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Diversity of Aquatic Insects in Karamana River, Southern Western Ghats, India
Authors: Bismi L. S., P. Madhusoodanan Pillai

Implementing Hybrid GA & Fuzzy KNN to Optimize the Classification of Fuzzy KNN
Authors: Simarpreet Kaur, Jyoti Arora

IoT Data Access via Email System using POP3 Protocol
Authors: Snehal P. Wadibhasme, Nalini A. Mhetre

Biochemical Estimation of Metabolites from Medicinally Important Plant Tecomella undulata (sm.) Seem
Authors: Manisha Patel, R. S. Patel

An Assessment of Organizational Factors in Lean Implementation in Apparel Export Units of National Capital Region
Authors: Prabhjot Kaur, Kavita Marriya, Radha Kashyap

Effectiveness of P-Delta Analysis in the Design of Tall Slender RC Structures
Authors: Saranya S. Pillai, Namitha Chandran

Survey on Web Image Re-Ranking Using Query-Specific Semantic Signatures
Authors: Vandana Ramchandra Nangare

Increased Throughput SBVLC system using Color Barcodes
Authors: Fathima Beevi P. M., Nitha S

Implementation of Simple Text Based Shoulder Surfing Resistant Graphical Password using CAPTCHA and VRK
Authors: Vijayalaxmi Daundkar, Shyam Gupta

Paired Sample Adaptive Tests and Other Competitors in Location Problem
Authors: Chikhla Jun Gogoi, Dr. Bipin Gogoi

Role of Social Media in Tourism Marketing
Authors: Anwesha Mukherjee, Manasa Nagabhushanam

The Prevalence of Lower Extremity Peripheral Artery Disease among Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Attending a Teaching Hospital in Ghana
Authors: Immanuel Amissah MD, Emmanuel Kissiedu Antiri MBChB

Tamil Youth Unemployment
Authors: Lakmini Gamage

Multi-keyword Ranked Search Over Encrypted Cloud Data Supporting Synonym Query
Authors: Siddheshwar S. Metkari, Dr. S. B. Sonkamble

Effect of CuO loading on Structural Properties of ZnO
Authors: M. K. Deore

Melittopalynological Study of Squeezed Summer Honeys Collected from Forest Area of Sindewahi Tahsil of Chandrapur District, (Maharashtra state)
Authors: Laxmikant Borkar, Devendra Mate

The Impact of Agro-well Development on Floral Diversity in Tank Cascades in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka
Authors: Muditha Prasannajith Perera, K.W.G. Rekha Nianthi

Direct and Derivative Spectrophotometric Determinaiton of Cadmium (II) Using Alpha Amyl Cinnamaldehyde Isonicotinoyl Hydrazone (ACINH)
Authors: B. Pradeep Raju, N. Devanna

Video Transmission in Block Vectors for Surveillance Applications
Authors: Papri Ghosh

Recovery of Copper from Industrial Waste Water by Foam Flotation Process: A Review
Authors: Fouad S. M. Rashed, Satyendra Nath

Employee Branding
Authors: Dr. D. K. Ghosh, Shweta S. Kulshrestha

Diversity, Distribution and Relative Abundance of Insect Pollinators on Apple Crop in Shimla Hills of Western Himalaya India
Authors: V. K. Mattu, Dimpal Nirala

Defective Product Detection Using Image Processing
Authors: Hema L. Chavan, Santosh A. Shinde

Flow Pattern at Sand Pocket
Authors: M Lukman, S Pallu, A Thaha, F Maricar

Implementation of Steganography with ETC System for Different Data Transmission
Authors: Gauri Chavan, S. S. Vairagar

Assess the Knowledge and Expressed Practices regarding PPTCT (Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV) among Nursing Personnel in selected Health Care Centers Ambala, District Haryana
Authors: Rama Thakur, Manjari Rana, Adiba Siddiqui

Performance Evaluation of Weighted Time-Parameterized Edit
Authors: Sagar V. Mahajan, R. H. Borhade

Evaluation of Trace Metal Concentrations in Tuticorin Coastal Water near Thermal Power Plant
Authors: Sugirtha P. Kumar, Clara Jeyageetha .J

Study of the Exogenous Hormonal Regulation of Leaf Senescence in Two Millets, Setaria italica, L. and Pennisetum typhoides, Burm. 3. Study of Enzyme Activity-I ( Catalase, Peroxidase and Polyphenyl Oxidase)
Authors: Mamata Mahapatra, K. Bijay Kumar, B. K. Mohanty

The Periphyton Community Structure in the Habitat of Lawar (Perinereis cf.cultrifera Grube 1840) at Wearlilir Waters in the Southeast Maluku District Indonesia
Authors: Martha Rettob

A Review on Edge Detection Using Different Techniques
Authors: Rekha Rani, Shailja Kumari

Significance of Silica Fume on the Mechanical Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete
Authors: J. Kalyana Chandrasekhar Reddy, P. S. S. Anjaneya Babu

Studies of Additive Properties of Substituted-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H) One in different Solvent by Refractometrically
Authors: Y. K. Meshram, S. B. Rewatkar, G. R. Nimbarte, R. R. Dharamkar

Some More Results on k
Authors: Dr. M. Tamilselvi, K. Akilandeswari, N. Revathi

Real Instant Road Condition Monitoring With Data Logging Algorithm
Authors: Dr. D. Vishnuvardhan, D. Sunitha Kumari

Detection of Hidden Tunnel Attack in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
Authors: Mahendra Dhole, Anand Gadwal

Securing and Low Time Consuming for Sharing High Sensitive and Relevant Data
Authors: Princy .B, Nishley Elizabeth Joseph

MAS-AODV: Mobility Aware Secure AODV to Prevent Gray Hole Attack in MANETs
Authors: Namrata Jain, Yogesh Rathore

Mindwave Device Wheelchair Control
Authors: Priyanka D. Girase, M. P. Deshmukh

Study of Serum High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein, Ferritin and Glycated Hemoglobin Levels in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Authors: Dr. Sushma B Jagannatha, Dr. Shrikant Chandrakar

Unusual Cause for Recurrent Urinary Infections: Colovesical Fistula Revisited
Authors: Sudha Kiran Das, Kamal K Sen, Vikram Patil, Radhika D., Suman T.P

An Experimental Study on Fresh and Hardened Properties of Self Compacting Concrete with Marble Powder and Cement Kiln Dust As Mineral Admixture
Authors: Syed Jeelani Basha, K Sailaja

Simulation Based on CFD of Drilling Fluid Screening Process
Authors: HOU Yong-Jun, LI Sheng-Yi

Influence of Soil-Structure Interaction on Response of a Multi-Storied Building against Earthquake Forces
Authors: Kamala Kumari G, Dr. S. R. K. Reddy

Energy Efficient WSN using GPSR for Mobile Sink
Authors: A. S. Mandape, Dr. S. R. Chougule

Efficiency of Local Government Units in Northwestern Philippines as to the Attainment of the Millenium Development Goals
Authors: Milagros R. Baldemor

Document Clustering using Improved K-means Algorithm
Authors: Anjali Vashist, Rajender Nath

Weaving Co-operative Societies & Handloom Products in Rajnandgaon District of Chhattisgarh State
Authors: Dr. Shipra Banerjee, Savita Choudhary

To Study and Realization of Quad-Band Bandpass Filter using Advanced Design System (ADS) Software
Authors: Ashish S. Patil, S. P. Bhosale

Performance Analysis for Optimizing Hadoop MapReduce Execution
Authors: Samiksha Misal, P. S Desai

The Oncological Pain
Authors: Kameliya Tsvetanova, Evelina Odiseeva, Slavcho Tomov, Todor Dimitrov

Vibrational Spectroscopy of ZnO-ZnS Nanoparticles
Authors: G. Janita Christobel

No Cola War in Turkey
Authors: Blesa Ibrahim Mohammed

Do High BMI and Severe Androgenetic Alopecia go Hand in Hand?
Authors: Dr. Byregowda TS, Dr. Mamatha S. Kusagur, Dr. Sugareddy, Dr. S. B. Murugesh

Effectiveness of Cartoon Movies as Distracter on Pain among Children Undergoing Venipuncture
Authors: Shivcharan Singh Gandhar, Jyotsna Deshpande, Shubhangi Borude

No Reference Gradient Oriented Image Quality Assessment
Authors: Sukhpreet Kaur, Jaspreet Singh

Serum Vitamin D Levels and Bone Health of Patients Suffering from Early Knee Osteoarthritis
Authors: Monal Velangi, Subhadra Mandalika, Surendra Shukla

Comparison of Design and Simulation of Step up Converters with Inverters for Solar Application
Authors: Bhushan Subhash Chaudhari, M. Mujtahid Ansari

Gibberellic Acid and Indole 3 Butyric Acid Regulation of Maturation and Accumulation of Storage Proteins (56, 34 and 26 KD) in Somatic Embryos of Santalum album L.
Authors: Abdul Ilah, Mazahirul Islam Syed, A. M. Reyad, Abdul Mujib

Detecting Malicious Nodes for Secure Route Discovery in MANETs
Authors: Zalte S. S., Dr. Ghorpade V. R.

A Study on Broadcasting in VANETs
Authors: Swati Chaturvedi, Chetan Kumar

Construction and Validation of Achievement Test in Science
Authors: Pooja Bhagat, Dr. J. N. Baliya

Compare the Teacher
Authors: Sourav Ganguly, Atanu Das

Clustering and Classification of Images Using ABC-FCM and Naive Bayes Classifier
Authors: S. Praveena

Seismic Evaluation of RC Framed Irregular Buildings with Soil Structure Interaction
Authors: Mamathashree K.S, Sanjay S.J

Experimental Study on Strength and Durability Properties of Steel Fibers & Glass Fibers using GGBS based Concrete
Authors: Roopa Bhargavi P., Bhanu Pravallika S.

Parametric Study of Flat Slab Structure with Soft Storey against Earthquake Forces
Authors: R. Balarami Reddy, K.Dhanasri

Comparative Study on Construction Stage Analysis of Multi Span Conventional Bridge with Integral Bridge
Authors: Ansy M R, Dr. B G Sreedevi, Ritzy R

Authors: Dr. M. Tamilselvi, K. Akilandeswari, V. Suguna

Occupational Stress and Job Satisfaction among Police and Teacher
Authors: Luhar Urmilaben Manubhai, Dr. Krishnaben Vaghela

An Adaptive Histogram Values & Texture Descriptor for Data Analysis
Authors: Ritika Verma, Vinay Thakur

Design and Analysis of Kinetic Energy Recovery System in Green Energy Vehicle
Authors: Deepak Yadav, Priyal. R. Sawarkar

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Program regarding Knowledge on Non-Communicable Diseases among Class IV Workers
Authors: Prasanna Deshpande, Tukaram B. Zagade

Study of Power Converter Topologies Used for Power Quality Improvement in PMSG Wind Farm Application
Authors: Anant Deogaonkar, Radharaman Shaha

Testing the Validity Model for Measuring Customer Confidence Using (CFA)
Authors: Ridowan Mohamed Ahmed, Dr. Fuadahbinti Johari

Android based Automated Irrigation System using Raspberry Pi
Authors: Suprabha Jadhav, Shailesh Hambarde

Designing Inclusive Environments in Healthcare with a Focus on Bariatric Patients
Authors: Meghna Vij, Naved A. Ariyana

Effect of Openings in Shear Wall on Seismic Response of Frame Shear Wall Structures
Authors: Dr. Suji. D, Sudheesh Kumar .N, P. Shakivel

Design and Analysis of f2g Gate using Adiabatic Technique
Authors: Renganayaki .G, Thiyagu .P

Fluvial Landscape and Land Utilization in Dentam Khola Basin - A Case Study of Sikkim Himalaya
Authors: Dr. Bedhas Ujjwal Mandal

The Impact of the Culture on the Ethical Standards of Using
Authors: Dr. Arwa Y. Aleryani

Assessment of Ecotourism in Banaue, Ifugao, Philippines
Authors: Milton P. Dulay

Standardization of Explant Bud Break in Melia dubia - Australian Teak Using Tissue Culture Techniques
Authors: R. Aishwarya, V. G. Saravana Kumar

Biofilm Production by Various Candida Species Isolated From Various Clinical Specimens
Authors: Rakesh Kumar Mukhia, Dr. A. D. Urhekar

Intestinal Obstruction-A Clinical Study
Authors: Dr. Rajankumar .T

Shoulder Surfing and Keylogger Resistance using Two Step Graphical Password Scheme
Authors: Dhanashree R. Chaudhari, Yogesh B. Gurav

Heavy Metal Loading in Agricultural Soils; Contribution of Tobacco Wastes. A Case Study of Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania
Authors: Leonia Henry, Suleiman Amour

Synthesis and Tribological Characterization of Cast AA1100-B4C Composites
Authors: Chennakesava R Alavala

Seasonal Variation of Water Pollutants in Hindon River
Authors: Neelima, Jyoti Singh

Quantification, Characterization and Recycling Potential of Solid Waste: Case Study Bahir Dar Institute of Technology
Authors: Tadele Assefa Aragaw, Addisu Wondimnew, Abraham M. Asmare

Fault Analysis of Brake Oil and Coolant Filling Machine
Authors: Mohan Mali, H. P. Khairnar

An Encryption Scheme for Privacy Preserving in Data Mining using different classification Algorithm
Authors: Anu Verma, Jyoti Arora

An Application of Similarity Measure of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Sets Based on Set Theoretical Approach
Authors: Dr. N. Sarala, B. Suganya

The Effect of Story Narration Regarding Orientation to Pediatric Unit on the Level of Anxiety among Hospitalized Children in Pune City
Authors: Deepika Sagar, Pravina Mahadalker, Bhagyashree Jogdeo

STOC: Energy Cost Models of Smartphones for Task Offloading to the Cloud
Authors: Rahitha K, Gireesh T K

Structural Health Monitoring of a Frame Using Random Vibration Analysis
Authors: Aneesha S Das, Dr. Sajal Roy, Ritzy .R

A Study of Geotechnical Properties of Silty Soil Blended With Used Foundry Sand
Authors: Nitin Kumar Singh, Bipin Prajapati

Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Multi-cell Box Girder Curved Bridge
Authors: Khairmode A. S., Kulkarni D. B.

Biology and Host Preference of Odoiporus longicollis Oliver, (Banana pseudostem weevil)
Authors: Jithu U. Krishnan, C. A. Jayaprakas

Urban Landuse: A Model Analysis of Panskura Municipality in West Bengal
Authors: Dr. Nirmalya Das

Clinical Profile and Treatment Outcome of Ocular and Adenexal Rhinosporidiosis - A 10 year Retrospective Study in a Tertiary Hospital in Western Odisha
Authors: Nisha Jha, Sharmistha Behera, Deepak Choudhury

An Investigation of the Cytotoxic, Cytogenetic and Teratogenic Potentials of Catharanthus roseus
Authors: Bushra Mohammed Amin Mohammed, Sherzad Ibrahim Mustafa Amedi

Effective Performance Appraisal Systems in Competitive Schools
Authors: Audria Ncube

A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Supported Seating System in Motor Performance of Children with Cerebral Palsy
Authors: Jay Vijay Sonawane, Anita Gupta

Giant Pediatric Omental Cyst: A Case Report and Review of Literature
Authors: Amit Kumar Sinha, Maheshkumar Manilal Vaghela, Kajal Sinha, Bindey Kumar, Prem Kumar

Authors: Agussalim, Josephine D. Lorica

Implementation of Thyristor Control Series Capacitor (TCSC) for Power Flow Enhancement in Matlab /Simulink
Authors: Muhammad Zohaib Khattak, Muhammad Iftikhar Khan

Trends and Issues of the Coffee Industry of Ifugao: an Empirical Analysis
Authors: Jennifer Madonna G. Dait

Adoption of Purple Tea Farming as A Coping Mechanism to Climate Change, Kericho County, Kenya (2014)
Authors: Kimtai Ronald Kachuwai, Dr. Benson Karanja, Dr. Rebecca Karanja

The Modeling System of Isotherm Adsorption in Mechanism of Myrmecodia Pendans Extracts as the Corrosion Inhibitor in 3, 5% NaCl Solution
Authors: Atria Pradityana, Sulistijono, Abdullah Shahab

Nest Site Selection of Some Birds Species Breeding in Zalingei Area-Darfur, Sudan
Authors: Abdallah Mohamed Abdallah Ahmed Korssi, Dawi Musa Hamad

Classification of Data Using LAD
Authors: Aishwarya Jadhav, Vaishali Nandedkar

Myfriend: A User Preference Based Friend Recommendation System for Social Networks
Authors: Amrutha O, Mohammed Jaseem N

Impact of pH on Changing the Fatty Acid Composition and Growth of Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus casei
Authors: Ibourahema COULIBALY, Elis

The Synthesis of 6-sustituted-2-chloroquinoline-3-carbaldehyde using Vilsmeier-Haack Reaction
Authors: Deepika Choudhary, Sukhbir Lal Khokra

Metallic Foreign Body in Appendix - A Case of Recurrent Appendicitis
Authors: Dr. Abhijit Ravindra Chandankhede, Dr. Rucha Suyash Nawal, Dr. Suhas Narayandas Jajoo

Defluoridation of Water by Adsorption Phenomenon of the Powdered Ficus Religiosa in Batch and Continuous Mode
Authors: Prasanna P. Beedkar, Anand D. Kulkarni, Kavita S. Kulkarni

Effect of Human-Wildlife Conflict on Food Security among Small-Scale Maize Farmers in Laikipia County, Kenya
Authors: Ronald Orare Nyamwamu, Justus Moturi Ombati, John Gowland Mwangi

Polysulfone based Ultrafiltration Membrane Preparation by Phase Inversion: Parameter Optimization
Authors: Jayant S. Phale, Dr. Yogesh J. Chendake

Performance of Electrocoagulation Technique for the treatment of Dairy Wastewater in a Batch Process
Authors: Bhushan Lohar, Anand D. Kulkarni

Decentralized Access Control of Data Stored In Cloud Using Attribute Based Encryption and Hidden Attributes
Authors: Sumedha Tathavadekar, Vikas Maral

Development of Room Temperature Operating NH3 Gas Sensor Based on Free Standing PPy-PVA Composite Films
Authors: D. M. Nerkar, S. V. Panse, S. P. Patil, S. E. Jaware

A Comparative Study on PCA and KPCA Methods for Face Recognition
Authors: Mohammad Mohsen Ahmadinejad, Elizabeth Sherly

Strategic Resources, Competitive Advantage and Firms Performance: A Research Agenda
Authors: Masaba George Malika, Dr. Kilika James (PhD)

Image Clustering and Classification Using Modified ABC Algorithm
Authors: S. Praveena

Sensory Characteristics of Chevon Processed in Four Methods
Authors: Genevieve L. Valdez

Developing Curriculum of Bachelor at University of Foreign Language Studies in Vietnam
Authors: Le Minh Hiep

Assessment of Physicochemical and Microbiological Quality of Jersey Cattle Raw Milk at Different Stages of Lactation
Authors: G. O. Tona, I. C. Oladipo, S. O. Oseni

Developing Smart Student Attendance System Using Smart Phone Application
Authors: Tghrid Almardi, Himangi Pande

Comparative Study and Evaluation of Solving Sybil Attack on Peer-To-Peer Network
Authors: Anju Shukla, Prachi Damodhar Shahare

Morning, Evening and Entire Lactation Milk Yield and Composition of Jersey Cows under Hot and Humid Tropical Environment of Nigeria
Authors: G.O. Tona, S.O. Oseni, B.Y. Adeyemo

Orthodontic Patient Satisfaction Analysis on Service and Quality in Private Dental College
Authors: Rushabh S Kamdar, Dr. R. Pradeep Kumar

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