cattle Infectious Disease Prediction System
Authors: Hlaing Phyu Phyu Mon, Ohn Htwe

Implementation of High Speed Flash ADC Using Multiplexer with Reduced Number of Preamplifier and Comparator Count
Authors: Rana Vikram Pratap Singh Yadav, Neelam Srivastava

Anaesthetic Management of a Newborn with Giant Occipitalmenigocele, Cleft Lip & Palate and Cardiac Abnormality
Authors: Monal Ramani, Deepshikha, Prachi Agnihotri

Cervical Agenesis: Is Hysterectomy the Only Answer?
Authors: Dr. Namrita Sheregar, Dr. Reena Wani

Application of Central Composite Design for Optimization Machining Parameters When Machine Magnesium AZ31
Authors: Ahmad Yasir Md Said, Gusri Akhyar Ibrahim, Arinal Hamni, Rabiah Suryaningsih, Yanuar Burhanuddin

Preparation, Processing and Nutritional Attribute of Mango By-Products
Authors: Keshwani Deeksha, Mishra Sunita

Effect of School Culture and Empowerment to Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) of Integrated Village Ministry Foundation Kindergarten Teachers in West Indonesia
Authors: Ahmad Tabrani, Matin, Heru Santosa

The Effect of Self-Adjustment and Social Support on Achievement Motivation among Students from Eastern Indonesia Studying in Surabaya
Authors: Mozes Lazarus Touw, Catarina Asthi Dwi Jayanti, Diyan Maya Caesillia

Computed Tomographic Evaluation of Cerebral Venous Thrombosis
Authors: Dr. Monika Pote, Dr A.N Kamble, Dr. Suresh Phatak

Addiction Behavior of Young Places in Lubumbashi Rehabilitation Centers (Case Study Conducted in Lukuni, Bakanja / Center and Magone)
Authors: Kabatantshi Tujibikile Alain

Contribution of Stakeholders Involvement in Monitoring and Evaluation Planning in Promoting the Funded Project Sustainability; A Case of Rwanda Health System Strengthening Project (RSSP)
Authors: Claudine Tuyiramye, Dr. Patrick Mulyungi

The Impact of Community Members Engagement in Project Implementation and Success in Rwanda; A Case Study of Ejo Heza Project
Authors: Kalenzi Bosco, Dr. Patrick Mulyungi

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