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Recently Published: Bioremediation of Lead by a Halophilic Bacteria Bacillus pumilus Isolated from the Mangrove Regions of Karnataka          ||          Application of ABC-VED Matrix Analysis to Control the Inventory of a Central Pharmacy in a Public Hospital: A Case Study          ||          Structural Study of Acetylene Thin Films Absorbed on Exfoliated Graphite (0001)          ||          Relationship between the Committee Service and Competency of Learning Management in Education and Effectiveness of Technical Substantive Technical Publication in Scientific Publication in Education and Training Center for Technical Education and Religion          ||          The Translatability of Arabic Objects into English in Yahya Hakki's Novel "The Lamp of Umm Hashim"          ||          Biology Teachers' Context Based Approach Knowledge in the Design of 'O' Level Biology Lessons in Selected Secondary Schools of Kafue District          ||          Comparing the Efficacy of Epidural Buprenorphine versus Epidural Butorphanol in Postoperative Pain Relief in Laparoscopic Surgeries: A Randomized Double Blinded Controlled Study          ||          A Business Development Plan to Improve the Market Performance of Dana Airline (Dana Air) in the Nigerian Local Airlines Sector          ||          Analysis of Stray Current, its Aetiology, Propagation, Relevant Measurement Protocols and Mitigative Efforts at a Pig Farm in Northern Denmark          ||          Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) with Multidrug-Resistant (MDR) Pathogens in Geriatric Patients: Risk Factors and their Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern with Detection of MRSA, ESBLs and MBLs in Intensive Care Unit          ||         

Recently Downloaded: The Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019: An Analytical Study          ||          Leaf Epidermal Studies in Some Araceae          ||          Legal Protection of Medical Records as Evidence Tool in Law Enforcement Process          ||          Fungal Flora of Some Medicinal Plants          ||          M2M Architecture for Enhancing the Public Transportation Management Services Using ARM7          ||          To Study the Relation between ABO Blood Groups, Prehypertension and BMI          ||          The Relationship between Ownership Concentration and Earnings Management - Evidence from Mongolian listed firms          ||          The Relationship between Ownership Concentration and Earnings Management - Evidence from Mongolian listed firms          ||          The Relationship between Ownership Concentration and Earnings Management - Evidence from Mongolian listed firms          ||          Language Development of 3-6 Year Old Children          ||          Language Development of 3-6 Year Old Children          ||          Language Development of 3-6 Year Old Children          ||          Language Development of 3-6 Year Old Children          ||          Diversity of Azotobacter Isolates from Different Rice Soils of Tamil Nadu          ||          Thinking Measles Unconventionally, SSPE - Why We Must Vaccinate          ||          To Compare the Efficacy of Epidural Ropivacaine versus Bupivacaine for Postoperative Epidural Analgesia in Total Knee Replacement Surgeries: A Prospective, Randomized, Single-blinded Controlled Study          ||          Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) with Multidrug-Resistant (MDR) Pathogens in Geriatric Patients: Risk Factors and their Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern with Detection of MRSA, ESBLs and MBLs in Intensive Care Unit          ||          Thinking Measles Unconventionally, SSPE - Why We Must Vaccinate          ||          Factors Associated with the Practice of Physical Activity of Leisure in Adolescents          ||          Quality of Life in Elderly Assisted in the Primary Attention          ||         

Volume 4 Issue 6 June 2015

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Fertility Desires of People Living With HIV in Enugu State Nigeria
Authors: Ajuba Miriam

Modeling Kenya’s Vulnerability to Climate Change – A Multifactor Approach
Authors: Kenneth Kemucie Mwangi, Felix Mutua

The Impact of Firewall Security for Wireless Performance
Authors: Tagwa Ahmed Bakri Gali, Amin Babiker A/Nabi Mustafa

Low Power FPGA Architecture
Authors: Abhijeet Khandale, Dr. H R Bhagyalakshmi

Adopting Viscosity Grading System for Proper Selection of Paving Asphalt in Sudan
Authors: Magdi M. E. Zumrawi

Usefulness of a Combined D-dimer- and Age-Based Index for the Screening of Deep Vein Thrombosis Before Total Hip Arthroplasty
Authors: Norio Imai, Dai Miyasaka, Hayato Shimada, Ken Suda, Tomoyuki Ito, Naoto Endo

Impact of Silicon Content on Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Alloys
Authors: Milind G Kalhapure, Pradeep M Dighe

Self Compacting Concrete
Authors: B. Ankaiah, Dr. K. Chandra Sekhar Reddy

Effects of Customer Retention Strategy on Performance of Commercial Banks in Kenya
Authors: Mutegi Nicholas Mugambi, Dr. Assumptah W. Kagiri

Time Synchronized Fair Data Transmission in Secure UWSNs
Authors: Sushma .V, Shanthi .M .B

FOG Computing Future of Cloud Computing
Authors: Kshamata Shenoy, Prachi Bhokare, Unnathi Pai

The Hybrid Compressive Sensing Data Collection Method in Cluster Structure for Efficient Data Transmission in WSN
Authors: Bibi Ameena, Prof. Mallanagouda Biradar

Wind Analysis on Pentagonal Cylinder by Using Low Speed Subsonic Wind Tunnel
Authors: Mohanraj .N

Delay Optimization in Wireless Networks Using Packet Deviation Method
Authors: Vijayadeepa Salimatha, Manoj Challa

The Perspectives of Research in Educational Management and Role of Leadership
Authors: Dr. Aladaham Khelaifah Alshammari

Aseptic Growth Attributes of PEG-Stressed and BBTV-Infected Plants of Banana
Authors: Ikram-ul Haq

Establishment of Plant Regeneration Protocol in Cucumber: Fruit Juices Used as Carbon Source
Authors: Ikram-ul Haq, Zahra Arshad, Taseer

Unravelling Acute Abdomen
Authors: Dr. Harisha N S M.S, Dr. Hemanth Vupputuri M.S, Dr. Lakshmi Narayana G M.S

Modeling and Energy Analysis of a Diesel and Biodiesel Fuelled Engine
Authors: Sagar P. Potdukhe, M. M. Deshmukh

Role of X ray to Detect the most common injury in KSA
Authors: Dr Ibrahim Abdalla Mohamed elshikh, Dr Abdelhamid Albaid, Mr. Talal Ayad Bani Alrshidi

DTN Technologies Used for Secure Data Retrieval in Decentralized Military Networks
Authors: Dr. B R Prasad Babu, Kavyashree .G, T. Gayathri

A Study on Techniques for Extracting Rare Itemsets
Authors: B. Kiruthika, S. Nithya Roopa

Experimental Damping Estimation of Material by Sinusoidal Base Excitation
Authors: Amit Kumar Gupta, S K Mangal

A Study On Cardiovascular Fitness of Sedentary College Students
Authors: Richa Rai, Priyanka Chugh, M.P.S.Negi

A Case Study of Watershed Development in Sangola-Maharashtra
Authors: Sharada S. Tanavade, P. A. Hangargekar

Study of Optical Properties for (PS-Y2O3) Nanocomposites
Authors: Bahaa H. Rabee, Tayf Nabeel Khudair

Low Grade Chondrosarcoma on FNAC: A Diagnostic Dilemma
Authors: Mirza Asif Baig

Conditions of Boundedness for Compact operators on Banach spaces
Authors: Mohammed Ahamed Osman Tom

Implementation of Android Client for Vehicular Accident Detection and Reporting System
Authors: Yashpal Gupta S, Dr. Phaneendra H D

Privacy-Enhanced Web Service Composition
Authors: Dr. Mohammed Abdul Waheed, Sheeba Shabnam

FPGA Implementation of MD5 Algorithm for Password Storage
Authors: Shadab Ahmad Khan

Twin Gestation with a Complete Mole and Coexisting Normal Fetus
Authors: Dr. Asha Swarup, Dr. Chaitra Shivananjaiah, Dr. Sundari N, Dr. Jyothi G S

Successful Pregnancy Outcome in Primary Amenorrhoea
Authors: Dr Rajini Uday, Dr Chaitra S, Dr Krupa, Dr Mamatha Shetty, Dr Sneha Gupta

Design of Low Power Encoder through Domino Logic for 4 Bit Flash Analog to Digital Converter in 90nm Technology using Cadence Tool
Authors: Rahul D. Marotkar, Dr. M. S. Nagmode

Immobilization of Little Millet (Panicum sumatrense) ?-amylase
Authors: B. Usha, K. P. J. Hemalatha

Study of Process Parameters Affecting the Diameter and Morphology of Electrospun Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Nanofibers
Authors: Dhananjay D. Pise, Dr. B. B. Ahuja, Dr. S. M. Shendokar

Improved Methodology for Harmonics Reduction using Shunt Active Power Filter Based on p-q Theory
Authors: Priyanka Zamade, Minal Tomar

Significance of Telecommunication and Skilful Management in Human Development at the Global Scenario
Authors: Dr. Dhruv Shankar

A Review: Design and Simulation of Binary Floating Point Multiplier Using VHDL
Authors: Ujjwala V. Chaudhari, Prof A. P. Dhande

In vitro Activity of Tigecycline against Clinical Isolates of Extended Specrtum Beta Lactamase Producing Enterobacteriaceae in Tertiary Care Hospital
Authors: Poonam S, Lamture A, Mangalkar S, Gaikwad V

Inventorization of Spider Diversity from Vakoba, Devrai Region of Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary
Authors: More S. B.

Copper accumulation & carpophoroids/sclerotial bodies formation at elevated copper level in Boletus edulis Bull. ex Fr.
Authors: Simerjit Kaur, I.B. Prasher

Probabilistic Rough Classification in Information Systems with Fuzzy Decision Attributes
Authors: B. Venkata Ramana, L. Padma Sree, M. Srinivasa Rao, G. Ganesan

Comparison of the Traditional VSI & CSI with Novel ZSI for Study the Pre-Dominate Harmonics Effect
Authors: Mohammad Abdul Hakeem, Hazeera Sulthana

Experimental Investigation on Thermo-Electric Generator Used in Compression Ignition Engines
Authors: G. Ganesh Kumar

Supporting Staff in Antagonistic Environments by All-round Training with an Extension Approach
Authors: Javad Tajmirriahi, Alireza Sadeghian

New Types of Connected Spaces by Semi Cocompact Open Set
Authors: Raad Aziz Al-Abdulla, Hadeel Husham Al-Zubaidi

Creating HRM Value by Strategic Human Resources Management with an Extension Approach: Ten Steps to Strategic HR
Authors: Javad Tajmirriahi, Alireza Sadeghian

Area-Delay-Power Efficient Carry-Select Adder
Authors: Shruthi Nataraj, Karthik .L

Disaster Preparedness: Current Trends and Future Directions
Authors: Tabish SA, Nabil Syed

Loneliness in Ageing
Authors: Pragya Sharma, Dr. Shubha Dube

Bioreactor Landfill Technology
Authors: Aromal Thampan, Munish Kumar Chandel

Isolation and Characterization of Multifarious Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria Enterobacter ludwigii PGP 19 Isolated from Pearl Millet
Authors: Rajnish Prakash Singh

On Generalized S Topological Groups
Authors: C. Selvi, R. Selvi

Xeroderma pigmentosum with Malignant Ulcer Associated with Plenty of Live Maggots
Authors: K.Ramireddy, A.V. Pitchi Reddy

Analysis of Five Level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Using Variable Frequency Multi Carrier Pulse Width Modulation Techniques
Authors: Shani M Vaidya, Kunal P Bhatt

Prevalence of Endometrial Tuberculosis in Infertility Cases
Authors: Dr. A. Shanti Sri, Dr.Nazia Khannum, Dr.P.Padmaja, Dr.Frsha.N.Taraporewalla

Musculo-Skeletal Disorders(MSDs) Risk Assessment in Traditional Small Scale Industries by Using Reba(Rapid Entire Body Assessment) Method
Authors: Dr. Chandni Shah, Dr. Neeta J. Vyas

Congenital Talipes Equino Varus in Infants: Management By Ponseti Method and Outcome
Authors: Dr A.Thirupathi Reddy, Dr K. Kishore Kumar, Dr B. Joseph Kartheek

Conversion of Low Resolution Video into High Resolution Video using Super-resolution in Wavelet Domain
Authors: Tanuja J Salunke, V. B. Baru

Cluster-based Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Neha P. Dahihandekar, V. V. Kimbahune

Rotation and Scale Invariant Intrusion Detection for Security Systems
Authors: Rupali N. Wadekar, Dr. M. S. Nagmode

Determining the Optimum Parameters of Plastic Injection Moulding for the Production of Bottle Cover
Authors: Himanshu Arora, Dhirendra Pratap Singh, Sunil Kumar

Determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand of Some Selected Wells and Ponds in Bayero University, Kano and its Environs
Authors: Abdullahi Muhammad, Lawan Sabo Ahmad

Energy Efficient Link Adaptation Approach for Mobile Users in TDD Multi-User MIMO Systems
Authors: Jinkala Kusuma Devi, P.Venkatramana

Characterization of Kenaf Fibre-Retting Wastewater
Authors: Z. Zawani, Luqman Chuah Abdullah, Khalina Abdan

Exploiting Recommendation on Social Media Networks
Authors: Swati A. Adhav, Sheetal A. Takale

Pattern of Dental Caries among Adults in Purvanchal Region of Uttar Pradesh, India
Authors: H C Baranwal, Deepak Pandiar, T B Singh

Authentication in Mobile Ad Hoc Network for Secure Communication
Authors: Tejashree Kokate, R.B.Joshi

A Novel QoS-Based Approach for Web Service Recommendation and Visualization
Authors: Pradip N. Shendage, Santosh A. Shinde

Bioaccumulation of Mercury, Arsenic and Copper in Two Freshwater Fish Species from River Kaduna (Nigeria)
Authors: Samson Baranzan Wayah, Bawa Shetaya Gadima

Assessment of the Nutritional and Antinutritional Components of Tiger nut Residues
Authors: Samson Baranzan Wayah, Safiya Shehu

Design System for Discrimination Patterns Geometric Shapes using Neural Networks (Hamming @ Max net)
Authors: Dr. Magdi Mohammed Mohammed Ahmed Hamoda

Synthesis, Characterization, Biological Activity and Use of Thiourea Derivative ( PhTTU ) Studies of dinitrate-1-phenyl-3-(thiazol-2-yl)-2-thioureato Cd(II) ion Complex
Authors: Khalifa A. Alfallous, Moktar. M. Aburzeza

A Steady-State Genetic Algorithm for Traveling Salesman Problem with Pickup and Delivery
Authors: Monika Sharma, Deepak Sharma

A Novel Hemagglutinin from Seeds of Dregea volubilis
Authors: M.B. Patil, K.V.Deshpande

Antimicrobial Efficacy of Preservatives used in Skin Care Products on Skin Micro Biota
Authors: Chintha Lalitha, P.V.V.Prasada Rao

Heart Valve Disease Classification Using Neural Network
Authors: Ashish Shelke, V.B. Baru

A Single Session of NCK Therapy in Ameliorating Excessive Pressure while Writing in a Child with Writing Difficulty: A Case Study
Authors: N. Chandar Kumar

Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols Over Multimedia Streaming In MANET
Authors: Pooja Saini, Meenakshi Sharma

Difference in Measure between Two Point Discrimination and Grip Strength among Diabetic and Non Diabetic
Authors: Hammad Ahmed Siddiqui, Dr.Nusrat Hamdani (PT), Dr.Asim Ali Khan (MD UNANI)

Effect of WEDM Parameters on MRR of Carbidic Austempered Ductile Iron
Authors: P. L. Pandit, Dr. S. A. Patil

Study of Blood Component Therapy in Neonates
Authors: Jeevaraj Giridharan, Raja Ramalingam.G, Rajendra S.Dhaka

Study of Reactivities of Some Synthetic Non-Cyclic Oxo-Crown Ethers with Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metal Ions in Solid State
Authors: Sourabh Muktibodh, Geetha Sarasan

Impact of Minor Irrigation Project on Farm Productivity- A Study in Flood Affected Areas of Assam
Authors: Rabinjyoti Khataniar, Shahnaaz Benazir

Online Detection of Malicious Transactions from Database System
Authors: Dhanashree Parchand, Harmeet Kaur Khanuja

Text Based Emotion Recognition: A Survey
Authors: Chetan R. Chopade

Survey Paper on Despeckling of SAR Images on Different Transform Domain
Authors: Akanksha Namdeo, Anish Vishwakarma, Neelmani Chhedaiya

Complete Bug Report Summarization Using Task-Based Evaluation
Authors: Miss. Rutuja K. Taware, Prof. S. A. Shinde

Energy Efficient Approximate MAC Unit for High Speed DSP Application
Authors: Sumant Mukherjee, Saurabh Mitra

Android Application Supporting Old Age Life
Authors: Yashika Tyagi, Alpana Kakkar

Cloud Compiler Based on Android
Authors: Abhishek Idnani, Himika Patel, Vijay Sonawane

An Approach for Improving Security and Efficient Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Anil A Kumbar, Sagarika

A Survey on MANETs in Disaster Rescue Operations
Authors: C Ramakristanaiah, R. Praveen Sam

Effects of Methanolic Extract of the bark of Khaya Senegalensis on Various Isolated Tissues Preparations
Authors: Elagib .H .M, Shayoub .M .E, Mohammed .A .H, Osman .B .I , Abdoon .I, Elagib .S .M

Efficacy and Safety Evaluation of Bresol Tablet in Allergic Rhinitis- A Double Blind Placebo Controlled Clinical Study
Authors: Dr. Mohan Jagade, Dr. Kavitha Rajarathna

New Parameters Estimation Using Numerical Method and Steady State Performance for Convensional and Converter Fed Induction Motor
Authors: Chetana P. Sangani

Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety of a Herbal Formulation Evecare in the Management of Menstrual Irregularities: Meta-Analysis of 8 Clinical Studies
Authors: Dr. Mukta P Umarji, Dr. Jyothi .G .S.

Heavy Metal Pollution of Natural Waters in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria
Authors: D. C. Ozoko

Policy based Collaborative Tagging for Privacy Protection
Authors: Benazeer Inamdar, Gyankamal Chhajed

Some Problems and Decisions in Endodontic Practice
Authors: Gusiyska A.

Indirect Biomimetic Restorations in Posterior Teeth - A Clinical Study of Main Principles - Case Series
Authors: Gusiyska A.

Thermal Analysis of Different Pyrazolone Azo Derivative and Their Complexes with Pd(II), Ni(II) and Ag(I)
Authors: Aayad Ammar Syhood, Hussain J Mohammed

Tendu Leaf waste Generation from Bidee Industries in Solapur City A Review
Authors: Amol R. Naik, Sagar M. Gawande

Seismic Soil Structure Interaction of Buildings with Rigid and Flexible Foundation
Authors: Amar R Chougule, S S Dyavanal

Efficient User Revocation in the Cloud
Authors: Supriya Gade, P. B. Kumbharkar

Isolation of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria from Wheat (Lok-1) rhizosphere
Authors: Pande Anand, Kulkarni Nikhilesh

Exploring Depression & Anxiety among College Going Students
Authors: Preeti Sharma, Mustafa Nadeem Kirmani

The Ifugao Hudhud: Its Peoples Knowledge of it
Authors: Michele J. Dulay

Survey on Forensic Document Clustering Using High Performance Clustering Algorithm
Authors: Asmita V. Mane, Gitangali. R. Shinde

Four-Year Follow-Up of the Healing Process in Periapical Lesions - A Conservative Approach in Two Cases
Authors: Gusiyska A.

Spy Tool for Your Facebook Account
Authors: Dinesh Kumar Gupta, Sahil Kakkar, Alpana Kakkar

Face Image Retrieval using Sparse Code and Age Group Estimation by using Face Angle
Authors: Saheer P V, Faseela E

An Evaluation of Media Audience Awareness of Community Broadcasting in Imo State, Nigeria
Authors: Nkwam-Uwaoma, A.O. Ph.D

Assessment of Three Phase Nanocomposite with Electrospun Nanofibers
Authors: Sachin Chavan, Dr. S. M. Shendokar

Review on Content Based Duplicate Image Detection
Authors: Jagtap Ankita K., Tidke B. A

Effects of Stress Management Strategies on Enhancement of Students
Authors: Maina M.N., Njoroge T.

Design and Development of Virtual Fence System for Agriculture Field using Laser and GSM Technology
Authors: Satnamjit Kaur Sidhu, Tanvir Singh

Study of the Prevalence of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) in Hail Region
Authors: Mahasin Gamal Alddin Yaqob, Alanoud Abdulrhman Almasood, Sada Matni Alshammary

Epidemiological Study of Occupational Dermatitis
Authors: Desantila Tahiraj, Ermira Vasili

Liquidity and Profitability of Financial Institutions in Sri Lanka
Authors: MACN. Shafana

Sorptive Removal of Phenol from Aqueous Solution by Ammonium Chloride-Treated and Carbonized Moringa oleifera Seed Shells
Authors: Raymond A Wuana, Lami A Nnamonu, John O Idoko

An Application of SWOT Analysis in Development of Underutilized Plant Species in a Rural Hot Spur in Africa
Authors: M. C. Onyema, N. C. Osuagwu, S. E. Ekpenyong

Predation and Competition of Two Predators (Pardosa pseudoannulata and Verania lineata) on Different Densities of Nilaparvata lugens in Laboratory
Authors: My Syahrawati, Edhi Martono, Nugroho Susetya Putra, Benito Heru Purwanto

Global and Reactivity Descriptors Studies of Cyanuric Acid Tautomers in Different Solvents by using of Density Functional Theory (DFT)
Authors: Numbury Surendra Babu, Didugu Jayaprakash

Effect of Fuel Injection Pressure on Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine Fueled with Cashew Nut Shell Biodiesel
Authors: Thalari Vasantha, M. L. S. Deva Kumar

Improved Steganographic Method for Hiding Secure Data Based on Efficient Keystream Generator
Authors: Dr. Ismail K. Ali, Salah T. Allawi, May M. Abbas

Public Sentiment Interpretation on Social Web: Twitter
Authors: Devaki Ingule, Gyankamal Chhajed

Searching Nearest Neighbor Based on Keywords using Spatial Inverted Index
Authors: Shilpa B. Patil, Sushma S. Nandgaonkar

Avifaunal Diversity of Tamkarada Forest, Near Malegaon Tehsil of Washim District
Authors: Purushottam Ingle, Milind Sawdekar, Shivaji Bali

Frequency Domain Based Robust Digital Image Watermarking Resilient to Desynchronization Attacks
Authors: Mahesh R. Shimpi, S. V. Gumaste

Optimizing Physical Dimension of Heat Exchanger Using Insert to Improve Its Portability
Authors: Humair A. Ansari, Sanjay U. Bokade, Chandrakant C. Jadav

Phytochemical Extraction and Characterization of the Leaves of Aloe vera barbadensis for its Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Oxidant Activity
Authors: Priyanka Das, Alok Kumar Srivastav

Impact of Liberalization Policies on Wage & Salary Administration, Social Security Measures and Welfare Facilities in Jute Industry of Visakhapatnam District
Authors: P. Suseela Rani, Anup Samantray, Sunil Kumar Dhal

Mycotic Corneal Ulcer Due to Curvularia Pallescens Boedijn
Authors: Sagar K, Mangalkar S, Gohel T

Parasites on Appendicularia (Oikopleura (Vexillaria) dioica) from Sea of Marmara, Turkey
Authors: M. Levent Artuz

Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Febricidal Measures in Children among Mother
Authors: Sangeeta Pillai, Malti Lodhi

Authors: Mahendra Fakhri, Nurul Setyaningrum

Comparative Studies on Conjugate Mixed Convection in Perforated Fins
Authors: G. Ganesh Kumar

Unsupervised Feature Selection Algorithms: A Survey
Authors: P. Miruthula, S. Nithya Roopa

Under the New Media Environment 3D Holographic Image Analysis of Artistic Language
Authors: Ying Man Liu

Tendu Leaf Waste Utilisation to Improve Soil Properties
Authors: Amol R. Naik, Sagar M. Gawande

Review on Optimization Techniques such as DOE and GRA used for Process Parameters of Resistance Spot Welding
Authors: Manoj J. Ghag, M. Veerabhadra Rao

Discovering Efficient Patterns for Text Mining Approach: A Survey
Authors: Priyanka R. Magar, C. S. Biradar

Survey on K-Nearest Neighbor Categorization over Semantically Protected Encrypted Relational Information
Authors: Pranali D. Desai, Vinod S. Wadne

Enhancing Top-Down Classification Method with Metaclassification for Large-scale Dataset
Authors: Ankita Burungale, Dinesh Zende

Macroeconomic Variables and Stock Market Prices in Nigeria: A Cointegration and Vector Error Correction Model Tests
Authors: Gabriel Nkechukwu, Justus Onyeagba, Johnson Okoh

Correlation of Factors Attributing to Patients with Substance Dependence and Demographic Characteristics in Eldoret town Municipality, Uasin-Gishu County, Kenya
Authors: Edwin Simon Peter Nyaura, Jasper Edward Nyaura

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