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Recently Published: How Is Human Suffering Causally Related to Ignorance? An Analysis from the Therav?da Buddhist Perspective          ||          The Buddhist Approach to Establish Peace through Five Precepts          ||          Case Study on Various Neural Tube Defects          ||          Gunshot Injury to Chest - A Miraculous Escape          ||          Coincidence Point Theorems in D-Metric Spaces          ||          Teachers and Parents' Needs for Parental Involvement in Elementary Education          ||          Phytoplankton Diversity of Canalwater at Rangampalayam in Erode District, Tamilnadu          ||          Efficient and Green Protocol for the Synthesis of Hippuric Acid          ||          Ciric Quasi-Contraction Fixed Point Mappings in Generalized Metric Spaces          ||          Total Arsenic and Arsenic Species in Environmental Samples          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Bcl-2 Expression in Skeletal Muscle in Diabetic Rats          ||          Crowdfunding Ecosystem in India          ||          Internal Dose Assessment in Patients Treated with I-131 using Whole Body Counter          ||          Research on Innovation of Small and Micro Enterprise Financing Model under the Background of Internet Finance          ||          Blind Assist Stick Using Microcontroller          ||          Total Arsenic and Arsenic Species in Environmental Samples          ||          Legal Protection of Medical Records as Evidence Tool in Law Enforcement Process          ||          Juridicic Aspect of Improving Hospital Health Services and Dispute Resolution between Hospitals and Patients          ||          Profile of Postpartum Intrauterine DeviceAcceptors: A Descriptive Study at Balikpapan Army Hospital, East Borneo, Indonesia during November 2016 to November 2017          ||          Evolutionary Relationship between Heteropternis Respondents and Pternoscirta Sauteri on the 12S rRNA Sequence          ||          Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Availability Payment Scheme in the Development of North Circle Road of Cilegon City          ||          Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Availability Payment Scheme in the Development of North Circle Road of Cilegon City          ||          Improvement of Creative Attention of Teachers in Technology          ||          Improvement of Creative Attention of Teachers in Technology          ||          Tax Compliance and Level of Tax Collection among Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Kiambu County, Kenya          ||          Goods and Service Tax (GST): India?s New Journey towards Indirect Taxation          ||          Awareness of Osteoporosis among females, Eastern Province, KSA          ||          Investigation of Broken Rotor Bar Fault in Field Oriented Controlled Induction Motor Using Discrete Wavelent Transform          ||          Speech Act of Vow in Quranic Discourse          ||          Study of Endothelial Cell Count in Patients after Penetrating Keratoplasty by Clinical Specular Microscope          ||         

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Scope of International Accreditation in Improvement of ?Quality of Care and Patient Safety? Overview
Authors: Bobish Kandy, Dr. Junior Sundaresh

Correlation of Carotid Colour Doppler and MRI Brain in Patients Suffering from Cerebrovascular Disease
Authors: Dr. Simranjeet Singh, Dr. Purvi D Desai, Dr. Neha Tyagi

Reflecting Patterns of Strategic Thinking on Organizational Conflict - The Search a Comparative Analysis
Authors: Ahmed Quinn Dawood, Dr. Suheir Adel AL-Jader

E-Learning Effectiveness: An Explorative Study in the Tunisian Context
Authors: Rabeb Mbarek

Assessment of the level of Knowledge of Pediatric Staff towards Principles of Principles of Infection Control at Selected Units, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Dr. Mohammed Hussain Sisi, Dr. Ahmed Alattas

Appraisal of the Perspective Level towards Occupational Hazards among Fixed Prothodontic Staff at Selected Dental Clinics, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Dr. Ibrahim Ayed Ali Almoshafi, Dr. Saeed Mohammed S. Alqahtani

Judgment of the Acquaintance' Towards Safety Measures among Restorative Staff at Selected Dental Clinics, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Dr. Sulaiman Yahya Ahmed Alzaylaee

Thermoplastic Materials in the Dental Practice: A Review
Authors: Bozhana Chuchulska, Stoyan Yankov, Ilian Hristov, Svetlin Aleksandrov

The Interest of Buying on Muslim Community to Cake and Bakery that does not Have Halal Certificate
Authors: Ishaq, Lilik Noor Yuliati, Ahmad Sulaeman

The Nature of Justice in the Outsourcing Work Agreement of Industrial Relation
Authors: Asdar Arti, La Ode Husen

Stochastic Differential Equation on Extinction Probability
Authors: Agba M. E, Ugbebor O. O.

Assessment of Cybersecurity Effectiveness in Serving Maqasid Al-Shariah
Authors: Yassir Izzadin, Jamaludin Ibrahim

Faunal Diversity of Andaran Fulbari-II Gram Panchayat Area under Tufanganj Subdivision of Coochbehar District of West Bengal, India
Authors: Somnath Kundu, Debashis Das

Advance Implementation for Enhance Image using Neural Network and Optimal Image Processing Algorithm in Digital Image Processing
Authors: Indra Kishor, Dhara Upadhyay

UPA for Image Transmission with Chaotic Communication
Authors: Monika Vyas, Sumeet Dhillon

Lossy Compression of Color Image Using EZW and BTC
Authors: Ajay Singh Yadav, Halima Sadia, Shashank Singh

Enhanced Security by Modifying Playfair Cipher
Authors: Amandeep Kaur, Tanisha Jain, Gurjyot Singh

Normal Flow and Stopped Flow Injection Spectrophotometric Determination of Quercetin Dihydrate Dietary Supplements
Authors: Sadeem Subhi Abed, Hinda Ali Mahmood

Study of Anthropometric and Morphological Observations of External Ear in Western Maharashtrian Population
Authors: J. M. Durgawale, S. S. Jadhav

Theory of Unidirectional and Multidirectional Forces and Violation of Third Law of Motion
Authors: Debjyoti Biswadev Sengupta

Study of Factors Associated with Poor Asthma Control in Children Aged 1 to 14 Years Attending Department of Paediatrics of a Teaching Hospital
Authors: Amujuri Krishna Prasad, Andukuri Satyavani, Morla D. N. Srikanth

Aerobic and Zumba Influences for the Upper Arm, Thigh and Waist Size on Mother's Bugar Pancing Medan Club in 2016
Authors: Eva Faridah

Outcome of Minimally Invasive Plate Osteosynthesis Technique for Humerus Diaphyseal Fractures with an Anterior Approach
Authors: Dr. Mahammadarif Khatri, Dr. Sarabjeet Kohli

Friedrich Nietzsche's Philosophy of Life and its Contradiction in Milan Kundera's Novel Unbearable Lightness of Being
Authors: Somana Fatima

Development of Therapeutic Flour and Prepare Standardized Recipe
Authors: Shikha Singh, Neetu Singh

The Relationship Understanding and Attitudes of Parents for Learning's Achievement Children with Special Needs in Inclusive School
Authors: Humairah Wahidah An-Nizzah, Abdul Salim Choiri

Appraisal of the Knowledge? Towards Universal Precaution among Restorative Staff at Selected Dental Clinics, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Dr. Zenab Khalid Brahim Alnoweser, Dr. Lujain Ahmad Mohammad Alghrairy, Dr. Ahad Fahad Youssef Alshammari

Comparison Study to Evaluate the Color Changes of Two Different Types of Resin-Based Composites
Authors: Firas Ibrahim Hani

Alopecia Areata and Dry Eye
Authors: Dr. Yatendra Singh Chahar, Dr. Tirupati Nath, Dr. Yugal Rajput

Apexification of Traumatically Injured Teeth: A Comparison between Biodentine and Mineral Trioxide Aggregate
Authors: Muna Saleem Khalaf

Study on Structure Optimization of Public Finance Expenditure in Shaanxi Province-Based on the Background of Supply-Side Reform
Authors: Le Xu

Study of Substituent Effects and Correlations of Molecular Ionization Energies of Some Organic Compounds
Authors: Muayed Khaleel Ibrahim

Prototypical and Categorical Analysis of the Representation of the Family Recomposed by Kassapards
Authors: Kabwe Kabela Kankumba Marthe

Design of a Safety Accessory against Fire in Automobile
Authors: Baltha Manoj Kumar, A. Pradeep Reddy, K. Sai Kumar

Exploratory Study of Adolescents' Representations of the Congolese Lushoise Family: Stories and Typical Profiles

The Role of Complex Electric Permittivity and Magnetic Permeability in Left Handed Materials
Authors: Mubarak Dirar Abd Allah, Amna Elzaki Musa, Kh. M. Haroun, Ibrahim A.I. Hammad

Exploring Visible Spectrum: A Study of Light Fidelity System and Its Applications
Authors: Deepti Rai, Monika Shah

A Review of Physical Layer of Mobile WiMAX System and OFDM
Authors: Deepti Rai, Roshni Jaiswal

A Study on Development of Nutrigenomics Premix Powder
Authors: Ruchi Yadav, Sunita Mishra

Automobile Tracking System via GPS
Authors: Jitendra Yadav

Crowdfunding Ecosystem in India
Authors: Rohini Sajjan

Serum Electrolyte Imbalances in Head Injury Patients: An Institutional Analysis
Authors: Dr. Anand Kumar Jha, Dr. Minakshi Kumari, Dr. Saurav Kumar, Dr. Peeyus Tomar, Dr. Anand Prakash, Dr. (Prof.) Anil Kumar

Case Report of a Patient with a Rare and Life-Threatening Disorder: Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
Authors: Svetlana Stankovikj

Salivary Selenium and Glutathione Peroxidase among Group of Pregnant Women in Relation to Periodontal Condition
Authors: Sarar Nassir Al-Najjar, Baydaa Hussein

Antibacterial Activity of Betel (Piper betle L.) Leaf Extracts towards Aggregatibacteractinomycetemcomitans and Porphyromonasgingivalis
Authors: Nunung Rusminah, Agus Susanto

Perception on Odour Pollution from the Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plant (WTP)
Authors: Zaini Sakawi

Multi Storied Garment Showroom Building Manual Calculation Design - Slabs
Authors: Sandeep Kumar Sharma

Effect of Core Strengthening in Reducing Low Back Pain
Authors: Dr Sahitya Deepak Maddela

Assessment of Water Quality Parameters of Kushiyara River, Bangladesh
Authors: Tajmunnaher, Dr. Mohammad Aktarul Islam Chowdhury

A Method for Training a Fuzzy Constraint Network
Authors: Huy-Khoi Do, Thi-Xuan Tran, Van-Nui Nguyen

Meat Chemical Composition and Content of Macrominerals in Common Carp (Cyprinus Carpio L.) and Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus Mykiss W.), Cultivated in Different Production Systems
Authors: Stefka Stoyanova

Let?s Talk about Oral Health - Because it Matters in Global Health Aspect
Authors: Dr. Soumalya Ghosh, Dr. Amini Ndisanze

Study the Variation of Ozone and Temperature above Iraq for a Long Period from Years 2002-2016
Authors: Mohammed A. A, Najat M. R. Al-Ubaidi

Impact on Socio-Economic Condition on the Participation of the Decision Making of Rural Women in Animal Husbandry Enterprise in Durg District of Chhattisgarh
Authors: Bikas Kirtonia, (Dr.) Jahanara

Improvement Some Soil Properties by Using Lime and Cement at Different Percentages
Authors: Elaf Jassim Mahan, Anas Kareem Hussein

Agroecosystems and Food Security Vulnerability to the Current Climate Change in South-Kivu (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Authors: BYENDA Mutuga Bienfait, BABOYLonganza Louis, BALUKU Bajope Jean Pierre, KANYENGA Lubobo Antoine, MUNYULI Mushambanyi Theodore

Multi-Pronged Approach to the Management of Twisted Ovarian Cysts where Ovarian Conservation is a Matter of Life and Death - Review Article
Authors: Dr. Shalini Mahana Valecha, Dr. Vinit Dhakde, Dr. Shrikant Dhumale

Evaluation of Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Certain Fish Ponds of B. U. Bhopal
Authors: Santosh Kumar, Shriparna Saxena

Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS) in India
Authors: Sulabh Arora, Shubham Gangwar, Sachin Punyani

Decentralization: Proliferation of Territories in MusiRawas Regency, Indonesia
Authors: Zaman Zaini, Ahmad Hidayat

Sturge-Weber Syndrome - Clinical Case Study
Authors: Sirakova K, Minkin K., Matanov Sv., Ninov K.

Endovascular Management of a Ruptured Arteriovenous Malformation in a Pregnant Woman: A Case Report
Authors: Sirakov A., Matanov Sv., Dineva Sv

A New Technique for Producing Two Pieces Obturator: A Case Report
Authors: Dr Aseel Abdul Ameer Radhi

Testing the Pecking Order Theory of Internal Funding Deficit: Evidence from Indonesian Sub-Sector Property and Real Estate
Authors: Arief Seantero Budiman, Tony Irawan, Lukytawati Anggraeni

Analytical Study of Eccentric Beam Column Joint
Authors: Dattatreya S. Nikam, V. S. Shingade

The Variation of Trace Elements in Steenkool Coal Formation, Bintuni Basin, West Papua, Indonesia
Authors: Ahmad Helman Hamdani, Johanes Hutabarat

The Effect of Student Centered Learning Model in Achievement of Biology Subject for Second Graders and Reasoning Thinking
Authors: Dr. Saleem Tawfeeq Ali Naser

The Conceptual Mathematical Knowledge and Analytical Thinking for the First Stage Students at Math Sciences Department, Faculty of Education for Pure Sciences, IBN Alhaithem, University of Baghdad
Authors: Ban Hassan Majeed

Influence of Combination of Quail Egg Yolk and Coconut Water on the Frozen Semen Quality of Simmental (Bos taurus L.)
Authors: Ramadhan Sumarmin, Rizki Siswanto, Nadyatul Khaira Huda, Elsa Yuniarti

A Study of Relationship between Body Mass Index and the Onset of Menarche
Authors: Dr. Rupam Ajeet Yadav, Jyoti Bala Choubey

Effect of the Mutagenic Agents and NaCl on the Activity of Antioxidant Enzymes in Two Genotypes of Iraqi Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Authors: Rasha K. Mohammed

Using Some Application Programs in VRF Air-Conditioning System Design
Authors: Duraid M. Al-Najjar

Occupational Stress among School Teachers of Kashmir with Respect to their Age
Authors: Arshad Ali Bhat

Effect of Liberalization on the Performance of Veterinary Medical Services in Nakuru County, Kenya
Authors: Peterson Mwangi Njiru, Daniel Onwonga Auka

Psychological Well Being and Self Esteem among Children (18-25 Years) of Mentally Ill Parents at a Selected Psychiatric Unit, Mangaluru - A Correlational Study
Authors: Nimisha Roy, Thereza Mathias

Perforated Jejunal Diverticulum ? A Rare Acute Abdomen Presentation
Authors: Manish Verma, Anuj Kumar, Udipt Shringi, Zaheen Khan, M G Vashist

Classifying the Thyroid Lesions on FNAC According to TBSRTC with Cytohistopathological Correlation
Authors: Dr. Manasi P. Trivedi, Dr. Trupti S. Patel

National Transformation and Economic Resuscitation: Education the Way Forward
Authors: Dr. (MRS) Rabi Muhammad (MSTAN)

Implementation of Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) in an Automotive Industry by Analyzing Safety Performance
Authors: A. Shameer Hussain, N. Pavithra, J. Selvan, A. Dennis Xavier

Analysis about Lower Growth Rate of Foreign Exchange Reserve?s Impact on Domestic Money Supply
Authors: Zhang Sichen

A Comparative Study Regrinding the Buddhism in Burma
Authors: D.M.L. Harshika Bandara Dasanayaka

The Role of Governance in Attracting Foreign Direct Investment in Arab Countries
Authors: Dr. Al Siddig Talha Mohed Rahma

Utility of Rain Water Harvesting System in the Present Scenario of Gwalior City: A Case Study
Authors: P. K. Jain

Free Metal Restoration of a Dilapidated Maxillary Central Incisor: A Clinical Report
Authors: Mohamed Chebil, Zied Fedaoui, Mounir Cherif

Indirect Composite Resin Inlays-Onlays: A Clinical Report
Authors: Saida Ziada, Mohamed Chebil, Neyla Zokkar, Lotfi Bhouri

Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Assessment of Recurrent Rectal Malignancy in Iraqi Patients
Authors: Dr. Khaleel Ibraheem Mohson, Anas K. Awn

Phytochemical Determination and In Vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Crude Ethanolic Extract of Stem Bark of Boswellia dalzielii
Authors: Baha'uddeen Salisu Dandashire, Abdulkadir Magaji Magashi, Bashir Abdulkadir

Gender Discrimination in Sports: Depleting Respect of Women Players in India
Authors: Dr. Deepti Kohli

Horizontal Extrapolation of Wind Speed Distribution Using Neural Network for Wind Resource Assessment

Rates and Reasons for Blood Donor Deferral in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Jammu Region
Authors: Irm Yasmeen, Meena Sidhu, Ibrar Ahmed, Arshad Hassan Siddique

The Peristaltic Transport of MHD Powell - Eyring Fluid through Porous Medium in a Symmetric Channel with Slip Condition
Authors: Hayat Ali, Ahmed M. Abdulhadi

Organizational Culture and Work Environment: Its Effect on Teachers Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB)
Authors: Arindi Nurhidayah, Nurhattati, Matin

The Fitoremediation of Pb and Zn in the Siak River By Ceratophyllumdemersum
Authors: Budijono, Muhammad Hasbi, Eko Purwanto, Kamaruddin Eddiwan, Bethani YunitaSinaga

A Quasi Experimental Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Problem Based Learning (PBL) Method on the Knowledge and Critical Thinking of Nursing Students about Normal Labour, in Selected Institution of Uttrakhand
Authors: Mehvish Khalid, Dr Ratna Prakash

Dissociation Energy Measurements of H22 C12 CL235 Br79 I2127Molecules
Authors: Karima Sabar Wadi, Ala'a Mustafa Theeban

Evaluation of Serum Levels of Lipid Profile in Patient with Chronic Periodontitis Patients
Authors: Zainab J. Raheem

Effect of Teacher-Student Interactions on Inclusion of Learners with Intellectual Challenges in Regular Public Primary Schools in Manga Sub County, Nyamira County
Authors: Maina George Kennedy, Dr Naftali Kipkorir Rop, Dr. Lucy Wangechi Ngundo

Frequency Evaluation and Design Optimization of Laced HP Gas Turbine Blade
Authors: Harinath SP, Vinayaka N

Attack Detection Based on Data Mining Techniques
Authors: Dr. Buthynna Fahran, Dr. Mohammed Najm, Mustafa Abdulsamea Abdulhamed

Mixed Ligand Complexes of Alkali Metal Salts of Some Organic Acids with O-Hydroxyacetophenone Phenylhydrazone ?2, 4 ? Dinitrophenyl Hydrazone
Authors: Shahnawaz Mahmood

Photoionization and Photoabsorption Cross Section in Ionosphere
Authors: Sura I. Gburi

Design and Analysis of An Active Comb Filter based on Low Transconductance OTA-C for Biomedical Applications
Authors: Arvind Kumar Sahu, Anil Kumar Sahu

Coupling Performance Analysis of Three Pillars of Enterprise Management
Authors: Yifeng Wang, Yilong Yu

Prognostic Significance of Ratio of Metastatic Lymph Nodes (MLNR) to Total Lymph Nodes Harvested in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Esophagus
Authors: Vikas Sharma, S Krishnamurthy

Typology of the Genre of Belles-Letters Travel Notes in Tajik and Persian Enlightenment Literature
Authors: Yunuszoda Zulfiya Yunusovna

Projection of Fractured Parenthood in Toni Morrison?s The Bluest Eye and Song of Solomon
Authors: Srikumari Panda

Influence of Mulching and Seed Planting Date on Cotton Productivity
Authors: Akhmurzaev Shavkat Isakovich

Successive Application of Samuray 33% e.c. and Zellek Super 10,4% e.c. Herbicides Against of Weeds in the Fields or Cotton
Authors: Charshanbiev Umurzoq Yuldashevich, Muminov Komil Muminovich

Investigating the Effect of Using Waste Glass on the Properties of Asphalt Concrete Wearing Course Mixture
Authors: Roaa Hamed Latief

Osteocalcin Level and its Association with Vitamin D Receptor Gene Polymorphisms (TaqI and ApaI) in Iraqi Obese Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Authors: Reema M. Abed

Arab Spring: Egypt as a Model
Authors: Tala Asim Faiq

Translation and Localisation: A Step towards Language Digitisation
Authors: Dr. Khalid M Zafar, Md. Arfeen Zeeshan

Comparative Study of Nerve Conduction Velocity Studies in Type II Diabetes Mellitus with & Without Features of Clinical Peripheral Neuropathy
Authors: Nilesh Bhange, Prachi Vaidya

The Impact of Service Quality on Patient Satisfaction in the Health Care System
Authors: Nazan Yashar Akbulut, Karam Ali Oglah

Research on Influencing Factors of Soft Text Marketing Effect Based on ISM Model
Authors: Wang Yifeng, Wang Yue

A Preliminary Study on the Biodiversity of Insects Collected from A College Campus: Thiruvananthapuram District, Southern Kerala
Authors: D. S. Bindulekha, S. Amalnath

Calcium Silicate: The Multi-Faceted Material
Authors: Dr. Seema D. Pathak, Dr. Pradnya V. Bansode, Dr. Anjali Pandey

Investigation of the Dusty Plasma Characteristic in Different Region in Space
Authors: Ala' Fadhil Ahmed, Noorhan Karim

3D Geoelectrical Resistivity Mapping of Tourmaline-Rich Pegmatite in AngwanDoka, Nassarawa State, Northcentral Nigeria
Authors: O. A. Oyonga, E. Kudamnya, S. I. Ugar

Causes of Persistent Otorrhea after Mastoidectomy
Authors: Waseem Ahmad Shah, Sadat Rashid Khan

A Review Literature on UPA for Image and Video Transmission
Authors: Monika Vyas, Sumeet Dhillon

Installation of Ceramic Type Thermocouples in Blast Furnaces
Authors: Pradyot K. Basu, H Amarnath Vyas, Ashish K. Garg

Molecular Study of Cellulase Gene Transcription Regulatory Elements via EMS Mutagenesis in a Novelthermophilic Cellulytic Bacillus sp.
Authors: Ebtesam Basheer, Ehab Salman

Mix Design of Self Compacting Concrete Using Fly Ash and Microsilica
Authors: Ashok P. Kalbande, Shriya A. Kalbande

Prevalence of Renal Dysfunction in ART Naive HIV Positive Patients in Manipur, North East India
Authors: Wungreipam Kasar, Suresh Singh, N. Biplab Singh, Ksh. Birendra Singh

Endometrial Aspiration Cytology by Karman's Cannula with Histopathological Correlation
Authors: Jyoti Bikash Saikia, Adity Sharma

Some Results on Invariant Submanifolds in an Indefinite Trans-Sasakian Manifold-II
Authors: Nanditha S Matad

The Relationship Between Selected Marketing Mix and Brand Equity of Ready to Drink (RTD)
Authors: Marina Nova Sari, Hartoyo, Nimmi Zulbainarni

Perspectives of PLWHIV on the Need for the Integration of Reproductive Health Services with HIV Services
Authors: Ajuba Miriam .O

Optimum Design of Partially Prestressed Concrete Beams
Authors: Mohannad H. Al-Sherrawi

Determination of Torsion Load and Weight Optimization of a Transport Automobile Chassis Using FEA
Authors: Saira Das, Bommanna .K

Secured Wireless Communication to Connected Vehicles
Authors: D. Thirupathi Rao, Dr. M. Sampath Kumar

Effect of Kerosene and Gas Oil Products on Different Types of Concrete
Authors: Dr. Zena K. Abbas

Study of Nutritional Status of Tribal & Non Tribal Marginal Farm Women
Authors: Manisha Choudhary, Aruna Palta, Abhaya Joglekar

Impact of Pharmacist Provided Counselling to the Parents of Malnutrition Children at Government District Hospital, Kalaburagi, Karnataka
Authors: Musku Laxma Reddy, Talikota Yamini, Nallala Pratap Grace Hannah, Mohammad Abdul Shaibaz, Dr. Prasant Borgaonkar, Riyaz Miya

Review on Application of Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) for River Water Purification System
Authors: Smitha G. V., Udayashankara T. H.

Enterprising for Rural Transformation in Developing Countries: The Natural Availability Dilemma
Authors: George Muganga, Anthony Mpairwe, Abigail Komurere

An Epidemiologic and Microbiologic Profile of Children Aged 0-59 Months Admitted with Suspected Meningitis in VSMMC, Cebu, Philippines
Authors: Manoj Prasad Kushwaha, Ramon V. Najarro

Competencies of Early Childhood Educators in Bangalore According to their Professional Variables
Authors: K. Sujeevanamma, Dr. K. Anuradha

Prevalence of IBS among Medical Students in Hail University: A Cross - Sectional Study
Authors: Abdurehman Ali, Mohamed Al Harbi, Saleh Al Harbi

Primary Factor Investigation for Decreasing the Computational Complexity of LAMSTAR DDoS
Authors: Dhanasekaran R, Balaji P

Firewall and VPN Technology
Authors: Amruta Jagtap

Review of IoT-Based Wireless Sensors for Environmental Monitoring
Authors: Indu Mandwi, Sofia Pillai, Mangala Madankar, Piyush Ingole

Assessment of Women?s Practices Toward Cervical Cancer Screening at Outpatient Clinics in Baghdad Maternity Hospitals
Authors: Fatima Fadel Benyian, Dr. Rabea Mohsen Ali

Parity Effect on Camel Milk Composition under Traditional and Intensive Management Systems in Butana Area-Sudan
Authors: M. H. M. Elbashir, Sijoud. F. Elhassan, H. I. Abueissa

Geotechnical Investigation of Namar Dam Site by Using Geophysical Tools, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Abdullah Al-haj, Nathainail Bashir

Optimal Conditions for Naphthalene Biodegradation by Local Bacterial Isolates
Authors: Zainab Hani Hatef, Saad Hussain Khudeir

Effect of Nano Titanium Oxide Addition on Color Stability on Two Types of Maxillofacial Silicone Materials
Authors: Dhuha A. Shakir, Faiza M. Abdul-Ameer

Awareness and Utilization of Health Related Government Schemes by the Below Poverty Line (BPL) Families in Ahmedabad City
Authors: Dr. Vaibhavkumar Ramanuj

Evaluation of Salivary Alanine Aminotransferase Enzyme level in Smoker Patients with Peptic Ulcer in Relation to Periodontal Condition
Authors: Noor Sabah Irhayyim, Maha Abdul Aziz Ahmed

Effectiveness of Health Education of Families against the Management of Diabetes Mellitus in the Region of Kalumata Health Centre, City of Ternate
Authors: Arsad Suni, Fatimah M. Saleh

The Effectiveness of the Social Support of Family, Peers, Cadres of Posyandu Activity against Elderly Posyandu Activity in the Village Yendidori District of Biak Numfor Regency, Papua Province
Authors: La Jumu

Determinant Factors toward Exclusive Breast Feeding to Infants
Authors: La Jumu

Development of a Model for Natural Disaster Mitigation on the Socialization in Elementary School
Authors: Ruslan Dabi Dabi, Rugaya M Pandawa, Damir Umanailo

Mixing of Fly Ash with Coal Mine Overburden to Increase the Slope Stability
Authors: Kamlesh Sahu, Pankaj Dewangan

Evaluating of Oral Cleanliness and Gingival Health Conditions of Two Specific Groups of Workers in Karbala City
Authors: Sundus Mohammed Ali Al-Bazi, Eman Kadem, Ala Mahdi

A Study of Exhaust Emission Techniques and Changing the Structure in Catalytic Converter
Authors: R. Manoj Kumar, S. Arulkumar, M. Harish Kumar, B. Sasidharan

New Moon?s Visibility Criterion Based on Photometric Data
Authors: Ahmed Kamil Ahmed

Comparison the Biodegradation Efficiency of Cypermethrin by Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Enterobactercloacae
Authors: Mustafa Hamza AlMamoory, Ithar Kamil Al-Mayaly

Toxicological Studies on Heavy Metal Bioaccumulation and Oxidative DNA Damage in Residents of a Gas Flaring Community
Authors: Ifenkwe John Chimerenka, Nwanjo Harrison Ugochukwu, Nwosu Dennis Chimezie, Ofor Igri Bassey

Survey of Orthodontists' Attitude and Experiences Regarding Miniscrew Implants in Baghdad City
Authors: Sami K. Al-Joubori, Arwa S. Al-Chawoosh

Extraction, Preparation and Characterization: Nanocellullose
Authors: Mandeep Kaur, Praveen Sharma, Santosh Kumari

Economic Globalization and the Manobo Peoples? Struggle for Social Justice
Authors: John Paul J. Petrola

Mutational Study of RAS Subfamily 2CE2 Domain and Fosfestrol as an Ideal Drug Candidate against NSCLC
Authors: Jayant Mishra, J. K. Srivastava

Antimicrobial Activity of Endangered Medicinal Plant Gloriosa Superba L.
Authors: Dr. K. Geetha, A. P. Gowsalyadevi

Oxidative Stress Induced by Organo Sliver Clay Particles in Mice
Authors: Laith A. Yaaqoob

Modelling Public Knowledge and Attitude towards Genetically Modified Maize in Kenya
Authors: Ezrah Kipkirui Tonui

BMAP Two Phase Retrial Queue with Feedback
Authors: K. Prakash Rani, K. Udaya Chandrika, U. Elayarani

Effectiveness of a Planned Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Common Hazards of Substance Abuse among the Higher Secondary School Students in a Selected School of Kashmir - An Evaluative Study
Authors: Najama Bibi, Rais Ahmad Bhat, Aisha Akther

A Survey on Web Pre-Fetching and Web Caching Techniques for Latency Optimization in Mobile Environment
Authors: P. Amudha Bhomini, Dr. Jayasudha J.S

Interventional Study on the Level of Awareness Pertaining to Thalassaemia among the Social Work College Freshmen in India
Authors: Arpita Patel

Soret and Dufour Effects in MHD Peristalsis of Pseudoplasticnano Fluid with Porous Medium in Tapered Channel
Authors: Mohammed R. Salman, Ahmed M. Abdulhadi

Anti-Corrosive Propensity of Alstonia boonei towards Copper in 0.5 M HCl
Authors: Monika, Anju, Alka Sharma

Ethiopian Cattle Genetic Resource and Unique Characteristics under a Rapidly Changing Production Environment-A Review
Authors: Berhane Hagos

Some Medicinal Plants with Antidiabetic Activity: A Review
Authors: Varsha Nigam, Neelam Behl

Isolation and Identification of Some Microorganisms that Cause Abnormal Hair Loss (Baldness)
Authors: Mai Abdalla Ali Abdalla, Sara Abdel. Seid Mohammed Ahmed, Imad Eldin Mohamed Tag Eldin

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