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Percutaneous Removal of Difficult Pulmonary Artery Foreign Body: A Rare Case Report
Authors: Umar Hayat MD, Saba Afroz MD, Abdur Rehman MD

Students? Level of Mathematical Comprehension and the Modified Moore?s Method in Teaching Mathematics
Authors: Vima Socorro J. Tandog, Maritess T. Jariolne

Internal Corporate Communication and Job Performance: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Telecom Organizations
Authors: Dr Ajai Kumar Jain, Devika Trehan

Analysis of Japan?s Import Demand for Indonesian Plywood by Almost Ideal Demand System Approach
Authors: Andreas Rumata Simanjuntak, Suharno, Rita Nurmalina

Association of Entrepreneurial Behaviour with Personal and Socio-Economic Characteristics of Rural Women
Authors: Sonu Mertiya, Rajshree Upadhyay

Analysis of Corona Losses on the Nigerian 28-Bus, 330 kV Transmission Grid
Authors: Bisiriyu A.O., Ajetunmobi E.O., Omotayo M.E., Salami, M. Adeshola

Effectiveness of ?Instrumental Music? on Feeling of Wellbeing among Patient Undergoing Chemotherapy in Tertiary Care Hospital, Karad
Authors: Ajit Anandrao Pawar, Prabhuswami Hiremath, Nutan Potdar, Parshuram Prakashrao Naikawadi

Lean and Six Sigma
Authors: Ishfaq Shafi Masoodi, Chitranjan Kumar

The Influence of ZnO NPs on Reproductive System Tissues of Albino Male Mice. Histopathological Study
Authors: Ruqayah Ali Salman

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Cardiotocography vs USG Doppler in the Optimal Management of Intra Uterine Growth Restricted Fetuses
Authors: S. S. Gayathri, T. H. Usha

Supporting and Inhibiting Factor of the Management of Marine Conservation Area in Sulawesi
Authors: Ahmad Dahlan, Jamaluddin Jompa, Amran Saru, A. Niartiningsih

Investigating the Effect of Bamboo Trunk Ash Blended Cement in Engineering Properties of Mortar
Authors: Oluwatobiloba Aboluwarin, Adekunle Kehinde, Timothy Idowu, Olayinka Akinyeye, Yiosese Abdulrasaq

Increasing Patients' Privacy While Using Search Engines and Social Media Websites
Authors: Ahmad Sleiman Ahmad, Obadah Hammoud, Mothanna Alkubeily

Some Ethno-Medicinally Important Plants from Chhattisgarh, India, with Caution Stigma in Reference to their Abortifacient Activity
Authors: Nisreen Husain, Deepti Chauhan, Touseef Hussain Trak

Comparative Analysis of Text Detection using SVM, KNN and NN
Authors: Saurabh Gupta, Dr. Sunil Nijhawan

Impact of Mivan Formwork over Conventional Formwork
Authors: Aaqib Majid Khan, Chitranjan Kumar

Evaluation of Some Properties of Heat Cure Acrylic Resin after the Addition of Salinated Aluminum Silicate Composite Filler
Authors: Raghdaa Kareem Jassim, Aseel Abdulameer Radhi

Evapotranspiration: Implementation in NetLogo
Authors: Lubna Ansari, Sonal Anand

Efficient Design of 1- bit Low Power Full Adder using GDI Technique
Authors: Deepika Shukla, S.R.P Sinha

Performance Evaluation of Binary to Gray Code Converters Using Quantum Dot Cellular Automata
Authors: Neha Yadav, S.R.P. Sinha

Development of Marathi Version Cross-Culture Adaptation, Reliability and Validity of Shoulder and Disability Index
Authors: T. Poovishnu Devi, Sapnashamrao Khot

Research on the Relationship between Interest Rate and Stock Price in China
Authors: Lei Shuangqun

Ontology Based Image Retrieval in the Compressed Domain
Authors: Suhendro Irianto, Boby Bachry

Research on Online Customer Satisfaction of Bank: A Case Study of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Authors: Eden Abdu, Li Jing

A Real Time Text Detection & Recognition System to Assist Visually Impaired
Authors: Chaitanya R. Kulkarni, Ashwini B. Barbadekar

Review on Data Leakage Detection & Data Prevention Techniques
Authors: Nisha D.Gaikwad, Dr. D S. Bhosle

Application of Chitosan in Food Preservation
Authors: A. Reni Prabha, K. Sivakumar

Recurrence Prevention Model in Clients with Mental Disorder Reviewed from Family Aspects
Authors: Dyah Widodo

Brain Arterio-Venous Malformations Presenting with Seizures and Diagnosed on CT Scan: A Case Report
Authors: Kiridi Ek, Dambo Nd, Onyia Oi

Effective Dynamic Pricing for E-Commerce Businesses by Estimating Customers Behavior Using Data-Mining
Authors: Mark Malcolm Furtado, Sneha Leleat Gonsalves

Between Risk Knowledge, Self-Efficacy, Environmental Observation and Outcome Expectations with Behavior among Overweight and Obese Adolescents
Authors: Edy Suyanto, Rizki Mustika Riswari

Effect of Rice Husk Ash on the Shear Strength Parameters of Silty Sand
Authors: Anurag Gangwar, Anoopsingh Chandel

Novel 1-? Multilevel Current Source Inverter for Balanced / Unbalanced PV Sources
Authors: Rohini, Nagabhushan

Review on Reversible Data Hiding With Distributed Source Encoding Using Identity Hiding Mechanism for Image and Data Owner
Authors: Sanjyot A. Biranje, Dr. D S. Bhosle

Design and Implementation of a Novel Multilevel DC-AC Inverter
Authors: Priyanka, Nagabhushan

Environmental Benefits of Bt-Cotton Farming: A Case Study
Authors: Suneetha Chatla, Sumanth Kumar K

Efficient Text Classifier Using Rough Sets and Hybrid Classifier Approach: A Case Study in Elfagr Newspaper
Authors: Mohamed Omran, O.E. Emam, Laila Abd-Elatif, M. Thabet

Neurological Complications of On-Pump versus Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery
Authors: Brunilda Zllami, Entela Basha, Stavri Llazo, Arben Kojqiqi, Andi Kacani, Bledi Cekrezi, Ilir Alimehmeti, Jera Kruja

An Overview of Crypto-Compressive Based on Selective Coding
Authors: Enas Kh Alamiry, Faisal G. Mohammed

Studying the Effect of the Atmosphere Factors on Properties of the Panel and Thin Film which are used as Luminescent Solar Concentrators and Made from the Tagetes flowers
Authors: Alaa Mahdi Mohammed

Contextualized Problem Solving: It?s Effect on Students? Achievement, Conceptual Understanding and Mathematics Anxiety
Authors: Laila S. Lomibao, Carmela J. Go Silk, Charita A. Luna

Procalcitonin and C-Reactive Protein as a Specific Marker of Sepsis in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery with Cardiopulmonary Bypass
Authors: Karthick Kavin, Periyasamy T, Shivamuthukumaran, Ramkumar T

The Study of Radioactivity in Soil Samples from Al-Salaam Neighborhood in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf Governorate, Iraq
Authors: Ali K. Hasan, Sajjad A. Ameen, Abothur G Mohammad

Assessment of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Role in Diagnostic of Brain Infarction
Authors: Mohammed Mahjoub, Mohamed Yousef, Shazaly Khojaly

Generalized Radicalg Lifting Modules
Authors: Wasan Khalid, Adnan S. Wadi

Privacy-Preserving Methodology in Distributed Computing using Encrypted Cloud Database
Authors: S. J. Chougule, C. M. Jadhav

Determination of Hydroquinone in Some Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Preparations by Spectrophotometric Method
Authors: Hawaa S. Elferjani, Najw H. S. Ahmida, Aziza Ahmida

Analyzing Economic Impacts of Electromagnetic Contamination Emitted from Communication Towers and Cell-Phone - A Case Study
Authors: Lorance Yahya Salih

Model of Clinical Supervision on the Field Practice of Students Majoring in Medical Record and Health Information
Authors: Ganif Djuwadi

The Effectiveness of STP on Prevention of Iron Deficiency Anaemia among Primigrivida Mothers in Clinic of Selected Hospitals at Bellary
Authors: Ojas Omkar Samant, A Mercyrani

High Maternal Serum Interleukin-8 and Endocervical Neutrophil Cell Count as Risk Factors for Preterm Labor
Authors: Anak Agung Gede Putra Wiradnyana, Tjokorda Gde Agung Suwardewa, I Ketut Surya Negara

Characteristics of Preterm Birth Cases at Sanglah Hospital Denpasar (Period from 1 January to 31 December 2016)
Authors: I Made Pasek Soma Gauthama, I Ketut Surya Negara

Effect of Different Ways of Weeds Control on Corn Grain Yield
Authors: Mohammd Zarif Sharifi, Zabehullah Jalali, Atefa Sediqi

Assessing BIM Integration with Sustainable Requirement for Buildings Construction
Authors: Ahmed Mahjoob, Mohammed Mahdi Abed

Influx of Refugees and Transformations of Land Use: Case of the Borgop Land (Adamawa-Cameroon)
Authors: AOUDOU DOUA Sylvain, NARKE Jean Cyrille

A Study to Determine the Effectiveness of Reminiscence Therapy on the Level of Depression among Older Adults in Selected Old Age Home at Tirupati
Authors: Divya .J, S. Hemalatha, M. Bhagyalakshmi

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