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The Practice of Outsourcing and Service Delivery: A Case Study of Colline Hotel Mukono
Authors: Richard Masaba, Samuel Pule

Role of Basal Media, Carbon Sources and Growth Regulators in Micropropagation of Two Valuable Medicinal Orchids of Bangladesh
Authors: Mohammed Mozammel Hoque, Mohammad Al-Forka

Experimental Study on the Utilization of Borosilicate Glass Powder in Concrete
Authors: J Ramprashath, N Chellakavitha

Study on Differentiate Procedure of Alkaline Phosphatase Test by Conventional Colorimetric Method and Optimized Standard Method in Pasteurized Milk
Authors: Avra Pratim Chowdhury, Mohammad Abul Manchur, Kazi Mohammad Rokonuddin

Energy Control Center (ECC) for DERS Using Multi-Agent System by Soft Computing Technique
Authors: V. Sravani, K. Dharanisree

A Survey on Participatory Sensing Systems
Authors: Asha Raj, Abeera V P

Optimization of Huffman Encoding for Multiple Images Compression using PCDA
Authors: Khushboo Kumar Sahu, K. J. Satao

Structural Parameter
Authors: Song Tao Jiu, Guo Jing Gui

Analysis of Factors Affecting Teacher Competence Physics Science SMP in the District of West Seram Maluku Province
Authors: Dr. Izaak Hendrik Wenno S.Pd. M.Pd*

Tracheoesophageal Provox Prosthesis for Postlaryngectomy Voice Rehabilitation
Authors: Dr. Omar Mohammad Shafi, Dr. Aamir Yousuf, Dr. Ihsan Ali, Prof. Rauf Ahmad

Harmonic Scalpel in Superficial Parotidectomies; Our Experience at a Tertiary Care Centre
Authors: Dr. Omar Mohammad Shafi, Prof. Rauf Ahmad

An Approach towards Analysis of Microblogging with Twitter for Evaluating the Branding Trends
Authors: Anil Ahir, Santosh Tamboli

Data Mining Application in Diabetes Diagnosis using Biomedical Records of Pathological Attribute
Authors: Naila, Anuradha Sharma

Predictive Biomarkers of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Sudanese Patients with Liver Cirrhosis
Authors: Eman Kabbara, Mudawi HM, Abdelraheem Osman Mohamed, Abozer Y Elderdery, Hamdan Z Hamdan, Sayed Ibrahim Ali, Ahmed Mohamedain Eltom

The Direct Costs of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Outpatient care in the Ghanaian Public Health System: A Case of the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital
Authors: Immanuel Amissah MD, Joy Dzidzor Dunyah BSc

A Survey on By-Passing Techniques in Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Shazia Almas, Arudra .A

Unusual Presentation of Choriocarcinoma Six Months after Term Delivery: A Case Report
Authors: Prerna Dhabarde, Archana Joshi, Sadhana Mahore

Comparison of Photoselective Vaporization of Prostate (KTP-PVP) Vs. Transurethral Resection of Prostate (TURP): A Prospective, Randomized Study
Authors: Harsh Gupta, Suresh Goyal

Stress Analysis and Life Estimation of Gas Turbine Blisk for Different Materials of a Jet Engine
Authors: Madhu P

Evaluation of Some Newly Evolved Fungicides against Helminthosporium oryzae, Alternaria padwickii, Fusarium moniliforme, Curvularia lunata and Sarocladium oryzae Causing Grain Discoloration Disease of Rice Under in vitro Condition
Authors: Sukanta Karmakar, Raghunath Mondal, Sukanta Dasgupta, P. Guha, A. K. Mandal

Education Programmes in Nursing: A Mini Review from Evidences
Authors: Aziz Shahraki Vahed, Enayatollah Safarzaei

QR Code Based Data Transmission in Mobile Devices Using AES Encryption
Authors: Ajini Asok, Arun G.

An Efficient Framework for Spam Mail Detection in Attachments using NLP
Authors: Amol Malge, Dr. S. M. Chaware

Neurofuzzy Logic Concept to Find Prakriti of a Person Using Wireless Data Acquisition System
Authors: Anshu Barsagade, Prof. S. N. Joshi, Dr. Preeti Bajaj

A Review Study of Grid-Connected SVPWM System Analysis and Control of Quasi-Z Source Inverter: Comparative Analysis of MPPT in Solar Panel with Respect to Power
Authors: Ghulam Rabani, Shekhar Verma

Single Point Incremental Forming of AA1050-H18 Alloy Frustum of Cone Cups
Authors: V. Srija, A. Chennakesava Reddy

A Comparative Analysis of WiMax System with Partial Transmit Sequence (PTS) and Low Complexity PTS
Authors: Kavita Dave, Anand Jain

A Comparative Analysis of Channel Switching Latency for OLSR Routing Protocols in Conventional and SDN Multi-Hop Wireless Mesh Networks
Authors: Megha Satija, Md. Ejaz Aslam Lodhi

Development of Model to Identify the Factors for Risky Driving Behaviour by Analyzing EEG Waveform
Authors: Ashwini B. Sonulkar, Sanjay S. Wankhede

Structural Study of Fe/Al MLS as a Function of Fe Film Thickness
Authors: R. Brajpuriya

The Development of Textbooks Using Modern Javanese Novels of 1950s-2000s Periods to Strengthen the Character Education: An Exploratory Research
Authors: Djoko Sulaksono, Herman J. Waluyo, Sarwiji Suwandi, Nugraheni Eko Wardani

Finite Element Analysis of Formability of Pyramidal Cups Fabricated from AA1100-H18 Alloy
Authors: T. Santhosh Kumar, A. Chennakesava Reddy

Grid-Connected SVPWM System Analysis and Control of Quasi-Z Source Inverter bith Battery Improvement: Comparative Analysis of MPPT in Solar Panel with Respect to Power
Authors: Ghulam Rabani, Shekhar Verma

Design of WSN based Water Quality Monitoring System in a Mining District
Authors: B. Kameswara Rao, A. S. N. Chakravarthy, M. Jagannadha Rao, G. Raja Rao

Abnormal Changes in the Glenoid Cavity of the Scapula
Authors: Swayam Jothi S, Jacintha Antony, Usha Kannan, Sujatha N, Hemanth Kommuru, Rajeswara Rao N

Gap Solitons in Anharmonic Diatomic lattice
Authors: Nand Kishore Pandey, Gautam Johri, Anil Kumar Ram

Design and Manufacturing of Plastic Scrubber / Bullet Assembly Machine
Authors: Vineet Kadam, Jitendra Kumar, Prashant Sharma

Decision Making: A Significant Indicator for Economic Empowerment of Women
Authors: M. Milcah Paul, Dr. M. Chaitanya Kumari

Level of Disability among Teachers of Superior University Lahore with Neck and/or Shoulder Pain
Authors: Arbab Zaheer, Hira Jabeen, Hafiz Sheraz Arshad

Out Lier Detection and Clustering Analysis in Data Stream Classification
Authors: Neethu S, Sajni Nirmal

A Review on Data Mining, Its Applications and Approaches
Authors: Anu Verma, Jyoti Arora

Analysis of Conical Sealing and Spherical Sealing Structure
Authors: Wei Li, Hong-Xiang Lei

Synthesis, Characterization and Study of H2S Gas Sensing Properties of CdO Doped in Nanocrystalline Pollyaniline
Authors: M. S. Phalak, R. B. Waghulade

The Caste-Wealth Nexus and Child Nutrition: A Study of Empowered Action Group of States in India
Authors: Jang Bahadur Prasad, Prahlad Kumar

An Experimental Study of Confinement of Circular RCC Columns using Mild Steel Rings (March 2016)
Authors: Sachin Bhadouria, Dharmendra Raghuwanshi, Pankaj Kumar Patel, Vinod Kumar Patel, Ramnayan Patel, Chaitanya Mishra, Dr A. N. Patel

Time and Frequency Domain Channel Estimation in MIMO-OFDM Co-operative Communication
Authors: Jancy Wilson, Aravind S.

Non-Hillock Formation and Population of Ag/TiO2 Nanoparticles through Stepwise Annealing
Authors: Patrick D. Nsimama

The Relevance of Egg Shape, Colouration and Day of Lay in Japanese Quails Production
Authors: Ajodoh, R.J

Heat Transfer Mechanisms in Nanofluids: A Review
Authors: Gaurab Kr. Ghosh

Improving Neuro-Regeneration Efficiency in the Stem Cell Treatments of Parkinson
Authors: Mohammad Reza Ghaemi

Design and Analysis of Full Adder Using Adiabatic Logic
Authors: Durgesh Patel, Dr. S. R. P. Sinha

Application of PV Solar System in Statcom to Regulate the Active & Reactive Power in the Distribution Network
Authors: Gunjan A. Patel

Numerical Optimization on Approach and Landing for Reusable Launch Vehicle
Authors: Devanath B., Laila Beebi M.

The Role of Pirani Scoring System in the Management and Outcome of Idiopathic Club Foot by Ponseti Method
Authors: Dr. Alok Aggarwal, Dr. Neha Gupta

Almost g??- Normal Spaces and gg??-Closed Sets
Authors: M. C. Sharma, Hamant Kumar

Masticatory Efficiency of Complete Dentures Constructed by different Denture Base Materials
Authors: Abd El Aziz O, Saba E.K.A, Mesallati S.A

Comparative Analysis of Homogeneous N Heterogeneous Protocols in WSN
Authors: Shipra Singla, Karamjot Kaur

Scanner based Fingerprint Matching system for Security Applications
Authors: Kuljinder Singh, Maninder Kaur

Study of Laparoscopic Hiatus Hernia Repair at AVBRH
Authors: Dr. Tanu Pradhan, Dr. Meenakshi Yeola, Dr. Akshay Bora

Pseudonym Generation with Combining the Identity Based and Attribute Based Encryption with Outsourced Revocation in Cloud Computing
Authors: Kirti Patil, Sonali Patil

Effect of Adding Clonidine versus Fentanyl to Intrathecal Hyperbaric Bupivacaine on Spinal Block Characteristics in Abdominal Hysterectomy Surgeries: A Double Blind Controlled Study
Authors: Dr. Jay Kothari, Dr. Sonali Kagade

A Comparison of Epidural Ropivacaine 0.75% and Bupivacaine 0.5% with Fentanyl for Elective Lower Limb Othopaedic Surgeries
Authors: Dr. Sonali Kagade, Dr. Jay Kothari

Analysis of Performance and Emission Parameters on Diesel Engine Using Various Blended Bio-Fuels
Authors: K. Praveen Kumar, K. Yuvaraj

Prevalence and Incidence of Voice Disorders in Opera Singers, Tirana
Authors: Dr. Zaharia Klodiana, Shehi Agim

The Effect of Tranformational Leadership Style on the Lecturers
Authors: Auliya Arifah, Dr. Ida Nurnida

Cost of Providing Health Care Services in the Private Not for Profit Health Sector in Uganda: A Case Study of Nyenga Hospital (FY 2012/2013)
Authors: J. C. Okiria, R. Kamara

STATCOM based Power Quality Improvement in a Hybrid System
Authors: Akash A. Ukunde, Radharaman Shaha

Evaluating the Financial Performance of Ethiopian Banks Using Financial Ratios-A Case Study of Dashen Bank
Authors: Evaluating the Financial Performance of Ethiopian Banks Using Financial Ratios-A Case Study of Dashen Bank

Handover Performance in Mobile WIMAX Networks
Authors: Zobida Abbass, Dr. Mohmmed Abakar

The European Convention
Authors: Mauro Taddeo

Glass based Additives for Enhancement of PPCP Properties
Authors: M. Yeshwanth, Kosaraju Srinivas, KSN Murthy, M. Jagadish

Interface Material for Enhancement of Weldability between Dissimilar Materials: 405 Ferritic Stainless Steel and 705 Zr Alloy by Friction Welding Process
Authors: K. Koundinya, A. Chennakesava Reddy

Optimized Storage and Secured Data Transaction in Cloud Environment using ECC and Huffman Encoding
Authors: Saket Nigam, Rekhansh Rao

Study and Design of Subsea Foundation; Design of RCC Subsea Laboratory (Special Composite Structure) to be Built at MIT, Pune Campus
Authors: Ameer Talib, Dr. Mrudula S Kulkarni

Multiscale Particle Filter through Contour Detection Framework
Authors: Shivasheesh Khare, Manoj Singh Tomar

Liquid-Liquid Extraction of O-Cresol from O-Cresol and Water Mixture by Using Ethylene Dichloride as an Extractant
Authors: Suresh A Hattale

A Review on Automatic News Classification using the Probabilistic Classification Algorithms
Authors: Mandeep Kaur, Pravneet Kaur

Evaluation of Dento Facial Vertical Dimension in Class II Division 1 Malocclusion after Premolar Extraction
Authors: Elih, Bergman Thahar, Eky S. Soeria Soemantri, Hermawan Nagar Rasyid

Structural Investigation of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Subjected to Impact Loading
Authors: Anes Ebrahim Abo Horan, Sumant Shinde, Mrudula S. Kulkarni

A Novel Visibility Restoration Technique for Hazy Videos Captured in Real - World Weather Conditions
Authors: Meenu Ravi, Devi Murali

Is it Proper to Assess Pulmonary Functions from Chest Measurements?
Authors: Dr Gagneen Kaur Sandhu, Dr Avnish Kumar

Vortex Induced Vibrations Analysis Across a Tapered Tower
Authors: M Rehan Khan, H. Abbas, Sijal Ahmed

Enhancing the Protection of Digital Images against Tampering Using Joint Source Channel Coding
Authors: Sreeja M.S., Ann Nita Netto

Student Participation in Classroom Discussions
Authors: Mina Mahdikhani, Soheilahamzehloo, Maryamshayestefard, Nasrin Mahdikhani

Particle Swarm Optimization in Foreground Segmentation for Live Video
Authors: Harsha M., Mithra S T

Physico-Chemical and Biological Study of Marpha Pond District Anuppur, Madhya Pradesh, India
Authors: Amar Bahadur Singh

Automated Annotation System (AAS) Based on Probabilistic Clustering Algorithms
Authors: Silja Joy, Nisha J R

Detection of Soft Errors in Majority Logic Decoding of Euclidean Geometry Low Density Parity Check (EG-LDPC) Codes
Authors: Prashant Puri Goswami, Pankaj M Gulhane

Implementation of 3-Phase Induction Motor through Indirect Vector Control Using PID Controller with Fuzzy Logic Techniques
Authors: Amit Kumar Meshram, Amit Goswami

The Image of Confucius in Ezra Pound's "Chinese Cantos" (Cantos LII - LXI)
Authors: Alireza Farahbakhsh

ICT Initiatives in Educational Examination Management-A Review
Authors: Jewan Singh, Vibhakar Mansotra

Paradox of Success of Punjab Agriculture in Global Village: A Study on Challenges and Suggestions
Authors: Mnisha Shoor

The Relationship between Self-Efficacy for Coping with the Problems with Sexual Problems in Married Women
Authors: Seyed Alireza Tabatabai

SVD Based Authentication in Remote Health Monitoring System
Authors: Haritha M., Bijin Bodheswaran

Measurements of Fingers Doses to Nuclear Medicine Staff
Authors: S. H. A. ALLehyani, R. A. Hassan

Broadband over Power Line
Authors: Seema, Dr. Neetu Sharma

Road Safety and Accident Reduction
Authors: M. Manikantan, Dr. S. Siddiraju

DCT Image Compression and Secure Deduplication with Efficient Convergent Key Management
Authors: Soofiya MS, Sreetha V Kumar

The Stationary Distributions of Doubly Skew Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processes and Markov-modulated Skew Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processes
Authors: Danfeng Zhao, Ye Liu

Vote Credence: Social Network Sybil Defence by User Behaviour
Authors: Anagha P B, Janitha Krishnan

Two Days of the Wheels of the Horizontal Angle Change Impact Study of 12 Type Rack Pumping Unit Frame
Authors: Xiao-hua Li, Song-tao Jiu

Flamo: Filtering Algorithms for Location Based Publish/Subscribe on Moving Objects
Authors: Anu Mary Thomas, Laiji George

An FFR Based Technique to Improve System Capacity through Femtocell Based Network
Authors: Mariam Shema Thomas, Jisha Anu Jose

Implementation of M2M Communication Protocol for IoT Based Email System
Authors: Swatee D. Sonwane, V. V. Kimbahune

Multifunctional Remote Controlled Robot Using Android Application
Authors: T. A. Mithu, T. S. Reddy

Plant Density and Yield Component of Haricot Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
Authors: Gebremedhin Welu Teklu

User Based Content Management System to Analyze the E-Mail Reviews
Authors: Satinder Singh, Dr. Amit Goel

The Study of Sociopolitical Themes in Dehkhoda
Authors: Fatimah Sharafi, Maryam Saeb

Privacy Based Association Rules in Secure Horizontal Database
Authors: Zameena R, Nitha L Rozario

Isolation of Candida by using Sabouraud
Authors: Manisha Singh, Shivayogi Charantimath, Anjana Bagewadi, Kishore Bhat

Various Approaches of Video and Image Stenography: A Review
Authors: Mandeep Singh, Garima Mahajan

RISTS: Real-Time Incremental Short Text Summarization of Comment Streams in Social Networks
Authors: Aysha Shabin S. H., Mohammed Malik C. K.

Universal Database Integration System
Authors: Jaya Chandna, Dr. Ritu Sindhu

Detection of Antiplatelets Antibody Specially GPIIb/IIIa using MIAPA Method in Baghdad Patients with ITP
Authors: Baan A. Mtashar, Zeyad A. Shabeeb, Zainab F. Ashoor

Assessment of Biochemical and Molecular Biomarkers for Diagnosis\Prognosis of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia in Iraqi Patients
Authors: AL- Dahery H.S., Dr. Alwan A.F., Dr. Shabeeb Z.A.

Determination of Depth to Magnetic Sources Using Spectral Analysis of High Resolution Aeromagnetic Data over IBBI and Environs, Middle Benue Trough, North Central Nigeria
Authors: S. C. Alkali, S. Kasidi

Experimental Investigation on Strength Parameters of Laterised Concrete after Adding Silica Fume
Authors: Lekshmy Rajan, Anup Joy

A Study on Antifungal Properties of Azadirachta indica, Coriandrum sativum Linn. and Mentha piperita Linn. Plant Extract on Sclerotium rolfsii Causing Root Rot of Chilli
Authors: Uzma Quadri, Sumia Fatima

The Effectiveness of the Guided Inquiry Learning Module towards Students
Authors: Sri Wardani, Sri Nurhayati, Aulia Safitri

User Privacy Protection in Personalised Web Search
Authors: Siva B, Merlin Shoerio

Isolation Blue Green Algae from Maize Fields of Mohol Tahasil in Solapur
Authors: Seema Khadatare, D. S. Suryawanshi

FIM-Anonymizing Using Tree Structured Data
Authors: Rabitha T, Farzin Ahammed T

PIC based Vehicular Monitoring and Tracking System with Android Application
Authors: Anjali B, S Uma

Rare Presentation of Kimura
Authors: Dr. Gaud Jayant Arun, Dr. N. Ravishankar, Dr. S. Shivakumar

A Comparative Analysis on Performance and Emission Characteristics of Four Stroke CI Engine with Diesel, Hazelnut and Corn Bio-Diesel Blends as Fuel
Authors: T. Krishnaiah, Dr. V. Pandurangadu

An Experimental Investigation on Four Stroke CI Engine by Comparing Performance Parameters and Emission Characteristics with Two Bio-Diesel Blends and Diesel as Fuel: Hazelnut and Safflower
Authors: T. Krishnaiah, Dr. V. Pandurangadu

An Expert Selection System for Medical Diagnosis
Authors: Shaly K K, Shahana T

The Effect of Low Level Laser with Repositioning Appliance in the Management of Temporomandibular Joint Disc Displacement with Reduction
Authors: Nermeen A. Rady, Ahmed M. Abdelhamid, Mahmoud K. Abd El-Razik

Assessment of Residue Approach & Geometric approach to Select Wide-Area Signals for Power System Damping Control
Authors: Kumari Priya, Kumar Prabhakar

Modeling and Analysis of Cloud Computing Network using M/G/k/PS Queues
Authors: Samer Salah Al_Yassin

Generic Communication Framework for Internet of Things
Authors: Amol Dande, S. K. Pathan

Review of Optical Link Technology in Silicon Photonic Circuits
Authors: Chaitra R, Divya G, P Narashimaraja

Train Surveillance System Using Atmel At89c51 Microcontroller
Authors: Rajbir, Vedprakash, Akshit

Negative Change in Sex Ratio: A Burning Issue in Ahmednagar District (Maharashtra)
Authors: Sandip Sasane, Swati Wabale

Role of Road Connectivity in Socio-Economic Development of Shrirampur Tehsil of Ahmednagar District (Maharashtra)
Authors: Sandip Sasane, Nanasaheb Shelke

Discriminating Speech and Nonspeech from Video Signals using SFF VAD
Authors: Avani S Babu, Amrutha V Nair

Low Voltage and High Gain Bandwidth Constant Current Source using 90nm CMOS Technology
Authors: Menka Zankyani

Developing of Indonesian Learning Model Based on SCREAM for Slow Learners
Authors: Nur Hasyim, Ade Sukma, Sri Wahyono

Challenges and Opportunities of Micro and Small Munifacturing Enterprises the Case of Easter Zone of Tigray
Authors: Desalegn Berhane Asgedom

Economic Contribution of Women in Watershed Development
Authors: Jacqueline V. Iglesias, Mild R. Hombrebueno

Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis Mimicking Breast Abscess
Authors: Mona Al Fares, Yasin Ahmed, Jeffery Falk, Lawrence E. Briski, Mamta Sharma

Accuracy of CBCT for Measurement of the Volume, Area and Bone Density of Periapical Lesions
Authors: G. Papanchev, Tsv. Borisova-Papancheva, T. Georgiev, R. Andreev

Accuracy of Panoramic Radiography for Detection of Periapical Endodontic Lesions
Authors: Tsv. Borisova-Papancheva, G. Papanchev, T. Georgiev, R. Andreev?

An Approach for Securing Data in e-Governance Projects in Developing Countries
Authors: Rakhi V. Pathrikar

Rider: A Multi Layer Framework for Road Condition Estimation
Authors: Sona P, Divya M

Application of Katharine Kolcaba Comfort Theory in Post Operative Child: Delivering Integrative Comfort Care Intervention by using Theory of Comfort
Authors: Sharma Mukesh Chandra, Kalia Raman, Kolcaba Katharine

A Novel Bag-of-Object Retrieval Model To Predict Image Relevance
Authors: Gouri K. Ghadge, G. J. Chhajed

Application of Genetic Algorithm on Job Shop Scheduling Problem to Minimise Makespan
Authors: Anshulika, L. A. Bewoor

Discovering the Features in Opinion Mining via Domain Dependent and Domain Independent Relevance
Authors: Pallavi D. Jawalkar, G. J. Chhajed

The Study on Strength Properties of Light Weight Concrete using Light Weight Aggregate
Authors: B. Devi Pravallika, K. Venkateswara Rao

Influence of Fly Ash on the Performance of Recycled Aggregate Concrete
Authors: N. Sowmith, P.S.S. Anjaneya Babu

Risk Indicators of Diabetic Retinopathy in Patients with type 2 Diabetes Screened by Fundus Photographs: A Study from Rural India
Authors: B. Silpa, Srikanth Evuru

New Zinc (II) Phthalocyanines Substituents: Synthesis, Characterization, Aggregation Behavior, Electronic and Antibacterial Properties
Authors: Abdennasser JLALI*, Cherif JABLAOUI, Mesbah LAHOUEL, Bassem JAMOUSSI

Strategies for the Promotion of Effective Communication between Teachers and Students
Authors: JU Quan-juan

Effect of Physical and Chemical Mutagenesis in Sunflower [Helianthus Annus L.] on Seed Germination through Induced Mutation
Authors: Vijayata P. Jamdhade, Navnath G. Kashid

Low Area, Low Power and Wide Bandwidth Operational Amplifier by 130nm CMOS Technology
Authors: Chintan Suman Verma, Dr. R. H. Talwekar

Operating and Performance Gasification Process Parameters
Authors: Abdelmalik M. Shakorfow

Parameter Estimations for Skew Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processes
Authors: Ailing Feng

An Automatic Approach of Road Regions Extraction from Satellite Images based on Connected Component Algorithm
Authors: Mudit Shrivastava, Dr. D. M. Bhalerao

Dam Data Collection and Monitoring System
Authors: Nikhil M. Dhandre, M. M. Jadhav

Status of Child Health in Megacities of India
Authors: Anandita Dawn, Ranjan Basu

Barnyard Millet as a Substitute of Rice in Preparation of khichdi for Diabetics
Authors: Shweta Joshi, Sarita Srivastava

Network Testing: An Overview of Approaches
Authors: Suchita Navpute, Sanjeev J. Wagh

Simulation of OFDM based Software Defined Radio for FDD-LTE Uplink
Authors: Hansa Jha, Pankaj M Gulhane

Effect of Unilateral Mandibular Implant-Tooth Supported Telescopic Prosthesis on the Supporting Structures (In Vitro Study)
Authors: Isaeida Abdulla Ali Mohamed, Seham Ahmed Hanafy, Magdi Abd El-Meguid Awadallah

String Theory in Cosmology
Authors: K Sreelatha, T P Vinu

Strategic Human Resources Management as a Success Factor to Achieve Total Quality Management
Authors: Harini Methuku, Hatim Ramadan

Enhancement of Speech Signal Corrupted by Impulsive Noise Using Rank Order Mean
Authors: Arun Kumar Singh, Prof. Neelam Srivastava, Er. Piyush Singh

Design and Analysis of Microcontroller-Based, Maximum Power Point Tracker for Photovoltaic Power Systems
Authors: Ankit Tamkoria, Neelesh Kumar

Bursting Stresses in Beam Column Joint Analyzed and Designed as Per Indian Standards
Authors: Ambekar .O .D, Jadhav .H .S

Comparative Study on Fatigue Behavior of K and K-T Steel Truss Joints
Authors: Akhil V Raj, Anup Joy

Prevalence of Tuberculosis in Mediterranean Port City Tobruk, Libya: A Retrospective Study
Authors: Faisal Ismail, Atiya Farag, ABDUL Ilah

Cloud Computing and Its Advantages
Authors: Shaikh Ashapakh Sattar

A Proposed Hybrid Method for Airtarget Acoustic Signature Diagnosis
Authors: Mazhar Taylel, Mahmoud Sabry

Exosomes as Liquid Biopsy: A Review
Authors: I G K N Arijana, I G N Sri Wiryawan, N M Linawati, I G N Mayun, I W Sugiritama, I G A Dewi Ratnayanti

Comparision of Performance and Emission Test Using Biodiesel from Simarouba and Waste Cooking Oil in CI Engine
Authors: M. D. Harlapur, Siddesh Bevinahalli, Manjunath B. Sasi

A Review Paper on Digital Watermarking Techniques & Its Applications
Authors: Bharti Mishra, Rashmi Kashyap

Bayesian Analysis of Rayleigh Distribution Under Quasi-Prior for Different Loss Functions
Authors: Paresh Sanat, R. S. Srivastava

On the Compound Poisson Model with Debit Interest under Absolute Ruin
Authors: Dingjie Fu, Yan Guo

The Optimal Dividend Problem in the Continuous- Time Compound Binomial Model Under the Reinsurance Control
Authors: Yan Guo, Dingjie Fu

Assessment of Consumer Awareness on Environmental Effects of Charcoal Production and Use in Nairobi City, Kenya
Authors: Walter Angwere Onekon, Koech Oscar Kipchirchir

QOS based Approach for Web Service Recommendation Systems
Authors: Udhav Lahane, K.N.Shedage

Modified Murray Loop Method for Underground Cable Fault Location Detection Using GSM
Authors: Snehal C. Kor, Vivek D. Bavdhane

Implementation of Intellectual Browser for User Search Goal Discovery and Reordering System
Authors: Hemlata Gaikwad, Manisha Darak

In-vitro Transit Tolerance of Probiotic Bacillus species in Human Gastrointestinal Tract
Authors: Ajitha S. Nair, Aparna V. Dubhashi

Implementing HACE Theorem for Big Data Processing
Authors: Prema Gadling, Mahip Bartere

Knowledge Extraction from Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Priyanka Pandit, Swarupa Kamble

A Clustering Based Hybrid Recommendation System for Services in Big Data
Authors: Powar Gayatri Ashok, Dr. D. M. Yadav

A Study on Profitability Management of Restaurants in Tamilnadu
Authors: B Kayathiri Bai, Dr. V Buvaneswaran

Energy for Rural Development in India: A Review
Authors: Sarvesh Kumar, Navneet Sharma, Chandra Prakash, Ishrat Bano

An Efficient Implementation of the LMS Adaptive Algorithm
Authors: Sampath Kumar Dara, Kaparthy Uday

SmartCrawler: For Site Locating and Balancing
Authors: Sphurti S. Bhosale, Dr. S. B. Sonkamble

Factors Influencing Women-Owned Micro-Enterprise
Authors: Catherine Waruinu Waithaka, Francis N Wegulo, Millicent Mokua

A Review: Data Security and Privacy Advancement Approach on Webos with Desktop-As-A-Service
Authors: Pooja Saini, Kanchan Narula

Conversion of Nonlinear Quadcopter Mathematical Model to Linear Simplified Model
Authors: M Rehan Khan, Sidra Malik

Electrical Resistivity Based Empirical Model for Predicting Cassava Plant (TMS 98/0505) Tuber Yield on Sandy-loam Soil
Authors: E. O. Joshua, A. O. Mokuolu

A Review on Optical Character Recognition and Text to Speech Conversion
Authors: Swati Vikas Kodgire, G. S. Sable

An Advanced Approach for Barcode Modulation Using High Capacity 2D Barcode Technique
Authors: Vidyashree Kokane, Shyam Gupta

Improved Edge Based Steganography Scheme for GrayScale Images in Spatial Domain
Authors: Dr. R. R Dube, M. A. Lalkot

Edge Preserving Based on Weighted Guided Image Filtering
Authors: Dr. D. Vishnu Vardhan, Bandaru Bhavana, Dr. C. Nagaraju

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