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Work Related Ill Heath among Farm Workers at Ahero Irrigation Scheme, Kenya
Authors: Charles Mburu, Robert Kinyua, George Karani, Ciira Kiiyukia

A Study on the Evolution of Pharmaceutical Marketing Communication Channels
Authors: M. Sreenivasan, Dr. T. L. Narasimha Reddy

Food Crisis
Authors: Suraj Panpatte, Virendra Takale

Fungal Pathogens of Postharvest Rot of Groundnut (Arachys hypogaea L.) in Hong Local Government Area of Adamawa State Nigeria
Authors: Asama P., Channya F.K

Knowledge Regarding Patient Safety among Nursing Staff of a Tertiary Care Hospital in Lucknow
Authors: Jiji James, Deepa Simon, Kusum, Mini Mathai, Reji RK

Topology Based Routing Protocols: A Comparison
Authors: Vikas Sharma

An Overview of Polycystic Ovarian Disease Associated Secondary Amenorrhoea in Unani System of Medicine
Authors: Dr. Ismath Shameem, Dr. Rehana Khatoon

Effect of Different Phases of Menstrual Cycle on Nerve Conduction Velocity: A Study from Central India
Authors: Dr. Bhavna Gupta, Dr. Sunil Ku Khare

Posture in Parkinson's Disease How Much Physiotherapy Can Help - An Evidence based Case Control Study
Authors: Dr. S. S. Subramanian

Study to Assess the Knowledge of Adults Regarding Passive Smoking Awareness and Exposure
Authors: Shalini Pathania

Factors Affecting Time to Sputum Culture Conversion and Treatment Outcome of 160 Patients with Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Tertiary Care Centres, Chennai
Authors: Dr. U. Arun Jaya Kumar, Dr. K. Monisha, Dr. Harish Narayanan

The Problem of the Training of Students in Secondary Technical Schools in the City of Likasi
Authors: Pascal Mukeng Mutumb'u, Chisak Tshimwish Tshidind

Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Human Milk Banking among Postnatal Mothers in Selected Hospitals
Authors: Ashwini Mankar, Archana Mourya

Motivational Factors of the Addiction Behavior of Young Places in Lubumbashi Rehabilitation Centers: Case of Lukuni, Bakanja / Center and Magone
Authors: Kabatantshi Tujibikile Alain, Tshilemba Ntumba Viviane

Does the Leadership Mediate the Relationship between Customer Orientation and Financial Performance? Case Study on Sudanese Banks
Authors: Osama Mohamed Ahmed Enad, Tagreed Awad Abdel Halim

Clinical Evaluation of Anaesthetic and Physiological Effects of Dorsolumbar Epidural Xylazine-Lignocaine Anaesthesia in Cattle
Authors: Lokhande D. S., V. D. Aher

Emotional Intelligence and Achievement Motivation among Orphans and Non-Orphans
Authors: Huzna Ishak

Unusual Presentation of Foreign Body Fish Bone in the Oral Cavity - A Case Report
Authors: Dr Kumkum Bora, Dr Arnab Kalita

Anatomical and Pharmacognostic Features of Mangifera indica Young Fruits (Avaakai) Seed Kernel
Authors: A. Bharathi, S. Rajan

Fabrication and Analysis of Hybrid Spark Ignition Engine Using Browns and Koh Gas
Authors: Y. Lethwala

Recurrent Seizures in Pregnancy: Epilepsy or Eclampsia?
Authors: William Alexander Setiawan, Melisa Andriana, A.A. Eka Wardani

A Rare Case of Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema in a Young Female Patient of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Systemic Lupus Erythematosis
Authors: Anagha Joshi, Mridula Muthe, Venkatesh Gunreddy, Supriya Jadhav, Nikhil Reddy

Characteristic Overview of Sociodemographic Patient with Cleft Lip and Palate in the Cleft Centre of Dental Hospital Universitas Padjadjaran, West Java Province Indonesia
Authors: Heinz Frick, Lucky Riawan, Harmas Yazid

Customer Relationships Management Perspective of Family-Owned Business Palembang Songket (Study on SMEs Business Data)
Authors: Gagan Ganjar Resmi, Amirudin Syarif, Wiwin Agustian, Andrian Noviardy

Studies on Feeding Behavior of different Leaf Feeding Insect Pest of Forest under Treatments of Different Ethno-Insecticidal Plant Extracts
Authors: Deepa M, Meera .D

The Services Qualities of Star Hotels in Parapat
Authors: Sumardi, Edison Sinurat

Neonatal Mortality from Preterm Premature Rupture of Membrane
Authors: Gentiana Koroveshi, Gjeorgjina Kuli-Lito

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness Planned Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) among Staff Nurses Working in ICU?s at Tertiary Care Hospital Karad
Authors: Hamid K. Mulani, Dr. Sunita Tata, Shobha Patil

Agrifarming: Friend to the Farmer Using Android
Authors: D. Salma Faroze

A Simulation Modeling Approach for Job Shop Scheduling Problems: Case of Metal Industry
Authors: Adane Kassa, Balasundaram

A Review of Purity Test of Soybean
Authors: Sharda Dubey

How to Prevent Malnutrition
Authors: Genti Xhelilaj

A Survey on Image Enhancement Based Histogram Equalization Techniques
Authors: M. Minhaju Malik, Pl. Chitra

Experimental Analysis on Effects of Hybridizing PV - Wind Turbine System for Dual Land Use
Authors: Nived

Profile of Postpartum Intrauterine DeviceAcceptors: A Descriptive Study at Balikpapan Army Hospital, East Borneo, Indonesia during November 2016 to November 2017
Authors: William Alexander Setiawan, Melisa Andriana

Environmental Friendly Air Conditioners are they Possible?
Authors: Vishal Kunwar

Influence of Human Relations on Employee Performance in the Rwandan Banking Industry - Case Study: KCB Bank Rwanda LTD
Authors: Joy Bariyo, Dr. Patrick Mulyungi, Dr. Rukia A.

Influence of Self Help Group Support Mechanisms on Micro Enterprise Development: Case of Self Help Groups Supported by African Evangelistic Enterprise in Rwanda, Gasabo District
Authors: Patrice Hagenimana, Dr. Patrick Mulyungi

Role of Arthroscopic Synovial Biopsy in Diagnosis and Management of Unilateral Synovitis Knee
Authors: Dr. Rajat Kapoor, Dr. C. P. Pal, Dr. Yajuvendra Kumar Sharma, Dr. Vikas Mishra

Speed Drive Variable Three-Phase Motor
Authors: C.E. Lagunes Fernandez, J.V. Galaviz Rodriguez, J. C. Sanchez Cruz, B. Gomez Lopez, A. J. Rosales Fuentes

A Project on New Approach for the Production of Bio-ethanol from Lignocellulosic Biomass
Authors: Muthukkannan N., Ayyappan S.

Effect of Multisensory Training on Writing Skills of Children with Dysgraphia
Authors: T. Jegadeesan, Dr. P. Nagalakshmi

Laser - As an Alternative or Adjunctive Treatment in Periodontics - A Review Article
Authors: Dr Navin Sahu, Dr S. C. Bhoyar

A Case study on Temporomandibular Dysfunction
Authors: Pradnya Girdhar

Electro-Chemical Properties (Ru:Mo) Composite Thin Films Electrode for Supercapacitors
Authors: S. D. Gothe, D. S. Sutrave

A Comparative Study of Explosive Strength and Speed Variables of School Level Volleyball Players of Urban and Rural Area of Gandhinagar
Authors: Dr Nimeshkumar D. Chaudhari

Dose-Dependent Levetiracetam Cutaneous Side Effect
Authors: Saud Alnaaim

Teaching Writing: From Theory to Practice
Authors: Abderrahmane Babni

Technical Sheet of the Breeding Substrate Amendment in Oysters Shells Flour and Meat Yield of the Snails (Archachatina marginata) Produced
Authors: Aman J.B, Okon A.J.L, Otchoumou .A

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