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Recently Published: Neonatal Outcome of Newborns Admitted in a Tertiary Level Hospital, Nepal          ||          A Study Aimed to Assess the Knowledge of Antenatal Mothers regarding Janani Suraksha Yojana          ||          Personalized Drug Delivery System to Treat Arrhythmia          ||          Effects of Green Tea on Activity of A-Glucosidase in Vitro and Glycaemic Index of White Bread in Vivo          ||          Security Challenges and Solutions in MongoDB          ||          Serum Prolactin, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and Thyroid Hormones (FT3, FT4) Concentrations in Female Patients with Infertility: An Institutional Study          ||          Mental Health, Dynamic Psychology and Personal Management          ||          Unconscious Biases as a Result of Distinction in Political Psychology          ||          Role of Hysteroscopy to Improve Live Birth Rate among Secondary Infertile Couples          ||          Moderating Effect of Access to Capital on the Relationship between Financial Literacy and Firm Survival          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Effect of Internal and External Factors on Liquidity Resilience of Bank          ||          Effect of Internal and External Factors on Liquidity Resilience of Bank          ||          Clinical Characteristics in Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema Syndrome vs Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients          ||          Clinical Characteristics in Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema Syndrome vs Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients          ||          Clinical Characteristics in Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema Syndrome vs Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients          ||          Effect of Internal and External Factors on Liquidity Resilience of Bank          ||          Clinical Characteristics in Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema Syndrome vs Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients          ||          Clinical Characteristics in Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema Syndrome vs Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients          ||          Clinical Characteristics in Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema Syndrome vs Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients          ||          Clinical Characteristics in Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema Syndrome vs Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients          ||          Clinical Characteristics in Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema Syndrome vs Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients          ||          Clinical Characteristics in Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema Syndrome vs Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients          ||          Construction of Complete Life Tablesfor 23 Districts of Assam for both Male and Female          ||          Structural and Tectonic Subsidence History Study of Southwestern Sirt Basin, Libya          ||          Histopathological Spectrum of Cutaneous Granulomatous Lesions          ||          Histopathological Spectrum of Cutaneous Granulomatous Lesions          ||          IMPACT OF BUDDHISM THROUGH THIEN TRADITION IN BRILLIANT DYNASTIES IN THE VIETNAMESE HISTORY          ||          IMPACT OF BUDDHISM THROUGH THIEN TRADITION IN BRILLIANT DYNASTIES IN THE VIETNAMESE HISTORY          ||          Abundance and Diversity of Mosquito (Anopheles sp) in Malaria Endemic Areas of Ternate Island North Maluku          ||          Abundance and Diversity of Mosquito (Anopheles sp) in Malaria Endemic Areas of Ternate Island North Maluku          ||         

Volume 4 Issue 7 July 2015

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Effects of Board Composition on Financial Performance of Banking Institutions Listed at Nairobi Securities Exchange
Authors: Waweru Henry Mburu, DR. Assumptah W. Kagiri

History and Historical Geography Need of a Modern Perspective
Authors: Avijit Bera

A Special Approach to Enhance the Security Level and Apply Dynamic Operations on Cloud Computing
Authors: G. Rama Subba Reddy, A.Rama Obula Reddy

Efficacy of Nano Isaria fumosorosea and Metarhizium flavoviride against Corn Pests under Laboratory and Field Conditions in Egypt
Authors: Sabbour M.M, S.M. Singer

Determination of Mineral Composition of Catla Catla Waste and its Impact on Growth of Eleusina Coracana
Authors: Rayasam Sreedhar, Gundala Harold Philip

Providing Security for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Secure Protocol
Authors: Tabbasum Sajjan Magdum, Y. B. Gurav

Technical Analysis of Micro Hydel Plant in Punjab
Authors: Parminder Singh, Rupinderjit Singh

Evaluation of Rural Water Sources and Sustainable Approaches to Rural Water Resources Development in Ezeagu, Enugu, Eastern Nigeria
Authors: Nwagbara A.O., Chijioke E.O.

Modeling and analysis of Compliant Cantilever Beam
Authors: Akshay Vidap, Dr. Bhagyesh Deshmukh

Design and CFD Analysis of Gas Turbine Engine Chamber
Authors: Raminder Singh, B. Dinesh Kumar, Sai Kumar

The Wrapper Top-Down Specialization and Bottom-up Generalization Approach for Data Anonymization Using MapReduce on Hadoop
Authors: Shweta S. Bhand, Sonali Patil

Image Analysis Based System for Automatic Detection of Malarial Parasite in Blood Images
Authors: Varsha Waghmare, Syed Akhter

Filtering Unwanted Post from Online Social Networking (OSN) Sites
Authors: Sachin P. Vidhate, Syed Akhter

A Novel Approach for Distributed Generation in Hybrid Power Systems using PMU Control Networks
Authors: R.Kamalakar, J. Siva Prasad

Development of Basin Solar Still by Providing Magnetic Treatment Unit and Double Glass Cover
Authors: K.Amzad Ali, R. J. V.Anil Kumar

Computer Control through Touchless System Using Vision Based Hand Gesture Recognition
Authors: Hemlata S. Bondre, Jagdish Pimple

Policy Optimization and Anomaly Detection of Firewall
Authors: Akshay Dattatray Kachare, Geeta Atkar

Bio-impedance Detection Using AD5933 Impedance Converter Analyzer
Authors: Priya D. Shimpi, Dr. D. M. Yadav

Simulation Study of Grid Connected Fuel Cell
Authors: Himanshu Balai

A System to Filter Unwanted Messages from OSN User Walls using Trustworthiness
Authors: Swapnali V. Jadhav, Y. B. Gurav

Finite Element Analysis of Link Mechanism in Vertical Carousel Machine
Authors: Sammed Arinjay Patil, V. J. Khot

Human Action Classification And Analysis
Authors: Asmeet Bhosale

Exploration of Color Visual Cryptography Schemes
Authors: Jinu Mohan, Dr. Rajesh .R

Knowledge-Based Diet and Physical Exercise Advisory System
Authors: Ezeuko Charles E, Diala Stanley O, Ejem Agbaeze

Zombie Attack Analyser and Counter Measure In Cloud
Authors: Lokesh A. Kochekar, S. P. Washimkar

Intrusion Detection System in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Sarfraz Ali

Finite Element Stress Analysis of a Typical Steam Turbine Blade
Authors: P. Vaishaly, B. S. V. Ramarao

Factors Affect Participation of Rural Households
Authors: Mohammedawel Yesuf

Strategy Odd and Even Prices and its Effect on Female Buyers
Authors: Ph.D. Julio C

Neutrophil Gelatinase Associated Lipocalin-Ngal: An Emerging Biomarker for Acute Kidney Injury
Authors: Anusha R, Madhubala V

Multi Objective Optimization of Cutting Parameter in EDM Using Grey Taguchi Method
Authors: D. Venkatesh Naik, Dr. D. R. Srinivasan

Parallel Data Shuffling for Hadoop Acceleration with Network Levitated Merge and RDMA for Interconnectivity
Authors: Kishorkumar Shinde, Venkatesan N.

Underground Water Quality Assessment around Hadapsar Region in Pune, Maharashtra
Authors: M.J.Pawari, S. M. Gavande

The Correlation of Learning Motivation and Reasoning Ability to the Scientific Writing Skills of Students in Teaching Indonesian to Speakers of Other Languages (TISOL)
Authors: Prof. Dr. Andayani, M.Pd.

Aneurysm of Brachiocephalic Artery and Ascending Aorta
Authors: Jignesh Kothari, Bhavin Brahmbhatt, Kinnaresh Baria

Effect on Nanostructured Hydroxyapatite by %TiO2
Authors: Dora E. Ledesma-Carri

Fascia Lata Graft for Correction of Boutonniere Deformity
Authors: Dr. Arige Subodh Kumar, Dr. Avula Krishnaveni, Dr. Ghanta Sunitha

The Relationship Between Changing Coastal Physical Condition and Cultural Aspect- A Case Study of the Coastal Stretch of Digha-Sankarpur,West Bengal, India
Authors: Arup Dey

Neural Network on FPGA for PID Controller
Authors: Ashlesha Panbude, Dr. Manish Sharma

High Grade Gliomas: Newer Horizon-New Hope
Authors: Sridhar .P, Balu .S, Pramod .K .P .R, Ibrahim Khaleel, Govardhan H. B.

Secure Data Searching and Sharing Using Third Party in Data Cloud
Authors: Ruturaj Desai, Prof. Nitin R Talhar

Low Power PLL with Time Shift Circuit Using Parallel PFD Configuration
Authors: Dr. Manish Sharma, Asma Chishti

Textile Dye Removal from Wastewater Effluents by Using Potential Microbes
Authors: Salvator Lawrence, Dr. R. Kannan

AES Algorithm on FPGA based Image Encryption and Decryption
Authors: Sneha Ghoradkar, Aparna Shinde

A Brief Overview of Satellite Image Resolution Enhancement
Authors: Ruchita Choudhary, Anil Saroliya

FPGA Implementation of Runway Extraction using Image Fusion Method
Authors: Priyanka Swami, Aparna Shinde

Detection of Rhinovirus and Some DNA/RNA Viruses using Multiplex-Real-time PCR and both of Complement (C3) Level and Rhinovirus-Ag in Patients with Acute Respiratory Tract Infection: Molecular and Immunological Study
Authors: Noor N. Al-Hayani, Israa H. Saadoon, Mushtak T. Salih Al-Ouqaili

Contemporary Treatment of Parkinson's Disease
Authors: Mancheva-Ganeva Velina, Manchev Lachezar, Ganev Iordan, Manchev Ivan

LQR Controller Design for Stabilization of Cart Model Inverted Pendulum
Authors: Shireen S. Sonone, N. V. Patel

Recurrent Carcinoma Cervix
Authors: Sridhar .P, Balu .S, Ravikiran .B, Vijay C. R, Naveen T.

A Fast-Locking All-Digital Deskew Buffer with DCC using Digital-Controlled Delay Line
Authors: A.Ashwini, H. Shravan Kumar

Active Contour-Based Visual Tracking by Integrating Colors, Shapes, and Motions Using Level Sets
Authors: Suvarna D. Chendke, H. A. Hingoliwala

Lifting Water by Means of Air Cushion
Authors: Nawzad O.A. Rahim, Ardalan A. Hassan

Level Shifted Pulse Width Modulation in Three Phase Multilevel Inverter for Power Quality Improvement
Authors: S. B. Sakunde, V. D. Bavdhane

Artificial Neural Network Modeling for Predicting Compaction Parameters based on Index Properties of Soil
Authors: Ashwini Tenpe, Dr. Suneet Kaur

Enhance the Dynamic Performance of DFIGURE during Voltage Sag and Voltage Swell Using SMES
Authors: J. Rajesh, Venugopal .N

Optimal DC Voltage Design for High-Speed Traction Power Systems Using LLC-HPQC Control
Authors: J. Praveena, Y. Dhamodharam

Study of Physical Fitness Index Using Modified Harvard Step Test in Relation with Gender in Physiotherapy Students
Authors: Dharmesh Parmar, Nikita Modh

Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Reactive Distillation Process Using Aspen HYSYS
Authors: Samson Chukwufumnanya NWAMBUONWO, Abdulwahab GIWA

Studying of Blunt Chest Trauma in Sudan and Potential Diagnosis
Authors: Nuha H. Mohamed, Mohammed A. Ali Omer, Ghada A. Edam

Persistent Mullerian Duct Syndrome (Type 1)
Authors: Mirza Asif Baig

Evaluation of False + ve Cases & Diagnostic Accuracy of Abbotts CELL-DYN RUBY for Diagnosis of Malaria Parasite
Authors: Mirza Asif Baig

Single Sign-on Secure Password Mechanism for Distributed Computer Networks
Authors: Deepali M. Devkate, N. D. Kale

Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals ( Zn and Pb) and its Toxicity on Azolla filiculoides.
Authors: Dr. Rimjhim Sheel, Moni Anand, Kumari Nisha

Experimental Investigation on Flexural Behavior of Concrete Beam by Using Agricultural and Industrial Waste Materials
Authors: Archana Khare, Archana Tiwari

Flood, Environmental Degradation and Riverline Habitation: The Case of the Lakhimpur District of Assam
Authors: Diganta Kumar Phukan

Prevalence of Major Depressive Disorder and Anxiety in Patients with Primary Headache
Authors: Jyotik Bhachech, Manasvi Jariwala

The Influence of Feeding Propylene Glycol, Rumen Protected- Fat and Protein on Milk Yield in Early Lactating Cows
Authors: A. J. Shankare Gowda, M. Devaraj, A. Krishnaswamy

The Effect of Organic Matter Combination and Azola Dosage (Azolla pinnata) On Growth and The Production of Paddy (Oryza sp.) Ciherang Variety
Authors: Brian Feri Andreeilee, Mudji Santoso, Moch. Dawam Maghfoer

Face Recognition Using Principal Component Analysis for Security Based System
Authors: Madhuri M. Ghodake, Parul S. Arora

Grey Musk Shrew (Suncus murinus) a Favorite Prey of Barn Owl (Tyto alba) in Calicut, Kerala
Authors: Ajitha K. V., Boby Jose, Vineesh P. J.

Dynamical Analysis of a Discrete-time Plant-Larva-Adult (PLA) Model with Allee Effect on the Plant
Authors: Vijayalakshmi .S, Gunasekaran .M

USB Cable using Optical Fiber
Authors: Rimi Chauhan, Pagare R. A.

Survey of Genetic Algorithm Approach for Nurse Scheduling Problem
Authors: Swapnaja S. Balekar, N. A. Mhetre

Performance Analysis of KNN and SVM Classifiers Using Handwritten Kannada Vowels Recognition
Authors: Asha B. R, Veena Kumari H.M

Cryptography in Image Using Blowfish Algorithm
Authors: S. S. Sudha, S. Divya

Proposed Concept for Ontology Communication between IOT Devices
Authors: Vinod Kumar Shukla, Dr. D.B. Ojha

A Wide Range Level Shifter Using a Self Biased Cascode Current Mirror
Authors: Tejas S. Joshi, Priya M. Nerkar

Evaluation of Tropical Gladiolus under Eastern Plateau and Hill Region of India
Authors: B. R. Jana, Bikash Das

Prevalence of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria among Antenatal Women Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital, Davangere, India
Authors: Dr.AnjanaTelkar, Bharath M R, Dr. Mahesh Baragundi

Low Noise Amplifier Design and Analysis for Wireless Voice Transmission
Authors: Ashwini Rajole

Bacteriological Profile, Antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern and Detection of ESBL Production in the Isolates of UTI in Tertiary Care Hospital, Davangere, India
Authors: Dr.AnjanaTelkar, Barakha, Dr. Mahesh Baragundi

A Review on Techniques for Establishing Coexistence between WiFi and Zigbee
Authors: Garima Khanna, Gaurav Gupta

Design of an Effective Algorithm for ECG QRS Detection using VHDL
Authors: Priyanka Mundhe, Anand Pathrikar

Litho-Structural Mapping of Sind Catchment (Kashmir Basin), NW Himalaya, using Remote Sensing & GIS Techniques
Authors: Syed Ahmad Ali, Umair Ali

Structural Response of Swift Heavy Ion Induced Poly (Methyl Methacrylate) PMMA
Authors: Kusam Devgan

Particle Swarm Optimization with Hidden Markov Model Prediction Approach for Anti-Cancer Drug Sensitivity
Authors: Daniel Nesa Kumar .C, Jayasree .P

Explorative Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm: A Novel Swarm Intelligence Based Algorithm for Continuous Function Optimization
Authors: Shifat Sharmin Shapla, H. M. Zabir Haque, Mohammad Shafiul Alam

Some Innovations in Teaching of Mathematics (At Under Graduate Level)
Authors: Dr. Phrangstone Khongji, Wannarisuk Nongbsap

Iatrogenic Ureteric Injuries
Authors: Dr. Arif Hamid, Dr. Sajad A Malik, Dr. Rouf Khawaja

A Study on Socio- Economic Issues of Third Genders in Tamilnadu
Authors: Dr. D. Venkatrama Raju, K. S. BEENA M. T. A., M.Phil

A Survey on Privacy Preservation and sharing Data Securely in Cloud Storage
Authors: Manoj. S. Tore, S. K. Sonkar

Net Neutrality-A Concept of Open Internet
Authors: Depavath Harinath

Smart Adaptive-Efficient Packet Scheduler Used in Handoff in LTE-A Systems
Authors: Angel Mary Mathew

Advance Technique of Automatic Water Regulation for Agriculture Purpose Using RF Module
Authors: Deweshvree Rane, P. R.Indurkar, D. M. Khatri

The Histopathological Study on Helicobacter pylori Associated Gastroduodenal Diseases in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Mysore
Authors: Manasa P Kumari, Dr. Sunila, Dr. M N Sumana, Dr. Nandeesh H P

Theft Identification and Remote Information of ATM Card by a Unique System
Authors: Ayesha Khatoon R. Syed, Vijay R. Wadhankar

The Presence of Species of the Salmonella Gender, their Isolation and Identification in the Poultry for Production of Eggs in the Areas of Shtime, Lipjan and Ferizaj in Kosovo
Authors: Hyzer Rizani, Besart Jashari, Pranvera Cabeli, Tana Shtylla

Effect of the Tow Approximations of Lindhard on Energy Loss Fluctuation (Straggling) of Diclusters Hydrogen Ions at Low Velocities with No Damping
Authors: Saher Mazher, Sana Thamer

A New Quasi-Newton Update of the Newton
Authors: M. O. Ogunniran, S. Emmanuel

Gender Difference in Test Anxiety among University Students in Jaffna, Srilanka
Authors: Dr. K. Kajavinthan

Ameliorative Effects of Methanolic Extract of Sennaalataleaves on Streptozotocin (Stz)-Induced Oxidative Stress and Hepatotoxicity in Adult Wistar Albinorats
Authors: Akintola A.O, Adedosu O.T, Kehinde B.D, Ibikunle G.J

Success Story of a Trainee of Mushroom Research and Training Center, Pantnagar
Authors: Deepika Verma, Dr. Amardeep

Suitable Site Detection for Groundwater Recharge in Parts of Shambhavi- Pavanje River Basin
Authors: Ivy Savia Dantis, H. Gangadhara Bhat

Sentimate Analysis for Web Product Ranking
Authors: Shinde Swati Anandrao, Kale N.D.

Distribution of Musculoskeletal Disorders among Dentists in Bulgaria
Authors: P. Bojinov, K. Yaneva

Challenges Facing Implementation of Malaria Control Activities in Eldoret Municipality, Kenya
Authors: Juley-Anne Bochaberi Mokua

Assessment of Water Quality Parameters: A Review
Authors: M.J.Pawari, S.M.Gavande

Perception of Nurses in Relation to the Behavior, Attitudes and their Knowledge to Patients With Hiv / Aids
Authors: PhD Glodiana Sinanaj, Arjan Harxhi, PhD Mikel Nakuci

Design and Construction of an Electric Kiln For Low Temperature Applications
Authors: Idowu Oluwatuase Idowu, Sanya Olajide Tunmilayo

Image Retrieval Technique Using Local Binary Pattern (LBP)
Authors: Priyanka Pawar, P.P.Belagali

Arthroscopic Evaluation of Elbow, Hip and Stifle Joint Disorders in Dogs
Authors: Anirudh. A, L. Ranganath

Investigation of Acoustical Parameters in Ternary B2O3
Authors: R. Ezhil Pavai, K.Kiruthikadevi

Mixture of Printed and Handwritten Kannada Numeral Recognition Using Normalized Chain Code and Wavelet Transform
Authors: Shashikala Parameshwarappa, B.V.Dhandra

A Comparative Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Glycerin with Magnesium Sulphate Versus Heparin
Authors: Yambem M, Madhale M, Bagi D

N- Dimensional Plane Wave Solutions of Einstein
Authors: I. S. Mohurley, R. K. Jumale, J. K. Jumale

Synthesis, Structural Diagnosis, Theoretical Treatment and Antibacterial Study of Pd(II) , Rh(III) , Pt(IV) and Au(III) Complexes Containing 2-(P-NitroBenzoyl)ThioBenzimidazole
Authors: Mahasin F. Alias, Doaa H. Mahal

Design and Implementation of Rijindael
Authors: Monika U. Jaiswal, Nilesh A. Mohota

Role of Antioxidants and Physical Exercise in the Management of Gestational Diabetes
Authors: Khushpreet Kaur, Anita Kochhar

Assessment of Childhood Obesity in school going Children (6 -11years) of a Y
Authors: Sucharita Sen, Renu Verma

Usage of Online Shopping Among College Students with Special Reference to Coimbatore City
Authors: Dr. S. Nirmala, A.Harisevitha

Demography, Migration and Economic Status of Pavement Dwellers - A Study of Most Marginalized Urban Poor in Central Business Areas of Kolkata, West Bengal
Authors: Anupam Das

The Presence of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Blood of Pregnant Women in Cotonou, Benin Republic
Authors: Taiwo O. Okuku, Elijah J. Nya

Review and Comparison between Routing Protocols in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
Authors: Alyaa Osman A/gbaar Sid ahmed, Amin Babiker A/Nabi Mustefa

Simulation and Performance on Demand in Routing Protocol in VANET
Authors: Alyaa Osman A/gbaar Sid Ahmed, Amin Babiker A/Nabi

Strabismus: - Symptoms, Pathophysiology, Management & Precautions
Authors: Dr. Jayantilal Shah, Dr. Shrikant Patel

A Study on the Impact of Poverty on Hygiene and Sanitary Issues Among the Rural Women in Tamilnadu with Special Reference to Most Backward, Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes Communities
Authors: Dr. G. Brindha, S.Vijayalatha

A Renewable Energy Source Approach for Identification and Classification of Transmission Line
Authors: Sanjay Murmu, Girish K.Dalal

A Clock Gating Technique Using Auto Gated Flip Flop for Look Ahead Clock Gating
Authors: Mayuri B. Junghare, Aparna S. Shinde

Design and Development of a Web
Authors: S.T. Temaugee, W. Alvan

GLIOSARCOMAS: The Rising Trend
Authors: Balu. S, Sridhar. P, Nihanthy.D.S, Anusha. M

Substance Use Disorder: A Cultural Catastrophe
Authors: Tabish S A, Nabil Syed, Nazira Syed, Pervaiz Sajad Shah

Thyroid Dysfunction in Acute Coronary Syndrome and its Relation to Morbidity and Mortality
Authors: Osama A. Khalil MD, Abdallah abdelaziz MD, M.E. Ghoniem MD, A. I. Elagrody MD, Sameh A. Elgendy MSc, Mohamed S. Fawzy MD

Residential Load Scheduling using Smart Grid
Authors: Madhavi S. Bhosale, R.A. Pagare

Heavy Dust Pollution around South Katraj Region
Authors: Gajanan N. Supe, Sagar M. Gawande

Personalized Web Search using Ontology and Page Ranking
Authors: A. N. R. Latha Kumari

Efficient Synonym based Multimedia Data Search Using Multi-Keyword Query
Authors: Manish M. Pardeshi, R. L. Paikrao

Social Forestry and Industry
Authors: Bappaditya Sahoo

Simulation Study of Voltage & Current Commutated Chopper
Authors: Manoj Meena, V. Siva Brahmaiah Rama

Survey of Privacy-Preserving Distributed Profile Matching in Mobile Social Network
Authors: Atul Atode, S. P. Kosbatwar

Survey on Fault Tolerant Localization and Tracking in WSN
Authors: Chinmay Gordey, Vaishali Deshmukh

Analytical Study of Different Types of Flat Slab Subjected to Dynamic Loading
Authors: R.S.More, V. S. Sawant, Y. R. Suryawanshi

Secure Mining of Association Rules from Homogeneous Database
Authors: Mahale Mohini V., Shaikh I.R.

The Effects of MCIMT versus MT in Young Children with Spastic Hemiplegic CP to Improve Hand Function and Strength of the Paretic Arm
Authors: Vishwas Vaghela, Dharmesh Parmar

Transformation in Pharmaceutical Industry: Developing Customer Orientation
Authors: Dr. Vaishali Rahate, Sapan Joshi, Manish Upadhyay

A Fuzzy Two-Warehouse Inventory Model for Weibull Deteriorating Items with Constant Demand, Shortages and Fully Backlogging
Authors: Wasim Akram Mandal, Sahidul Islam

Performance Evaluation of various Flooding and Forwarding Protocols based on Delay Tolerant Network
Authors: Saroj Rani, Abhilasha

The Rights and Equitable Treatment of Shareholders in Early Childhood Education (ECE) Management in Bahati Division, Kenya
Authors: Kithuku M. Roselyne

The Behaviour of Personal Motorists and the Costs of Traffic Congestion in Nairobi, Kenya
Authors: Nzai Charles Chonjo Chama, Chege Gichuho Moses

The Influence of Culture on The Strength of Auditing and Financial Reporting Standards
Authors: Mustafa Kenan Erkan, Ahmet A?sakal

A Clinicopathological Correlation of Pap Smear Findings in Gynecological Cases: A Retrospective Study
Authors: Kalpana Singh, Anshu Singh

Designing Successive Approximation Register ADC by Using Double Tail Comparator
Authors: Neha Sharma, Rachna Manchanda

Zooplankton Diversity, Abundance and Seasonal Variation of Nagulakunta Water Tank, Vinjapally, Karimnagar Dist, Telangana State, India
Authors: T. Jagadeeshwara Chari, J. Mahender, A. Sunil Kumar, A.V.Rajashekhar

Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for Stock Market Predictions
Authors: Dr. Sunil Kumar Dhal

A Review on Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) Seed
Authors: Imana Pal, Purnima Dey

A Closed Loop Analysis of Z-Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive with Variable Load Torque
Authors: Shobhana D. Langde, Dr. D.P. Kothari

Report of an Unusual Case of Primary Normo-phosphatemic Tumoral Calcinosis
Authors: Roaa S Alsolaimani MD FRCPC

Performance Analysis of Routing Algorithms: AODV, DSDV, OLSR, DSR in WPAN
Authors: P. Padmanabham, Y. Ramesh

Delayed Presenting Scapular Osteochondroma as a Rare Cause of Supra-Clavicular Tumor Mass- A Case Report
Authors: Dr. Vikas Anand, Dr. Vishal Sidhu

A Study on Assessment of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and Insulin Resistance in Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Authors: B.V. Ravi, Sadaria Roshni Gokaldas

Ovarian Fibroma in Young Female with Raised Serum Ca-125: A Unique Case Report
Authors: Pravinkumar Jadav

ISRV: Intrusion Detection, Selection of Counter Measures and Recovery of Virtual Network Systems
Authors: Vinod Kumar, Syeda Asra, Yallappa Meti

An Efficient Data Acquisition System for Launch Vehicle Telemetry
Authors: Asha Vijayan, S. Suresh Babu

Multipath Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks Using Hypercube Based Social Feature
Authors: Prajakta B. Bhosale, H. A. Hingoliwala

Why there is An Absolute Constancy in the Speed of Light
Authors: Prasenjit Debnath

A Most Probable Theoretical-Physical Model of the Universe
Authors: Prasenjit Debnath

Texture Analysis for Lungs Disease Diagnosis
Authors: Sagar N. Vidhate, V. S. Dhongde

To Secure Efficient Two-Server Password and Authenticate Key Exchange using Transaction Processing System against Dictionary Attack
Authors: Sonal Chandrakant Pansare, V. S. Nandedkar

Secured Load Rebalancing for Distributed Files System in Cloud
Authors: Jayesh D. Kamble, Y. B. Gurav

SURF Based Image Set Compression
Authors: Z. Bohari, M. S. Raeen

Online Product Promotion with Hadoop Technology
Authors: Anuradha G. Khade, Y. B. Gurav

Development of Virtual Backbone Scheduling Technique to Improve Lifetime of WSN
Authors: Priyanka Y. Jadhav, Nalini A. Mhetre

English Teachers' Perceptions towards using the English Cultural Elements in English Language Classes in Northern Iraq: Duhok Province as a Sample
Authors: Farhad M. Rajab

Automatic Video Based Surveillance System for Abnormal Behavior Detection
Authors: Divya J

New Spectrophotometric and Spectrofluorimetric Methods for Determination of Prazosin HCl in API and Drug Product
Authors: Hanan M. Elwy, Taghreed A. Mohammed

Survey on Image Quality Assessment Techniques
Authors: Sejal Patil, Shubha Sheelvant

Impact of Climate Change on Operational Energy Consumption of Building Envelop at Bhopal
Authors: Pankaj Singh

Evaluating the Performance of MIMO-OFDM System Based On Modified Newton Method for Semi-Blind Equalizer
Authors: Harshal S. Pawar, Meeta Bakuli

Identification, Isolation and Estimation of Flavonoids and Effect of Growth Regulators and Salts on Flavonoids in Aegle marmelos and Moringa oleifera in vitro
Authors: Kavita Soni, Asha Goswami

A Secure Information Hiding Approach in Cloud Using LSB
Authors: Mudasir Ahmed Muttoo, Pooja Ahlawat

Effects of Adhesive Characteristics between Matrix and Reinforced Nanoparticle of AA6063/Carbon Black Nanocomposites
Authors: T. Prasad, A. C. Reddy

Automation of Tollgate and Vehicle Tracking System
Authors: Priyanka .V, Punitha .S .P, Keerthika .K

Improvement of End-to-End Delay Distribution in WSNs
Authors: Varpe Arti Abaji, Aade Kailas Ukala

Image Encryption-Then-Compression System Operated in the Prediction Error Domain and Random Permutation
Authors: Sujatha D, Venkatakiran S

Isolation of Bacillus sp. for its Protease Activity and Detergent Compatibility
Authors: G. Harathi, Raja Rao. P

Design of Eco Friendly Vehicle
Authors: S. Krishnaa

Effect of Financial Resources on Growth of Enterprises Owned by Entrepreneurs With Disabilities in Bungoma County, Kenya
Authors: Elizabeth Wasike, Dr. Willy Muturi

Economic Freedom and Innovation
Authors: Mustafa Kenan Erkan

Geoeletrical Investigation for Groundwater Potential In Songhai Integrated Farms, Etigidi, Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State, Southeastern Nigeria
Authors: O. A. Oyonga, V.N.Obim, S.I.Ugar

Comparison of Image Fusion Technique with Special reference to Information Content
Authors: Rashmi P. Jogiya, Sunil R. Gupta

Fraud Detection in Banking Sector using Data Mining
Authors: B. Rajdeepa, D. Nandhitha

Evaluation of Heavy Metal Contamination in Ground Water of Ambad Industrial Area of Nashik, Maharashtra, India
Authors: Aparna Borawake, V. B. Gaikwad, Sucheta Patil, Kamra Anjana

Assessment of Ground Water Quality of Pathardi Region of Nashik, Maharashtra, India
Authors: Aparna Borawake, V. B. Gaikwad, Sucheta Patil, Kamra Anjana

Formulation of an Alternate Light Weight Concrete Mix for Concrete Filled Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) Panels
Authors: Geethu S, Renjith R

A Providing Security on Cloud Data Hadoop using Symmetric Encryption and Identity Authentication
Authors: Kale Rohitkumar Bhausaheb, R.L.Paikrao

Construction of Test and a Study on Pre Service Physical Education Teachers
Authors: Abdulsattar Yousif, Shraddha Naik

A Comparative Study of Self Efficacy Between Contact Game and Non Contact Game Players
Authors: Mahmood Rashid Saeed, Sumam Pandy

Effect of Football Training Program on Technical Performance of Short Pass and Receiving the Ball of Maharashtriya Mandals Pune Vyayamshala Players
Authors: Majid Mohammed, Dr. Mahesh Deshpande

Self-Presentation Concerns and Pre-Game Influence on Adolescent Football Players- The Study of Physical Education
Authors: Mahmood Rashid Saeed, Sumam Pandy

Automated Teller Machine and Marketing Implications in a Cashless Economy (A Study of Port Harcourt Metropolis)
Authors: Ikechi Prince Obinna SIPM, MNIMN MIRDI

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