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Recently Published: Neonatal Outcome of Newborns Admitted in a Tertiary Level Hospital, Nepal          ||          A Study Aimed to Assess the Knowledge of Antenatal Mothers regarding Janani Suraksha Yojana          ||          Personalized Drug Delivery System to Treat Arrhythmia          ||          Effects of Green Tea on Activity of A-Glucosidase in Vitro and Glycaemic Index of White Bread in Vivo          ||          Security Challenges and Solutions in MongoDB          ||          Serum Prolactin, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and Thyroid Hormones (FT3, FT4) Concentrations in Female Patients with Infertility: An Institutional Study          ||          Mental Health, Dynamic Psychology and Personal Management          ||          Unconscious Biases as a Result of Distinction in Political Psychology          ||          Role of Hysteroscopy to Improve Live Birth Rate among Secondary Infertile Couples          ||          Moderating Effect of Access to Capital on the Relationship between Financial Literacy and Firm Survival          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Legal Protection of Medical Records as Evidence Tool in Law Enforcement Process          ||          Effects of Green Tea on Activity of A-Glucosidase in Vitro and Glycaemic Index of White Bread in Vivo          ||          Available of Physical and Environmental Conditions Effect on Rice Crop: A Case Study of Akole Tahsil (M.S, India)          ||          The Impact of Climate Change on Rice Production Center at Area of the City near the Beach in Indonesia          ||          History of the Aesthetic Dimensions of American Animated Cinema          ||          Decrease in Rice Production Due to Climate Change in West Java Indonesia          ||          Effect of Addition Strontium Carbonate on Some Mechanical Properties of Heat Cured Acrylic Denture Base Material          ||          The Effect of Visual Media (Video) Based Process Evaluation of Result of Volley Ball Smash for Student of Sport Education and Recreation Fik State University of Medan (Unimed) North Sumatera Indonesia          ||          A Mathematical Model of a Criminal-Prone Society          ||          The Description of Parental Stress Coping Strategy in Facing Autical Children Growth          ||          The Description of Parental Stress Coping Strategy in Facing Autical Children Growth          ||          The Description of Parental Stress Coping Strategy in Facing Autical Children Growth          ||          The Description of Parental Stress Coping Strategy in Facing Autical Children Growth          ||          Water Quality Analysis of Narmada River with Reference to Physico-Chemical Parameters at Hoshangabad City, M.P; India          ||          Critical Thinking Skill Improvement Using Problem Based Learning (PBL) Model of 4th Grade Students of Elementary School          ||          A Descriptive Study to Assess the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding the Use of Self Medication among People Visiting in Selected Pharmacies at Urban Area          ||          Neonatal Outcome of Newborns Admitted in a Tertiary Level Hospital, Nepal          ||          Water Quality Analysis of Narmada River with Reference to Physico-Chemical Parameters at Hoshangabad City, M.P; India          ||          Antibacterial Test between Aloe vera and Chlorhexidine Based on the Number of Colony of Streptococcus mutans Atcc 25 175 In Vitro          ||          Effect of Project Planning Tools on Project Performance: A Case of Early Childhood Development Project in Rwanda          ||         

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Risk Factors of Malnutrition among Children under Five Year of Age in Mohamed Alamin Paediatric Hospital University of Bahri - Khartoum, Sudan
Authors: Dr. Siham Mohamd Osman Gritly, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Albashir, Asma Bashir Ali Ibrahim

Various Approaches of VANET Routing and Attack Detection
Authors: Parminder Kaur, Deepinderjeet Kaur Dhaliwal

Keyword Query Routing at Advance Level
Authors: Pruthika Patel

Effect of Addition of HYPR and CABP on the Physiochemical and Mechanical Properties of Cement Pastes
Authors: Abdel Fattah A. Qaraman, Wafaa S. Hegazy, Faten Z. Mahmoud, Maha R. mohamed

Authors: Ravisankar Dameneni, Shailendra Mashalkar, Ayesha Fathima, Sangeetha Singh

Effect of Direct Reduced Iron Proportion in Metallic Charge on Technological Parameters of EAF Steelmaking Process
Authors: Mohamed Abd Elkader, Ayman Fathy, Mamdouh Eissa, Sayed Shama

Sediment Characteristics of Polachira Wetland in Kollam District, Kerala
Authors: Geethu .G, N. P. Suresh Babu, T. Vasudevan Nair

Cacophony of Religion and Survival Instinct
Authors: Dr. Manjula Uppal

Designing of Quick Switching Multiple Deferred Sampling System
Authors: V. Kaviyarasu, G. Sangameshwaran

Effect of Methanol Root Extract of Senna occidentalis against Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Hepatic Damage in Rats
Authors: Kwalle Joseph John, Bello M. I.

Testing the Empirical Validity of the Mundell-Fleming Model
Authors: Frederick Onyebuchi Asogwa (Ph.D), Amuka Joseph (Ph.D), Attamah Marcellus Ifeanyi, Hadassah Ahunna Ugorji

Analysis of Some Results on Complete Fuzzy Metric Spaces and Separable Fuzzy Metric Spaces
Authors: Dipen Saikia

Hydrodynamic Studies on Conventional and Tapered Fluidized Bed
Authors: Deo Karan Ram, Alok Tiwari

A Technique for Speech Synthesis of Gurmukhi Embedded in LATEX Document
Authors: Jaswinder Singh, Tirath Singh, Sarabjit Singh, Brahmjit Kaur

Comparative Study of Free Fatty Acid Composition and Physico Chemical Properties of Biodiesel Produced from Various Non Edible Oil Seeds
Authors: Prof. S. K. Pawar

Overuse of Cigarettes Smoking and Link with Urologic Disease
Authors: Kim Drasa Jr., Evin Dani

Effects of Transformer Connection on Voltage Sag Characterization
Authors: Parijat Deb, Amit Gupta

Diagnosing and Management of Middle Mesial Canal in Mandibular Molar Using Cone Beam Computerized Tomography - A Case Report
Authors: Ravisankar Dameneni, Shailendra Mashalkar, Ayesha Fathima, Sangeetha Singh

Food Consumption Patterns of Adult Population in Rural and Urban Areas of Faizabad District of Uttar Pradesh, India
Authors: Pravisha Pandey, Neerubala

CBCT-Assessment of Morphological Characteristics of the Alveolar Bone in the Aesthetic Zone
Authors: Irena Georgieva, Stefan Peev

Plasma Uric Acid Levels in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus and Impaired Glucose Tolerance Test in Comparison with Normal Subjects
Authors: Dr. Ramawatar Meena, Dr S. R. Meena

Estimation of Macro-Nutrients in Domestically Processed Cauliflower Leaf Powder
Authors: Sagarika Chakraborty, Santa Datta (De)

Duplication of the Gallbladder Associated with Choledocal Cyst: A Case Report
Authors: Durim Cela, Besa Hidri, Dorina Aliu

Optimizing Resource Conflicts in Workflow Management Systems Using an Innovative Algorithm
Authors: Darshana Patel, Mitula Pandya

An Experimental Investigation on the Effects of Concrete by Replacing Cement with GGBS and Rice Husk Ash with the Addition of Steel Fibers
Authors: Roopa Saira Thomas, Jebitta Fancy Rajaselvi .P

Finding Semantic Orientation of Reviews Using Unsupervised PMI Algorithm
Authors: Sneha M Nakade, Sachin N Deshmukh

An Efficient Clustering for Data Aggregation with Reliable Routing in WSN
Authors: Sneha Kamble, Tanuja S. Dhope

Survey on Efficient Clustering with Energy Aware Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Anita Chavan, Simran Khiani

Dietary Effects of Lactobacillus acidophilus Probiotic on the Haematological Parameters, Total Serum Proteins and Lipids of Lahore Pigeon (Columba livia)
Authors: R. Anantharajan, K. Athiskumar

In-vitro Assays to Show the Antioxidant Potential of ?-sitosterol from Lawsonia inermis Leaves
Authors: Sanjukta Badhai, Durga P. Barik, Bairagi C. Mallick

Geriatric Social Worker
Authors: Sam Sangeeth .G, M. Daniel Solomon

Drowsy Driver Detection System
Authors: Sharran S. R., Sivanesan G.

Graphical Password Authentication by Using Persuasive Click Point Method
Authors: Priyanka Gunde, Ujjwala Kokate

Ameliorative Effect of Methanolic Extract of Cassiaoccidentalis (MECO) Whole Plant, on Triton X-100-Induced Hyperlipidaemia in Albino Rats
Authors: Ja

Authors: Sneha Susan, Dr. Ajay Kumar Jagdish, Dr. Lakshmi Ravi

Overview of Bonus (Amendment) Act, 2015
Authors: G. Gopalakrishnan, Dr. G. Brindha

Osteogenesis Imperfecta - An Overview
Authors: Akku Sara Jacob, Dr J. Jananee, Dr. Lakshmi Ravi

Authors: Jayatra Pradeep, Dr. Therraddi Muthu, Dr. Lakshmi Ravi

Optimization of Hydraulic Oil Seal in Earth Movers
Authors: R. Vishnu Ramesh Kumar, V. Varun Sagar, P. Vishnuram, N. Hari Prasanth

Osmotic Response of Cortisol Treated Fresh Water Fish – Oreochromis mossambicus Exposed to Pesticides
Authors: Jensy Roshan F, Dr. Anila George

An Analytical Study on Role of Government in Accelerating Higher Education in India
Authors: Ankita Srivastava, Dr. Daya Shankar Yadav

Phytoremediation: A Sustainable Approach for Restoration of Metal Contaminated Sites
Authors: Shikha Singh, Anita Singh

A Survey Paper on Extraction of Web Services for Effective User Review Sentiment Analysis
Authors: Jyotsna A Pawar, Prof. N. R. Wankhade

Automated Human Identification Using Ear Imaging
Authors: Pankti Mehta, Vrudhhi Shah, Mansingh Rathod

Feature Extraction for Sentiment Classification on Twitter Data
Authors: Amit G. Shirbhate, Sachin N. Deshmukh

Existence of Mild Solutions for Fractional Neutral Functional Differential Equations
Authors: K. Geetha, Dr. K. Kadambavanam

Prediction of Future Trends in Capital Markets using Mining Methodologies
Authors: Pooja Taori, Archana Nikose

Availability of Physical Facilities in Colleges of Education in South East Nigeria
Authors: Dr. Gladys Uzoechina

Impact of Firewalls on IEEE.802.11a, b, g, n WiFi Releases Networks
Authors: Mudathir Babiker Idris Babiker, Dr. Amin Babiker A/Nabi Mustafa

Enhancement in Growth and Yield of Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera (L.) Dunal) by Counteracting Effect of Infrared Supplemented with Ultraviolet-B Radiation
Authors: Manju Nagar, Surchi Tyagi, Ashwani Kumar Goyal

Isolated Left Ventricular Noncompaction in a 25 Year Old Male
Authors: Albert T Pochury, Patrick R Marak, Johan Vanlalpeka

A Hybrid Cloud Approach for Secure Authorized Deduplication
Authors: Sunita S. Velapure, S. S. Barde

Level Controller by Computer
Authors: Carmona J., Sanchez G., Rodriguez K.

Hydrogen Gas Sensing Properties of AgNPs-Doped Titania Nanotubes by Electroless Deposition
Authors: Haidar Hameed Hamdan, Ghuson Hameed Mohammed

Alveolar Ridge Augmentation with Titanium Mesh and Particulate Allograft
Authors: Dr. Pratibha Borasi, Dr. Praneeta Kamble

A Comparative Study of Two Different Doses of Hyperbaric 0.5% Bupivacaine on Saddle Anaesthesia for Perianal Surgeries
Authors: Dr. Vinayak Gour, Dr Darshana Verma

Seroprevalence of Hepatitis (E) Virus Antibodies for Kidney Failure Patients in Bagubah City, Iraq
Authors: Saba Jassim Jawad

Exploring the Instructional Techniques and Learning Strategies: Towards a More Synchronized Model of Vocabulary Acquisition
Authors: Rasheega Abdel Galeel Mohammed Salih

Analysis of Dynamic Stress into Information Transmission Systems
Authors: N. A. Akbarova, V. I. Redkorechev

The Effect of Deployment Practices on Employees
Authors: Muchiri James Mithamo, Dr. Jean Mutindi Mzera Uzel

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