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Evaluation of Properties of Concrete under Varying Water Curing Duration

Rekha .H .B, Jayaramappa N, Abhishek K

Abstract: Abstract: It is mandatory in construction industry that the curing of concrete structure should be carried out as per the standard guidelines to ensure strength and durability criteria over its service life of the structure. Curing of concrete is an empirical process with an assumption to supplement water to the hydration process of cement and to control the moisture movement from the concrete structure. Keeping in view of this criterion a research project has been undertaken to investigate the variation in mechanical properties of concrete with and without curing. For this investigation concrete of grade M30 were used, two mixes were considered one with ordinary Portland cement (OPC) and another mix with partial replacement of OPC with GGBS as mineral admixture. A series of twenty four cube specimens were cast for each mix in that nine cubes were cured for 28 days curing and nine cubes for partially curing and nine cubes for no curing, and results obtained from the experiment were compared and conclusions were drawn.

Keywords: Keywords: Fully curing, Partial curing, No curing, Compressive strength

Country: India, Subject Area: Engineering

Pages: 268 - 274

Edition: Volume 7 Issue 10, October 2018

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Rekha .H .B, Jayaramappa N, Abhishek K, "Evaluation of Properties of Concrete under Varying Water Curing Duration", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 7 Issue 10, October 2018, 268 - 274

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